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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Don't get the lineup. Why Feliz is staring against a guy who will like bury him and why Bruntlett is hitting 2nd again? Seems that hitting Bruntlett 2nd and keeping Howard in the cleanup spot will make it difficult for this team to piece things together unless they hit a HR.

MG: Even more insane is that Feliz is batting ahead of Coste.

MG: Um.. isn't EVERY pitcher likely to bury Feliz? Under that condition, Feliz would never start. I'm not too fazed by the 1-12 stat... too small a sample to be meaningful IMO. Feliz is generally bad against every pitcher, that's a much better sample to consider.

I don't understand Bruntlett in the 2-hole either. He's pretty worthless witht he bat.

I don't mind Howard in the cleanup spot.

I heard last night that baserunners has some success stealing against Chris Young last year...

They were 44-for-44.

CJ - If that is the case, then the Phils should have started Victorino in RF. Here is the lineup I would have liked to see:

CF Werth
3B Dobbs
2B Utley
LF Burrell
1B Howard
RF Victorino
C Coste
SS Bruntlett

MG: Looks good to me... although with Vic in the linup, I might switch him and Dobbs, and switch Burrell and Howard.

I am by no means a Feliz fan, but with Moyer pitching, you cannot consider anyone but him for 3B.

It's official... John Smoltz says he's coming back as a reliever. Also, Mike Hampton had more problems in his arm in his latest rehab start, so he probably won't return in time for his next start. 78-year old Tom Glavine is just off the DL, and who knows how long he'll last. Tough times to be a starter in Atlanta. They'll be leaning very hard on their young starters.

"Very good point Bonehead!" Boy that's an interesting sentence. But seriously good point. By the way Max Scherzer is starting on Monday against us. Good thing we can counter with...JIMMY ROLLINS!!!!

for crying out loud, these green hats look rediculous

CN8 Coverage reminds me of when I was in elementary school and watching the '84 Olympics.

If there's one thing Moyer can't afford, it's bad defense. Thanks Bruntlett...

Um... sheepishly... was it an error? I missed the play, only saw the result of the throw.

Great, and now a two run shot.



Yet more poor defense. Ugh.

Howard isn't a great defense 1B but those throws from Bruntlett were garbage.

howard had alot to do with those two plays. he shoulda dug em out.


Pedro Feliz? Nope, Michael Bourn through 90 AB's. 10 BBs to 22 Ks. Ouch. That said he is 13/13 in SB and I still love him as a player.

I'm on of the many avid beerleaguer readers who very rarely posts. Don't have cable, so I frequently listen on the radio while reading your commentaries. Makes for a very entertaining game...Thanks.

redbeard - A good 1B would have but if you are going to throw the ball to 1B on a grass INF it has to be one-bounce that is a reasonable distance away from the 1B. Just two weak throws from Bruntlett.

That has been the biggest disappointment about Bruntlett so far - shaky defense including a number of weak throws to first and sloppy flips to 2B.

mg: no argument here about they need to be good throws.
howard just isnt a good first basemen. hes ok, and ok first basemen need the ball thrown at their letters or else who knows what will happen.

Chase do what Chase do


thanks chase!

redbeard: I don't blame Howard for those. He's shown an ability to pick some throws. They were terrible throws. A major league shortstop has to be able to get a better throw to first. If you're going to bounce them, there has to be some distance between the bounce and the glove so the player can judge it. I don't think the bulk of first basemen in the league make that play any more often than Ryan would. They were bad throws.

Couldn't we have batted Coste second? I suppose he's slow but I wouldn't say Bruntlett is fast.

8 pitch inning is not going to get it done.

2 Questions: How many GDP's does Feliz have and by how much does he lead the league?

feliz is a guaranteed double play with a runner on and less than 2 out. does anyone know the percentage of times he has hit into a double play when given the opportunity. it has to be one of the highest in the league.

for those interested, pedro feliz is now second in the majors in GIDP with seven, tied with a couple others (keppinger & loney) behind only big papi himself.

moyer just isn't that good.

jamie is certainly not fooling anybody tonight.

Moyer is serviceable most nights but the defense behind him needs to be rock solid. No margin for errors really.

maybe the defense is befuddled by the green hats

Just have to hope the Phils can milk 6 innings from Moyer tonight and that he can keep them within striking distance by only giving up another run or so.

Am I the only person whose gamecast on ESPN isn't working???

For the sake of making an incriminating statement regarding something that is potentially obvious: What are the green hats for?

the phils are trying to support clean energy, you know, 'going green'

Oh, I thought that they just decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day a little late. Or maybe that it was a gesture in honor of Nate McLouth for demolishing the Mets pitching staff.

i wonder how "green" all those light are?

What makes Young a good pitcher besides his height? Or are well-placed 90 mph fastballs all you need if you're that tall?

I hate to beat a dead horse here but how the hell can LA say that Bruntlett has done "hell of a job" filling in for JRoll?

At best he has been average defensively while generally contributing almost nothing at the plate offensively (including almost no extra base hits and very few walks).

duh tray, all tall pitchers eventually turn into randy johnson

bad call.

Cholly's reasonsing for batting Bruntlett in the 2 hole - "He is a battler at the plate and take alot of pitches"

This is clearly a case where Cholly's recollection of a few selective ABs by Bruntlett totally disregards what some obvious stats should tell him - Bruntlett's averages a measly 3.5 P/PA which is almost tied for dead last on the team and his OBP is terrible this year so far.

Hitting him 2nd makes no sense but Cholly's reasoning is even more suspect.

I think Dobbs would be batting second if he were starting, but in the absence of an obvious alternative, Bruntlett is the choice. He may not be Willie Mays Hayes on the base-pads, but come on the guy can steal a bag or two, especially against Bard (He had one last night). Its far from a great option, but Coste is just way too slow to be in the 2 hole.

I think hitting Feliz (as opposed to Coste) behind Jenkins is far more questionable than batting Bruntlett in the 2 hole.

But the chance that Bruntlett could steal a bag IF he ever actually gets on base doesn't, I think, negate the fact that Coste gets on base at a way higher rate. How are we going to score more runs, if Bruntlett goes 0 for 4 and runs really fast back to the dugout, or if Coste hits a single or two so Utley can drive him in?

charlie is batting bruntlett 2nd cause he has some speed, takes alot of pitches and has a 7 game hit streak going into tonite. 8 going into tomorrow.

They could really test how easy it is to steal off of Chris Young by sending Manchine.

That assumes either are going to get on base. None of which has happened to this point. But either way, I think the chance of one of Utley, Howard, Burrell or Jenkins getting on base is higher than Werth individually. Thus I would rather have the better hitter in the 6 or 7 hole behind the guys that get on base the most. (I would not Include Jenkins in that category, but from a sheer numbers perspective, it is more likely than Werth alone. I'm assuming that Moyer doesn't get on base).

Chance that Pete Happy grounds into a double play here? I'm going with 75%.

Bruntlett is hitting a bit better but I wouldn't exactly say he is swinging a hot bat.

Plus, the speed argument is ridiculous (besides the fact his OBP sucks). If Cholly wanted speed, he would have gone with Victorino in the leadoff spot and hit Werth 2B.

Bruntlett should be hitting 8th. Really no other reason.

Case and point.

What a shock that was, he said with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

"MG: Even more insane is that Feliz is batting ahead of Coste."

No freaking kidding.

Young is throwing almost all fastballs and Phils still really can do anything.

Feliz is doing a nice job of rally-killing tonight. Ugh.

Pete Happy: Living proof that sometimes striking out is more productive than putting the ball in play.

Feliz is 2-2 on the night.

feliz shouldnt be allowed to swing with a runner at first.

he needs to do some pushups for that crap.

Another double play? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????????????????????????????????????????????

pedro is now tied for the league lead in GIDP

How in the world did Kevin Freakin' Kouzmanoff beat out an infield single hitting to our Gold Glove thirdbaseman?

More vaunted defense from Feliz. Ugh.

Tray: Shouldn't your man Feliz have his own radio sponsor for whenever he hits into a DP? Instead of the Chevy defensive play of the game it could be something like, "It's another Turn Two for TastyKake."

So what is better? Good hitter in the 6 or 7 hole, behind the guys most likely to get on base, or some combination of Feliz, Bruntlett, Moyer (no suggested order) in those spots. Obviously with the full lineup this is a no brainer, but limited as it is right now, I like Coste hitting 6 or 7.

Moyer certainly hasn't been sharp tonight but there have been 4 plays behind him tonight already that should have been converted into outs. None one of them was really a difficult play.

What is this? No more having to hit the NEXT and PREVIOUS button? SWEET!!!

i like it, clout! do you work in advertising?

This lineup tonight is just foolish. Even Cholly wanted some speed at the top of the lineup he could have gone with Victorino in the leadoff spot and Werth hitting 2nd.

Just annoys me when Cholly absolutely ignores facts that just contradict his reasoning.

i just need a quick refresher... how is this better than just letting dobbs play?

Feliz is also 190th out of 196 in pitches per plate appearance.

2 more errors by the Phils and The Out Machine Feliz grounds into his 7th double play on the season. Feliz sucks, seriously 7 double plays through the first month?!?!?!?

Diasspointing that the Phils are largely get shut down my Young tonight. Young hasn't been sharp with this command and been throwing a ton of fastballs. Phils' usually eat up pitchers like this.

I would really like a straight-faced explanation from Cholly about how the team would be worse off with Dobbs starting at 3B everday.

Hmmm...must've been wishful thinking on the previous/next button thing. That or this crappy computer managed to disrupt the space/time contiuum.

These stupid green hats are enough to make me want to stick plastic six-pack rings on dolphin's noses and start drinking out of styrofoam cups again.

Ok, I don't remember who posted this, but someone said Feliz is horrible to the point of complete exhaustion, and then he gets a big hit and causes you to forget his ills until the next extended period of ineffectiveness.

If there is such a ratio of crappy play to limited endearing qualities, then I'd say Feliz is due for at least a walk off grand slam tonight. I'm getting my popcorn ready.

Cholly: Feliz is a Gold Glover and he puts the ball in play.

Jeltz: I think the Libyans got to your computer before Marty.

I would like that, clout. Turn Two for Tastycake. If only Helms were still here - then only the days we faced lefties would be Tastycake day.

Of course when Feliz puts the ball in play it usually results in an out, because he isn't patient enough to get into hitter's counts and pitchers are smart enough to know that he's a first-ball-fastball hitter.

I think it's pretty clear that Cholly believes in Pete Happy's defense (and conversely doesn't believe in Dobb's defense) and anytime Moyer or Kendrick pitches he'll be out there regardless of who's pitching for the opponent.

to be fair, you've gotta swing the bat to ground into the double play, good thinkin' cholly

Phils really miss Lopes at 1B. So many times Phils aren't getting good jumps off 1B.

Parker: Well, I just slapped the computer and guess what fell out? A Flux Capacitor. Maybe you're on to something...

JRoll w/ bad ankle > Bruntlett... even if he was on steroids.... WE NEED JROLL BACK.

I wish I had a flux capacitor for that pitch.

Wow...Manchine looked terrible going after that ball. Bad jump or slow feet? You be the judge.

A windmill powers Citizens Bank?

the manchine was not programmed to field

I am not a "Bruntlett" hater. He is a backup insider who would normally start maybe once a week.

It is still just foolish to bat him 2nd when you have other options to configure the lineup.

Holy poop...Chris Young is freakishly tall. No baseball player should be batting that looks like he could've played Bigfoot on an episode of "The Six Million Dollar Man."

Tray: I think Manchine powers the Bank. Ahh, oh well a bit of extreme cheesiness never hurt anyone.

MG: Why the quotes?

Is "Bruntlett" some type of alias? Is his real last name possibly "Nunez:?

Bruntlett's real name is Bilbo Baggins and he hails from the Shire.

man, i went to the vet all the time as a kid and never got anything as cool as a chase utley growth chart... then again, at the time our best player was von hayes.

Only a typo. Hopefully Durbin can keep it close here.

i'm alright with only giving up four runs with that pitching and defense combo

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