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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Im kind of surprised Eaton wasn't in the mix.....

I like the move. Myers has made clear that, while he'll do what's asked of him, he's not that excited about returning to the starting rotation. This move sends the message that he wasn't put back in the rotation to provide depth or to be a solid No. 2; he was put there to be an ace. Maybe this will help restore some of Myers' enthusiasm for the job. That may not have been the reason behind the decision, but it's at least a collateral benefit.

Very smart move if you believe that they have to get out of the gate with a strong start. We will get a good idea of Cole's game character - and the trend of his season - by May 1.

Of course, I also kind of liked Andy's odd-ball idea to make Eaton the opening day starter. An opening day win might do wonders for his confidence and, at the very least, it would do wonders for the TEAM's confidence to win on opening day with their worst starter on the mound. And if they lost . . . well, an opening day loss is kind of like shooting par, since it happens every year.

I guess I'm kind of a sucker for any move that runs contrary to conventional wisdom.

While it's only one month, April should go a long way toward showing the mettle of this team, especially Hamels.

A nice bit of forward thinking from management... I would have never seen this one coming from them.

Is that Friday night game sold out yet? If not, I'm getting tickets now before the general public realizes we have a Hamels-Santana matchup in the first Mets series of the year at home.

I'm going to the game the next day; I'd rather not have that place filled up with Shea refugees.

April is completely overrated. It is just Sept in the NFL - you just don't want bury yourselves like the Phils did last April. Even a .500 month would be ok.

Is it wise to announce this decision so early?

It gives a team like the Mets weeks to think through their options about how they should set their rotation to be most competitive in the early going.

Seems to me like it might have been prudent to wait until a later date to make this decision/announcement.

MG: April is not overrated at all. A win is a win whether it happens in April or September. If the Phillies had lost one more game in April or the Mets won one more game in April then we would not have won the division. It is especially important we get off to a fast start with 6 of 19 games against the Mets in April. I like playing the match ups here although I'm going to opening day and always seem to have bad luck seeing Hamels pitch, but that's just being selfish. I can't believe I'm going to miss the 4/18 game if that match up happens. That will be epic.

brett myers hits girls

Len39 - A win is a win but you missed by point. Unless a team does incredibly well or incredibly poorly in April, it still doesn't impact their playoff chances that much. This has been especially true since the wildcard was added and both leagues went to the 3 divisions format. In fact, it is very rare that a team is eliminated from the playoffs unless they have a dreadful record by Labor Day.

Additionally, teams really don't have a good idea on what their strengths and weaknesses are really until well into May. This is particularly true in regards to pitching as you need to turn over the rotation 7 or 8 times to get a sense of what your starting pitching is like and have enough appearances by your relievers to get some kind of sense on the year they will have. Even then, most of your relievers can be notoriously streaky.

Great job pointing that out, Jason... that clears up what had been a slightly confusing decision. We all know Hamels is the clear ace of this team (no matter who starts on opening day), and if those matchups hold, the rest of the NL will quickly learn it as well.

why are so many posters saying that they are alright with a mediocre start to the season. Sure we have a bunch of pitching issues but then again our offense should be able to carry us at least until lidge is ready. If we're gonna win 100 games then we have to get out of gate strong.

I just thought of something. It does rain quite a bit in April. Therefore, there are rainouts. Therefore, there is rotation juggling.

As long as they are rainouts, not snowouts, I won't mind too much. Wouldn't really want to see Phillies-Mets in Miller Park. We're a long way from Wisconsin.

OK, so would have Dallas Green said hey Lefty, we know you had a great year, but we are going with Larry Christensen to start the opener cause we prefer the R-L-R-L-R set-up to start the season? By the way, what happens when Eaton goes as the #5, and is followed by Myers who is the #1, with both being right-handed?

Mandel has the revisions to the pitching assignments this week. With last night's rainout, the following pitchers are scheduled to go today: Moyer, Blackley, Condrey, Madson, and Carrasco. Savery and Outman who were scheduled for last night will go tomorrow against the Bucs and Happ will go Friday. Jeremy Affeldt will start today for the Reds.

Jason, excellent explanation of the switch.

This has nothing to do with rewarding Myers, and everything to do with getting Cole a start against the Mets and other top pitchers (as well as pitching at night).

It seems your much criticized speculation about juggling the rotation a few weeks ago has been vindicated.

I don't think it makes a big difference, but I agree that the fact that the Phils are doing it represents some rare creative thinking. (It also doesn't hurt that the Nats have no true ace to throw out there opening day).

As to the question of announcing the decision so early, reporters can count the days like anyone else, and it would have been pretty clear in about a week how the rotation was lining up.

"brett myers hits girls"

Another anonymous coward.

Probably a Stemhead (Mets fan).

Mike H: That is good stuff. Wagner seems like such a bitter old man. Maybe the Met's clubhouse isn't as upbeat and prepared for the season as everyone seems to think. Sounds like they (at least him) are really high strung and feeling the pressure.

I like the move because it will ensure that Myers knows he's not going to the bullpen and make him concentrate on starting. But what they should do is pitch Moyer in game 2 and Hamels in game3, that would set up Hamels, Kendrick and Myers for both of the Mets' series in April.

Being anonymous is less cowardly than coldcocking your wife in public.

" " -
1) You're already anonymous here. So not putting your name makes you even more anonymous/cowardly.

2) Myers wife is a woman, not a girl. It's bad enough that Myers beat her, but for you (someone who presumably doesn't even know her) to denigrate her is quite offensive.

Well, so much for face to face predicition to Cole that he would be the starter in 2008.....I was looking forward to telling him, "I told you so," this spring training.

I meant to write, "so much for the face to face prediction.."

Whatever happened to talk of splitting up Hamels and Myers with soft-tossing Moyer in between? I realize Hamels isn't a power pitcher, but I remember people thinking it might be a good idea to mess with hitters. Personally, I don't know if a change of pace from one day to the next will effect hitters.

My initial gut reaction was negative, but as long as Cole is cool with it, I have no problem with Brett getting opening day honors. Myers deserves recognition for being a good soldier about moving to the pen and back; he really did say and do all the right things. Besides, this might spark a healthy competition between them. If Brett has the 20-win breakout season we've all been waiting for and Cole stays on track, Manuel will look like a genius. Well, almost, anyway.

I think Eaton should be the ace and pitch the opener.

I think Eaton should be the ace and pitch the opener.


Almost couldn't even type that!


I think announcing it now also indicates that there's no panic in terms of the Lidge surgery. It says now that "Myers is our guy" so that the entire spring doesn't become a barrage of questions as to whether or not he will be moving to the 'pen.

I also think that the Mets are not concerned about what other teams are doing. They will have Johan Santana as opening day starter because he's their best pitcher, they won't move that because of how he might match up with anyone else. I would imagine they have an order they are set with of Santana, Martinez, Maine, Perez, Hernandez/Pelfrey, with only the first four necessary the first few weeks...

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