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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm a Ryan Howard defender, but he needs to start stepping it up soon. Tonight should be a good match up for him, going against a struggling righthander.

I like the artwork featuring Pat Burrell and Pedro Feliz.

I expect Burrell to "bang" out some homeruns tonight. There's a rumor he likes Bush.

The Brewers sausage reminds me of when Randall Simon clubbed the guy. Randall has recently signed with the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League. Karim Garcia signed in Korea. See, Phil's bench is better.

A friend just passed on the below link in regards to Rollins and his injury. Rumor has it he has a broken bone in his foot. Has anyone seen this? I'm not familiar with the website, but was wondering if it is credible.

I'd love to see a link regarding the Rollins story that wasn't from a Music blog.

That's just me.

Anyone think Jenkins will have a good series against his former team?

Okay, that is the funniest graphic I have every seen on Beerleaguer. Love it! By the way Mike C, that is exactly what I was thinking about Jenkins. He should be pumped up to play against his old team.

* ever (oops)

I was very happy they added the Chorizo sausage... Let me tell you... it's my favorite of the all the sausages...

Bush from Conestoga HS, outside Philly



If that rumor does turn out to be true, then the Phils' medical staff and trainers are clowns. Even a hairline fracture should be detected in an X-Ray let alone if they did an MRI on it.

This is the kind of story I would look for Eskin to break though if true. His sources are usually pretty good.

Mike C: A paella without chorizo is unthinkable.

Oh, speaking of "metsies" (is this John Maine posting?), did anyone notice that Carlos Delgado dyed his goatee black? The grey creeping across his chin is now gone, Just for Men style! Amazingly, it failed to reverse the toll that the aging process has taken on his ability to play baseball, though at least he looks good for the ladies at his Sunday afternoon Bridge games.

Great work, Jason. I love both 'skewer Brewers' and the hapless representation of tonight's opponent.

You kind of have to feel for Bernie Brewer, he's been totally usurped by those sausages in Milwaukee.

The pitching matchup certainly looks favorable tonight. Let's not forget, however, that the Phils have had a hell of a hard time in Miller Park in recent seasons. One of the unkindest road parks for them.

Someone else can check this... but there is a break that can occur in the ankle at the point where the tendon attaches to the bone. That happens on occasion. I badly twisted my ankle once and that was a fear of my doctor. He told me, however, that it's sometimes hard to detect because it might be a small chip that breaks off.

Hopefully this isn't the case with Rollins.

Now I know why the Mets troll showed up... Metsblog is citing WIP Radio for the Rollins broken ankle report.

I went to the metsblog link off a google search that was the j'roll breaks ankle post and it said it wasn't found, did they pull that post off the site?

If Rollins is going to be out longer than 15 days, they'd damn well better figure out a better plan than Bruntlett and Harman.

Yes, Metsblog pulled the post, with no explanation.

I guess Cerrone was so excited that he typed up a post as quickly as he could... now he probably realizes the sourcing is flimsy at best. Serves him right.

Comments now on the Metsblog site:

Comment by signupcall
2008-04-23 18:34:10

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Comment by K-Hern
2008-04-23 18:35:18
yea Matt…. what happened…. what higher-ups called and ordered it taken off?

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Comment by ToastyJoe
2008-04-23 18:35:37
Was wondering that myself.

The Rollins post had more than a dozen celebratory comments from the Mets fans. Not many complete sentences, but these are Mets fans after all.

Pot, kettle, black.

I seem to remember a game where Jose Reyes slid headfirst into Utley's thigh and was CHEERED while laying on the ground in pain.

And what did the Phillies fans do once he stood up?

Booed him.

Stay classy, Philly.

So far the only sources I could find for this report was that blastmagazine article, and that they heard it on WIP, did anyone here hear it on WIP? I am interested what they said and what their source was.

Rico Brogna: I'm not sure you'll find many Beerleaguer posters who cheered on this blog when Reyes was injured. And certainly none of us went to Metsblog to call anyone a douche. You, however, are an expert in uncivil tones.

excuse me, posted.

seriously CJ, what Rico Brogna said was right...that is the most ridiculous thing. First off, it wasnt "celebratory" comments in there, it was more of things like Karma and just things of jokes about how it must be Delgado's fault and the like. If there was one or two comments celebrating, it still is nothing in comparison to the pathetic thousands who boo'd jose reyes when he got up from the ground.

"Not many complete sentences, but these are Mets fans after all."

Sounds pretty uncivil to me, pot.

Cholly is already over using Lidge who had a non-traditional spring training and has had arm problems in the past. 3 straight days in April and 4 out of 5. Using him when down a run and up by 4. He is gonna burn him out the same way he did Flash in 2006 and Myers in 2007.

Rico: Do you read Metsblog? I rest my case.

Metstroll... er, I mean mrose: You seem to be confusing the mass of Phillies fans that attend a baseball game with the people who comment on this blog.

ABP: Rotoworld is citing the same music magazine that has been cited before. There doesn't seem to be anyone else reporting this.

A Mets fan whining about civility; what's next, Paris Hilton chiding Lindsay Lohan for sleeping around?

CJ: Do you? If so, you would realize that most of the posters are just as civil as some of the posters here. When you get as big and popular as Metsblog, there will always be a few apples that try to spoil the bunch. They're definitely in the minority though.

wow, you sure are clever!
I could take one from rico here, pot calling the kettle black are we?
You seem to think you know whats going on at metsblog, but do you post there?
I don't come here to post typically, but I am a huge baseball fan and like to see what collective fan bases feel about their teams. I will visit other team sites, blogs, whatever, especially when news of a possible injury to a main player comes down.

Honestly, if it was something about reyes or wright, you would be refreshing metsblog and the comments like mad.

You also seem to be confusing the POSSIBLE couple posters of metsblog with real fans too. Since neither of us can prove what was in that thread, were just gonna butt heads.

And also, do not confuse me with someone like the poster earlier who just said you guys are "f'd now" or whatever... I enjoy a game with teams at full strength.

Try to seperate me from the likes of those posters and you may find that i'm not trying to be an a-hole, just pointing out things I see. Other than that, enjoy the season.


NEWSFLASH... CJ was the first to bring up civility.

Rico: Sorry, I'm going back to ignoring you. Mets trolls just don't interest me enough.

mrose: See above. Anyone who shows up here right after Metsblog eagerly announces an injury that may not have actually happened is probably small, green, and lives under a bridge.

Sorry to have drawn the trolls here to comment; apparently those losses to the Cubs have left them restless. I cannot find any other source about Rollins so I'm leaning towards it being a rumor and not fact.

CJ, you really have no idea how to have a conversation without being civil do you?

Try rereading my comment, I do not JUST visit when there is an injury, but it is big news to any team if that happens, and I like to get an idea if other teams react like mets fans or like me.

Wow bro, you are a pathetic person. You and the guy above posting about "f the phils" or whatever ARE the reason that each team's fans have bad names...

To all of you who are real fans, can have real conversations and enjoy the game purely for what it is. Good luck with the Rollins situation, look forward to more games later in the year.

CJ, go back to attempting to be the witty guy on the blog who makes fun of anyone with the same pathetic jokes each time.

Carrie: It's not your fault. Metsblog ran with the story which basically creates a breadcrumb trail from there to here. I've got no problem with you mentioning what you had seen.

one more thing, re-read your own comments and how you saw this and that at metsblog....

thats pretty much what i do, except i don't go back to metsblog and try to stir the pot if you guys possibly says something bad about mets fans or players...

Thanks for the compliments and I'm glad you were able to uncover the layers of meaning. I needed a word to tie together the cooking of meat and achieving victory and skewer did the job, and also rhymed. And I figured Randall Simon would surface early in the thread.

Sometimes a well-conceived graphic works better than letting everyone know what Dave Bush has accomplished against the Phils during his career.

On the subject of creativity, I hate "Game chat." If anyone can come up with something catchier, and roughly the same short length, I'll give you a copy of MLB 08 The Show for PS3, courtesy of Sony. A $60 value ...

Mets trolls complaining about others' Schadenfraude while gleefully checking a Phillies blog about an injury to Rollins ... Ironic?

Look, you can't fault Mets fans for hating Rollins and trying to derive some pleasure over a rumored broken ankle. After all, Jimmy did make them all look foolish last year during the Mets' historic collapse. I'd be upset too.

pardon, Schadenfreude ... typo there ... don't want anyone who doesn't know what it means (wink wink) to have trouble looking it up



Dugout Dialogue?
Diamond Discourse?

Yeah, I got nothing.

Hey Rico, how many celebratory comments were there on Metsblog when Pedro went down?

If you ask me, there's a difference between a bunch of drunk morons at a baseball stadium cheering a guy getting hurt, and somebody taking the time from scratching his junk while surfing the web to compose a highly inarticulate comment regarding an injured player on a team he dislikes.

I frequent this site often, and when times are bad for the Phils, Beerleaguer is ambushed by Mets fans basically all saying the same thing ("LETS GO METS!!!! PHILLIES SUCK!!!!" etc etc). It's not just one or two posters -- it is an incredible amount of degenerates. I also visit Metsblog every once in a while, and rarely see Phillies fans doing the same.

The best possible explanation for this is that while most Phillies fans who care for their team enough to follow them online are not necessarily represented well by the jerk-offs who go to CBP just to get sh*tfaced, Mets fans all seem to share the same collective intellect: that of an imbecile. And an insensitive one at that.

To your original point, CJ just iterated what I tried to explain in a very short comment -- yet you felt the need to come here and whine about incivility who are not representative of true Phillie fans on the whole. My question, aside of your need to comment on a team you don't follow, is why are you here in the first place? What's the point? Your comment is so fruitless, especially considering your fanbase's shitty reputation, that it defies reason as to why you would bother leaving it in the first place. Don't you have better things to do than b*tch and moan for no good reason at all?

A better use of your time might be joining Metsblog in wanting to put Willie Randolph's head on a stick, or throwing Delgado off a bridge. Your crying is probably more welcome there.

Jason, how about "Game on!"

It may be a rumor at this stage, but the notion that Rollins' ankle is more than sprained is totally believable. Rollins himself wasn't doing much talking about it before he left for Florida. Let's see: he goes from expected to return to the lineup one day and then on the 15-day DL the next day. Hmm.

It's also highly possible that he made it worse by trying to play with the injury. It'll be a hoot to see the Phillies talk themselves out of this one, if it's true.


Rollins didn't make anyone look foolish. He owes the Mets a big thank you. If it wasn't for their collapse down the stretch, his guarantee would have been garbage, and he would have looked like a complete fool.

Anyway, I didn't come here to gloat. One or two trolls have. All I came here for was to see some reactions from Phillies fans. I had no intention of posting until I saw that CJ needed to be called out.

That's too long anyhow. Must be short. Like "Game talk" or "Game burp" Yeah I got nothing, either.


Thanks for the laugh.

Celebratory comments on Metsblog when Pedro went down? That doesn't even make sense.

"Mets fans all seem to share the same collective intellect: that of an imbecile. And an insensitive one at that."

There you go generalizing. It's a shame really.

"Your comment is so fruitless, especially considering your fanbase's shitty reputation, that it defies reason as to why you would bother leaving it in the first place. "

Shitty reputation? A Phillies fan saying the Mets fanbase has a shitty reputation? Do my eyes deceive me?

I guess I'm not sure there's anything wrong with "Game chat." It's short, clear and to the point. The concept just doesn't lend itself to much cleverness.

Don't feed the trolls.

Yo, people, just ignore the Mets crap. Rico, get our of here, youre a tool who comes over here saying you just wanna talk baseball and then you try and get into it with us every time. Just accept that youre a Mets fan and we're Phils fans and its not gonna be civil. So leave.

Can we now ignore the Mets please and talk about the issue at hand? Does anyone have any new reports on Rollins?

"Competition Discussion"

Yeah, I've got nothing here either.

Rico - Iceman implied that Beerleaguer posters didn't go on Metseblog to celebrate when Pedro went down. That makes perfect sense. You're an idiot. Go away.

Jack: I've been scouring. I'm also working the AP wires and there's nothing there either.

I wouldn't be completely shocked by the report if it were true, but I'm hoping it's not. The only source so far is highly dubious. (Although dubious sources have been right before!)




Brewers employing the "batting pitcher 8th" strategy.


I don't come here looking to "get into it" with you guys. I'm not sure where you got that from. I came here because I like to be held in check. I want to be able to talk baseball and have someone call me on it if they think I'm being too generous on the Mets. Most of the posters here had a problem with a Mets fan being on their board to begin with, and didn't care why I was here. They just assumed I was a troll, and complained.


I'm an idiot because Iceman wasn't very clear in his post? Cool. Thanks for your input.

If Rollins is to miss more than 15 days, Gillick needs to get a shortstop that can hit better than Bruntlett.

Brewers are batting their pitcher 8th today. Maybe we should do the same? Frankly, I feel much more comfortable with Hamels at the plate than Bruntlet. least Hamels can get down a bunt...

Rico - if you want to talk basbeball, by all means, stay. But if you want to post biased commentary about your team and fans, this is not really the right forum unless your a Phillies fan. We're a delusional lot, so if you come in here with delusions that don't match - or heaven forbid, are antithetical in nature - you're gonna get burned.

Back to the actual game tonight:

- This is the second time in three days the Phils have faced a marginal starter. Bush isn't a complete stiff like Redman but numbers certainly show that Bush is getting hit pretty hard across the board.

With Gagne definitely unavailable tonight and Mota and Shouse probably getting the night off after being used the past 2 nights, this Brewer's bullpen is really short-handed and chasing Bush tonight by the 5th inning would set up the Phils to sweep this series.


That's the thing... I honestly don't think I've been posting biased commentary about the team or the fans. All I wanted to point out tonight was that every team has their a-hole fans. A-hole fans booed Reyes when he was able to get up, and a-hole fans will celebrate the Rollins injury.

JRoll rumor does sound completely bogus. One unmentioned source from an unlikely avenue. Still, with the way the Phils' handle injuries can you blame WIP and others for even jumping on an unlikely rumor?

Rico is annoying because 99% of his posts are related to the Mets directly or indirectly. When the Phils are playing the Mets I care, otherwise it gets tired and annoying really fast.

Rico is also annoying because I'm pretty sure his first comment here was calling Utley a douche and then he turns around and complains about Philly fans not being classy.

Keep it coming.

I heard Brewers GM Doug Melvin on local ESPN radio out here in the Midwest. They were inquiring him about their decision to bat Kendall 9th, and he said they had their "numbers guys" check it out and that they'd gain 30 runs on the season with him there.

Kendall is a special case, though, so I wouldn't go extrapolating the move to decisions for the Phils.

Maybe just me but the Brewers to me are one of most fascinating teams in the NL because I honestly have no idea still where they will finish. Not only that they have so many players who also have such a wide range of players (including Hardy, Weeks, Hall, Mota, Torres, and Gagne) who could either turn very solid years or completely flop.

Rico - consider that a large number of the fans were booing the umps (and indirectly Reyes) because they gave him an inordinate amount of time to shake things off. So it was a 'get on second base or leave the game' reaction. I don't want to minimize the jerks who cheered his injury, but there was more to it than that.


Add Corey Hart to that list. Had a nice year last year, but posted career highs in all categories. Never hit that well in the minors either. Could be an improving player, or could be have been playing over his head.

Although I guess the idea of having your best hitters get more PA and have men on base more often in their PA isn't limited to the MIL Brewers and Jason Kendall. I can't find it now, but I read that it's even more successful with him in particular because of is OBP and SLG numbers. I could be misremembering, though.


Fair enough. I hadn't thought of that, but I guess it makes sense.

About the only thing you knew with the Brewers this year was that Sheets (really the key to the Brewers entire season) would miss time. Kind of like the Phils with Hamels.

If Sheets is healthy and able to make 30-35 starts, I would like the Brewers chances of making the wildcard or more likely taking the NL Central. Don't think he will though and the Brewers will be a tease all year but ultimately end up short again.

And for what it's worth (I was at the game that night), I clapped when he got up off the ground.

Much appreciated joe. For the record, I didn't celebrate when I first heard the report about Rollins. Yes it would weaken the Phillies for an extended period of time (if it's even true), but that's not really what I want. I want to see a healthy Mets team, a healthy Phillies team, and a healthy Braves team slug it out for the division. I don't want injuries getting in the way of great baseball.

anyone having trouble with

Loads fine for me, birds.

Three hard hit outs, and lots of pitches. About as much as you can do against a pitcher without knocking any in.

I'm having trouble with also.

Can't say I'm surprised if Hamels struggles tonight. The Brewers hit lefties better than pretty much any team in the league.

The MIL announcers just said that Fielder is their only left-handed batter in the lineup tonight. Strange.

Hitting your pitcher 8th tends to lead to a few more runs over the course of the season because it means someone is on base for your leadoff man. The leadoff man doesn't usually lead off, and is usually one of the better hitters on the team, to having someone on base for him makes sense.

Jack is correct. The Brew Crew have a .890 OPS against lefties this year, second in the majors to Arizona with a .894. The Brewers were number one in the majors last year against lefties with a .860 OPS.

Yeah, so like I said, Hamels might struggle tonight...

How do you pitch one that close to the plate when you've got Fielder down in the count 1-2?

slappy - he missed his spot. Wasn't intended.

Again the Phils fall behind early. How many games have they actually lead from start to finish this year? I don't think it has been many...

Well, I think the Phils should score more than 3 runs tonight. Hopefully Hamels can pull it together and throw some solid innings.

Prince Fielder may be a vegetaria, but he still likes a meatball.

Call the chiropractor, Cole needs a readjustment.

Glad to see Dobbs in the 2 hole tonight. Hamels just needs to keep this game from becoming a rout because I bet the Phils get to Bush in the 5th or 6th for a couple.

Hamels does seem to take a while to settle down. Hopefully he will start cruising now. Top of the order is up, time to try and get some of those runs back.

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