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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'd say Eaton has roughly two more chances to remain in this organization - this start and his next. Manuel seemed to be greatly encouraged by his last start, but let's face it: the season's two months old. Time for a win, buddy.

RSB: There are 16.6 million reasons why Eaton will remain in this organization regardless of what he does in his next 2 starts. He will be with this organizationm all of this year and most of next year at a bare minimum, barring some idiot GM trading for him.

Especially if the Phils continue their offensive onslaught

Phils SP Run Support/appearance

Hamels - 5.55
Myers - 4.18
Kendrick - 5.8 (excluding 1 IP appearance)
Moyer - 7.27
Eaton - 3.7

Eh, if starts/continues to be really ineffective, he won't remain a starting pitcher, but he'll be "in the organization". I think that's what RSB meant.

Eaton's on the bubble to join the BP or the DL if Benson doesn't hurt himself in the next few weeks.

One thing is certain: Brian Mazone can handle AAA hitting. Sixth win last night, a seven-inning, two-run effort against Indianapolis.

The guy to watch lately - as Dull pointed out in the last threat - is Carrasco, who's settling in at Double-A. Consistency is key, and he's done it lately. Both Happ and Carrasco are getting their strikeouts and have to be considered 1 and 1A for a call-up should the situation arise. Carrasco is the higher-ceiling pitcher and was with the club longer this spring. It could be Carrasco after all.

Who loves how Eaton starts everyone off with a ball or two?

Or three...

Putting Eaton in the bullpen would be as worthwhile as it was to stick Lieber there. If he doesn't start, he's of no use to this team. If they could find someone to eat even part of his contract, I bet they'd do it in a heartbeat, even if it meant getting the equivalent of Ricardo Rodriguez in return.

He's gotta make it interesting

He's gotta make it interesting

Scary but unscathed. If they keep hitting him in the air, it's gonna be a tough night for the Phils to win, even if the hitting stays hot.

Then again, the bullpen is very fresh and there's an off-day tomorrow. Maybe Madson and Condrey should be warming up now.

How desperate are the Phillies to replace Eaton or Myers, etc.?

They are 30-24 and have the 2nd best XW-L in the league.

I mean, Eaton hasn't been great... in fact, he's been kinda bad. But I just don't get the sense that he's been so bad that we're ready to roll the dice on a couple of rookies.

When the Phillies hand is forced (dreadful performance or injury), we'll see who gets the call. Until then, this pitching staff will stay exactly like it is.

That pitch to Vic looked outside...but I'll take the result.

Does Gibson have a tiny strike zone or is Gameday lying?

Watching Vic play like this is why I love him and he absolutely NEEDS to be in the lineup. Lopes has really turned him into a base stealer.

Carrasco has had only two good starts in a row, and his last one looks like it might've been lucky. Before that he was struggling at the AA level. He has also shown in the past that he struggles after jumping a level. I don't think there's any reason to believe that he would be enough of an improvement over anyone in our rotation to warrant the possible detriment a promotion would be to his development. For a 21 year old with a ceiling like his, I'd wait. Happ is our #1 option right now far and away.

If Eaton should eventually blow his chance at being a starter, why does everyone assume he could not be of use out of the pen? He seems to be pitching much better in the first inning this year, but he still has no endurance whatsoever. That, plus his good stuff, sounds like the recipe for a conversion to the bullpen. He wouldn't have to be great to be an upgrade over Clay Condrey,

Carson-Couldn't agree more about Vic.

Jenkins has got to watch the first pitch here.

Maybe the first three.

Take the numbers with a small grain of salt when it comes to which pitcher they would call up first. I'm not saying I would take one over the other, or even that it's time to make a change. It isn't. But what the Phils have shown in the past is if they like how a certain guy is throwing the baseball, regardless of numbers or experience, they'll base their decision on that. They like to surprise us.

Feliz has got to watch the first pitch here.

Wow...Jenkins actually had a great AB there. I'm fairly shocked.

Anyone notice that Reynolds has thrown no (zero) called strikes so far? It was a mistake to swing at anything of his, especially with the bases loaded.

Scoring only one run in an inning? That's so dull.

Scoring only one run in an inning? That's so dull.

Hey Senor Out... whatever you do... don't wait on it. This guy doesn't know how to throw balls... only strikes. You gotta jump on him early!

Hey Senor Out... whatever you do, be agressive up there! This guy is all over the strike zone. He's NOT going to walk you. You gotta go up swinging!!!

Reynolds could hardly find the plate

Unless Adam Eaton complete blows up (like he did last season) he'll remain in the rotation. He's pitched well at times this year and horribly too, but so has Myers and others. I'm not a fan of Eaton by any stretch of the imagination, but relying on him every 5 days shouldn't be undervalued. The Phils are the only team in MLB that has only used 5 starters this season, there's comfort in routine.

It's true Happ or Mazone may do a better job, but for right now nothing is completely broken, so no need to fix it. It is cracked, but not broken, time will tell if that crack (Eaton & Myers) becomes a full-fledge shatter or not.

CJ, I think you meant "Senor Batting over .400 in his last 8 games"

Not only does Eaton not need to be replaced, I wouldn't even say he's my #1 replacement candidate right now.

JD, he meant "Senor I don't care if the guy can't throw strikes I'm getting my hacks anyway"

I do have to admit, he did finally get a called strike there against Chooch.

this is a little late, but how hard is it for Tom McCarthy to get to the point?

He uses 10 times as many words than is needed.

Perhaps Mitchell & Ness slipped him a fin for every extra word.

I don't like the way the Phils match up against a wild sinkerballer. That shoulda been on my ten reasons posted earlier.

Pretty amazing how little run support Eaton has been getting. All the games he's pitched have been low scoring. Every one of them. Wild.

Mike C.: not to mention words that don't even exist. I heard him say 'unsureity' during his crack report in the first inning.

There goes the no hitter.


Jason - Maybe the hitters see Eaton scheduled and just sort of say to themselves, "Why bother?"

Bad feeling about this...

Hey Eaton--not smart to snicker when someone launches a ball about 400 off of you.

Great job by Utley and, dare I say, Howard to get Smith at home there.

That was actually some alert defense by Howard, which prevented another run from scoring. Still, it's looking like the wheels may already be starting to fall off Eaton.

The plate ump really missed that call at home. Smith looked like he had his entire foot on the plate before Ruiz touched him.

That could've been so much worse.

Eaton got clean through the line-up the first time. Second time through, guess what? Three straight hits.

With our bullpen rested and a day off tomorrow, I'm sure Eaton has a short leash.

Time to get a bunch of runs and put in Clay Madson or Ryan Condrey to pitch a couple.

Hard to believe that Reynolds was the 2nd overall pick in the 2006 draft. He was absolutely pathetic in 2 of his 3 seasons at Stanford and, even in his "good" season, he wasn't all that great & had marginal peripherals. He looks like a "dime a dozen" prospect to me.

Looks like your right, RSB, about the call at home.

I think he was out. the last camera angle they showed was deceptive.

If Eaton were in the bullpen, instead of the starting rotation, I'd definitely be warming him up right now.

Cant complain about that inning.

bap: If Eaton were in the bullpen, I would disconnect the phone in the dugout.

For all you guys giving Eaton some love, it's May 28 and he has no zip zero wins to go with a 5.25 RA.

Chollie would have to be a madman to let the Rox line-up see Eaton a third time. As soon as Reynolds bats, a reliever should be ready to come in.

Eaton may have been getting the short shaft as far as run support, but it has seemed to me that he's gotten luckier than sh*t otherwise. That 6 inning 2 run Padres game being one example, today being another.

It amazes me how wildly inconsistent Eaton is from pitch to pitch. Beautiful location on the fastball one minute, then he's plunking someone the next. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it from someone who is supposed to be a veteran.

vote burrell! vote burrell!

As much as you want Eaton out of the game, no way he comes out in the 5th inning of a 1-1 game. Cholly wants more innings out of him, and in this case, he's right

Now that Eaton has somehow gotten through 5 innings with just 1 run allowed, I say you declare victory and turn it over to the bullpen. The pen is well rested & tomorrow is an off day. Eaton almost always comes apart in the 6th inning and he has done nothing in this game to inspire confidence that it's going to be different today.

Of course, Cholly will never do it because he always has to wait until the fire has already burned down half the block, before he sends in the fire team. The fact that the guy is standing in an open field with a match & a can of gasoline is not reason enough to act.

Eaton had a good 5th inning

upper deck.

Uts !!

Personally, I much prefer TMac's foolish banter to Harry's classic-sounding "Chase Utley, you ARE the man." My only disappointment with that bomb.

Jenkins! Woo-hoo!

hoo boy, wee gots one on the line. get the pen up double time!

Too many runs again. Arrrgh!

Remember the Mets game? Hopefully Cholly does and has the bullpen ready at the first sign of trouble.

The reports of Geoff Jenkins demise were greatly exaggerated.

Eaton's opposing batting averages, OBP, & slugging pcts this year:

Pitches 1-25: .291/.375/.436
Pitches 26-50: .211/.297/.351
Pitches 51-75: .245/.355/.321
Pitches 76-100: .452/.478/.810

The numbers reflect what most of us have seen with our own eyes. For the most part, Eaton has been an ok starter this year through about the first 4 or 5 innings. But once his pitch count gets to 75, he implodes. Getting optimum value out of him means getting him out of the game soon after he hits that 75 pitch limit, rather than waiting around for the inevitable implosion.

In a perfect world, you'd like your starter to give you at least 6 innings. But the world is not perfect, and if the Phillies can get 5 good innings from Eaton, they should be in good position to win. The problem is, Cholly always leaves him in one inning too long, until he starts to completely unravel. The bulk of the damage to his ERA has come at the end of his starts.

Solid inning, get that rested bullpen up NOW. Eaton looks ok, but so did the Hindenburg.

I think we survived. Cholly will bat for Eaton now.

All well and good, but you don't take a pitcher out (or an Eaton) early when they're pitching well and the team is up by 5 runs. Yes, at the first sign of trouble you yank him for sure. But not until then.

1 2 3 6th inning for eaton.

well done.

Well, pitches 76-98 in today's outing should help you stat BAP

Good performance by Eaton tonight.

Fish 5-4 over the Muts in the 5th

JD - I would qualify that: Fortunate performance by Eaton tonight. A foot or two on Helton's knock in the third and it's a different ballgame. But for Eaton, a very good start.

Reynolds has great stuff and no command. It's too bad the Rox drafted him; I'm sure Arbuckle and Gillick were drooling over him.

Never thought I'd say this, but the Mets are useless. On their way to losing 2 of 3 at home after losing a series to this same Rockies team at Coors...all of this during a period where their manager is walking the plank. What an uninspired bunch of wimps.

Well, pretend it wasn't Eaton. 1 run, 4 hits, 1 BB 4 Ks is a pretty decent performance

I take great joy in the Mets' struggles, but they have way too much talent to write them off. As poorly as they've played, they're still in the mix.

IceMan, I agree. Maybe they haven't gotten over last years slide, but they look bad so far. This is why I'm more worried about the Fish.

JD: Yeah, obviously there are other variables. If the team is up by 5 runs, you probably leave him in, rather than burn out the bullpen. Or if he's sailing along with no sign of trouble, as he was last outing for instance, you also leave him in. My point is that Eaton has ALWAYS had the pattern of burning out early. There have been several outings this year where he was crusing along beautifully, and then completely imploded out of nowhere. 75 pitches should be kind of like a warning zone with Eaton. Once he hits that number, the bullpen should be ready to go & he should be removed from the game at the very first whiff of trouble. If Cholly followed that model, Eaton's ERA would probably be in the low 4s right now -- maybe better.

I can't believe I'd ever say this but I am more worried about Brett Myers than Adam Eaton. On the other hand, I would rather see Myers in the bullpen than Eaton...

Well they did pull him even though he'd pitched well and thrown less than a hundred pitches, so maybe they're starting to follow your advice.

BAP, I totally agree. Tonight he looked good and wasn't showing the signs of a meltdown, so it was good to leave him in and give him a little confidence. It was fine that Cholly pulled him for a pinch hitter, so all was good.

Coste is well-rested and should be good to go for the next 3 games.

One Madson inning per game is quite enough.

The Phillies with the best bullpen in the majors? That's a head scratcher

Eaton with a solid outing, ERA under 5 now... So whos the bigger worry now? Myers or Eaton?

It's been Myers for awhile now.

Dobbs is my write in vote for the All Star game

JD - no question the pen has been excellent/surpassed expectations. ERA isn't a great measure of bullpen performance, though.

Sophist-True, but it's still a bit shocking how good they've been overall.

I love it when Vic hits it on the ground.

I don't think Vic liked Werth being annoited the starter. He's closing in on .300, which is saying something considering where he was just a few weeks ago.

Endy Cahvez just tied the game in the 9th at Shea - HR.

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