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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Comments mentioned Golson as an option. I would be shocked. Not only is he not ready, bringing up a 22-year-old, just to fill in, means they'd cut away from the time he's at their service. Everyone agrees this guy is a late bloomer, so why waste a year in this situation? Plus, he wouldn't start. He needs to play. Snelling, Taguchi, Werth, Brandon Watson, even Eric Bruntlett. These are all options for CF I would take ahead of Golson, even though his glove would certainly help.

and none of which I'd take with a big smile on my face.

After the 6th, our OF will resemble that of a AAA squad (which is probably why our real AAA squad is performing so poorly).

Two words: Kenny Lofton.

With all his knee problems all you can say about Snelling is that he is 4 for 12 with a double and a triple as a ML pinch hitter. And Gillick remembers him from the Seattle days. At this stage that's about all old Pat brings to the table anymore.

So, who leads off today? Who knows what Cholly will pull off, but I would got with Werth or Utley. Werth, as Andy pointed out last night, through 3 PAs saw 20 pitches last night. He's been hitting well and his patience has been evident so far this season. Or you could put Utley at the leadoff spot simply because he is your best hitter and his speed is pretty decent. With the right-hander Marquis going I would try:


Feliz HAS to play today due to Moyer pitching. You need the defense today and without Vic in center (who saved Moyer's ass multiple times against the Mets), you need all the defense you can get. It does suck that without Vic or Rollisn you lose two left handed bats but with this lineup I think you put your smarter hitters at the top and give a chance for people like Feliz to possibly close their eyes and hit home runs with runners on base.

So...The Ironpigs are really quite bad. On the plus side, I had good seats to watch their badness last night. Snelling and CF Brandon Watson were two of the only bright spots in last evening's game. Snelling was patient at the plate, drawing a couple of walks and getting a hit (he also looks a little pudgy in person, btw); Watson looks to be a Juan Pierre-type of slap hitter/pure speed guy. He looked like he had a fairly good idea of what to do at the plate (although he pulled his head off of a couple of pitches) and he seemed to use his speed well. The rest of the team was pretty terrible (although Jaramillo's offense seems okay...his defense definitely looks like a work in progress). Of note - a Houston Astro's scout was at the game sitting behind me. Not sure who he was scouting, although it seemed pretty clear it wasn't one of the 'Pigs.

JW- Agreed on Golson. That's a terrible idea; the kid needs to continue working on his game at Reading. I think the Phils need to plug Werth in center and continue to use Taguchi as their 4th outfielder (and pray that they don't see too many lefties that abuse Jenkins).

Wow, Jenkins? That's maybe getting too creative.

I like Jenkins leading off and Werth in center. First off, Werth is a better defensive CF than Taguchi at this point. Also, Werth is swinging the bat well while Victorino started the season out of synch. This may be a blessing in disguise in that it gives Werth a chance to establish himself after his injuries from past years.

Cookie cutter leadoff hitters are overrated. Jenkins has to be seperated from the 3-4 lefties in the lineup but still get chances to swing the bat and get pitches to hit. Plus it's just one game and Rollins will be back Tuesday.

Victorino may not be out long.. he's really special as a defensive CF and his hitting should be ok.

Snelling was a good pickup by Gillick and an opportunity for him to play would be good... but as far as CF is concerned you go with the hot hand - Werth.. Snelling is slumping a little. Snellings durability only becomes a problem if he gets hurt. Calling up Golson would probably be a bad idea.

We'll need a few jacks today, as we're now pretty much a station-to-station team. Moyer is likely to give up 5 in 5, probably not all earned.

To the person who saw the Iron Pigs -- condolences. These misfits still belong in Canada, probably well north of Ottawa.

even the broadcast team was bashing the ironpigs. the 5 hits they had last night raised their season batting average to 181. they are last in the league in runs, half as much as the next to last team. to make matters worse almost of them are old.

What were you saying that Werth can not hit righties.

Yeah the IronPigs are looking quite bad. Snelling didn't start off too well but he's the obvious guy to promote. Honestly none of these guys deserve it at this point.

I have tix to see lots of these games, it is quite painful. I got the 18 game plan and split it with my friends. And it is clear that there will be no help from Reading since those guys are young and need seasoning. At least I got a nice photo and plaque from the first game. And the $1 bus service means I can have as many $5 beers as I like to drink away the bad memories.

Does anyone know why Rowand is not starting for the Giants. He pinch hit yesterday I saw and is not playing today.

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