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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Who believes it, Kris Benson got hurt!? He's always been so tough, durable and reliable. I'm still glad we have him on the payroll instead of Lohse. Who needs innings when you've got him. I don't know who's the bigger pu$$y - Benson or his wife.

Good Road Trip at 6-1. Could have easily been 7-0, but without a couple come from behind victories in Colorado, could have been worse.

I can't wait until we get the full lineup back together possibly by the end of the week.

At least we have the 0-5 JD Durbin as depth in lieu of Benson's services. The Real Deal lasted .1 yesterday for the now 3-21 Iron Pigs. Ouch. Outmam, however, struck out 9 in 5 innings and belted a HR.

What kind of prospect is Naughton? He's a lefty-hitting catcher that seems to be hitting very well this season.

Nice to see the boys beating the teams they're supposed to beat, especially in April. Too bad we don't play the Bucs more often.

Reed: And to think that kdon declared JD Durbin would be as good as Chad Durbin, Eaton or Kendrick. Bizarre.

I'll admit I expected more out of J.D., but he's just been awful for months. If he's in Philadelphia this season, it means the Phillies have gone down the toilet.

The only way Bad Durbin is in Philadelphia this year is if he's selling hot dogs in the stands.

Well last year he was nearly as good as Chad Durbin, so, while wrong, it's really not so bizarre. Not to mention that it's too soon to say what people like Kendrick and Eaton will do. Two starts ago people were predicting Kendrick's demise.

Tray: "Well last year he was nearly as good as Chad Durbin" Huh?

2007 stats:
J.D. Durbin ERA+ 76, WHIP 1.76
Chad Durbin ERA+ 97, WHIP 1.42

You're even more willfully ignorant on J.D. Durbin than you are on Feliz!

Mr. Mulcahy,
It's quite possible that Mrs. Benson had something to do with Mr. Benson's groin strain. If that's the case, then more power to Mr. Benson.

If I'm Manuel, I'm expecting Myers to come in today and attack the Pirates lineup with lots of strikes. They have to be feeling demoralized after the bad news bears display the last couple days. If he can blow through that lineup once today, they may fold the tent. After Mclouth and Sanchez, they get extremely vulnerable to a strong right hander, especially with Larouch hitting like he belongs in the pitcher's spot.

Tray and clout, way to start the thread off! I haven't seen a really good argument on BL in a while.

The bullpen has been great so far. Seanez, a healthy Madson, and Good Durbin are, IMO, pitching to expectations.

Lidge has been above expectations, as has Romero.

Gordon is the wild card. If he somehow remains healthy and effective for the entire season, and Lidge and Romero continue to pitch well (to their averages), then maybe winning the division isn't out of the question.

RWH - yes, that could be the case. I wouldn't mind straining my groin with her - probably need a few weeks of spring training before trying it. Fact is that Benson has cashed more paychecks he didn't deserves - he's come up small in big spots and hit the DL with regularity with pissant strains and tweaks everywhere he's been.

If you've never heard this, you're in for quite a treat. Hide the women and children first.

RSB - After what, 10 years?, night games still don't look right at Wrigley. What a rant though.

Clout, I was just talking about the 90 ERA+ he had with us in 18 games. Of course if you include those two thirds of an inning with Arizona, things look very different.

Just turned on Baseball Tonight. Bottom ticker says Jose Reyes is 2-26 with 0 runs in his last 6 games. Man behind the desk says the Pirates have released Morris.

::steps out of cave:: Err, make that 20 years of lights at Wrigley.

Tray: Oh, OK. If you leave out J.D.'s worst game but keep in Chad's worst game, the numbers are closer. Got it.

Is it encouraging or discouraging to the Phillies that they just murdered someone's career last night?

Unless he decides to retire Morris will make 10M this year. His career was over already.

I think it's fair, clout, just as it's fair to, when comparing Romero to other pitchers, talk about what Romero did last year for us exclusive of what he did for the Red Sox.

Kendrick Throw/Howard Miss (Last thread):

The basic point that I was trying to make was that I would rather Howard miss the ball than collide with the runner, or have his arm hit by a guy running full speed (In an 8-2 game, otherwise do whatever to get the ball). If that means that Kendrick should have held the ball, or if Howard should have just not attempt to catch it. I can see some argument that he should have come off the bag to get it to keep it from going away, but he would not have been able to get the runner if he did that. The angle of the throw pretty much put him on a collision course with the runner if he gets the ball.

Tray: If you say so.

Is it sad or funny that whenever I go on and see a headline like "Ryan set standard for strikeouts," I think they're talking about Howard?

Tray - both.

Jason - I love your headline. I'm sharpening my fork. It got dull sticking it into Morris last night.

In re: the Real Drool
The Real problem is that he's a major headcase. It's not reflected in anyone's statistical sample.

Great start for Brett...

Anybody else reminded (however slightly) of Nails when they see McClouth play? Just me? I like this kid (of course, I'd prefer he wasn't hitting homers off of Myers, too).

MANCHINE can't play defense, eh?

What defensive replacement?

It might behoove Myers to make an effort to keep the ball down. He is getting hammered again.

Gameday could be wrong..but it looked like all four of those pitches to Howard were balls.

Pete Happy's new look is nice. Unfortunately, it doesn't prevent him from hitting the first pitch into a dead double-play ball.

Howard and Feliz... bailing out wild pitchers since 2008.

The Pedro Feliz is a WEAPON with runners on base.

Unfortunatley, he's a weapon for the other team...

No shortage of Feliz flack on Beerleaguer, but much of it is deserved, including his reputation as being an out machine. It seems like three in four ABs end that exact way.

Jeltz: In Pedro's defense, he totally waited until the second pitch to make two outs.

Jeltz, I think McLouth's stance and swing are very similar to Dykstra. I've posted something about that before with regards to the Phillies potentially picking him up last offseason.

Ewwww...I don't like the Phils matchup on Wednesday. Chris Young pwned the Phils last year.

The pirates are bound to give him away for nothing eventually.

Another pitch up. That is Myers kryptonite.

CJ: Well, that's an improvement, I guess.

Feliz is the worst hitter on this team. Just completely undisciplined. Maybe I can see swinging at a first-strike pitch from Maholm but why does he swing so often at guys who are struggling to find the plate?

Like the Duke game on Friday night where he was hacking away at the first pitch offerings at a guy who couldn't find the strike zone. Does Feliz ignore what the pitcher is throwing and just go up there and do his business?

Let's go. Malholm stinks.

I see the Mendoza Squad is out in force today. Runs will be scare.

Ruiz walks, amazing.

Figured Maholm would get out to a nice start against this team. Maholm actually has pitched pretty well in PNC Park the past two years. Plus, he is a lefty starters and even marginal lefty starters have a tendency to perplex this team at times the past few years.

With a bunch of guys struggling in the lineup (including Howard), I figured the Phils would have a problem scoring today.

And sac bunt futility continues.

Any lefty that can't throw a strike is the Phillies kryptonite.

Hey Myers, don't throw a meatball this time.

One guy who has largely ignored criticism here is Taguchi. I haven't seen one thing from him I like yet. His supposed strong suits are defense (he has been the shakiest OF on this team so far) and running (doesn't seem as fast to me as advertised either and certainly not fast enough to steal a bag when needed).

I will be really glad that his playing time take a huge hit when Victorino comes back on Tues. Maybe a start a week but strictly a limited role player at most.

Plus, his "99" really annoys me. It would be more fitting if he was "00"

Am I remembering correctly that Jamie Moyer can pretty regularly lay down a decent sac bunt? Or just imagining it? Couldn't find any stats in a cursory search.

But if it's true, maybe he could hold a short clinic on the subject for the rest of the pitching staff? If Manuel insists on calling for the sac bunt from his pitchers, he coudl at least make sure they know how to do it.

Taguchi actually made a nice play last inning tracking down a ball down the line. I'm willing to wait on Taguchi; he'll help them yet.

MG: I agree, except for one game, Taguchi has been average. His history is good though. He led the league in Pinch hits last year, edging out Mr. Dobb's.

Great play by Nady.

Phillie pitchers have never been able to bunt during Cholly's reign. He obviously doesn't think it's important.

This looks like it's going to be one of "those" games, doesn't it?

Where's T-Mac?

Doing a pointless interview with someone from the Phils FO?

I do think Taguchi will help this team down the road if he is used in a limited role. He just annoys me for some reason.

Buying hot dogs and soda for Sarge, Harry, and Wheels?

Just another Maholm no hitter.
Lefties are going to be tough til we get Rollins, Howard, Vic and Coste back. Oh right...

While on the irrational front - does Doumit look kind of evil? Maybe I am reaching here. . . .

MG - Taguchi was able to get to third in the Phils' loss to the Brewers earlier this week in the 9th. Werth just couldn't get him in. I think he can steal.a bag when needed (since he's, in fact, done it once already) and is a good bat off the bench.

What are the odds on a Maholm no-hitter today?

Can't be better than 50%, right?

Hanging slider. Myers can't do that, he just can't.

Myers hasn't been terrible today, but just a few too many gifts over the plate. They've hit him very hard today.

Glad I got to see Bautista's hit for this month.

Great throw by Werth. Myers just wanted to give him some practice.

2 Sub-.200 hitters combining for that run.

Beautiful throw by Werth. That was big. Now it's time to score some runs.

What an amazing throw. Werth has to stay in this lineup, Victorino or no Victorino.

While Lidge has performed better than anyone could expect, Myers really hasn't lived up to his billing as No. 2 starter.

Plus, he is getting hurt today but scrubs. Rivas is as marginal a player as you would find in MLB and he has smoked two balls from Myers.

JW, I agree. This lineup (W/Werth) looks much more dynamic than the same one with the only difference being Victorino subbed for Werth.

But diggity, if you add their averages up they're hitting .340!

Let's see, apart from Burrell, none of the next six Phillies is hitting over .222. Nice. Amazing. Great.

No wonder Maholm is sporting that huge drool stain.

Jenkins has to sit when Vic gets back, no? Although Jenkins has been hitting better lately.

Manchine breaks up the no-no, even running in slo-motion.


A healthy Burrell is slower than Kirk Gibson running around the bags with one bad knee.

Burrell shoves the no-no up Maholm's butt.

Awesome that PtB got a double on that, because that would have been a DP if he handn't. Feliz stinks.

Well, at least Howard is frustrated. I heard that "****" from 900 miles away.

$10 says the Gnome makes an out on the right side of the infield.

C'mon gnomester, bring him home.

Good hit, Bruntlett.

At least I got the right side part right. That'll do, Gnome, that'll do.

Either the crowd is really small, or really quiet, because when Howard used the F word I thought he was in the next room.

I'll see that Smurf and raise you a Gnome.

Well, Bruntlett quickly made up for his contribution by being promptly picked off...

Of course, he then gets picked off. Classic.

Roaming Gnome gets the immovable object home from second and then gets caught roaming where he shouldn't.

This team really misses Lopes at 1B. Too many guys have been picked off or made bad decisions on when to steal. Get well soon Lopes because this team really misses you at 1B.

One guy who hasn't been an issue so far is "Send'em Home" Smith at 3B. Don't recall a single Phil being thrown out at home on a bad decision by Smith yet unlike so many times last year.

What are there, like 5 Pirates fans at the stadium today? They're probably all at the Penguins game.

Well, in ex-Phillie news, Figueroa's shutting out the Braves, Iguchi hit a walk-off the othernight, and Wes Helms just struck out against a LHP - he's hitting .150.


You've got to be kidding me. Nate McClouth???

Good grief. Time to head for the beach.

Sorry to say it, but I'm pretty tired of Brett Myers. The guy just never seems to live up to his reputation.

What is Myers doing out there? He just treated Maholm like he was Babe Ruth, and treated McLouth like the Disney creation.

Inside/Outside: McClouth is Ruth. Apparently Maholm is Walter Johnson.

It's really surprising that the Pirates aren't a better club with these two future hall of famers.

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