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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Jake, I doubt you'll find many people with your particular brand of optimism after what has happened. It's a sad day in Philadelphia when Adam Eaton is counted upon to make us all happy again.

Never knew fans could be so sensitive. Some drunk trash cheers an injury to an opposing player. So what? Happens everywhere. Not isolated to Philadelphia. Get over it.

I like your optimism Jake. It does seem like when the guys are loose, and expected to lose (no JRoll, no Vic, Eaton on the mound) that they are relaxed enough to hit the ball well.

I also think that this is an opportunity to bat Pat 4th and Ryan 5th. Better balance to the line-up and takes even more pressure off of Howard.

Jake - well, that'd sure be nice. People are already getting ready to dive off of a sinking ship, and a solid win would maybe keep the perception of buoyancy alive. Big difference between a series loss and a sweep, which would be at least temporarily demoralizing, and all but guarantee yet another losing April and yet another early hole dug under the Mets.

An opportunity, birds, Charlie doesn't plan on taking.

Wind blowing to the short porch

Gotta love Joe Morgan:

"If you don't put the ball in play, you're not going to get any hits."

Thanks for clearing that up Joe.

I see.

Geez. Weak lineup and very weak bench. Harman is basically a 22-year-old Single-A player at this point, and Bohn can't hit. And this is probably the closest thing to a "must win" as you can get in April. It really is an important game - gotta get one here.

And whatever you do, Charlie, don't break up Utley, Howard and Burrell.

I just want to get in on the Howaaad action tonight. Its about time that all the Howard bashers shamelessly go on a Howard love-fest after he gets hot. I think tonight is as good a night as any against Mike Paltry.

Eaton looking devilish out there.

At least the 76ers are competing tonight against the Pistons.

I'm not going to go on a love-fest over one good game for a guy who's sucked all season.

Looking forward to Joe Morgan's inside scoop on T.J. Bohn ...

Morgan will probably call him T.J. Houzmanzata (AKA Houzyamama) (AKA I misspelled that horribly).

Eaton seems to have his slider working early: hopefully he can start locating his curveball as well (he did get Reyes to swing for strike three on one).

Come on, Phils. Let's solo homer our way to victory.

I'll call him T.J. Maxx if he shows me that he's got the goods.

As a Philly phan transplanted to Boston, it's good to get the game on TV. But man, Joe Morgan is painful to listen to.

Something about Pelfry screams "Silence of the Lambs."

Sixers take the lead. Billups uncharacteristicly misses two free throws in a row.

Uts Baby!!!!



That's four straight games with a homer for Utley.

It's nice to get friggin' lead for once.


Howaaad!! not quite a HR, but we'll take it.

Pelfrey needs to at least make Utley try... make him guess. A steady diet of fastballs will not get it done.

McCarver yesterday, Morgan today. As a Phils fan in NYC, I would still rather have Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and the modest Keith Hernandez, than any of these clowns.

This freakin' front office makes me want to commit acts of violence against them; mostly kicking them in their collective nut sack.
They couldn't have put J-Roll on the DL (almost) two weeks ago? Because he said he was "feeling" okay...oy vey. Don't they have a medical staff that should step in and say, "Um, we're sure you think you can tough it out Jimmy, but ankle sprains are tricky and you should take the next 2 weeks off." He sure didn't look like he was "feeling" okay in those last few worthless at-bats he had (which certainly weren't worth the extra 2 weeks he'll now be on the shelf because of).
And of course who do they replace him with...Crap 1 and Crap 2. My frustration level might be at an all-time high right now.

Jimmy makes that play. No question.

Yay. Two more weeks of the Travelocity Gnome at short. Hooray.

That's a way to prevent steroid use. Under Armor having some roided out guy wearing an excessively tight shirt and roid raging on screed. High quality.

@George - up here in Boston as well (though made it down to the game on Friday night). Good to see the Phils on TV for a change.

BTW, who let that woman bring in the Hillary sign? Political loyalty aside (I'd consider myself a Democrat anyway), I don't think baseball is time or place for it. Keep that nonsense out of baseball please!

Yeah, Coste!

Maybe if the Gnome's legs were longer he'd have beaten out that double play ball.

Bruntlett hurts the team in so many ways.

way to turn the lineup over bruntlett.

No reason not to ride the hot bat in Coste with the offense struggling the way it is.

Sixers win! Great to see them tough out a very close game. Poor free throw shooting nearly does them in: Pistons just could not capitalize.

OT: Sixers upset Pistons in Game 1.

Sixers win!

Anyone remember the Gillick comment that were Rollins to go down for an extended period (i.e. several months) that Galvis might be the best choice to replace him if defense alone were considered. I know Galvis has a pitchers hitting ability at this point, but he can't be worse overall than Bruntlett, can he?

Eaton should be batting 8th.

That throw by Dobbs ends any argument about the runs Feliz has saved at 3rd.

Great night so far, got to watch the sixers game on AFN over here, and the phillies game is on as well..just switched to it.. great win by sixers.

NYCPhil, I hear you. I just wish I could get the local broadcast at the same time as the video. Love Harry. It used to be rough when I live in NYC as well

Parker, I may make it down for a game next week. I hate being a philly fan living in Boston now. These fans up here suck.

I've got a feeling that that throw from Dobb's is the exception rather than the rule.

Eaton is looking real solid tonight.

Eaton should hit ahead of Bruntless, no question.

Eaton has looked good all year. We are #3 with quality starts in National league. Bats have been problem. I agree, ride the hot bat of Coste.

Ooh I loved Eaton's agressiveness going to second

If our pitching is for real, and Rollins injury doesn't lag (to big ifs) then I'm still quite confident that we'll get past these few weeks. A solid rotation/bullpen could make this team scary if it can ever get healthy. Plus, you gotta think that Howard will turn it on one of these days...

To paraphrase Comicbook Guy from the Simpsons: Joe Morgan is the worst...commentator...ever.

Since that first inning, that left-handed hitters cameraman is doing what he can to keep that Clinton sign off camera.

Am I seeing things, or is DWright sporting a sweet herpes sore on his face tonight? Or is that some weird birthmark or wart?

"Worth goes"... shouldn't that be implied on 3-2 count w/2 outs?

"the ball has to arrive at the same time as the bat"
Thanks Joe

Sophist: They have to; equal time rule. That or they find an Obama sign with the right-handed cameraman.

"Equal time rule": Tell that to Ralph Nader. He would get a good chuckle I'm sure.

Parker: Who's that? Heh heh. Yeah, unfortunately when it comes to the equal time rule there are four exceptions: if the air-time was in a documentary, bona fide news interview, scheduled newscast or an on-the-spot news event the equal-time rule is not valid. Since 1983, political debates not hosted by the media station are considered news events, thus may include only major-party candidates without having to offer air time to minor-party or independent candidates.

That was everyone's abbreviated poli-sci speech for the evening.

Every broadcast it seems Jon Miller brings up Joe Morgan's past gold gloves, mvps, all-star games, championships, sexual conquests...we get, he was don't need to talk about it every fcking broadcast. Worst of all is Morgan's fake humility, "oh i was just lucky..."

Did anyone here Morgan's being a good fielder is just like being a good hitter diatribe!?!? I am now dumber for listening to Joe Morgan call this game.

Eaton really looks different this season. I know it is the Muts, but he looks different.

At what point can we stop being cautiously optimistic about Eaton and admit that he may just be healthy? July? August? Never?

Burrell having delusions of grandeur.

Wow...Manchine is slower than molasses in January.

Why the hell was Burrell running for second?

asinine with 0 out

Dizzle: November 30.

There's a base hit that would've made it two on and no out. Gah.

Not any time soon, Dizzle, because he was healthy in past seasons and he was still a pretty bad pitcher. Anyone can have a sub-5.00 ERA in Petco.

Burrell is slow. Very slow.

Pat the Bat - Yes
Pat the Feet - No.

don't run on chavez

Funny how Morgan didn't bring up Burrell's ability to run after that play....

lol Jeltz for the Hall

Not that i get to see alot of games, But to me the difference in Eaton is his curveball. That thing is "dare I say" Nasty. It setting up his fastball and offspeed stuff too.

Coste, on the other hand, has got quick feets. Heh heh.

Tray, I've heard numerous persons come to non medical presumptions that Eaton was pitching hurt last season. Perhaps not, but there is definitive evidence that his mechanics were different. Several commentators suggested this change in mechanics is usually due to a shoulder injury. You can take that for what it is worth.

Should be 2-0.

Really, Joe, a pitcher that throws it belt high with little movement is going to get hit hard? Your in-depth analysis is AMAZING!!!

dizzle, 30+ starts and an era around 4.5 and then I'll be happy. Anything less and $8 million is too much to spend. BTW for 4.25 million, we could have had that with Lohse but Gilbuckle had no money after blowing it on the "out-Machine"

Eaton's going to go deep...

into a fielder's glove.

How big was that play w/ pat now? pelfry gave up 3 hits that inning and survived w/ no runs...if burrell doesn't make that baserunning error, ur looking at a 2-0 game maybe even more.

Guys to be fair to the broadacasters, they kinda have to say something. I believe they have like a 7 second rule. They truly do have to say everything that comes up in their head.

"Mike Paltry." "The Muts." Haw haw, Parker. Where DO you get such original (and funny) material?

question regarding burrell, was he sent or did he go on his own?

Eaton hauling arse to first base.. he wants it tonight, that's for sure.

A- Why are you on this board? Isn't eEtsblog a better home for you?

B- Are you really defending Joe Morgan? Was he a great baseball talent, yes. His ability to add insight to a game, very poor. He actually just made a good comment about the clay composition of the dirt in different parks (which I found interesting,) But normally, you get dumber for listening to him.

I think Manuel started Coste tonight -- not because of Coste's hot bat -- although that should have been reason enough -- but rather because of the success that Eaton has had in the two of his three previous starts in which Coste was the catcher. Eaton's lines in those games: April 5th -- 7.2 IP, 6 hits, 3 runs, earned runs, & 2 K's; and April 10th -- 6 IP, 5 hits, 3 runs, 3 earned runs, & 5 K's.

I did not defend joe morgan in i have no idea where u got that from

baljus: did you ever watch the show Hee Haw? I borrowed all my humor from re-runs.

Time to score some runs...

Dobbsy! It's rally time!

2 on, no outs. And we hit him well last inning. Rally time. Let's get to Pelfrey.

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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