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Sunday, April 13, 2008


Lineups are up

Soriano, LF
Johnson, CF
Lee, 1b
Ramirez, 3b
Fukudome, RF
Derosa, 2b
Theriot, SS
Blanco, C
Marquis, SP

Jenkins, RF
Werth, CF
Utley, 2b
Howard, 1b
Burrell, LF
Feliz, 3b
Coste, C
Bruntlett, SS
Moyer, SP

Anyone else can't get enough of Gabe Kapler?? He just hit ANOTHER home run, this time against Oliver Perez and the muts

Seeing Jenkins in the leadoff spot made me laugh out loud...then I cried.

Gabe Kapler is a great story to start the season, everyone thought he was done.

Jenkins in the leadoff spot is a little scary. But hey, at least it's not Bruntlett, right??

I'm guessing Jenkins maybe owns Marquis.. anyone know where to look that up?

Jenkins vs. Marquis: .313/.405/.531 career

Only 3 lefties in the Phillies lineup. Be interesting to see how many runs they can score, even against a mediocrity like Marquis.

Jenkins didn't own Marquis in that first AB.

huge spot for the machine right here

Wonderful... Looks like TBS is blacking me out in their own unique way. I'm the getting CNN Headline News instead of TBS. DAMN YOU, TED TURNER!

Never mind, I see what's going on. CW15/57 is carrying it.

Thanks for the heads up on TBS. I'm in northern Jersey, so always nice to see the Phils on TV.

Give Bruntlett credit for some hustle there.

I'd almost rather watch a TBS blackout than endure Tom McCarthy's useless, distracting in-game interviews, much less have to watch endless dugout shots of Old Man Piniella, in hopes of entertainingly cranky reactions to everything that happens on the field.

On Golson: I would think Victorino himself demonstrated how valuable a plus defensive CF is, even when he's not hitting. We're about to see how much worse off this team will be with Werth hitting .250 instead of Victorino hitting .200. If Golson were to come up, I would think it *would* be to start. If he could hit .200, it would be worth it, because the idea is to have legitimate center field defense. The arguments that 'he's not ready' and that the Phillies wouldn't want to jump-start his service time to me appear secondary to the fact that they are very likely eyeing him to be an OF starter as early as next season, and a major-league trial, ready or not, wouldn't be the worst idea in the world if Vic is going to be out for a month or more.

Good start by the Phillies, good start by the Flyers.

Cubs are a team that looks good on paper, but every time I see them, they're unimpressive. Hard to believe they couldn't come away with runs that inning. Terrible AB by Jenkins, and a disappointing AB by Utley.

Anyone else notice Wheeler being less of a homer this year. Very critical in the early going. I like it.

Also a big thanks on TBS, nice to be able to watch the Phils in LA. The TBS broadcast is badly overexposed and washed out, though. Is that true for anyone else?

It was only a matter of time after the Phils failed to capitalize last inning, that Moyer would begin to get creamed

No question, Victorino makes that play on Lee's liner

jenkins cant get a sac fly...not the first time thats happened this year...then he cost two runs by dropping the foul ball

Missed opportunities so far in this one.

Jenkins had Lee out and dropped the ball near the wall. The ghost of Bobs Abreu lingers.

jenkins up for a gold glove too?

RSB: The last thing the lineup needs is another automatic out. Not to mention the potential harm done to a young player by rushing him into a situation he's not ready for. Unless you think Golson is the second coming of Garry Maddox the move makes no sense.

Jenkins has mostly gotten a free pass while a lot of negative attention has gone to Feliz. At least Feliz helps you with the glove. Jenkins' game leaves a lot to be desired.

Cubs are very similiar to the Phils - couple of talented players surrounded by a pretty overall mediocre cast. Phils' core of position players (Howard, Utley, JRoll) is better than the Cubs (Soriano, Ramirez, Lee). The only thing is that the back of the Cubs' rotation is a bit better and they have a strong bullpen than the Phils if Woods can stay healthy.

Jenkins has made some good outs thus far (advancing runners). Other than that he has not started out extremely well, but I'm not as worried about him as some other guys.

I really believe that Cory Hart and Jason Werth have the same father.

Remember Buddy Ryan said this about WR Chris Carter: "All he does is catch touchdowns." I'm starting to think all Ryan Howard does is hit home runs. He can't field. He strikes out at an alarming rate, even for a power hitter. And his average continues to go down. I'm not saying I want to get rid of him. I like him. But he better lose his big head in terms of contract demands.


completely agree about Golson. He, more than anyone I can think of, needs to stay where he is and learn/play. Calling him up now could be disastrous. The fact that the Phils *may* think he's their OFer next year, is more of a reason for him to stay in AA. Maybe a Sept callup for his speed/defense, but not now.

Bob, I'm not going to agree with you on that one. Two weeks into the season is not the time to start doing talent evaluation.

If you recall Howards MVP season started out extremely slow, yet he hit over .300. Last season he was hurt to start the year and was slow coming out of the gate after the injury. His second half was marvelous, K's be damned.

If every manager acted on the results of the first two weeks, then David Ortiz, and the entire Detroit Tigers (save Brandon Inge) would be on the bench. One might also think that Gavin Floyd is an Ace. We have seen enough to know that whatever Floyd is, he is not an ace. We have also seen enough of Howard to know that he is an absolute beast when he gets his timing down. He is actually off to a better start than the last two years. Aside from a potential injury, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley's starts in the first two weeks are a non-issue.

Man Jenkins knocked the cover off that ball, but that was a great stab by Theriot.

Oliver Perez demonstrating why the Pirates were so willing to get rid of him. I mean that was an easy decision for a team that has as much pitching as the Pirates.

Not so Werthless.


I'm pretty sure Buddy Ryan meant that as the weakest possible criticism to cover up for the reality that they cut Carter due to a drug problem. That turned out to be the intended wake up call to Carter and he turned around the off field issues to become a great player and teammate in Minnesota. I can't think of a less applicable quote for Howard.

That's a way to redeem yourself there Werth!

Werthian!!!!!: "I don't need no Stinking Lefty's!"

Hey all,
I haven't read anyone's comments yet, but it seems dumb to bat Jenkins first.

My daughter's response to my telling her who was up (we got home a couple minutes ago): "His name is "Pat the Bat"??"

I see our garden gnome has a couple hits. In related news Satan bought a parka.

Okay. Caught up.
Schu's Blues, why so down on Werth? He's had a great season so far. There are other, far better targets.

Jenkins is the bust of the game so far for his dropped foul ball and horrible at bats.

That "homerun" was bullshit. I hate it when umps blow calls that are that "big".

god that was an awful call on that DeRosa homer

This is why I hate Chris Wheeler, he continues to make excuses for the dumbass 3rd base ump...shut the f' up you toupe wearin' hmo.


The "Garden Gnome" comment caught me by surprise at an inopportune moment. Its never good to have the humor come to you while consuming a beverage. Nonetheless, that is hilarious.

That run'll end up screwing the Phils, just watch.

It's time for the Phils offense to go Yahtzee and shove this game up that umps arse. I know the fact that the Phils are losing is not the umps fault, it's Jenkins and Manuel's, but I'm still pissed about that call.

Manuel is dumb for batting Jenkins leadoff, no need to be the "cute" with your lineup just because you're without Vic and J-Roll.

That ugly bearded bastard!

did I see that right? Eric Bruntlett and home run will be used in the same sentence. Wow!

There are very few instances where instant replay should be brought into baseball but suspect calls on home runs is one of them.

Like I said- Yahtzee!!!

How about Ruiz coming in and making an immediate impact!

The "Garden Gnome (per Andy)" goes deep! Lol.

Talk about a make-up run from the baseball gods.

I have more confidence in Werth in a clutch situation than anyone on this team save for Rollins and Utley.

Bruntlett hits a HR - Proof that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn occasionally.

did they just show someone in the phils dugout flipping off the umps?


If Bruntlett keeps this up, he might get some endorsement deals with (Home of the Roaming Gnome).

Home Run Bruntlett!! I am starting to forget that 2 error game.

There's a fan behind home plate with his son that looks like George Harrison as an older man. Look for the grey beard.

Nice running Chooch. We need a HUGE inning right now.

Werth is a great 4th outfielder. I doubt he could be an everyday guy, but as a 4th outfielder he runs the bases well, can play all 3 outfield spots, has some pop, and works the count...what more do people want?


Really weird: at about the same time Bruntlett hits one out, Rod the Bod hits an RBI double.

Like I said, Jayson Werth is a GREAT 4th outfielder!

Lehk: Indeed, Mr. Clutch.

Werth is easily our 5th best hitter and should be in the lineup nearly every day, no matter what position.

planetary larry: you have to be kidding me! You really think I'm comparing Ryan Howard to Chris Carter? That wasn't the point. I was saying Howard doesn't do much more than hit home runs, and thus, doesn't deserve the kind of money he wants. Sorry for trying to be creative. it went over your head.

This game reminds of the way the Phils played last year so many times. Overcame mediocre starting pitching and some tough breaks to rally back.

that's real encouraging when the bottom of the order can start a rally like that. Bruntlett, Ruiz, Jenkins, and Werth, all with great at-bats there

Lekh: I agree completely.

Right now, Werth should be the lead-off hitter.

(Parker: The only good reason he's wearing a red hat, though it should have a little point on the top.)

Big spot for Howard to add some comfort.

I'll take a Chris Carter Touchdown, I mean a Ryan Howard Home Run Now! I'd take a double too.

On offense alone, I'd take Werth over Rowand and I have a feeling that he will do the most to make up for Rowand's absence this year. He's as underrated a baserunner as there is as well. Is he a free agent?

Someone needs to explain to me how an ump can call a ball that passes by the foul pole without contact fair? Isn't there a screen to the fair side of the pole which the ball will hit if it misses the pole fair? And if it is so far fair that it misses the screen, isn't it obvious? What am I missing?

Andy, seriously I am not going to be able to look at Bruntlett without laughing thanks to the "Gnome" comment. Some might have said that even before the comment, but that is classic.

you're not missing anything.. hope. If an ump can't tell whether a ball goes to the left or the right side of the foul poul, then he needs glasses.

This new feature on gameday, where they name the pitch? I'm thinking they have a little spinner thing from a board game and if the pitch is in the 75-85 mph range, they spin the the thing and then put: curveball, cutter, slider, sinker...whatever comes up.

TBS announcers love Feliz...

OK, then I'm not sure why you would use that quote then. If you want to argue his skills are limited, go for it. But, what does the quote add if you aren't alluding to Carter?

Also, hitting lots of home runs is a very rare skill. And Howard also gets on base at 40% clip (he's below that so far this year, but it is very early). Hitters that good are rare. Howard is probably overstating his worth because he's a little older than the guys he's comparing to and therefore isn't quite worth the long term deal he's looking for. But, if I were him, knowing that his age is a result of the Phillies keeping him in the minors so long, I wouldn't be in a hurry to lower my asking price.

I want to punch Wheeler in the face for all the excuses he's made for the umpire. Seriously, when you go to broadcasting school is there a course you must take called Excuses 101?


Hate to reign on the Werth lovefest but he is very useful if used in properly but he will get exposed a bit if he plays everyday in CF and against tough RHP. He is best used as a corner guy who sits against tough RHP.

Burrell is an on-base machine like Feliz is an out machine.

Carson, I was wondering how you felt about Werth?

Pedro Happy with a nice K right there

I've been saying great "4th" outfielder MG, and said that he probably wouldn't be a good everyday guy. But as a 4th outfielder, he's everything I want and more.

Pedro Feliz is a joke, worse offensively then we expected and not nearly what he was advertised on defense.

Around the league: Mets blew a 6-2 lead and are now losing 9-6; Perez got lit up. Tigers losing 11-0.

Carson - Agreed. I was totally wrong on Werth and though he would be a marginal guy at best (who wouldn't stay healthy).

Why is that Feliz always comes up to bat with 2 outs and somebody on base. It's not right!

I'm liking Chad Durbin. He might be what Madsen can't be.

Randy, because Burrell is always getting on base!

I have officially joined the "Dobbs should start 2/week against RHP at 3B." Cholly is just going to continue trotting Feliz out there everyday well into May at least.

Howard sucks defensively. Yippie he hits homeruns! The entire world knows that. He sucks at fielding though!

Chad is proving to be very useful.

The Durbinator!!!

But... it's the fact that we always have two outs when he comes up to bat... and three when he's done.

Durbin is doing far better than I expected, he's been a bullpen savior through the early season.

Sorry about my rant on Howard, but I get so sick of his k's and shitty defense. He wants PAID, well you need to start hitting and playing so D bro.

Just curious, who's the emergency catcher? I thought I read somewhere that it was Werth, but dont remember where or why.

We've upgraded our Durbin this year.

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