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Friday, March 21, 2008


gotta love the Clout shoutout on air!

one of the first comments he made "one guy who comments on my blog often, goes by the name clout... he says that march 20th is the first day..."

and explains clout day. lol

Nice interview, Great job Jason. I laughed at the clout name-drop.

Good stuff J. Thats a good gig you got going there. Dig the beer song. Hahaha!

Well at least today things are looking a little better with the pitchers having some decent outings. Phils need to warm up and get over the bad Aprils.

Since Charlie said he wasn't happy with the spring performances things have picked up a bit. So you never know. Maybe they can go that .500 for April and keep their heads above water.

I find myself using a lot of borrowed material on air. It's hard not to. Every issue is covered here. I'm like the spokesperson for Beerleaguer. I couldn't help but feel a little guilty when I said I'd settle for a .500 April. That's MG's motto!

No worries mate. MG won't mind. You are our mouth-piece. Take our thoughts and get 'em on the airwaves for all Phils phans to hear.

For those that thought the phillies were having a bad spring I present two of the most painful injuries of the spring:

Kaz Matsui to miss opener due to severe case of hemmeroids leading to anal fissures

Felix Pie had a "twisted testicle" which was "corrected manually" until needing further surgery to correct the problem

Sometimes you wonder why the PR department can't just say pulled groin or abdominal pain, does the whole world need to know about the tiny cracks in the soft tissue of Kaz Matsui's anus or the twisted balls of one Felix Pie!

In re: the Eaton, W-L vs. ERA argument
(yecchhh, Andy why bring that up, you dolt?)

In the 10 wins, Eaton had an ERA of 4.07, gave up 6 HRs and surrendered an OPS of .786.

In the 10 losses, those were 10.26, 14, 1.179.

(10 no decisions: 5.64, 10, .772)

Basically, he's just an inconsistent pitcher. When he's on, he's better than average. When he's not on he's abysmal.

He needs to be better in those no decisions.

any interest in Medders of Nippert of the dbacks?

I'd settle for a .500 April after the disasterous starts of the last two seasons

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