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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Couldn't the Phils put Rollins on the berevement list and callup an extra bench player?

Backe has a low ERA but has only made it past the 5th inning once in his three starts this year - which is good, considering Houston's horrible 'pen (I believe it's near last in ERA in the NL.) He shut-out the Marlins through 5 last time out, striking out two, walking five, and allowing 5 hits. 10 base-runners in 5 innings and no runs?

Hey I read on here that there was a way to get around the blackout for the Phils game on by changing your zip code, i was wondering if someone who has done this could tell me where do i go to do this

Carson: I agree, but who would you call up?
Hopefully J-Roll will return soon. If he misses 10 plus games they should have just put him on the DL when he had his injury and called up another player then.

Not official, but ESPN has it:


I mean, why? Werth is the OBP machine right now; why take him out and not Jenkins, who looks lost? It's so patchwork - not even trying to think critically about the lineup composition.

I'm given to hyperbole, and what I'm about to say might well qualify. But I have this feeling that today's outing may well define Brett Myer's season. So far he has had 2 bad games, followed by 1 good one. Myers is a head case and today is sort of a "statement" game. Is he going to revert back to his form of the first 2 games, or is he going to follow up his good performance with another good one? If he reverts to the bad Brett Myers, I have a feeling it's going to stay that way for most of the season.

Malcolm: Completely agreed about Werth (as I posted at the end of last thread).

Sophist: When you mentioned Houston's horrible pen, I was struck by the irony. Ed Wade spent all off-season stock-piling "experienced relievers" for Houston's bullpen. That's exactly what he used to do with the Phillies, with identical results.

To go back to the last thread, I can see where Bourn has a better ability to draw walks than Victorino and a better stolen-base percentage. But Victorino has a little more pop, meaning they're about the same in OPS. Add in the longer MLB track record and I can see why the front office would be more comfortable with Victorino than Bourn as CF for a contending team.

Why no Werth? I don't understand. He's batting .370 with a .514 OBP--which happens to be the highest on the team.

BAP - yeah, I saw it on Cold Pizza this morning (before recalling that ABC and ESPN are affliated, and changing the channel in small protest to their disgusting "debate" last night.)

Obviously, ERA isn't a great measure for relief, since Valverde's performance Tuesday alone could have driven their number down (4 ER in 1/3 an inning) - I mean, Brocail will be good. But it's better than Oswalt. They are 15th in BAA (the Phils are first); 1st in HR against; and 15th in WHIP.

Oh, and unlike the other stats, of course, you don't want to be 1st in HR against. For some reason that one sorts differently.

I suppose Cholly is benching Werth because he doesn't do great against right-handers. But that stat is a little overblown. He wears out left-handers, but he also had a .371 OBP against right-handers last year. And, when your team is struggling mightily on offense, you don't bench one of your only hot bats.

Besides, if you're going to play the lefty-righty game, wouldn't you use Snelling instead of Taguchi? And if you must start Taguchi, then bench the pathetic Jenkins. He's quickly becoming my most hated Philly. Another great use of $15M.

bottom line is.. without rollins AND victorino.. the phils' lineup is going to be weak no matter how you order it

Sophist-Off track for the game chat- but did you read Attytood @ on last nights debate farce?

Haven't yet; will do if I feel like being angered later today.

BAP-how dare you call Charlie "Cholly"!!! May the ghosts of the Confederacy get you!!!
(best Squonk impression, sans expletives)

I live in the south and "Cholly" is fine with me, by golly!

Benching Werth for Snelling could make some sense. Benching him for Taguchi doesn't really make any sense. Having Taguchi and Dobbs 1st and 2nd doesn't really make any sense either.

We all know Charlie's a great manager, though. He got us to the playoffs last year by making the Mets collapse.

"We all know Charlie's a great manager"


Front page of has an ad for the game today: Hot-hitting Werth and the Phils take on the Astros today at 1:05 Eastern. They didn't get the memo.

Do the Phils always wear the alternates for day games?

Brett coming out with just a bit of heat. Touching 98 MPH a few pitches ago.

He pitches about 100% faster than Kendrick in everyway: his time between pitches and his velocity. Hopefully he'll keep some in the tank for the later innings.

Pretty inning for Brett.

He really worked over Bourn, in and out with the fastball, pumping it up a little each pitch until, on 2-2, he worked him inside and took something off it. Bourn never stood a chance. trying something new? The no-announcer game?

So much for criticism of the top of the lineup thus far.

is there play-by-play on TV? I'm getting nothing on MLB TV.

Did anyone see the Steven Colbert all-in-one Philly jersey?

Harry's back.

I'd rather see Myers throw the heat and punch guys out for 6 innings than to nibble in and out of the zone ineffectively for 7-8.

Tag & Dob single...what will the big boys do?

Joe- that was a very astute comment, and I completely agree.

Well K for UTS. Hopefully the Big Man can pull a Santa and deliver the goods.

Goods Delivered

1 big man down, no runs...what will the next 2 do?

Ryan comes through!


Is it a coincidence that the weather is warmer today?

Andy if Howard is Santa does that make Bruntlett and elf?

Burrell delivers!!

warmer weather = better swings. You can see it already.

Pat the Bat places that ball perfectly to drive in the second run.

2 infield singles in as man days for Pat the Bat.

Jenkins jerks one!!!!

I've got a question for the group. How excited are you for tomorrow? I think I'm more excited than I should be, maybe because I'm going and its my first game of the year. I expect an electric atmosphere at CBP tomorrow night. I feel like I'm going to Ali-Frazier I. I'm really pumped.

As I have written repeatedly on this board, I really like the Geoff Jenkins signing.

Not Pat the Foot! Out at the plate, ouch! Up 3-0.

could steve smith be any worse

Waived Pat Burrell home? Bad choice.

I mean, I know he's got two infield singles in the last two games, but not a gamble I like.

Someone tell Smith there was only one out.

Okay... watching the replay... Bourn played it perfect (experience in Philly pays off), made a perfect relay throw and then Tejada make a perfect one-hop relay throw. Guess Smith was betting against the solid play from Houston. Still a bad choice, IMO.

Pun time: Can you say "night and day?"

BAP: I really like Jenkins as well. If you are talking simply about replacing Rowand's offense, he should do that and more. I also think he is a hard nosed competitor. He really showed me something the other night in that comeback when he ignored Steve Smith (Burrell should have as well). His statement was: "There was not way I was not scoring there." Good hard nosed competitor who has a lot of power. He also brings another addition to the goatee club. (Myers, Brutnlett, Lidge, Jenkins, Werth, Howard, Madson, Durbin) Good grief , the whole freaking team has a goatee.

Good first inning for cholly's improbable lieup.

CJ - Smith was spot on with the percentages for getting that run home.

Isn't it nice to see the Phils score three without an HR?

Parker - every time I look at him, I just envision him standing solidly between the petunias; but would it hurt our gnome to take a first pitch once in a while?

Andy - I think the beard adds 5 pounds.

Warm weather = warm bat?

Hot weather = hot bats?

Andy: LOL, the roaming Gnome needs to roam a little further towards the middle of the infield.

How dare Charlie Manuel bat So Taguchi and Greg Dobbs 1st and 2nd in the line-up! That is nothing but a recipe for fail...

never mind.

Gameday says there's a coaching visit to the mound... is Brett too fired up?

Andy, so you'd rather Burrell get an infield single than a HR?


Nice play by the Gnome.

C'mon Myers, you got some runs to work with now, don't blow it!

Parker: I was actually being facetious, because I've been ripping Jenkins for the last few days. On the whole, though, I'm really not that down on him & I wasn't really down on the signing at the time it took place. I do, however, think he comes with some risk, considering that his numbers have been dropping off for the last 2 years & he's no spring chicken. It does set off some alarm bells that he's had a bad start to the season, following on the heels of a bad spring training.

Good job against Erstad after going 10 pitches to the previous batter.

Wicked breaking ball there, Erstadt almost fell down swinging at that and then looked baffled, like what happened.

Nice throw Jenkins!!

2 solid defensive plays in that inning.

Nice, got out of that inning.

I still think comes season's end we'll be please with the Jenkins signing, especially if Manuel contines to play Werth against lefties.

I still hold out hope for Feliz too, but I'm not counting on that happening, but I'm not ruling out the possibility either.

Great job! Now we're even on plays at the plate. Nice job by Coste getting in front of the plate.

Brett Myers batting stance is hilarious. I think it distracted Backe into walking him. Lol.

You gotta love it when they walk our pitcher to start an inning (on four pitches, no less).

So Taguchi=savvy signing. Probably should have been leading off since Rollins went out.

Dobb's just missed that one. If that had been the Cubs it would have been a HR.

Tag- you're it! 2 singles in 2 ab's...nice!

I really like the decision to bench Werth in favor of Taguchi.

I know Taguchi hasn't done much yet this season, but he's a quality bench player and good 5th outfielder to have around. One thing the Phils do have is a very good bench.

Yeah, Chase!

Tough not to get any runs out of that.

I hate rally killing/inning-ending double plays!

If there's one thing you can really give Pat Gillick credit for, it's building a strong bench. He's done it just about every year he's been here.

Every time I think Howard's ready to completely bust of his slump, he does something like ground into an inning-ending DP. I know he'll be alright, but it's frustrating watching him struggle early.

Okay. Now all the humans in the line-up have been on base...if we could only get a decent at bat from our representative of the "wee folk"...

Now see, that's what happens when Howard doesn't strike out. If he had just whiffed, Pat the Bad would have had himself a grand slam.

"If there's one thing you can really give Pat Gillick credit for"

You say that as if the list could go on......

Friar - why couldn't he just strike-out?

Bad = Bat, obvs.

Not really a lot you can say about that situation. Myers could have been more heads-up, but he's a damn pitcher and a pretty chubby one at that. Hamels would have scored, but Hamels is something special.

Michael Bourn should never ever be walked. There are fast baseball players, like Shane Victorino, and then there are Olympic fast athletes playing baseball, like Michael Bourn. Walking him is about the same as giving him a double.

Not trying to split hairs, but the 1st year Patty G was here the Phils had a horrible bench.

Myers should have scored. Terrible base running. Then it's runners at 2nd and 3rd, and Howard's ground ball scores another run. Then Pat bats with a runner on third and 2 out.

Myers bad baserunning really cost us there.

The ability to strike batters out should never be underestimated. That's what makes Myers and Hamels a great 1-2 punch. Moyer and Kendrick are ok, but they pitch to far too much contact.

Myers shoulda run because even if he had gotten thrown out we woulda blamed it on Smith. Brett should know that.

I just read that Tejada is 33 going on 34 instead of his believed age of 31...uh-oh, somebody has been lying about more than just HGH.

Where's Davethom? Coste just drove in the fourth run with a double!

coste making a case for some more playing time

They don't score without HRs

Yea, Carson, the Houston game announcers remarked about Tejada's new age today. Can lying about one's age negate a long term contract? The Astros will be paying big bucks for some elderly years.

Glad to see the bench giving this team a lift early although I was surprised to see Jenkins start and Werth sit.

See if Myers is going to be an ace today. They got him a lead.

I hope all these stranded base runners don't haunt us ... again.

Many Hispanic players have discovered discrepencies in their actual birthdates...happens more than people realize.

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