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Monday, March 03, 2008


So we're a week into spring training. Who's been the best surprise? For me, it's Carrasco. Manuel seems impressed. This is a team that's thrust a young pitcher into the mix, successfully, the last two seasons in Hamels and Kendrick. Seeing as I have little confidence in Eaton and the fifth starter options, I'm hoping one young pitcher steps up. Carrasco won't break camp, but if he can take positive steps, he's got a shot to break in should hell break loose in Philadelphia.

Is that the same Jerry Martin who was a Phils spare outfielder and later got busted for coke in KC?

Jason: If Carrasco fixes his K/BB at Reading, I could see him stepping up to Allentown by June and, assuming no setbacks there, The Show in September. The key word in that sentence is "if."

Nice to see the prospects make some noise which is what makes Spring Training worth looking forward to following.

I am not sure if anyone saw the catch Golson made but it was incredible after initially looking like he misjudged it.

Too bad we cannot trade Eaton to the Cardinals with the agreement that they pay only $1.5 million of his contract for the next two years for a low level prospect and 2 cases of beer to be named later.

LaRussa would be fatuated by his hitting skills and might move him up to 7th in the line-up. Eaton might even respond to the bigger ballpark and friendlier fans.

Then find a home for Helms and his $2.15 million and we would only be a million or two away from being able to sign Lohse.

Sorry - I guess I need to wake up and stop hitting the snooze button.

Yes, its also the same Jerry Martin who was sitting on the bench with two outs in the bottom of the ninth in game 3 of the '77 NLCS against the Dodgers!

Rich: It wasn't The Bull's fault. Lopes was clearly out by half a step. The ump (Froemming) simply didn't believe that Bowa could get it there in time after the ball caromed off Schmidt's knee. The videotape shows Lopes clearly out. It was one helluva play by Bowa. Too bad Froemming gave up on it.

"Too bad we cannot trade Eaton to the Cardinals with the agreement that they pay only $1.5 million of his contract for the next two years for a low level prospect and 2 cases of beer to be named later."

Careful, Budweiser comes from St. Louis. It's a close thing, but in that trade, I'd keep Eaton.

more important than anything that can happen on the field this year will be for Lopes to take care of himself and get the necessary treatment. There should be no rush for him to force an early return! Good luck Davey and we look forward to your eventual return.

Is there anyway to start a "get well" thread for Davey Lopes, which can be 'signed' by all of us online and sent to him? Sort of a 'get well from BeerLeaguer'.

Just a thought.

For all you youngsters that have never seen the play that caromed off of Schmidt's knee in 1977, it kind of reminds me of how Tim McClelland called Matt Holliday safe at home plate in the one game playoff last year. It's truly sad, bizarre, and explains a lot about professional sports in Philadelphia. I saw it once more than 10 years ago and it's burned into my brain.

Any truth to the rumor that Eric Bruntlett will replace Jimmy Rollins as the everyday shortstop for the upcoming season?

yea i doubt it, diggitydave

good luck davy, we love ya man

Hamels is good, very good, and is on the brink of great. However, he's still too fragile and hasn't proven he can last an entire season in the bigs yet, or in the minors for that matter. I like him, but he needs to shut the hell up and pitch, pitch every 5th day to his capability, and a year or two from now he'll be handsomely rewarded. This is the way MLB works and it's a decent with it Cole.

More for the "shut your pie hole Cole" gripe- Jeff Francoeur likely will make about $450,000 this year, he was paid $427,500 last season. Jeff unlike Cole hasn't missed a game over the last two seasons playing in 162 contests in '06 and '07.

From Zolecki-
In the article, Zolecki references two great comparisons in New York Yankees righthander Chien-Ming Wang who went 19-6 with a 3.63 ERA in 2006 then was renewed him for $489,500 last year and Tampa Bay lefthander Scott Kazmir who went 10-8 with a 3.24 ERA in 2006 and then was renewed for $424,300. Both players were in their final season before arbitration eligibility.

Just a quick response to Lake Fred from a previous thread: Um, was I suggesting that sending Kendrick to the Lehigh Valley was a good idea (or even likely) if the Phils pick up Lohse? No. But he does still have options and the FO is well aware of it (plus it saves them some arbitration time, I think).

As for this thread...Carrasco has some nice stuff. Hopefully, he learns to command it at Reading and (possibly) in the Lehigh Valley. I like his confidence, too.

And who knows, maybe Eaton can pull himself together and post a mid-4's ERA, a WHIP around 1.2, and hit a couple of homers. It could happen. Maybe. At least the last one.

Jeltz, please extricate from your cerebrum the thought that there is any chance Eaton will post for a full season the numbers which you posted above.

To do otherwise would constitute being willfully delusional.

I know it's cliche, but you've got to "pay your dues" before striking it rich. Most people don't get money thrown at them when they're new in their careers/jobs, so why should baseball players be any different. You've got to prove your worth to the organization/company and then you'll hopefully be recognized for your efforts and compensated in due time.

The Lopes thread is a great idea, not that Jason doesn't have anything else to do, I'm sure. I've gotta say, that's the type of thing that could be a really nice little picker upper for him - to have die hard Phils fans share some memories with him and wish him the best. Is there anyone less appreciated or more taken for granted than a coach? All my best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

I remember him from those 70's Dodger teams that used to give the Phillies fits. He was tough and cocky, and I always thought he was the sparkplug/glue that made that team go. I absolutely hated him then, but boy, I'm glad to have him here in Phillies pinstripes now.

This can be the Lopes thread.

Get well quick, Davey Lopes. Beat that disease. We love you and are praying for your speedy recovery. We look forward to seeing you back on the first base line spinning your magic.

Carrasco is the answer- bar none.

To be different though I'll add Lincoln Holdzkom to the list. He seems like he good be a servicable guy out of the pen. He'll need to control the walks although he does show an ability to pitch out fo trouble. Maybe this rule 5 pick-up will work out.

Also- my prayers are with Lopes and his family at this time

clout -
Lopes was clearly out by half a step.

And Holliday still hasn't...well you know.

Yeah. In case you were wondering that was me.

Best hopes and prayers for Lopes and his family. He's become beloved in Philly in a short time, but, really, the main concern is that he comes back healthy to spend time with the people he loves.

On Golson, I'm wondering if it's not the "early in ST" thing. Pitchers are still working on their mechanics, so their fastballs are up in the zone, or not that fast, or their breaking stuff telegraphs well. Stuff like that.

He will, indeed, have to draw a few walks before I believe he's ready to make any career moves.

Billy Mac - any impressions on how many pitches Feliz is seeing? He's not walking or striking out. Is he "pounding" the first couple pitches, or laying off the bad ones?

We are thinking of you Mr. Lopes. I look forward to watching you guide our speed for many years to come.

Brad Adams

The Truth Injection: "Carrasco is the answer- bar none."

What is the question?

I think the question is:

"Who will be starting the year in Reading and shouldn't be rushed into a stressful position so early in his career?"

Get well soon, Davey!

Clout- Re-read Jason's first comment in the thread

Hang in there, Davey. You can beat this thing. We all want you back as soon as possible and not just because you're the best first-base coach in the game.

Regarding Carrasco: he should start at AA Reading and stay there until he shows consistent command. Reading is in a position to win a championship and Carrasco needs to be a part of it. If he dominates in AA, which he didn't do last season, then he should move up to AAA for the remainder of their season. A September call-up is likely unless he struggles again, which he might.

It's one thing to raise your game for 3 innings in ST to impress the Yankees, it's another to show command for 7 innings over the course of 30 starts. He's not as close as we would like and rushing him could damage his confidence and reduce his value.

Get well, Davey. We're all pulling for you. We need your spirit and enthusiasm on and off the field.

Dan Mullin

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