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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm looking forward to getting the book Jason. Do you know when the release/ship date is?

Getting involved with a guy named Faust Jason???? You haven't made any deals or signed anything have you? :-)

Weitzel, that's awesome that you were asked to write the Phils chapter...that's truly an honor and a testament of how far you've come since starting this whole BeerLeaguer thing.

Not sure of the exact ship date.

Reposting previous message:

If they can get him cheap, I've got no qualms about signing Lohse as well. But as I've said previously, he's not going to come cheap. There's no way the Phillies sign Lohse to anything less than a 2 year deal at this point and I think that's a mistake.

However, should the Phillies sign Benson to a 1 year deal, I believe it may actually strengthen their bargaining position. Here's why: if indeed the rumors are true and the Phillies are the only team with any interest in Lohse, then they can argue that they have 6 starting pitchers competing for spots in the rotation this spring (7 if you count Chad Durbin). However weak the back end is, that's still a negotiating point. Signing Benson may make it actually easier to sign Lohse.

The question of course is what to do with everyone else if both pitchers are signed. Eaton's being paid too much to stick him in the minor leagues, and he's going to make the 25 man roster, no matter what we may think or argue about him (unless he gets put on the DL). Durbin's also been signed to a major league contract, you'd expect they'd put him in long relief. Assuming both are put in the bullpen, that still leaves 6 pitchers competing for 5 spots. Who are we going to drop? Kendrick? Moyer? Lohse? Benson? Actually, the only guy we could send down on that list would be Kendrick because he still has options. The rest all would have presumably major league deals. But he's arguably the best pitcher of the group.

Judging from the reports of the papers today, with the statements that "significant progress" is being made in the Benson negotiations, we can be pretty certain he's not getting a minor league deal. Even if Benson is not healthy and is left in spring training for a month or 2 to return to form, there's still a glut if Lohse is signed.

8 pitchers competing for 5 spots with Lohse. That, if anything, is the reason the Phillies won't sign both him and Benson.


Kendrick, Moyer and Eaton are all question marks. Having two back ups for three pitchers does not strike me as insane, given what we saw last year.


I've been reading this blog almost since you began it, I'd like to echo Carson's statement.

Morty, I know they're all question marks. But with Durbin competing as well, that's 3 backup pitchers. Phillies aren't going to spend the money to sign both Benson and Lohse for that reason.

Doesn't matter whether WE think it's the best move or not. They're not gonna do it.

Morty. Don't you get tired of putting
at the end of your posts?

We can see that it is you...


You're right. they probably won't sign both guys, but it's certainly the right thing to do.

They certainly move at a snail's pace though. I can't even find any kind of update on the Benson situation, which tells me a potential deal is falling apart.

it's on now, so it seems likely that it will happen

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens might as well be the same person. They are lying fools with egos that outgrew their heads (not an easy task).

The difference, and the reason that I have less (Emphasis added) of a problem with Bonds, is that Bonds wears no veils. His disgusting personality has always been on public display from the start. He may be a monster, but he has never felt the need to hide that fact.

Clemens has always mocked the public, dawning a wry smile from behind the loving embrace of the coat-tail grabbing news media. His major mistake was becoming the bedfellow of the national media, the only entity that sheds its skin more than the snakes it covers.

Jason, good to see the Hardball Times is going print for their season previews!

Your '06 preview is what brought me here for the first time. But does this mean it won't be available online?

Phils sign Benson to a ML deal.

Is there another thread I am missing?

ahh. yes there is. sorry

Great a minor league deal, now let's sign Lohse.

Okay, that's actually great. I was worried we'd have to spend 3-4 million with incentives on the guy. Yes, he's recovering from an injury, but should be healthy in June and that winds up being great for us if anyone in the rotation goes down, plus we can move him in if 1 of the 5 starters is awful. And since he's down in the minors, it makes less of a glut if Lohse is signed too. I'm crossing my fingers that they sign the guy to a 1 year deal only with an option. Not likely to happen, but that's the best to hope for.

Actually (and I'm thinking of this as I type), a two year deal might not so bad. Moyer retires after this season in all probability. So, signing Lohse for 2 years puts him in the 4/5 hole where he belongs. You go out and sign a topflight starter with the money available from dropping Moyer's and Gordon's salary (about 13mil I believe), move Myers back into the bullpen as a closer, keep Lidge as setup, and you've got a rotation of Hamels, New Guy, Kendrick, Lohse, and Eaton to start 2009. Assuming Carrasco develops he'll probably make a bid to start that year, so it could very well be Hamels, New Guy, Kendrick, Carrasco, Lohse. That's a pretty tough rotation.

Now who could the new guy be? We won't get Sabathia with that money, but Garland, Lowe, Penny, Sheets, they might go for a deal in the range I gave. Hell maybe Mike Mussina or John Smoltz could be gotten on the cheap if they don't retire.

Note, I didn't mention keeping or dropping Burrell.

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