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Sunday, March 30, 2008


This video, courtesy of ESPN, says all that needs to be said about my pick for NL MVP.

For those who care about these things, the last team to have three straight MVPs (different players) in the NL was the Cards from 1942-1944 (Mort Cooper, Musial, Mary Marion).

Interestingly, it also happened to the Reds a few years earlier from 1938-40. (Ernie Lombardi, Bucky Walters, Frank McCormick)

No team in either league has done it since the '69 expansion.

In the AL:

1961-63 Yankees: Maris, Mantle, Howard
1941-43 Yankees: DiMaggio, Joe Gordon, Spud Chandler(?)
1929-1932 Athletics (No award given in 1930): Cochrane, Grove, Fox

Every one of those groups won at least one World Series.

drake: From the last thread . . . I think it's Monty & the owners whose e-mails need to be flooded, when it comes to dumping Eaton.

In reality, there is no reason I can think of that Eaton needs to be released. He is better off being stashed on the DL, since: (1) bad as he is, we aren't exactly long on pitching & it's plausible he could be needed some day; and (2) bad as he is, it's plausible he could have some tiny modicum of trade value, once he hits the third year of his contract.

The only thing that would be accomplished by releasing him would be that it would rid our management of their temptation to keep giving him repeated chances.

...and all of them included at least one player who made the Hall of Fame.

Too much Utley-MVP hype. For one thing, he's sported a very lethargic bat this spring. Hopefully that doesn't carry over, but a lot of times it does for offensive players.

I still can't get used to Jayson Stark without a mustache.

Shane Victorino--the love child of "The Rock" and Albert Pujols.

Mary Marion was cute, too.

Actually, kdon, I was just yankin' yer chain on the spelling. But then I actually looked at Marion's stats. It's amazing that he won the award in 1944. He was in an amazing line-up, where only two players were under 100 OPS+. He was one of them. Musial's OPS+ was 175 and someone else was 151. I do not believe, in this day and age, anyone with Marion's skill set will ever win the MVP.

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