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Monday, March 24, 2008


Weitzel- I think Steve Green did pitch 1 game in the bigs with Anaheim back in 2001, 6 innings.

Carson: Quit busting my balls.

Does anybody think the Phillies might try to switch Jason Donald to 3rd this year? I would love to see him get a shot.

Weitzel- I hope you're just playing around bro. I wasn't trying to be a dick, people point out my mistakes on my site all the time...sorry bro.

I would keep Donald at his best position. He strikes me as the kind of player you can deal at the trade deadline.

Carson: I'm totally kidding. Only on Beerleaguer would someone catch something like that. I can't get anything past you people.

According to the Inquirer, Lidge was just put on the DL, he isn't eligible to come off until April 5, so he'll miss the first 4 games. Looks like they think he needs a bit more time to get his velocity up.

Weitzel- goes to show how obsessed some of us are about the Phillies. I literally try to know everything that there is to know about them. Like today I learned about Steve Green thanks to you.

Probably good news for someone like Blackley, whose chances of sticking just increased, and Condrey will definitely make it now. If they don't get help from outside, I would go with 11 pitchers, including the bullpen of Gordon, Madson, Romero, Durbin, Condrey, Blackley, and Helms for a six-man bench.

I thought I had read earlier that the Phillies were going to move Donald to third, but I guess that plan got scrapped. If he can keep hitting well at AA, I think it's a move that should be seriously considered.

Wire reporting that Lidge was put on the DL today retro to last Friday.

Actually glad the Phils aren't rushing back Lidge (assuming he is actually healthy) just to pitch opening day. That said, the Phils will once again have a minimum of reliable arms in the pen (Romero and Madson) and begin a season with a guy who is cooked as their closer (Gordon).

If Fultz is injured, that changes my opinion.

Wes Helms, a player to be named later, and/or cash for Aaron Fultz and Andy Marte.

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