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Saturday, March 22, 2008


The Reading rotation to start the season should be a real treat to watch with Carrasco, Outman, and Carpenter. Just hope that Castro is groomed as a starter and not a reliever. He was a starter the last several years in winter ball and pitched effectively as a starter there. Also Clearwater should have a very interesting starting staff with Joe Savery and Edgar Garcia ML prospects and Darren Byrd and Carlos Monasterios possibly ready for breakout seasons.

From last thread lekh asks, "any interest in Medders of Nippert of the dbacks?"

Medders, 28, is a pretty steady middle reliever who would be an upgrade over any of the bozos now competing for the 11th and 12th spots on the Phils staff. But he has little upside beyond what he is now.

Nippert, 26, is a wildly inconsistent swingman with a low-90s fastball, good curve and OK changeup. His command comes and goes (sound familiar?). If he masters command he could be a very solid #3 starter someday.

Both are righties who are out of options. The D'backs will deal one for a prospect. My guess is that Nippert would be the more expensive of the two.

C. Durbin pitching very well so far. Nice to see the pitching start to come around.

That was a nice jam shot to end the inning.

Miguel Cabrera lost his beer gut over the winter. Funny what a change of venue will do...

durbin wants that 5th spot

What the heck, go with Durbin. I'll take the devil I don't this time.

At least this Durbin seems a little more consistent (read: always slightly average or below) than our soon-to-be ex-Durbin.

Blackley looks like he's battling the weather a little.

Zolecki says Rosario, Mathieson, and Zagurski were sent to the 15 day DL, retroactive to March 21. Rosario has a strained shoulder. Honestly, I'm surprised it's taken this long for someone to land there...

Hey guys —

I'm in Clearwater, and just got back from the game:

Chad Durbin looked sharp. He got Ordonez on a beauty of a curve. He won't get the fifth spot, as his three innings showed. He will, however, get the long-man spot. I like Durbin.

Blackley should be cut — "battling the weather" is a nice way to slide him by, but he's been struggling for two weeks. He absolutely nailed Granderson in the head. Darensbourg will grab the LOOGY spot, and he should.

Yesterday - to follow up on your post Jason - I caught the AAA and A teams scrimmaging against the Blue Jays at the complex (the Carpeneter Complex is wonderful), and saw Myers go six strong before succumbing to his own frustrations in the seventh. Otherwise, the AAA team looked good. Gookie Dawkins had a nice game, driving both a run-scoring triple and single.

Lehigh Valley should be fine this year; Reading will be great; Clearwater will likely stir around .500. They'll have Lou Marson and Dom Brown, but they're short on pitching. But, yeah, come to Clearwater at some point. It's worth it.

Tim Malcolm, I'm sure you mean Blackley will go back to the Giants because of Rule 5. Thanks for the Clearwater update!

Of course - I didn't elaborate on the Blackley situation, but yeah, he'll be offered back to the Giants. Of course, if the Giants don't want him, we can grab him back (which I'd like).

So, Malcolm, if I get this right, you think the Phillies will return from Florida with VD. (That just Burrell or all of'em?)

Andy: Haha. Truth is, VD has been effective. Gillick's admission that the final two spots are coming from outside seems far-reaching. I could see them grabbing one guy.

Basically, it looks as if Durbin has nabbed the long-man spot. The other two "traditional" spots left are middle relief, one lefty and one righty. With Rosario now on the DL, they should go outside for it (unless JD Durbin sneaks in). They COULD go with Condrey for the final spot, but he doesn't strike me as middle relief. VD is middle relief, and I wouldn't mind him in that spot.

If I'm the Phils, I'd give VD the lefty spot and look for a righty to take the other spot until Mathieson returns. I would like to think that's what they're thinking, but then again, who knows.

And Andy, I realize your comment was just a big VD joke. But I'm also very tipsy and feel like I need to defend my stance on Darensbourg. Becuase liquor makes you need to defend your stance on guys like Vic Darensbourg.

Remember, kids, don't post on your favorite 37-year-old LOOGY while under the influence.

This public service announcement brought to you by King Myno, paid for by Jason Weitzel and demonstrated by Tim Malcolm.

There is one uniquely beerleaguer reason to favor VD for a spot on the 25: we get to come up with nicknames. "Big Siff", comes to mind, or "Crabby." Oh, the possibilities are endless....

(I suppose that should be "Big Syph" (too much wine - you know what they say about posting about 37 yr old relievers under the influence).)

I've only had two Keystone Lights so far; I feel left out of the drunken Darensbourg conversation.

Keystone? Now you're bring back college memories. Do they still use that "specially lined can" that is supposed to provide "keg taste in a can?" What a load of crap that was.

BAP - what part of the Bay Area are at? Do you know any good bars in SF to watch Phils games? (I'm hoping that there WILL BE some big Phils games this year)

Brad Harman and Jason Donald are two of the few phils top position prospects in this organization. Both will be blocked by Rollins and Utley. I would deal these guys and try to get some other minor league prospects in return at other positions in which the organization is light on prospects.

can someone please tell me if my eyes were right when i read that our 4th round pick last year has decided to retire. Tyler Mach

Spitz: I'm in the East Bay, but I did live in San Francisco for 10 years. Unfortunately, I don't know too many sports bars in the City -- although I've heard that Greens in Russian Hill is good.

Spitz - if you find one, let me know, but good luck. I've lived in PacHeights, North Beach, the Marina and now in Bernal Heights and haven't found a good Philly bar in SF yet after 12 years ... I can recommend the cheesesteaks at Buster's, Jake's and the Cheesesteak Shop on Divis, tho ....

BAP - Keystone does profess to the 'keg taste in a can' still, although I just drink it to bring the Pennsylvania love up to Boston (where I'm just about finishing school). If you're looking for a good, cheap beer, PBR Light is my college vote o' the week.

Can we please be sensitive with the "Big Siff" comments?

Myno, you're at BU, correct?

Also, I just got back from an AWESOME night at Clearwater Beach. Also, I HAD SONIC. F*in' SONIC!

Go Darensbourg.

That's a fine piece of propaganda you wrote there Jason, you actually made me feel somewhat excited about the Phils minor league system contrary to reports of it being a dismal situation...thanks! And Happy Easter to ya!

"Miguel Cabrera lost his beer gut over the winter. Funny what a change of venue will do..."

Especially when that change of venue sends a Latino who likes home cooking to the edge of the Great White North. Imagine what he'd look like after a season in Japan...

The possibilities for nicknames (not to mention other snarkiness) do indeed seem endless, so I'll simply say that if he makes the club, I think we should all clap for VD...

a.m.: I haven't seen any retirement announcement from Tyler Mach. I did read that he was going to be late coming to camp for personal reasons, whatever that means.

Mach, by the way, is the classic Phillies draft pick: A 4th rounder with low upside who was a cheap signing. Far more talented players were selected after him in the round (and for much higher bonuses of course). Mach tore up the NY-Penn league, where everyone was 2-4 years younger. Why they didn't start him off at Lakewood, I have no idea. Maybe the glove is worse than I read.

Scouts say he's a one skill guy, his bat. Presumably, the Phils were hoping they could bring his glove along and he could at least be a decent organization guy and, at best, a potential DH type and trade fodder to an AL team.

As for draft picks that actually have talent, has anyone seen anything on what's the latest with Brandon Workman?

Keystone Light does nothing to bring love anywhere... not even PA. God that stuff is swill. Though, honestly, PBR isn't much better.

Last night I was drinking micros, though... my favorite being Weyerbacher's Double Simcoe IPA. Now that beer is love in a bottle.

The D.L. action yesterday suggests the Phillies will open with a bullpen of Lidge-Gordon-Madson-Romero-Good Durbin-Condrey and either Darensbourg or Blackley. I think Bad Durbin starts in AAA. If they choose Vic over Blackley, Vic takes Blackley's spot on the 40-man roster.

Malcolm: Yep, good ol' BU. Journalism major, although you couldn't tell from my posts on here.

Also, have we all just talked ourselves into the aforementioned bullpen that clout just listed, or is it an actual decent 'pen? There's very few sexy names on it, but I feel considerably better about it than I did about last years'.

myno, last year I tossed around the idea of Boston Phillies meetup (never materialized). Any interest in catching a few games this year?

Also my vote goes out for Yards Pale Ale... looking to bring some of that back up next month.

So many good hoppy ales around these days it's hard to sample them all. I usually come back to Victory's Hop Devil as the house pour. It helps that you can always find one, and sometimes two, concession stands at the Cit with VHD on tap.

the Hop Devil is pretty ace.

What a team we'll have here in Allentown this year... it's great you're being optimistic.

Their infield prospects are a bit thin, aside from jaramillo. The pitching staff will look a lot better when you add a Durbin, Blackley, Matheison off DL, and maybe Benson for a few warmup appearances.

Either way I'm still excited to see a team back in my hometown, can't wait to see some games.

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