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Thursday, March 06, 2008


Great start for Eaton... better get used to this.


At the start of ST, I clung to the hope that maybe Eaton could turn it around. After seeing his first start, I find myself rooting for him to do as badly as possible. The worse he does, the more difficult it will be for the Phillies to justify putting him in the starting rotation.

Clout: Where's their data for their argument? I'm not entirely surprised, but it seems like Baseball 101.

2-0? LA's calling it mental problems? Yesh.

3-0, Tampa. LA was going to make a good point, but Franzke cut him off for some meaningless point.

There's no way this guy will be the #5 starter - no matter how much money he's owed.

Maybe we can wrap Eaton up in a blanket and leave him on Oscar Minaya's stoop.

I just checked the box and saw Eaton gave up a HR to the first batter and a hit to the next. Where'd the next 2 runs come from? Do you guys listen on MLB radio or know of a site that is closer to real time than

He gets ahead in the count, and he cannot put them away. He had Longoria 0-2, then 2-2, with a couple of foul balls. Then another hard hit ball out to center field.

Please page the sports psychiatrist, for everyone's sake. His comments in the press and his results on the mound indicate he is a lost ship at sea, drifting along, letting things happen to him instead of taking control of himself. What a total misfit on this team...

Agree 100 percent with those who say Eaton's problems are mostly mental. This guy frustrates me like no other.

Crazy Jon: I completely agree with you. Even our cheap-skate owners are not totally unmindful that the idea is to win games & you can't have a starting pitcher who gives you almost no chance to do so.

Kyle Lohse anybody?

They need to just chalk it up and cut him. I know they would lose all that money but he is not going to get any better.

Tell me if I am way off on this...

You have four other starters. Hamels is physically pretty good and a mental warrior. Myers the same. Moyer is old and will never throw an 88 mph again, but is takes a great deal of mental sharpness to have that much control. Kendrick is physically strong, still needs an out pitch, but is no shrinking violet. Mentally, I'm pretty confident he believes he can throw a complete game shutout every time.

Eaton has had a host of injuries over the years, some shoulder tendinitis, and doesn't have enough confidence.

Why let a bad GM decision from the past hurt the team this season??

For those not listening, the first Rays batter hit a ball that would be a double most days out of the week. Victorino didn't get the ball into the infield in time and he stretched it out to a triple.

Next batter (Iwamura) hits an offspeed pitch on the ground to Utley. Utley misplays it and everyone's safe.

Tell me that Eaton's lack of confidence doesn't affect his teammates.

From Heyman's column: • Miguel Cabrera's agents Fernando Cuza and Diego Bentz were due in Lakeland to discuss a possible multi-year deal with the Tigers this week.
We should watch this closely, as it will affect Howard long-term...(sorry to change subject from Eaton-thought we deserved it)

I'm not a sports psychologist & I'm not a pitching coach. I don't profess to know whether Eaton's problems are mental or physical or some combination of both. Ultimately, does it matter?

Uhoh... here comes Davthom! Home run, Chris Coste!!!

BAP: Let me word it this way: When there's a clear trend of poor starts and not putting away hitters when ahead in the count, would you say it's more mental than physical?

Ok. Having some serious second thoughts about Eaton winning No. 5. How can you not after that crap.

Eaton = headed for the DL.

That sports psychiatrist better be Sigmund Freud because I doubt Eaton's going to develop any composure with the help of a lesser licensed professional.

About Eaton: I don't know and I don't care if it's physical, mental, leg, spiritual, psychological or a heart attack, I want him out.

J: It could be physical. Some pitchers can't get warmed up until deeper into the game. And his inability to put batters away might just mean that he has no out pitch. My point, however, is that it doesn't matter if it's mental or physical. The results are intolerable either way.

I agree, BAP. It only matters because the owners are on the hook for $8 million this year and next. That misallocation of resources can hurt if a mid-season deal is necessary.

"The results are intolerable either way."

On that, we agree!

Hey, I just saw the line-up. How about Wes Helms "playing" 3B and Feliz as the designated "hitter?" Isn't ST cool?

At this point, what would it hurt to get Eaton into an unscheduled inning of relief?

Adam Eaton disgusts me. He literally makes me angry. The man got paid, not make that PAID! big time last offseason and he's done nothing but crap the bed since that awful day...I hate him!!!

If it is mental someone crack him on the head with a brick, maybe that will rearrange a few things up there.

BAP: Have you seen the location stats on his curveball? It lacks even avg movement compared to the league, people are thinking that is the reason he can't put batters away, he lost the effectiveness (or never had it) with his curve.

Eaton can become the 6th inning guy.
Let him start warming up in the pen during the 3rd inning.

beerleaguer Jeopardy time:

Blaine Alphonsus "Kid"

Crazy J: let him start warming up in the 3rd for the other team.

Who's going to take him?

For someone who was listening more closely than I was- it sounded that Vic misplayed two balls in the first, one being the first hit (the triple) and, the way the radio call sounded, the Gomes double in the first also. Was I mishearing? And he had an out which sounded like he hesitated on.

(Sorry for this, I'm working and listening at the same time).

"That sports psychiatrist better be Sigmund Freud because I doubt Eaton's going to develop any composure with the help of a lesser licensed professional."

My favorite quote from Freud is that he felt the best pyschoanalysis could do is "turn neurotic misery into ordinary unhappiness."

So I guess the baseball equivalent is turning Adam Eaton into Kyle Loshe?

phila fan in dc
The triple was in the second inning. I don't know whether Vic muffed it.

kdon - or Kyle or the other.

I know its only been a few innings but... Eaton gave up an earned run in the 2nd inning. His ERA actually went down. I think that about sums up the Adam Eaton Experience.

On a more positive note, Howard really looks poised to have a big year. I know it's only ST, but recall that the last time he had a huge ST, it presaged a monster season.

Thanks Andy. Misread the boxscore... was reading too quickly.

These commercials on the Game Day audio are almost unbearable! Couldn't they get another tune rather than "radio promo track #1" from some 1990 High School Tech class? Not to mention the timing for their return from break has been off almost every inning.

Jack - the mlb box shows all 4 runs are earned

Maybe Eaton inherited Tim Worrell's locker which was formerly Andy Ashby's.

Perhaps it is time for Adam to sacrifice a chicken to break the curse.

How about we trade the Rays Helms and Eaton for Longoria and Shields? They get "experience" and we get "change."

Tony- I know. That was the point. Eaton's ERA actually went DOWN in an inning in which he gave up an earned run. That means he was already averaging more than an earned run per inning, which is really awful.

oh, you meant previously, just misread it

but yea, he sucks

Jack, I got it, and it was hilarious.

Damn Andy, I quote Freud and you give me sh*t about a typo?

The good thing about today is that Mr. $24M neurotic misery likely has lost the frontrunner status.

Have to say Blackley might be in the lead now, since I think they want C. Durbin in the pen.

I still don't understand the C. Durbin signing though. He is just as poor as Blackley or J.D, (with less upside) and they are basically going to hand him a spot.

I have a recipe for Tiramisu which uses a lot of Mascarpone cheese. You "dilute" the fat content of the Mascarpone by mixing in heavy cream.

Eaton's pitching, while a lot less tasty, is like that. It becomes less horrendous by mixing in the meerely awful.

P.S. Tiramisu makes the kool-aid taste better, too.

Really. It was no big thing. Consider it 1.6/(infinity).

No takers on:

Blaine Alphonsus "Kid"?

"Consider it 1.6/(infinity)."

I will not!!!

blackley happ and benson are looking mighty fine right about now

but out of the 2 durbins, i think i prefer JD

"I will not!!!"

Once more, it seems, there are no universally satisfactory solutions.


I have to think Happ is out of the mix because Benson, Blackley and the Durbins all have to be on the active roster (for various reasons) or else the Phillies lose them. All four won't make it, but considering Happ has options, he'll be in AAA.

Andy, I've tried out for Jeopardy and got past the first round, but that's a $2000 answer. I'll say "Who is Chad Durbin?"

Even without Baldelli, the Rays have a very solid line-up. If the coaching staff can keep all these young players from going into a funk, somewhere along the way, they could finish ahead of the Yanks. (Not saying they will.)

kdon: I don't think Benson needs to be on the active roster. Chad Durbin probably will be, much to my chagrin. The other Durbin, I believe, would have to pass through waivers if we try to option him to AAA. But that would certainly be no great loss.

Good point, forgot about the options, but Happ is still looking pretty good this spring, especially given his injury marred and subpar 07 season.

Mike H: so close!

Blaine Alphonse "Kid" Durbin is the only MLB player ever named Durbin who's not on the current Phils roster. He died in 1943, but I'm sure he's still a better option than Eaton.

"beerleaguer Jeopardy time:

Blaine Alphonsus "Kid"

Who is the only Durbin who has ever (or will ever) be part of a World Series Champion?

LA just had the worst HR call ever!

Adam Eaton: miserably neurotic tiramisu.

kdon - much better answer!

"LA just had the worst HR call ever!"

Give him a break; it's ST. He's gotta get his game back in shape.

phargo - exactly!


On Benson, he does have to be on the roster or the DL or he can request his release. They might be able to bury him on the DL for the first week or two, but after that, he'll have to be on the team.

JD is no great loss (and might clear waivers anyway), but he has far more upside than C. Durbin, and it would be a shame to lose him because to fit a journeyman like C. Durbin.

Sort of like losing Germano last year.

Tony, I agree on Happ. If you didn't have to think about options, Happ would be at the top of the competition.

"These commercials on the Game Day audio are almost unbearable! Couldn't they get another tune rather than "radio promo track #1" from some 1990 High School Tech class?"

Gaze, you must be loving the rain delay. This is like the Iron Butterfly version...

i think adam eaton broke the rose colored glasses and peed in the kool-aid

Jeepers, I'd take Lieber with his torn achillies tendon instead of Eaton at this point. This guy is a bonafide joke and a crook, or, we were just *that* stupid to sign him for that much.

I'm drinking the kool-aid today, it's all Eaton's fault. I hate Adam Eaton.

kdon: I pulled the headphones out. I'd rather listen to the daily office banter than hear that tune anymore.

kdon: Right. As part of his contract, Benson does have to be on the active roster at some point. I can't remember the date, but I know that it isn't opening day.

"The results are intolerable either way."

bap, agree.

It's sad to say (I bear no personal ill will), but Adam Eaton was a marginal MLB pitcher even when he was at his best.

He is now no longer an MLB quality pitcher.

bap is correct. The reason why is irrelevant.

phargo: You forgot the last two letters. That should read :

"miserably neurotic tiramisuCK"!

Maybe Eaton is like wild thing from "Major League" and just needs a nice pair of huge coke-bottle glasses to solve his pitching problems??

Just cut him already. Or pay someone to take him (pay his salary) and trade him for nothing.

Eaton cannot start the season in the rotation, no matter how much money he is stealing. He hasn't EARNED a spot. Period. Heck, Carrasco, Segovia and Outman have more than out-pitched him. And, they are destined for AA or AAA.

They should start the season with a Blackley; give a couple of starts and then move Benson into that role (health permitting) by May 1. Happ has pitched well so far; but as others have said, he does have options, so you can send him to AAA and have him "1st in line" to take a spot in the rotation. Chad Durbin makes the team as the long-man in the pen, joining Flash, Madson, Romero, Youman or Castro, Bisenius (he pitches himself onto the big league roster for the 2nd straight spring and Rosario. Lidge starts season on DL, and when he is ready, Bisenius goes down.

I really hope the encouraging reports about Benson are true. He could make a really strong 4th or 5th starter, and much better than Lohse. For much less money too. Hope it works out.

And, I really like the looks of the potential of the AA and AAA teams. I think Allentown could have a pretty good AAA team this year. Guys like Watson, Jaramillo, Smith, Pascucci and King will give that team some spunk. And, the starting pitching at AA and AAA should be very solid.


Here is the Benson contract according to Zolecki's blog:

"Benson's out clause says he must be on the big-league roster by March 25 or be released. But it sounds like Benson will use that clause only if he thinks there's no chance of making the team, or if the Phillies basically tell him there's no chance. If he thinks he can help the Phillies at some point, he said he'd be willing to make some starts in the minor leagues to get his arm strength back to where it needs to be."

So hopefully he is cool with a few starts in the minors, but probably not many since he wants to pitch for next year's contract.

I think Denny is right. I think Blackley gets the 5th spot to start, C. Durbin in pen, JD gone, Benson and Happ in AAA.

kdon: I can't wait to hear you tell about J.D. Durbin's "upside." Is this ths same upside you predicted for Sanches, Segovia, Zagurski etc?

I believe the magic date is March 25 for Benson, when the rosters are set.

It's unfortunate that JD is unlikely to clear waivers

Are we already saying Zagurski has no upside? What we saw last year was his best?

BedBeard: You think he's a hot prospect? Give me his major league equivalent.

Ok, I stand corrected about Benson. But I agree with you that he'll likely waive that clause if it's apparent that his rehab isn't yet where it needs to be.

Honey, you should've swallowed that one.


we can have every team he pitches against dress up in mets jerseys!!!

I'm sure Adam Eaton's Dad is appreciative of all the money his son's made, if nothing else.

"Is this ths same upside you predicted for Sanches, Segovia, Zagurski etc?"

I never thought Sanches had upside, I simply preferred him to a guaranteed roster spot for Alfonseca. I never mentioned Segovia, and, yes, I think both Zagurski and JD have more upside than Chad Durbin.

I don't think any of these comments are particularly shocking.

Clout dictionary.

"Has upside" = "Hot prospect"

Why do we keep sending Adam Eaton out there? It really is a joke that the organization believes that he can win/earn the 5th spot in the rotation. I'm so angry right now and it's only spring training. I can't bear to think of what kind of negative impact he could have on the team if he is allowed to have 15-20 starts during the regular season. If for some reason Eaton is the 5th starter what could be the best numbers he could put up. 8 to 10 wins with a 5.50 ERA. I am not a huge fan of Kyle Lohse but he would be a much better option for us. Cause even if he only wins 11-12 games with a high 4 ERA he will help the team by eating up some innings. I think if you sign Lohse to a 1 year 5 million dollar deal that could translate into 5 to 6 more wins for the Phils. That could mean going from an 89 win team to a 95 win team. I think that is what it will take to win the division. 89 wins will not win the division this year. Eaton being on the team could cost us those few precious wins that we might need to beat the Mets for our 2nd straight division title.

Right... plenty of players can have upside without being a "hot prospect."

The $$ he has made is wonderful, but my son has failed miserably in trying to become the most famous Eaton of our time and I will never forgive him. I know somewhere Mark Eaton is smiling.

kdon: You think J.D. Durbin is better than Chad? Breathtaking!

New entry.

"Has more upside" = "better"

kdon: Another question: how would you compare Brian Sanches contribution to the Phillies making the playoffs last season to Alfonseca's?

clout - there is a difference between better and has more potential to be better.

CJ: I suppose the bat boy has upside, no? Guess it depends on your definition.

Clout, other wise posters, putting aside Ross's claim that shaving a run, at most,off our fifth starter's ERA would give us five extra wins, do you think we have a chance of even winning 89 games as Ross suggests, much less 95? I just think our bullpen is so bad that it will be very, very tough.

Since Eaton and Randy Wolf are sort of linked, how about Wolf so far: 2 starts, 1.1 IP, 6 H, 6 ER, 3 BB.

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