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Friday, April 11, 2008


Bit early on the game chat aren't we, Jason? You got big plans tonight?

Nothing gets past you, Clout.

Carlos Zambranno against the Phils' struggling bats? Not looking good, Harry.

I headed down to my first game of the season tonight, looking forward to it.

I'm not too excited about seeing Myers, but at least he's honest with himself about the beginning of his season, From today's Inky - "I've just been flipping crap up there," Myers said. "It wasn't working." His solution is - "I'm closing for nine innings tomorrow."

Something tells me that won't work out well.

What do people make of the very serviceable performance by the Phils' bullpen so far? A statistical oddity? Or something better?

Ribbies: I disagree. A guy like Myers is best when he's pissed with himself. Just hope Zambrano doesn't throw him any inside pitches - he may charge the mound.


Agreed about Myers. Classic case of a million dollar arm and a 10 cent head.

Hope you're right Andy.

Morty: Something better.

Lidge appears to me to be as good as Myers... and if he returns to his form of a few years ago, he'll be better.

Gordon, despite his first appearance, has been suprisingly solid, even with last night's loss.

Romero picked up right where he left off, and I don't think anyone predicted that.

Seanez has proved to be a very good pickup and better than whoever he replaced, without question.

Durbin has proved to be a pretty solid long man. Sure, he'll allow some runs here or there, but he's been better than I think most of us suspected.

That means we have a solid longman, a solid righty/lefty in Seanez/Romero, a solid set-up in Gordon and a solid closer in Lidge. Will it last? We'll see.

I'm expecting good things from Myers tonight.

I'm surprised there has been no comment from Beerleaguers today on this, from today's Daily News:

After being told that Madson said he didn't think he could go 2 innings, Manual said:
"First of all, we're not here to hurt people. And we're not here to put you in the game or anything if you are hurt and things like that. But when we've got 12 pitchers on our staff, somebody's got to goddamn pitch."

clout - it'd be nice if some of the other 13 players could g.d. hit, too.

Kyle Snyder top BP comps: Doug Brocail, Roger Mason, Jerry Spradlin, Tim Worrell. They call him "the definition of a low-leverage reliever," because he's put in games when the Sox are up by 4 or down by 2.

clout.. agree with you about Snyder.. He's had a lousy career with the exception of 2007 (era of 3.81). Even then, he walked 32 in 54 INN.. Just because he's a warm body who pitches doesn't make him a good sign..

Rich Harden was sent to the DL today. Recognizing that it probably makes no sense for the A's to trade Harden or for any team to give what it would take to get him... if you were Phils GM what would you offer for Harden right at this moment? He makes 4.5 mil this year with a 7mil team option for next. Jason Donald? Probably way too high, but the thing is it doesn't make sense for the A's to take less than that. Kyle Drabek? The reward for Harden is obviously very high but chances of him giving even 15 starts over the next two years is slim.

Anyway, just throwing it out there...


I don't think Beane is just going to sell low. He's going to wait until Harden makes 3-4 good starts and then send him off. No point in trading him now.

Friday, April 11, 2008
Rollins Still Out

Jimmy Rollins will not start for the third-straight game because of a sprained left ankle. Rollins said the ankle feels about the same. Shane Victorino will hit first tonight against the Cubs. Greg Dobbs will hit second.

From Zolecki. Imagine that Dobbs is starting in place of Feliz due to Zambrano starting for the Cubs.

Rich Harden is the AL clone of Mark Prior. At this rate in a year or two he's going to get a 1-year, $5 million deal to possibly be a 5th starter.

I hope that's right MPN. Feliz facing Zambrano would be a violation of the Geneva Convention.

I kinda like Dobbs in the two hole...

but if we get another black hole at the 1-2 tonight... we won't win.

Regarding Rollins, my guess is, they are concerned about his range of motion in the field... and probably is available for a late pinch hitter

Ugh about Rollins. Madson/ Manuel was mentioned in an earlier thread today.

I'll be out at a bar watching the Flyers game, but I hope Myers can step it up tonight. Zambrano can be beaten if he starts to lose control, I like having Dobbs in there who will be more patient than Feliz would have been. Let's get the bats goin eh?

Glad that Cholly realizes that Feliz shouldn't automatically just play everyday at 3B. Said last night I wanted this move today.

Also wouldn't mind seeing Werth get the start in CF instead of Victorino. To hell with the running game against Zambrano. Not like Victorino is getting on nearly enough either to take advantage of it anyway. Here is the lineup I would go with:


MG: Werth has never been that good against RHP throughout his career. That's the problem with your proposed lineup. If you want to sit Vic, you have to lead off with

clout: Not sure about that, but I think we can both agree that Dobbs is a much better option for the 2 hole than Bruntlett. And, against a tough RHP like Zambrano and Brett on the mound for us, I'm happy to see Dobbs in the game.




where is Bruntlett batting? 8th?


Yes he is. Must have been a mental block. Or I simply didn't believe Charlie would move the catcher up in the order.

Bruntlett batting 8th.

CJ: No worries... easy to do after the 11th inning last night!

I'm not sure I wouldn't bat Bruntlett 9th, if Ruiz leads off and inning and gets on base you might want someone up there who can bunt.

I hope Ruiz has a good game and forces Charlie to keep him in the 7th spot.

Clout - Take a look though at Victorino's splits against RHP. They aren't exactly impressive either. Plus, Victorino is really struggling and had a couple of bonehead plays last night. He deserves to ride the pine tonight.

It's just about that time where we need to win a series.

Watch this misfit lineup spark the offense and be Charlie's new go-to plan.

I have this lingering feeling that Derek Lee will have a big series.

2nd time in this short season that Phils game isn't on in the Harrisburg area. I pay way too much money for Comcast to not get every stinkin' game...dammit!

I hate it when I'm right...

Derek Lee is awesome.

Well be glad that it's not on

Brett Myers has been a huge letdown this season so far, and I have a sickening feeling it will last all season long.

Wow, back-to-back homeruns. Brett said he was going to pitch 9 innings like he was closing...just blew the save Brett!

Boy, I tuned in at just the right time *sigh*

We can't afford to have Myers not last at least 6 innings with how much our pen was used last night. I don't want to rely on 3 innings from Durbin.

But according to J-Roll, this team only needs to finish .500 for the month of April. .500 would be an improvement, doubt it happens, not with the way the Phils are playing. Good pitching- no hitting, no defense. Good offense- no pitching, no defense. Good defense- wait, does that happpen?

I bet you Zambrano gets a HR of his own this game.


Looks like I was wrong.

Have we has any games this year that the Phils haven't been behind.

It's like they're constantly in a hole. Very disconcerting and frustrating.

Nice AB by Vic. About time.

Chollie gets some props for playing Dobbs and batting him second.

Already better than last night in the 2 spot.

Again surprised that Myers gave up 2 HRs though? Even last year he had a poor HR/9 and his problem has plagued him his entire career. 4 HRs now this season already in 11 innings and the weather at CBP hasn't even warmed up yet.

Doubt this improves that much and Myers probably gives up 35 close to HRs if he stays in the rotation all season. Key for him will to be get the K ups and the BB done (which he hasn't been doing so far).

Ball 4 there if he lets it go. Now instead of bases loaded 0 out for Howard, it's man on third 2 outs.

hate to say it but tonight aint going to be like last friday with all philly teams winning. Here's hoping that the flyers at least come out with a win tonite. Myers is officially shot. Did his fastball even get past 91 in the first inning?

Was that a hit and run?

why would you Hit and Run, full count? that forces a guy to swing at ball four doesn't it???


That could've gone a lot better.

Tiger just finished up on 18. He's -1 for the tournament. Leader is at -8.

Why was Dobbs running there? Just stupid.
This team really misses Davey Lopes at 1B. Couple of noticeable gaffes already running the bases.

Terrible approach by Howard in that at-bat. He needs to know Zambrano isn't going to give a ball hit-just trying to make him chase. Vic & Howard have no game plan so far this year

Mike C - Not sure but I don't think so.

Well Myers stopped throwing his fastball.

Just guessing, but I'm thinking the back to back homers spooked him. He threw it a lot to the first four, but has only spotted it after that.

When is Jimmy coming back?

I doubt Dobbs has a green LIGHT... unless it's the "SECOND SPOT IN THE ORDER GREEN LIGHT".

Chase looked like he was trying to foul that one off... I don't know.... if it was Dobbs, i'd be surprised.

Doesn't it seem, really, like the Phillies have been behind virtually every game so far?

I know it is early but for such a vaunted offense there are a ton of guys in this lineup tonight hitting under .200

Okay; well, the silver lining: Bruntlett, Myers and Vic are the first three "hitters" up next inning.

Okay. So there's the two wins against the Reds. That's it. In the other 8 games the Phils have been behind early.

I'm thinking that, in the minds of the hitters, the season doesn't begin until July or something.

This Cubs' lineup has the same problem they did last year - after Lee they pretty week. DeRosa isn't a bad hitter but Myers should be able to handle the rest. Just have to limit the damage the top 4 guys do.

myers is topping out at low 90's tonite. Its warm so he can say that he wasn't warmed up. Remember he said the other day that his arm was in alot of pain last year but he toughed it out. I wonder if toughing it out has had any effects on him. I'm sure it has.

Meant after Ramirez. 5-9 this Cubs' lineup is pretty pedestrian. No much pop or speed.

Actually, since the first inning, since he began spotting the fastball and tossing more junk, he's been a lot more effective. Of course, it's debatable whether the Phillies can score two runs, but at least he might be able to pitch seven inning ans save the bullpen a bit.

C'mon Bruntlett - bunt yer way on...

Think Olmedo is ready to come up and replace Eric" Disaster with a Beard" Bruntlett?

I forgot about Davey Lopes not being at first. Dobbs running there is rediculous. The odds of Utley striking out, walking, or hitting the ball in the air there are pretty high aren't they?

You know what I'm tired of? People defending Howard and his God awful strikeout rate. It's disgusting how much he swings and misses.

Yes, I'm still a fan of his, and still happy he's on the team, but I'm not going to pretend like his every mounting strikeouts don't hurt this offense a lot.

So just who is that guy? The lead singer of Nickelback? Michael Bolten's cousin? I'll go with the inventor of Amp-i-ture. Now please, exit stage right.

People are missing the point about Myers' velocity on his fastball. Must more important for Myers to locate at 90-91 MPH consistency than rearing back at 93-94 MPH. Myers' money pitch always has been his curve.

If he is locating his fastball and got the curve working, then he will be just fine.

Zambrano has looked in command tonight but this offense has looked woeful in the early going. Not scoring unless they hit it out of the park and not getting on base nearly enough.

MG - that's kinda why he's been more effective after those first four batters.

NCPhilly81: It's Bizarro Geoff Jenkins; I thought everybody knew that.

I second that thought that Myers is pitching hurt. He's a bull dog as we all know but I think something is up with him. I would not be surprised to see him out soon.

Nice moniker, pilgrim.

Myers isn't hitting 94 or 95 but people seem to forget that as a starter he never did that consistently. Only threw that hard as a closer last year. He was more in the 91-93 MPH as a starter 2 year ago.

Chase, Chase, baby. Chase, Chase, baby....

{What can I say; I read too much google news.}

Gary keep talking about hats: it's working.

Burrell is this year's MVP!

PtB, baby!

And Howard's struggles continue . . .


I think Burrell needs a three year extension.

That's okay. Next inning we got Bruntlett and Myers to start things off for us...

We need to dump the beard and get Casey Smith or Olmedo or even Jason Donald up here. I have no confidence in Beard-Boy to do more than whiff or ground weakly to somebody's grandmother.

I'm sick of you bums booing me already. Its my 2nd home at bat this season and i'm already getting booed. WTF did i ever do to you and what do you expect of me? I can't wait to be a free agent so i can say the phily fans pushed me out the door.

stop making fun of my beard. I am a midget you idiots!

Myers should be batting 8th, Veal Bruntlet 9th

i think Bruntlett's beard is kind of hot. At least he hasn't booted a grounder tonite.

Dropped! Fukudo me!

Victorino looking like a real leadoff man today.

I think his feet were in bounds. Isn't that a catch?

. . . and the Phils catch a break. Haven't seen man of those so far early in the season.

I missed that ball because i was blinded by Bruntlett's cute blonde beard.

"Eric "THe Midget" Bruntlet "

Whoever wrote this is pretty darned insensitive. It's not nice to make fun of midgets like that.

Besides, everyone knows that Bruntlett is actually (and this is a technical term):

an "Effin Garden Gnome"

That's why (only reason) he's wearing that red hat.

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