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Friday, April 18, 2008


I'm snowed under at work, but I'll get a better post up shortly. In the meantime, you know what to do.

What would be better
A) Shelling santana with an offensive outburst the likes of which have never been seen in this town?


B) Santana going down with an injury? (to clarify i am not wishing ill on him, just maybe a pulled hammy which will keep out till about the all-star break)

I vote A

Good new! Johann Santana has never gotten Eric Bruntlett out!!!

Never ever!

(Guess he just can't pitch to gnomes.)

In before the trolls...

I'm am so pumped for this game. Two of baseball's best going at it.

Going to the game tomorrow... anyone else?

Can't wait, I'm going down to the game tonight. I'll have to fight a Phantoms game, the Ringling Bros. and an Obama rally on Independence Hall to get there, but it should be great.

Rico Brogna turns 38 today.

I'll be there tomorrow as well. Again, if anyone is interested in my offer from the last thread for tonight, or wants to negotiate, let me know (

I'll be there tomorrow. Wish tonight's matchup was going tomorrow.

Jason: Hats off for pinpointing this matchup way back in March. Great job!

- Jason

Tomorrow is the Metsblog CBP takeover day. Should be interesting to see if there is a noticeable increase in Mets fan %. It's usually pretty high anyway.

Did Jason just congratulate himself? Haha. If he did, it was a job well done, because it let to me getting tickets way ahead of time. Prices on Stubhub are through the roof right now.

i'm no stathead so i usually don't post here, but manuel said he was going to make a choice today about who was catching, and it maybe up to coste also manuel said, chris said he doesn't want to be a starter because he doesn't hit as well playing every day, but he does have the hot bat, but what about handling cole today, you know the adrenaline has gotta be flowing along with the nerves, but does either he or ruiz really have the advantage in this case, who may call the better game ?IMO, i don't think this should be too overlooked or am i making too much of that, just go with the hot bat! Go phils!, hopefully the 14 inning game the mets played last night will give us a bit of a edge! Go Phils

What are people thinking the lineup's going to be? I'm thinking
1. Taguchi CF
2. Werth RF
3. Utley 2B
4. Howard 1B
5. Burrell LF
6. Feliz 3B
7. Coste C
8. Bruntlett SS
9. Hamels P

Sorry to hear that Jimmy had a death in the family and won't be playing today. Is the ankle still bothering him? Think he'll start tomorrow or Sunday?

He probably wouldn't have started anyway. It sounds like he'll return just under 15 days from the time of his injury. Maybe Sunday.

With Burrell hitting well and Howard struggling, I wouldn't be surprised if they flip-flopped in the lineup tonight to break up the left-left with Utley.

Jason: Seriously, thanks for pointing out this pitching matchup when you did. Bought tickets that night, and now they are going for triple face value on stubhub. Can't wait to get down to the parking lot, probably be there around 4:30 or 5 to start get fired up...

And last night's Flyers game was amazing

I suspect we will see Ruiz today. Well, some of you will - I don't live in the viewing area and need to find a bar with a satellite feed or mlb package. I'm wondering if Manuel will take the occasion of facing a dominant lefty to try Burrell in the cleanup spot.

His ankle is still a bit of a mystery, but he pinch hit on Wednesday, so he must be getting better. It looks like he'll play on Saturday.

guess with dobbs, snelling, jenkins being the lefties and j-roll and shane out manuel doesn't have much choice w/ the lineup


I think I saw that pinch hit. Didn't he hobble down to first and then come out of the game? He didn't look too good.


Thanks for your contribution to the discussion. Very insightful.

bsg: Where did you hear that Coste doesn't want to start?

You can't give enough credit to Coste. He simply produces in just about every situation he's in. He's more than just a great story, he's also a really good baseball player.

Should be a good series this weekend. Big Mets fan here, but I must say I am quite concerned with Johan being such a consistent fly ball pitcher in that ballpark of yours.

Hamels always gives the Mets fits (who doesn't he give fits, actually). I would be surprised if we aren't playing a rubber game on Sunday.

Ah, right...and good luck.

Thanks, biscuit.

For some reason I have this gut feeling that Ruiz handles pitchers better than Coste, but I have no concrete reason to feel this way. I like them both in any case.

Why is scalping illegal but Stubhub is okay? I'm a bit bitter because I seldom get to see the Phillies live (I do live in Fargo), and even though I bought at the earliest opportuinity through the Phillies site, our seats for the game in July are not good. Perhaps this is just because they are winning more now.

david murphy article on coste said if given the job of being the no. 1 catcher says he would embrace it but from the sounds of it he's content being a back up.says he hits better not being in the lineup basically everyday. i think he is the better allaround catcher though, i gotta get a copy of his book to read.


StubHub is the worst thing ever. I am coming down tomorrow and got some OF seats for like $45 bucks each off StubHub...face value was MUCH less.

I don't know why phargo, but just be glad the phils management hasn't figured out the Cubs' system of scalping their own tickets.

Wish beerleaguer could do what metsblog does and screen out comments from fans of oppposing teams. Or at least the inane ones (see above).

If somehow the Phils were to shell Santana (unlikely considering their consistent inconsistent offense and yesterday's outburst), I'd prefer that the game were in NY, only to hear the NYM fans boo him again.

Ryan Howard is ready to break out. It may happen this weekend. I see good signs in his swing.

I think Howard's breakout might be this weekend as well. All he needed was what Cholly affectionately refers to as "hittin' weather"!!!

He had a hit in each of the two games before yesterday's 2-4...I'm predicting a homer off santana from him tonight.

April baseball doesn't get better than this. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, Hamels vs. Santana, good vs. evil, Phils vs.!

IMO, the key to the game, from an offensive standpoint for the Phillies, is the matchup between Burrell and Santana.

If the top of the order can get on base, whether Burrell can drive them in will be the difference.

Call me jaded, but I have to throw some caution to the "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" methodology here, in regards to tonight's game. Call it a lifetime (30 years) of following the Phils that leads me to believe that the Phils have just about a .05% chance of winning tonights' game (just tonight - tomorrow is another story). Here are my reasons why:

· The Phils’ offense has been consistently inconsistent – considering yesterday’s offense outburst, they’re due for a big time stinker tonight. Reason #1 why I see them losing tonight.
· Santana getting booed by his home fans means that he’s due to pitch a gem. Coupled with “Reason #1” I could see a 2 hit shutout coming. Reason #2 why I see the Phils losing tonight.
· Hamels has never shown to be dominant for an extended stretch of several starts and he’s due for a stinker (probably 2-3 HR’s, ~4 innings). Reason #3 why I see the Phils losing tonight.
· Recent dominance of the Mets (was it 10 in a row before finally losing that last one?) is due to take a vicious turn the other way. Reason # 4 why I see the Phils losing tonight.
· They never have a winning record at any point in any April (currently at 8-8, a win would mean a temporary winning record – and it’s only April 18). Reason #5 why I see the Phils losing tonight.

While I'm at my pessimistic best, I'll go out on a limb and predict a Brian Schneider HR, just for the hell of it, too.

So, I am about 99.95% certain of a Phils loss tonight, probably by a sizable margin . When the score is about 8-1 in the 4th and you see Cholly trotting to the mound to bring in Chad “effing” Durbin, you’ll remember this post.

Tomorrow, however, in the warmth of day, the bats get hot again and the Phils win on Fox.

**Please note, this post is my attempt to offset the jinx of cautious optimism about a big game, thereby creating a reverse jinx and a surprising Phillies win**

Carson, you forgot:
Phils' OBP vs. Bruntlett.

Actually, I'm thinking Bruntlett is the "replacement player" who makes everybody's VORP rise.

Preacher, just remember mine when Burrell has a BIG night.

Bsg the Chrris Coste book was a great read.
I'd like to see Coste get the start since he's
swinging the bat better than Ruiz right now.
In the Coste book he and a lot of pitchers
stated how they like Coste as a reciever,
but whoever Hamels prefers throwing to
should get the start. I wish Phillies ticket
holders would stop putting tickets on ebay
and stub hub for Mets fans to buy. It's a
disgrace to see our stadium taken over by
New Yorkers, shame on anyone that does
this and they lose their right to call themselves
Phillies fans. So here's a toast to a strong
home crowd and a Phillies sweep of the
weak willed Mets.

Willard, most of your reasons for expecting a bad game come down to "its due". The hitting is due for a stinker, Hamels is due for a stinker, the Mets are due for a period of dominance over the Phillies.

Just don't get that. Hamel's has been lights out all year while the Met's offense has had trouble against good pitching.

Also did anyone notice that the Mets went 14 innings and had to use SIX relief pitchers in 7 innings of relief?

The pitching favors the Phillies and the Mets are totally exhausted from thursday night. If burrell goes deep, Phillies win.

so the mets are weak willed now? i cant even imagine what that makes philly.

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