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Friday, April 25, 2008


The Pirates would be world-beaters - if they were in the International League. They can beat you on any given night, if everything's clicking, and they don't screw up too bad in the field. For whatever reason, the Phils never seem to beat on these guys like the bottom feeders they are. Just about every player has a glaring hole in his game. Tonight and tomorrow, you can be pretty certain that Duke and Morris will put the ball in play - Duke hasn't had a strike out for 2+ games and Morris has gotten shelled. You can also expect they will play the field like the Bad News Bears. Their most experienced player - Jack Wilson - is on the DL and his replacements have made about 8 errors in the young season. Doumit came through the Pirates' farm system with teh nickname "No Mitt" - pounds the ball but should be somebody's DH.

I see and hear alot of Pirates games on TV and radio. They're consistently dreadful. The only really entertaining thing about the games is Bob Walk doing color commentary. Hopefully, with a 15th consecutive losing season, they can take a piece of the title to "biggest losers in the history of MLB".

One reason someone listening on the radio (or watching on TV, I guess) might think Feliz is a better hitter right now is that, if you get rid of the 6 IBB, Howard's OBP drops to .252 - far below Feliz.

Now of course you can't just "get rid" of intentional walks, but still...

Dave X: And just imagine what Feliz's OBP would be if we didn't protect him against tough righties by sitting him down.

J: I don't know if your still looking for something to replace "Game Chat" on the game threads.. But I think the best thing would be just to get rid of "Game Chat" and just write whatever you write there after Game Chat.

We all can tell by the pictures you make that say "Phillies" "Other team" that the thread is for the game.

Stop insulting our intelligence thinking we don't know it's the "game chat" thread...<< that was a joke..

But really it would look nice to just not have game chat or anything witty written there, just the normal stuff you write after Game chat now. We will be able to pick up on it =)

Debating who has been worse between Howard and Feliz is like debating whether pickled pigs feet makes for a better meal than duck blood soup.

I was thinking maybe just "Gameday: [Fill in headline]" No chat/thread/talk or whatever is needed since we all know already that it will be the post to talk about the game.

re: Game Chat

"In the booth"
"Action Yak"
"Action Schmooze" (complete with theme song)
"Live @ 7:05" (I wonder why this ownership group hasn't gotten that start-time sponsorship deal from 7-11 like the White Sox did).

Seriously, though, "Game Chat" is fine. So is just getting rid of the text "Game Chat" and putting up a post about the game.

Wes: You do realize how stupid this statement is, right? "Feliz is head and shoulders above Howard right now."

My series preview:
Showdown in PA:
The Philadelphia Phillies (12-11) travel to Pittsburgh for a 3 game set against the Pirates (9-13) starting Friday night at 7:05 in beautiful and underrated PNC Park. Match-ups: Friday- Adam Eaton (0-0, 4.74 era, 1.34 whip) vs. Zach Duke (0-1, 4.37, 1.77), Saturday- Kyle Kendrick (1-2, 5.59, 1.81) vs. Matt Morris (0-3, 9.15, 1.98), and Sunday- Brett Myers (2-1, 4.78, 1.31) vs. Paul Maholm (1-2, 4.22, 1.50).

Phils Jackpots: Pat Burrell (.355 avg/1.224 OPS), Chase Utley (.385/1.288), Jayson Werth (.300/.958), Greg Dobbs (.355/.992), and Chris Coste (.370/1.172).

Buccos Jackpots: X-Man Nady (.337/.919), Nate McLouth (.333/.978), Ryan Doumit (.344/.943), Ronny Paulino (.290/.726), and Jason Bay (.270/.859).

Phils Bankrupts: Geoff Jenkins (.225/.600), Pedro Feliz (.213/.654), Carlos Ruiz (.194/.484), Eric Bruntlett (.207/.534), and Ryan Howard (.176/.638). Of note- Mr. Ten Million Dollar Man Ryan Howard has only 7 hits in 63 at bats against the Pirates for a .111 batting average with no homeruns, only 4 rbi, 31 k's, and a piss poor .303 OPS.

Buccos Bankrupts: Freddy Sanchez (.227/.513), Luis Rivas (.188/.433), Doug Mientkiewicz (.212/.606), Brian Bixler (.158/.390), Adam LaRoche (.149/.454), Jose Bautista (.178/.525), and Nyjer Morgan (.130/.433).

*Each team sucks at fielding, 21 errors for the Phils and 25 for the Pirates.

*My prediction, the Phils are going to get hot and sweep this series and build a strong foundation for their first winning April in quite some time.

bap: True... the only difference is that there is a reasonable expectation that Howard will improve. There's little to no expectation that Feliz will.

The Phillies have not won a series in Pittsburgh since 2001. They did split a four-game set over the 4th of July in 2005, but that's it. They were swept in 2002 and lost 2 of 3 in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007.

New Game Chat names:
"Chatter Up: Phils vs. Bucs"
or if (or hopefully when) Ryno starts hitting his stride:
"Intentional Talk" - since between Burrell, Utley and Howard we might see at least one a game.

I think Eaton's due for a clunker...

Any predictions on how many homers Utley has this year? I say 40. (if he's not hurt)

Chatter up is a good one. You're in the lead, JV.

I actually remember that 4-game split vs the Pirates in '05. It was Zach Duke's rookie year - and he mowed the Phillies down like he was Pedro in his prime...

This series is almost a carbon copy of the one that occurred in late April of 2006, also a weekend series in Pittsburgh. Phils were smothered by Snell and Maholm in the first two games, losing both, then won the Sunday game 5-1 behind Gavin Floyd, beating Oliver Perez. And how's this for a Sunday day-game lineup, just two years ago:

1. Rollins, SS
2. Nunez, 2B
3. Rowand, CF
4. Abreu, RF
5. Burrell, LF
6. Howard, 1B
7. A. Gonzalez, 3B
8. Fasano, C
9. Floyd, P

I vote for Chatter Up... that's solid!

Alex Gonzalez, Sal Fasano, pitcher...the definition of 'black hole'. And lucky for the other team, you're only one batter away from Nunez!

I'll give Feliz the head, I don't know about the shoulders.


Where was Chase in April 2006?


Where was Chase for that game in 2006?

Chase did appear in 160 games in 2006. He started in 158 of those games. He PH for Gavin Floyd that day and struck out.

I have to agree with Wes over CJ and Clout that I cringe more when Howard comes to bat. This is because I have much higher expectations for Howard then Feliz. I expect MVP type numbers from Howard and anything good Offensively from Feliz is more then I expected.
Also while at the Sunday night game against the Mets when Feliz came to bat I turned to my brother and said that if he hits a homerun here I won't bad mouth him again this season.

I vote to stay with "Game Chat" or nothing except the headline. "Chatter Up" seems a little corny for me. But hey, you're the blogmaster, JW.

i dont know if it matters or not, but "Chatter Up" is the name of the lame segment on Baseball Tonight where they take random fan comments on their site and talk about them.

I also would have to agree with Wes (altough I'd also have to agree with BAP, a stupid arguement to begin with). I cringe more with Howard right now because it seems tha just about every time he has been up the last week or so, he either strikes out of grounds out weekly. Feliz isn't much better, but at least there seems to be SOME chance he hits the ball hard.

Howard's striking out 40% of the time, Feliz is striking out 12% of the time.

I like Game Chat. Stick with that.

And I agree with Reverend. I have zero expectations with Feliz so his at bat can only lead to me being slightly frustrated or happily surprised. Howard this year has been like watching an accomplished MIT professor struggle on a high school Calculus test. It's just awkward for everyone involved.

So we cring more at Howard because we expect Feliz to fail.

Okay... kinda shows what a great signing Feliz was!

Hopefully Dunn..err, I mean Howard, picks it up soon, I think it would make this offense pretty damn potent.

The end of the year we will be able to tell how good of a signing Feliz was, but he is our 7 hitter once Vic and Rollins are back and everything is sorted out to a normal lineup. I am not checking the league average on number 7 hitters but if he hits .250 with 20-25 home runs this year I would say that is acceptable for the 7 hole?

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