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Saturday, May 10, 2008


I know it was probably discussed last night, but it is really incredible to look at the difference in the Phils' batting order when they have Jimmy and when J-roll is out..

The first 5 hitters in the lineup (even Howard) can all seriously hurt a pitcher with either power or speed (or both), Jenkins and even Pete Happy have a little pop in their bats, and Chris Coste is as dangerous a #8 hitter as you will ever find.
This lineup is really a lineup to be feared.

Why is the game not on? This is distressing me.

Thanks a lot, Fox Sports!

Gameday had both called 3rd strikes on Utley and Rollins inside off the plate.

Love the commercial saying, "you can't hit the ball if you don't swing the bat" right after the first 3 Phils are retired on called strike 3.

The Giants announcers said "I can see why the Phillies are complaining about the strike calls".

Well, that strike zone will benefit Moyer more than Lincecum today, if it's consistent.

I think it's blatantly obvious that Feliz/Dobbs is serving us a lot better than Dobbs/Helms would have. Helms is the epitome of washed up, can't field, and doesn't even hit lefties anymore. Can't we at least all agree that the Jenkins signing has been a lot more disappointing?

It may be too early to tell. Lets give Jenkins a bit more time.


fat boy hit one! Now he'll drop a few in the field today

opposite field. gotta love it.

Home run Howard!

as the AIG commercial says... "you can't get a hit unless you swing." Ryno is BACK!!!

Oho! A homer to left for Howard!

the game is on the internet you just have to know how to search for it

He has to make up for the home run at some point.

Wheels, stop interrupting Harry. Please. Stop.


Anybody know if you can get audio of the game online somewhere? The blackout of and no national Phillies broadcast is killing me!!

diggity - MLB.TV has the audio of the game.

O nice, didn't realize you could listen to the mlb broadcasts on Thanks Sophist, appreciate it

Moyer giving up a lot of hits

Anyone have any websites I can watch/listen to the game for free?
Feel free to email me SVTHORD@

I think BOTH fox announcers are calling Abreu "Abreo".

Maybe we could just turn the game over to Durbin now?

Moyer just has no margin for error. Without perfect location, the right ump, and a little luck, this is the result.

Not looking too good with Lincecum and a 4 run lead.

Perhaps it's time to take Jamie out?

Wow. Still lots of time left though.

Dude-what is a good website-sopcast?
San Fran is having a huge outdoor music/festival downtown tonight. I guess that's why they refused to change the game time. I was pissed about the blackout but maybe it's better were missing this debacle.
I 2nd the Happ request + Carasco at the All-Star break. Starting pitching is it's only Big weakness. Is it asking 2 much for a 6ip/4 run effort from Myers & Moyer?

It ain't over by a long shot, but they need to bring in some relief for Jamie

Looks like the Phils aint getting anything off of Lincecum today. I'm looking at it like Thursdays game where I just shrugged and figured that at least a bed-crapping by the Phils starter was in a game where a QS would have been for naught.

This is an awful game. For a team I've been feeling pretty good about in the early going, they've had some pretty big stinkers in the first 6 weeks of the season.

Nice to have a lot of stinkers and still have a 21-16 record

sorry i thought sopcast still had baseball games on there but it looks like they're no longer allowed to be posted.

I like the idea of young fresh arms for the second half of the season. There is little doubt that Moyer, Myers and Eaton and a few of the unreliable pen guys are working on borrowed time at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch of these guys going on the DL soon.

Hopefully, we can use some of the few highly regarded pitching prospects (Carrasco, Carpenter, Outman, Happ) and hope that Benson will be ready in July to fill the voids.

Maybe not, JD. Getting blown out and winning close games (not that all of their wins have been close but many have) could mean trouble in the future if the bullpen just gets a little leaky.

Getting beat 8-1 by what is the worst lineup in the league is just plain bad.

On a sad note, it was just posted on the Phils website that Scott Mathieson is going to need surgery again.

No, this isn't one of the Phils better games, but let's give Lincecum a little credit.

Yet another play that occurred while the broadcast was in commercial break and the broadcasters have to pretend it's just now happening. Team owners have no shame at all. None. It's all about money and tricking the fans.

Dobbs got a double and it wasn't a pinch hit? Imagine that! Why, he might even get a hit when he starts a game.

Nice to see Madson getting back on track

JD, does Lincecum get credit for the way our pitchers have been giving up runs too? I don't mind getting beat by a better pitcher, but I do mind seeing the Phils' pitchers get lite up. In this game, as well as the DBacks game, the pitching just wasn't there. True, it may have taken a great effort from Moyer to win so in that sense maybe it's a lost cause. But it doesn't look good for the next start where Moyer likely won't be facing someone like Lincecum.

I like Jamie and I think he has some value to the team, but consistent he isn't. If memory serves (and it often doesn't) he had a pretty good start last time out.

I like him too, JD. But not all the credit in this game goes to Lincecum. A 4-1 or 4-2 loss is tolerable, maybe, but not one like this.

His last time out was the day the Phils crushed the young DBacks pitcher. 2 earned in 7 IP.

Sophist, thanks. That's what I thought.
Hey, there's no doubt that this was a terrible game, so let's hope they can come back tomorrow to win the series.

Moyer is gonna have starts like that one. Let's just get 'em tomorrow. Then comes a much needed day off.

Turns out maybe we ought to thank Fox for the blackout. Nothing to see here. Budding star beats old pro, hands down.

Meanwhile, today's IronPigs/Clippers game should be available for many of you on WFMZ-TV out of Allentown. That's channel 15 on Comcast Pottstown, and it's probably available in most of Bucks, Chester and Montgomery County, and all of Berks, Lehigh, Northampton, etc.

Gary Knotts running into trouble in the second inning, down 1-0.

Well, I certainly picked a bad game to go see the Phillies. Consider yourself lucky if you were blacked out.

After referring to FOX as "money grubbing whores" in the previous thread, I'd like to apologize and actually thank them for not allowing me to view today's crapfest.

The Giants are no pushovers. Tomorrow's a big game with a chance to go home 4-3 on this road trip. If they would have won today, I'd predict loss tomorrow as they did the final game in Pittsburgh, but since they got blown away today, they could be fired up tomorrow.

If they had won today, I would have predicted a loss tomorrow as well because the Phils can't seem to sweep anybody this year. The Giants may not be "pushovers" but I look at their lineup and think that they shouldn't ever be scoring 8 runs off the Phils.

Marlins up 10-0 over Nats. If they hang on it's their 6th straight.

Speaking of the Marlins, among the half dozen or so fairly cheap alternatives at thirdbase available in the off-season was Jorge Cantu, who was cut by the Reds.

Cantu isn't much of a fielder but he's hitting .287/.338/.481 (an OPS+ of 116). Since thirdbase is the most important defensive position on the field with 10-15 balls hit there per game, this was a horrible decision by the Marlins that will catch up to them. Especially since they're spending $500,000 on him. Oh, and he's 26.


From the if you think you've got problems dept.: the highest BA of the Mets starting 8 tonight is Wright's .271. Reyes is 2nd best at .246.

Oh, and Wags the victim of 2 Met errors in the 9th.

Curt, that means that will break out soon or it will probably be against us 4th of July weekend.

Oh, and the Nats will look like the best team in the NL when we play them next week.

As good as the bullpen has been, the staring pitching and offense has been not so good lately. We will be lucky if we go 4-3 on this trip just as we have been lucky to win 3 of 5 from the Giants. The starting pitching is really concerning me. I don't think Happ is the answer. I think the answer might be a guy coming to town next weekend to blow us away like he used to do as a Marlin - AJ Burnett. The Jays are reeling and Gillick should be offered a retirement gift from a team that he engineered 2 World Series for.

It won't happen, but if it did, what would is cost?

Reed, call me crazy, but I have no interrest in Burnett. Too injury prone, and too erratice from start to start, even when he's healthy.

Two players who need to get it going:

The oft-criticized Ryan Howard (.169/.281/.364) and the never-criticized Shane Victorino (.231/.293/.286).

Yep, clout, Vic also needs to start hitting better.

What I find encouraging is this team is not hitting on all cylinders yet.

If the lineup all atarted hitting simultaneously, or at least were not slumping, this team could run away with the division the same way the '93 team did.

Of course, that's IS asking a lot.

I don't know if it is good or bad, but the Phillies have played significantly the least amount of divisional games in MLB. Only 9 games - and they are 3-6 in those.

Suddenly the site (Beerleaguer) takes forever to load, and all the graphics are gone. Any suggestions?

Excuse me, no one criticizes Victorino on this blog? What, do you get distracted by the swimsuit ad and forget to read the content?

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