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Friday, February 29, 2008


Jason, these up to the minute updates are terrific. I decided to check out the site ttonight after Happy Hour to see what had happened today, hoping for some bare bones facts, if anything. Voila, there are not only the facts, but up to the minute analysis and some good comments. Thanks for all the hard work, it is truly appreciated by us Phils fans. Have yourself a Reading or whatever your beverage of choice is and relax after a good day's work.

Good luck, Sean.

Last year in ST, Wes Helms had 26 hits in 23 games. His OPS was way over .9.

Figures this year he's, like, 0 for a gazillion.

Meanwhile, Greg G holds out the tall icy glass of sweet red stuff. Anyone interested?

Sure, I'll drink. A cold spring means a hot summer for ol' Wes...

I'm very interested in how Eaton performs today and every spring outing. I hate him, but we need him.

I hate myself for needing him.

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