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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


From last thread:

Dave X: Agreed. There is just no reason Ruiz shouldn't be dropped down near the bottom with Utley moving up, Burrell third, and Howard 4th.. or at the very least just moving everyone up a spot. No reason at all.

anyone hear anything about the absence of J-Roll?

Another game and still no Jimmy Rollins. This injury is worse than they orginially made it out to be, but then again that's how the Phillies operate.

Hack-o-matic Chooch Ruiz is batting 2nd. Why? There's no good reason, Charlie likes to experiment in April because apparently this month doesn't matter in the standings.

BTW: anybody still want to make an argument for Borowski? So much for just getting the job done. The guy was absolutely horrible last year and went a long way towards outing a very talented Indians team from the playoffs. If anything Borowski got lucky a lot last year. Everytime I saw him pitch he got hammered, but some times the ball stayed short of the fence.

The Borowski clamoring last year was ridiculous for a variety of reasons, but the most overlooked reason was the fact that he was/is not any good.

What strikes me as most implausible is this: Adam Eaton (O-0,3.95)! I mean, really. Between this and clout's recent civility and prescience, I'm beginning to feel like Elaine in that episode of Seinfeld where she met the Bizarro Jerry, George, and Kramer.

The first game Rollins was out of the lineup, I told my friend "This isn't good news. They're lying about his injury being day-to-day. He'll end up on the DL." He didn't believe me. I just got a call from the same friend finally realizing that they're full of it.

I mean, I guess it's kind of futile to whine about the organization continually lying about injuries, but what the hell is the point? Why do they continue to sh*t on the fans like this? Just tell the truth and get it over with. The Phils are run more like a political campaign than a baseball team.

I'm not going to argue for Borowski, but I will argue that he would have been at least some help last year and maybe this year in the pen. But anything beyond a 2 year deal for the guy would have been a mistake. I'm glad they checked him out before they signed him, I only wish they would have done the same before they traded for Freddy Garcia.

I actually like Ruiz in the second spot tonight -- nice bit of confidence from Cholly. He's been ripping at the ball lately and was very close to an RBI single on Sunday.

Chacon has trouble against lefties - let's see our left-centric lineup score some early and often. Can Eaton pitch three straight QS? I'll be watching the Flyers but keeping a close eye on

Maybe they do it to keep ticket sales up (kind of a stretch, but it's conceivable that some people come to games to watch Rollins play), or so that other teams don't get a psychological boost from hearing that our MVP went down. It is odd. In basketball, teams err on the side of pessimism when they forecast injuries.

Maybe the Phils are just taking the safe route with Jimmy realizing we can win the Houston series without him and want to fully rest him for the upcoming Mets series. Either way, I do wish they were more honest and should at least give the fans an idea about what is going on.

In defense of the Phils' regarding JRoll:

- Even minor ankle sprains do take more than a week to heal and JRoll only got hurt last Wed. It wouldn't have made sense to put him on the 15-day DL if he wasn't going to miss that much time.

Makes no sense to have this turn into a festering problem because the Phils have zero alternatives at SS over the near future (yeah they could trade for a glove, no-hit SS but is there really a point to that).

Now if JRoll isn't in the starting lineup by Friday night, then it likely the Phils were pulling their usual antics about a "minor" injury and JRoll should have gone on the 15-dal DL because it will have left Cholly a player short in the field for nearly 2 weeks.

Tray: you make a good point there, it is a bit of a stretch but with an ownership group like the phils have I think they would do anything for a few extra dollars.

I think Borowski would have done worse last year pitching in a division where batters had faced him consistently for the last 3 years. I know it is a stretch to say that he could do worse than he did, but I do think it is possible.

I like Ruiz in the two hole. Better choice than Feliz or Bruntlett. Anything that leaves those two lower in the lineups is a good thing.

I'd rather see Werth in the 2 hole.

How many pitches is Ruiz averaging per plate appearance this year?

Parker: If Werth is in the two-hole, who's leading off?

At some point though you have to wonder about the trainer and this medical staff? Seems like they had their share of injuries and players seem to be always taker longer to get back than originally forecasted.

BTY - Not all teams in baseball pull the crap about injuries that the Phils do. The A's have had a ton of injuries the past 2 years but they are usually pretty upfront. Funny though how they get almost no coverage though compared to the Giants yet they have been much more incredibly success during their tenure in the Bay and are run much more competently than the ineptitude-led
Giants with Sabean at the helm.

CJ: 1/2 a pitch per at bat.

Not a Borowski advocate, but I think he would've done better in the NL, where offenses are weaker. It's not as if there's some trick to his delivery or stuff that you pick up on with experience; he's a pretty straightforward pitcher.

CJ, oh yeah, good point. The reality of the depleted roster has only penetrated my mind within the last 30 seconds.

CJ - Agreed about Ruiz. Bruntlett's meaningful offensive contributions for the week likely all came on Sunday and Senor Out never deserves to be above 7th in this lineup.


with you on Rollins. Ankle injuries aren't to be toyed with, espeically if it's your starting SS/leadoff/MVP. We all *want* him back, but let's not let our emotions take over.

Eaton's splits are crazy... righties hitting like .050 against him... lefties hitting over .300.

CJ: 3.58

Thattaboy Michael, pop it up!

Sophist: Thanks. Now, is 3.58 good or bad? I honestly don't know. Is he better this year?

Better yet, where can I find that stat so I can look myself next time :-)

no problem, he can pitch around Berkman all night.

Tray, I don't know if I buy that. The primary difference in AL and NL offensive differentials is the DH. This distinction would be irrelevant in any appearance as a closer in the NL because he would never face a pitcher. Anytime the pitchers spot would be up, the pitcher would be pinch hit for. Any negligible difference in the 6,7,8 hitters in the AL/NL is not enough to eliminate the stench that emanates from a Borowski appearance.


You know, if the Astros hadn't waited until Berkman was 24 to play him, he could have been a Hall of Famer.

Typical Eaton in the 1st. Here's hoping that's all and he can settle down.

Now this is the Eaton with whom we're most familiar.

Okay, could have been worse. We'll take that, right? This is Adam Eaton after all.

CJ: We will easily take that, especially with Eaton's history of starting slow.

CJ: the espn stat page is pretty good. it's on his espn page. 3.58 is pretty much what he was last year as well.

The primary difference is the DH, but another big difference is that the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers have gazillion-dollar payrolls.

I am actually confident that Eaton will be fine tonight. This Astros' lineup is very similiar to the Cubs. Couple of good hitters surrounded by a bunch of marginal guys.

With Pence scuffling and the top of the Astros lineup not doing much, Eaton should have a few easy innings tonight. Ausmus should just go up to the plate and go sit back down again.

The rationale just given for batting Ruiz second was ridiculous.

looks like chase got a haircut on the off day. let's hope it gets him going.

Why isn't Dobbs starting tonight though at 3B? Chacon has struggled his entire career against lefties. Ugh.

Ruiz really took the cover off that one

In other happier news Jose Reyes just got picked off, followed by a Ryan Church single.

It was Ruiz vs. Bruntlett or Feliz. Basically none of them are decent options. Now, Cholly could have started Dobbs at 3B and batted him 2nd. Hum. . . .

Okay, found the P/PA info on Ruiz's number so far this year is below average... and it's about the same as last year's number of 3.56.

Tray, and some of that fearsome Tigers lineup was hitting in the NL last year.

Well, the bottom line... Feliz wasn't signed to be a platoon player, right? If we've committed to him as our everyday 3B, we can't bench him every time a righty pitches.

Yeah, it was, but nevertheless, Detroit outscored the Marlins by 97 runs on the season. Anyway, why was it Ruiz vs. Bruntlett vs. Feliz? Why can't you just move everyone up a spot? So Utley has more runners to drive in? Okay, but Ruiz doesn't get on base so you might as well bat Utley second.

To be fair to the NL, Tray, 7 of the top 10 teams in OPS last year were in the NL.

Feliz isn't swinging a hot bat right now and Chacon has struggled against his entire career when he has started. This is one of that drives me crazy about Cholly. Did the same thing last year with Burrell when he should have sat him about a week earlier. Now you can't micromanage but this isn't freaking Little League either.

Tray - That probably made the most sense. Considering that Victorino is going to be out a month probably, I wonder how long it will take Cholly to slide up Utley to the 2 hole and Burrell to the 3 hole. My bet is another 10 days while the offense continues to scuffle along.

CJ: 3.56 is much higher than the 0.5 P/PA that I had guessed. He must have had a 30 pitch at bat somewhere to raise the mean.

Joking aside, the Phils almost have to win tonight to take 2 out of 3 considering they played the dreaded "Business Person's Special" on Thurs. That have almost been an automatic L since moving to CBP.

Well if Rollins comes back soon, they could just go Rollins-Werth-Utley-etc.

Was Eaton replaced by a pod person some time between his last outing in spring training and the start of the season?

This guy looks composed and cool out there with solid mechanics. Not overwhelming stuff but you don't need that against this lineup either.

Eaton looks good again. Damn those 2-out BB.

MG, he might just be healthy for the first time as a Phillie? I don't know, but I've heard much speculation that he has been playing injured the entire time he has been with Philly. I know he went on the DL for a while, but perhaps it was something that was pre-existing.

I'm sorry, but does Bruntlett have a 3-1 green light?

Bruntlett looked very good for 4 pitches, and then he swung at the garbage.

Parker - But he suddenly became healthy after looking ragged all spring? Just weird.

The new "Black Hole" that hopefully won't last:


Parker, there was an article on DelawareOnline to that affect recently. Moyer recommended the Mariners' team doctor for rehab.

Pardon me if you've already read it.

MG, I don't put too much emphasis on anything that happens with pitchers in spring training. Most of the time pitchers are going out to work on certain pitches. If I'm not mistaken Hamels had a very mediocre ST last year. That wasn't suggestive of his regular season.

Sophist, interesting. For some reason, the Phillies feel like they are becoming the Mariners of the East (Or maybe the Seattle of the East).

Adam Eaton 4 Mayor!!

Did Eaton throw that last one 95 MPH, or is my screen fuzzy?

Hey, didn't the Mariners win 116 games a few years ago?

He was clocking in at 93 a few pitches ago. I missed the MPH on the last one, and my radar gun is broken.

Something tells me that Werth ends up a full time player for the Phils by the end of the season, barring injury.

Is that Carlos Ruiz in the 2 hole or Abraham Nunez?

man... look at JROLL lying right to our faces.

NO HRs = no offense for the Phils in the early going here.

Good thing Ruiz was able to hit it to the right side like they planned.

"Maybe Thursday or so."
See you next week, JRoll.

MG- what about those 8 singles in a row in that game earlier in the season

If Feliz had grounded into that DP, there would be 20 comments and an appearance by Clout.

Thank god Bourn is back--if only to remind Beerleaguers how to spell his name.

GPerih - That was 10 games ago against the Nats. With JRoll and Victorino out (and Lopes sidelined and not available to give him sagely advice on steals), this team is a pedestrian team right now. Largely station to station. Plus, they have a couple of guys who are really struggling and they aren't hitting at all with RISP right now.

If they don't hit HRs, they largely haven't scored.

Nothing like borderline racist comments from Robin Roberts.

Phils definitely need to be sure not to load the bases if they want a chance to win.

thats a good point... without j-rol and vic in the lineup they are seeming to have difficulty pushing the envelope for scoring opportunities

This is Shawn Chacon on the mound right?

I love the idea of bringing on the elderly and getting their opinions on race issues.

My God this team is one dimensional, and especially against a guy with breaking stuff.

Wow. Another brain freeze. Mental miscues continue.

Wow. How can they be this bad in the field!?!?!?!?
Whether the balls are routine or tough, this team does not have one player who, at this point, inspires confidence. Why is everyone so bad this year!?!?!?!?!?

(Vic excepted)

Need a K here.

For someone watching: how far from Howard was that grounder that scored the run?

How about that play Zach?

About six inches. It was a dead liner, so probably wasn't close enough to him when it passed.

Another solid start by Eaton. Offensive needs to wake up here.

It was hit fairly close, but way too hard for Howard to react. Better question is why Eaton threw anything hittable with an 0-2 count.

It was six inches about. Quick liner, so probably no shot for Howard to get it.

Sucks this offense looks like crap against such a marginal pitcher. Eaton hasn't pitched bad.

Tarheel: Just a few feet, but there really wasn't anything he could do about it from where he was standing. It was hit really hard and, somewhat inexplicably, they were trying to keep the guy on first. So much so that Eaton tried a pickoff move when the dude was one step from first.

I guess that's a better way of saying that D. Lee would've had it.

Wheels complaint:

Regarding former umpire Rich Garcia:
"He had a tremendous career."

How can an ump have a TREMENDOUS career?

Second, in reference to the umps:

"Part of the charm of this game is, it's these guys full time jobs."

CHARM. Regarding the umpires. Having full time gigs. Yup, that's how I'd describe it.

For anyone watching the Flyers, did you notice that Capitals cross check just after the goal?

The Phils are really horrible offensively tonight, but this ump ain't helping much either.

Dobbs really proving he deserves more time than Feliz...

Eaton gave a quality start, Feliz is 2-2, and Bruntlett is 1-2. If its holds up, Beerleaguer might collapse in on itself realizing that these 3 are not the root of all evil.

Nice to see the team decided to take another day off. How are they not smashing this patsy?

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