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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


And they just sent me to Anaheim...

With the plethora of young catchers in the Rangers system, i guess it makes sense for them to want a guy like gradoville who has the mental makeup to be a coach.

They probably want another set of eyes to watch over those young catchers so the Rangers can make a decision about who stays and who goes, as that is certainly an area of strength for them to deal from.

Wasn't Gradoville called up in September of '06? He never made an appearance though.

Phils are making a ton of minor league moves during the season this year. One of these times one of the moves will end up being a good one.

I was down on the Mark Kotsay trade at first and even dropped him from my fantasy team...I was wrong on both accounts.

Carson: Correct on the call-up.

Gradoville must have a strong arm. Recently Phils minor league catching instructor Mike Compton was interviewed on the R-Phils podcast and said he threw to second in 1.7-1.79. Marson was timed at 1.87 and the ML average was 2.0 Shame he didn't hit much.

I don't understand why the Phillies didn't give Gradoville as much as an inning in the field when he was on the big club's roster during the last couple of weeks of 2006. Too bad he didn't get into "The Book."

Does anyone know what the Rangers' plans are for Gradoville -- AAA replacement? Or what?

Speaking of catchers at the upper levels of the Phillies' minor league system, I just checked on Jason Jaramillo's stats with the AAA Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs: 32 games; .190 BA; 116 at bats; 22 hits; 3 doubles; 3 HR's; 7 RBI's; .244 OBP; .293 slugging %; and .537 OPS. Jaramillo's poor hitting continues from Spring Training onward.

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