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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


no video of the game tonight?

Finally the start of some meaningful baseball.

I agree that it is better to have Olmedo on the 40 man roster than John Ennis, but I still don't see why they made this move. Will Olmedo play in AAA? Or will a Helms/Bruntlett trade happen?

typhoon: They did it because they don't have anyone in case of extreme emergency who could play second or short. If Rollins gets hurt, for example, Olmedo gets a call.

I have to chuckle when I see the FSU Seminole. I went to William and Mary for undergrad and we had to remove our nickname of the "Tribe" (our mascot was a Colonial, not an Indian), however, because the powers that be in the NCAA know something I don't about Native American culture, the Seminole is allowed to maintain his steed and ride out during the football games.

Also, is anyone having trouble finding this upcoming game? I don't see it listed anywhere. Must I sign up?

they are in a rain delay in clearwater

and for the link to the radio station, I had trouble with the one posted on beerleaguer, so I found another way in.


Ugh being a University of Maryland student its almost like blasphemy for me to go to the FSU sports website.

So will Olmedo play in AAA?

Interesting lineup... Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard, Burrell, Jenkins, Feliz, Helms (as DH), Ruiz. Get used to this for six months or so.

Thanks KKreider13. I don't hear anyone talking, but I do hear the distinct and soothing hiss of white noise.

We get six months of DH this year?

typhoon: Yes. It's where he spent most of the last two seasons.

kreider: Thanks for the new link. It's now the active link up top for everyone.

Listening to the Phillies play FSU today is sort of like an alcoholic who,after going on the wagon for 5 months, decides to end his sobriety by breaking open the kitchen pantry & drinking the vanilla extract. And having the game be in a rain delay is like having someone show up and yank the vanilla extract out of the alcoholic's hand just as he's about to drink it.

40 minutes to start the game after the rain stops. Probably not before 8 pm.

BAP: Another classic.

jhart: FSU got permission from the Seminole nation to keep the name; I guess W&M's apparent mistake was not making a caricature of someone in particular.

It isn't often my two baseball teams cross paths (UNC baseball being the other); Hopefully the Phils will knock Florida State around a little.

Who is this Mike that the announcer keeps speaking to? Does he know he's on the air?

You know you're desperate for baseball when you're willing to sit through a 40-minute rain delay to listen to a radio broadcast of a FSU-Phils game, and it's not even March yet...

...Going to be a fun year boys

Tim - I don't think he has a clue that he's on the air.

I don't know if he knows or not, he seems to chime in about the rain delay every 10-15 minutes, so he must know he's on the air at some point

BAP great analogy.

While we are all waiting, has anyone heard any updates about where Lohse will end up?

Myers is the opening day starter via the Phils website:

I am very surpised to hear this with the great year Hamels had last season, not mto mention Myers is working his way back into starting shape.

Sounds like they're announcing the lineup over the PA.

I guess I should say I was surprised to read that. Hamels deserves the nod. Maybe Charlie wants to keep Myers focused on being a starter all season long. I don't know...


game is called

Jon beat me to it.

JW, does this affect the way the Myers-Hamels line up against the other teams aces?

The game has been postponed.

I enjoyed how shocked Myers was.

And I also enjoyed this:

"We wanted to set our rotation up with a righty and lefty," Manuel said. "We lined the rotation up the way we wanted to go. I talked to Hamels and he seemed like he was OK with it. I told him he was our No. 1 starter last year and had a big year. That's the way we wanted to set our rotation up."

Hamels is mature enough to understand that being the opening day starter is no big deal. I imagine only prima donnas like Clemens care about such things.

I'm totally for it. I always skip the opener in lieu of the night game.

^Doesn't Hamels pitch better in night games? Maybe this is the thinking?

with Myers being names the opening day starter ... that lines Hamels up to pitch against Johan Santana on April 18th ... its gonna be one hell of a matchup

I like this move a lot. First it inspires Myers to really commit to a great year. Second, it could motivate Hamels to prove he really deserved the number 1 spot. Also, Myers should be considered more durable, both in an injury and stamina sense.

I hate the move. Hamels deserves it. He's better and also handles himself with class. The lefty righty thing is stupid bc you're going to have to have 2 righties pitch in a row anyway when your rotation is 3 righties and 2 lefties. Just stupid.

Not to mention I had tickets to opening day and wanted to see Hamels.

OoOo this move puts the Phils over the top....

It doesn't really matter if the Phils flop Myers-Hamels. The only thing is that it really confirms that the Phils are 100% committed to keeping Myers in the rotation this year though.

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