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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Quick quiz: who was the last Oscar to play with the Phillies?

Don't know that one, RSB, but I know the last Mexican-born Phillie was Fernando Valenzuela, while the last Mexican-born near-Phillie, like Robles, was Karim Garcia.

Oscar Gamble?

(I don't think he was a Phillie)

Wow! The Iron Pigs record of futility amazes. I never would have guessed that. I would have thought that players like Durbin and Blackley to perform better than they have. After all, weren't they a "hairsbreath" away from being called up if someone on the big club went down. What happened? Did they get demoralized and have a letdown? Or, in the case of JD, did the Phillies get the best cup of coffee from him in 2007? Will he be heard from at the MLB level again? And Blackley....go figure.

I was thinking of taking a trip up to Allentown to check out the new stadium and enjoy a game. Also to take a look at the potential 'call-ups'.

Not anymore.

Oscar Gamble started his career with the Phils I think. He was a disappointment if I remember correctly.

The Phils should play Victorino in CF tonight and Jenkins in RF. Giving Werth a one day break shouldn't cool him off. They should put Werth back in on Wednesday. We need speed at the top of the lineup.

Yep, Oscar Gamble. Gamble's first team was the Phillies. In fact, he got the game-winning hit in the last game at Connie Mack Stadium. Better known for the 'fro, of course.

I may possibly be forgetting a fleeting Oscar, if anyone wants to challenge that answer.

Werth is getting the start today.

Oscar and Von Hayes were the stars for a few years.

Looks like Victorino is not in the starting lineup tonight, according to

Werth, CF
Bruntlett, SS
Utley, 2B
Howard, 1B
Burrell, LF
Jenkins, RF
Feliz, 3B
Ruiz, C
Hamels, P

The best Oscar was Oscar Charleston. It's shame that a great player like him gets so little mention. He was good as anyone who has ever played. He was a five-point player (hit for average, hit for some power, good fielder, great speed and could throw). He probably could be compared favorably with Mays or Clemente. And he's a HOFamer. Too bad the idiot racists of the last century wouldn't let him play with the white guys. History shows he did well in exhibitions against white teams.

Ugh. This is precicely the lineup I thought we might avoid for the rest of the season. Jenkins-Feliz-Ruiz. If Victorino is not ready to start, why is he with the club? And why is Ruiz "Hijo de Feliz" behind the plate again??

James L.: many Negro Leaguers claim that Charleston was the best ever, a kind of amalgamation of Josh Gibson and Cool Papa Bell. Nice to see his name mentioned.

Did Oscar Gamble have kick-ass afro? I swear I have an old baseball card of him with the Yanks sporting a picked-out masterpiece.

Wait a sec... spring training phenom Casey Smith hasn't gotten his shot yet??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

sifl: Actually, that's not a bad lineup vs. LHP. It's a terrible lineup vs. a righty. Who are the Padres starting tonight? Greg Maddux. Ooops!

Anyone mention John Smoltz is now on the DL?

Clout: I figured out the reason why Cholly is an MLB manager and we are not: All we really need from this offense is a couple of bombs, which we'll get from Utley and Howard (and maybe Burrell). But the angle you haven't considered is that Hamels likes to work quickly, and loading the lineup with guys who hack at the first pitch and have dismal OBP just moves the game along so much faster. The result is that Hamels will cruise along to a gem. See? Cholly=genius.

>>Oscar and Von Hayes were the stars for a few years<<

Without looking this up, Von Hayes came years after Oscar Gamble. Gamble was a decent fielder, decent arm, decent speed,
low average with the Phils, a little power. I better remember him when he went to the Twins when he, Eric Soderholm and someone else each hit 30 HRs....or maybe it was the White Sox..?

Just to set the record straight on Oscar Gamble, who, when he was wearing a batting helmet, looked like Mickey Mouse because of the huge puffs of Afro on either side:

1. He was signed and developed by the Cubs. The Phillies got him, and Dick Selma, for Johnny Callison in 1970.

2. He was never an everyday player for the Phillies. Did some platooning, didn't make much impact.

3. He was traded to Cleveland for Del Unser in 1972, a player who (traded then reacquired) got key pinch hits to help win games down the stretch in 1980.

4. Oscar went on to play for 5 other teams in a 17-year career, his best season being 1977 when he hit .297 with 31 HRs for the White Sox.

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