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Sunday, March 23, 2008


I'll be over at Knology Park today. Pretty pumped to see the King at work.

And Myno, good luck with the journalism. (I feel like I somewhat asked you about all this before.) I did film? You are a Freeper, correct?

I still say JD is still in running for relief work. He showed what he can do last outting. It definitely would be shame if Condrey doesn't make it,

Malcolm: Right again. After three years of ignoring the paper, my friends all got jobs as editors and now I'm a staff writer for the entertainment section. Thanks for the warm wishes; I'm just realizing that I'm about to enter the finest dying white-collar industry in America.

joe l: I'd love to catch a game or two. I'm about to buy mlbTV for Cole's start today, but I wouldn't be opposed to venturing out into the world. As long as it's anywhere but the Sports Depot.

From the last thread . . .

Myno: I thought Keystone was brewed in Colorado. I know it's made by Coors.

AJC: I too used to like the Cheese Steak Shop on Divisadero (we also have one in Walnut Creek). I think we once discussed the lack of Phillies bar action in the city. There is Lefty O'Doul's, but that's more of a baseball nostalgia bar than a Phillies bar -- plus I think the county health dept. temporarily shut it down a few years back because the place was crawling with rats.

With the move of Rosario to the DL, Condrey is in for sure. That leaves the mighty VD, JD & Blackley vying for the 7th spot. My guess is that the winner will be None of the Above. Before opening day, 1 of 3 scenarios will unfold. Scenario 1 is that we trade Helms in a salary dump, in return for some non-entity relief pitcher who takes over the last bullpen spot. Scenario 2 is that we trade Helms in a salary dump, receiving only minor league roster fodder in return -- in which case we'll use the open roster spot to claim some non-entity relief pitcher on waivers to take over the last bullpen spot. Scenario 3 is that we are unable to trade Helms at all, in which case there won't be a 7th spot in our bullpen.

BAP: It is a Coors beer, you're right, but I like to pretend that it's something local when I'm searching for a cheap beer. Makes me nostalgic for the Keystone State.

Also, I'm with you on those scenarios. Besides that one feature a few days ago, if you aren't a Beerleaguer reader, you probably don't even know who VD is. I find it hard to believe such an under-discussed candidate sticks around.

Condrey has to be in, methinks. Charlie likes him, and his stats last year weren't as terrible as they seem. His terrible ERA is a result of a few blowouts when he came in for mopup. I think he could be a nice surprise. I'd be fine with offering blackley back, if SF takes him, oh well, if not, throw him in AAA until someone goes down or we realize we NEED another lefty.

i'd honestly just go 11 pitchers to start, bring helms and snelling north and hope one of them gets hot off the bench and we can trade them into the season. but i don't know if that'll happen... i'd hate to give up on snelling, i think he can be a great bench player, and is having a solid spring

BAP- The rats in the cheesesteak shop in SF were part of the decor and were added for authenticity. In their former lives they were Mets fans.

first of all, he's not having a great spring. it's ok, at best. 2nd, he's more likely to get hurt as is his history than actually play.

Snelling hasn't done anything to impress me this spring. I know he hit well in the minors, but that was mostly in the low minors. At AAA & the majors, the only skill he has demonstrated is an ability to draw lots of walks -- and that's not a skill that's terribly important for a guy whose main job would be to pinch hit.

It would be nice to keep Snelling, since he does seem to have some upside. But it's not like I'm going to lose any sleep if we waive him & someone else claims him.

I suspect that the roster moves will be made before the move up to Philadelphia on Thursday night. Am I way off here?

There's a flash of the cannon arm of Victorino. He should be on target for at least 5 assists this year again.

It's nice to see the lineup succeed against Burnett when he seems to be cruising. Overlooking some of the more recent starts by our pitchers it seems like we're finally going to start coming around. I wouldn't mind seeing a little more offense, but as long as our pitching can keep us in the game our offense will come around. The momentum finally seems to be swinging our way. Now lets see who we pick up off the scrap heap.

From Rotoworld: The Phillies have to place Kris Benson on the 40-man roster no later than Tuesday or he can opt out of his minor league contract. Indications are that Benson will stick around even if the Phillies don't add him right away. Benson isn't expected back before May as he continues his recovery from shoulder surgery.

Since Jayson Werth has struggled recently, does anybody think the Phillies will sign Reed Johnson has just been released by the Blue Jays?


If you're looking for a bar in SF to watch the Phillies, go to Kezar Pub and Restaurant in Cole Valley at 770 Stanyan St. Primarily an Eagles bar, Kezar is also a good place to watch the Phillies.

kdon: I'm not too familiar w/which bars have MLB package in Boston. Sports Depot was certainly a killjoy last Sept. when they refused to put the last Phils game on because it was football Sunday and all the meatheads packed the house.

Well, I was just about to post that Gordon looked good today, and is throwing his curve.

Now, they've come out to the mound to check on him because he bent over in apparent discomfort. Okay, he's staying in the game...get's the last out.

He looked good...only gave up a bloop hit to RF.

Heere's hoping nothing is seriously wrong with Flash.

err, my last reply should have been to king myno, not kdon.

Did someone say they wanted to see more offense from the Phils? I bet Jimmy Rollins is looking over his shoulder now.

Jason Donald with 6 RBIs!

Jason, your list has Blackley and VD fighting it out for the *eighth* spot in the pen, which I have to think won't exist.

Of course if Lidge starts the season on the DL, that would allow one of the LOOGYs to make it, but as it stands now, one of them making the team would likely lead to Condrey being dropped (which, IMO, would be a very bad idea).

er, never mind. I can't count.

Any estimates on when Mathieson could pitch for the phils at the earliest? I would imagine he'd need some time in the minors as he hasn't pitched in well over a year. Also, given our bullpen and the presumption that we'll be unable to acquire anyone usefull, I could see Carrasco in the pen after maybe 8-10 decent starts at this realistic/possible? I also wouldn't mind seeing Outman in a loogy/long-man roll after a few months. I think Outman is destined for the pen as a major-leaguer, if anything at all.

joe l: IMO, let's keep our ears to the ground and see if we hear of any good Boston baseball bars that aren't on their knees in front of the Sawx 24/7. Plus that way, we won't have to make any more of an effort than MLBtv to see any of the inevitable April crapfests.

The Phils cannot gamble and leave Benson off the 40 man roster! He has a lot more potential to help this team than either Ray Olmedo or T.J. Bohn. Hopefully management isn't too damn cheap with regard to the roster bonus Benson is due once he is officially on the 40 man roster.

"see if we hear of any good Boston baseball bars that aren't on their knees in front of the Sawx 24/7. "

Good luck with that!

As for watching Phillies games in Boston, the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse (unsurprisingly, near Coolidge Corner in Brookline) tends to be pretty good about showing lots of different games, even when the Sox are playing.

Champions in Copley Square turns into an Eagles bar in the fall and showed a pretty good slate of MLB games last year, with a few phillies stragglers showing up every-so-often. Food is lousy and beer is Copley Square-priced, though.

clout - How Workman does may end up being the strongest indictment of the FO and Gillick over the next three years. They had him and could have signed him for a little bit over third round slot. They chose not to. At the same time they signed Sampson for an above slot bonus. I still believe that they could (and should have) have signed them both.

The case for the team coming home with VD:

If C Durbin is the long man they need a LH RP. Right now the best has been our friend with the sexually transmitted initials.

If Blackley was the long man, it would not have been as necessary. But, the longer the Spring goes on, the more it looks like the Phils will try to get half their money back on their #1 Rule 5 pick.

I haven't done the math, but if it comes down to Vic or Condrey, they may choose VD because he's lefty.

In re: Benson and the 40:
Aren't we down to 38 right now?

If VD makes the team, his main role will be to serve as a living monument to our front office's ineptitude in addressing its most critical off-season need. On the other hand, part of me is rooting for him to make it. After all, if he comes into the game, gets the Phillies out of a jam & receives a standing ovation from the home crowd, then we can all write posts about how the fans are giving VD the clap.

Andy: Excellent point re: Workman. How ironic that would be, considering the whole reason they went for the low-ceiling but cheap Tyler Mach in the 4th round is because they thought they'd bust their budget on Workman in the 3rd. Penny-wise pound-foolish bites them in the ass yet again.

I really hope the Phillies find a better option then Clay Condrey for the bullpen. He is inconsistent and hardly the quality of a major league pitcher. We need better!

Mets fan here. You guys are either screwed or will win the East--I just picked up Brett Myers in my fantasy draft. Given my luck, he'll either go down the first week, or win 25 games, including all his starts against the Mets.

Myno and Bostonians: Coolidge Corner Clubhouse is the best option for watching out-of-area games. Area is great, too.

And Myno, you're fast becoming my favorite poster here. You're a Muse writer? I was editor of it for a full year (managing editor for another semester and a writer the rest of the time [I also was exec. editor of the Freep two years ago]); seems like Mateo hasn't done a bad job with it (in what little I've seen).

After seeing all these posts about VD and getting pounded in the arse you guys are scaring me. I had to leave midway through the 5th and i saw that we absolutely shellacked the Jays which was great to see.

With Adam Eaton pitching decent right now even though both of his starts have come from a lack luster team such as the twins. I'd like to see him perform well against a different team before giving him any credit and then I will breathes a sign of relief.

Malcolm and Myno,
There's a nice hotel right around the block from the Coolodge Corner Clubhouse.

I suggest you get a room. sweet.

Beerleaguer memories : Abreu Trade

"Bobby Abreu arrived in Philadelphia in one of the most lopsided deals in Phillies history. As it turns out, that's probably how he will depart. Abreu, along with pitcher Cory Lidle, was traded to the Yankees this afternoon for four unheralded minor league players, none of them appear ready to step in and contribute at the big-league level."

I dont see any way even this mgt. crew could leave Benson off the 40 man.

Zolecki's article this morning has Gillick giving his assessment of this year's team.

He likes the offense better, but still isn't saitsfied with the pitching.


Two offseasons and Ruben Gllbuckle is still going to ST with a hope and a prayer that the pitching staff will somehow miraculously get better, despite the fact that there were inexpensive alternatives to the players that they brought in.

To wit, Ray King (a guy who was out of shape the last two years, but has been a very effective LOOGY in the past) signs a MINOR league deal, yet Ruben Gillbuckle brings in Blackley and Darensbourg, who both would have trouble making any major league roster.

King will probably continue to dominate and frustrate Howard and Utley again this year, as well as other LH in the division.

Nice job fellas!

The Coolidge Corner Clubhouse is the worst bar in the Boston area.

It's the kind of bar that is basically like an Applebees, but with a local sounding name. I mean, they have *families* in that place for heavens sake.

A lot of people who move to the area go there because it is a generic place that serves the same bland menu of wings/burgers/beer they can find anywhere in middle America, but no one I know with real connections to Boston goes there.

Basically, the place lacks a soul.

Coolidge Corner, itself, however, is quite nice.

If you really want to watch the Phils, just go to the Sports Depot, but make sure it's not a NFL Sunday.

"On the other hand, part of me is rooting for him to make it."

b-a-p: I know what you mean. I kinda hope that he's this year's Dobbs/Werth. (Of course, if he does perform, I will attribute it to his personal karma and the baseball gods, and not to Patty and the Rubinator's baseball acumen.)

Anyone have any ideas on what Miggy C's contract ($19MM per) will do for Howard's (and everyone else's) contract demands? Think he'll want $20MM next year (this second question is mostly tongue in cheek, but, given everything else, a possibility)?

I saw Rotoworld suggesting that the length of the contract made it bad for Cabrera.

Cute, AWH.

From the unbelievable dept.:

My buddy/roommate is still in Tampa (he was covering UConn hoops and couldn't get a flight back until today). He calls me at 2 a.m., screaming with elation. He went to a strip club with another writer and got drinks and stripper paid for him by the one, the only, Dontrelle Willis.

My buddy bought him shots of Patrone and Cogniac, and Willis denied them. Supposedly he only drinks vodka. But my boy was going crazy. He called me three times after that to tell me again and again that he partied with Dontrelle.

For that, I wish I stayed in Tampa one more night.

If you really want to watch the Phils, just go to the Sports Depot, but make sure it's not a NFL Sunday.

Last year I frequented the 'Depot since I was there twice a week driving the g/f to physical therapy across the street. Most nights they're more than glad to turn the Phils game on, even at the bar. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I stopped by on a Sunday (last game of the season) and it was all football. So much for this so-called baseball town. Are there any better places in Cambridge, perhaps?

Dave X: And let the record show that on Beerleaguer that day, Jason dropped the F bomb, the only time I've seen him do that. And posters like RSB and O'Neil declared it a great trade for the Phillies.

typhoon: I'm not sure Reed Johnson makes sense for the Phillies as Taguchi is a better all-around player. Johnson is a decent fielding 4th outfielder or platoon guy who cannot hit RHP at all. He's got more pop than Taguchi (everyone does) and is certainly the superior player vs. LHP. But Taguchi is the better fielder, has more speed and is more balanced in his R/L splits, all atributes you want from a 4th outfielder. And Werth is the superior player in the RF platoon so he wouldn't be an upgrade there either.

Plus Taguchi's a better PH, with a lot more PH experience.

Joe, no matter where you go on a football Sunday, they'll be showing the NFL. That's life in America.

But I can't think of any in Cambridge. Most that I went to didn't have TVs, and if they did have one, it was up in the corner showing the Red Sox.

I did manage to watch the opener last year at Charlie's in Harvard Square, which is just a great bar anyway, but that was because the Sox were not playing and the game was on ESPN.

Agreed on Johnson. He doesn't make any sense on a team that already has Werth, who basically does everything that Johnson does, except better.

The Beerleaguer blog is haunted. Every so often the Abreu trade ghost makes an appearance and scares all the Beerleaguers!

LF - You mean the "Carlos Monasterios trade," right?

Andy: The only reason I'm rooting for Darensbough is because of the humor/irony factor. If he actually makes the team, I predict an ERA north of 6.00.

LF - Doesn't scare me, Lake Fred. Everything that needed to be said about it was said months ago. Why pick at old wounds?

Speaking of the Abreu trade, what are the reports on that stud pitcher they got for know....Matt Smith?

If VD makes the team, it'd be as a loogy and loogy's usually pitch in pressure situations. That is not good. If VD pitches to Griffey or Dunn with the bases juiced, its gonna take more than penecilin to clean up the mess.

Has anyone noticed that the three best LH hitters in the NL east (not on the phillies) are Delgado, Nick Johnson, and Brian McCann. The division is loaded with switch-hitters but not a ton of fearsome lefties. Perhaps our need for a second lefty is less urgent because of this. After all, why take the risk if it means you'll likely end up with VD.

Aaron Fultz, anyone? He was just waived.

Let me answer my own question. The Phillies should sign Aaron Fultz yesterday. And I mean that literally, as I always believed they were stupid to let him go in the first place.

Cleveland is waiving Fultz because he had a horrendous spring. But I'd gladly take my chances that it was an anomaly. He fits the bill as a LOOGY &, when he's on, he can also pitch to right-handers without embarrassing himself.

Mike H, I didn't bring up the Abreu dump trade. Dave X and clout were discussing it further up this very thread. It's like the scary ghost that appears at the foot of your bed in the middle of the night with the glowing red eyes and the frosty breath.

Oh, I know you didn't bring it up, Lake Fred. Some of us have let it go. Others, not so much.

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