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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So I have XM, but while in the office I can't get the games online. Will this be streamed anywhere? Which spring games will be televised?

I will be strapping on my Bob Dernier jersey and praying we don't continue the traditional lackluster April (although it is becoming more dependable than the weather around here).

Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn won't be in the lineup for the Reds today.

Nolnagti, you can listen to every spring training and regular season game for all teams online with mlb gameday audio. For $14.95 for the whole year, it is not a bad deal.

b-a-p a thread or two ago mentions my strange idea of starting Eaton (I believe I accurately named it a "Modest Proposal). The point was to get Hamels and Myers (and even Kendrick) matched up mostly against weaker opponent pitchers - figuring that Eaton was mostly a loss (unless the offense responds to his starts with great vigor). Flip-flopping Myers and Hamels doesn't quite achieve this goal - but it will pit some teams second best pitchers against Hamels and the Phils' line-up. (hee hee)

Looking at the times of day I like the decision now. If things do hold, Hamels picks up a couple more night starts, which is more important than the matchups, I believe.
Although Hamels/Santana will be really fun if it happens.

It's a glorious day - first game chat in 4.5 months!
I'm listening to Phils-Mets from 8/30/07 as a warmup, since the rain disappointed me last night.

On the other hand, (in re: Myers/Hamels), the way I do the math, neither of them pitches against the Mets in the April series at Shea. Of course, "against the Mets" is just about the only situation in which Eaton is above average. I seem to remember a series with Kendrick Moyer and Eaton (and Lohse, too) that went sorta well.

Yes!!! the start of grapefruit league! also the great thing about mlb radio is the archives , can listen to some of the great wins from last year!,i know this is a bit off topic, but i live in the lehigh valley(hopefully will land philiies/ironpigs tix on sat.!) and i'm trying to figure out the lineup for the ironpigs,both ironpigs web-site and ironpig blog are not updated( from what i've read looks like there will be alot of roster fillers and career minor leaguers) i know rosters probably won't be settled toward end of spring training and players get their assignments buts this is who i have so far any corrections/ additions would be helpful, Thanks!

CF- brandon watson
C- jason jaramillo
1B- Andy Tracy
LF- Mike Restovich
Dh, C- Pete laforest
2B- Joe thurston
INF- roy olmede

P - Durbin, Happ, Carrasco, Outman, Bisenius, Youmen

We are lucky to have Beerleaguer. My boss's son, Marcus Gwyn, is a non-roster invitee for the Marlins. I checked to find the Marlins Beerleaguer equivalent. It doesn't exist. One called Fish Stripes has a list of blog links and I checked them all. Most have zero comments. Most BL threads usually exceed the century commentary mark. I sent an email to the Fish Stripe editor and requested that Beerleaguer be listed as the Flagship Phillies link on his site instead of what he had listed.

One problem the Fish Stripers have is the only radio broadcast of their spring training game today is on a Spanish station! lists the following ST games as shown on

v Yankees March 1
@ Yankees March 2
@ Indians March 8
@ Pirates March 10

That's it!

bsg -
Restovich is playing in Asia.

Does anybody know which Phils spring training games will be on XM?


Rollins ss
Vic cf
Utley 2b
Burrell lf
Jenkins rf
Feliz 3b
Helms dh
Ruiz c
Moyer p

Freel cf
Hopper lf
Phillips 2b
Encarnacion 3b
Votto 1b
Bruce rf
Keppinger ss
Bako c
Green dh
Affeldt p

Here's the Phils line-up for today-
* 1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
* 2. Shane Victorino, CF
* 3. Chase Utley, 2B
* 4. Ryan Howard, 1B
* 5. Pat Burrell, LF
* 6. Geoff Jenkins, RF
* 7. Pedro Feliz, 3B
* 8. Wes Helms, DH
* 9. Carlos Ruiz, C
* SP. Jamie Moyer, LHP

Interesting how they are giving Helms the start, I'm thinking they're trying to give him playing time so he is easier to market.

When I consider your statement seriously I agree. The cynic in me, however, keeps whispering that the best way to market Helms is to not play him.

I think Joe Thurston signed a minor league contract with Boston.

Yes! I knew Cholly wouldn't bat Feliz eighth! He simply cannot make himself take the catcher out of the eight hole.

I actually like the idea, because if Feliz has any offensive strengths, it is driving runners in. I like an 8-hole hitter with some OBP, so the pitcher can bunt him over occasionally and not waste the AB.

Wish we could watch this one, Bruce and Votto are two of the better hitting prospects in baseball.

Jason, a few threads ago you asked for potential sites to add to the side bars. Given last year's history and the extensive discussions about our current training and player durability, the following might be a good reference tool:

Andy, you may have a point, but it seems the Phils think that Helms can put up numbers a lot better than his .246 BA in spring Training. I think I see their logic, Helms really can't hurt his value at this point.

Also, Phils game is on 1210 today as are 15 other spring training games, here's the schedule:

kdon: "if Feliz has any offensive strengths" they approach 1.6/infinity.

These are the players who I think will fill out your IronPigs lineup. LF Val Pascucci
2B Casey Smith 3B Brennan King RF Chris Snelling .

B-Mac: (Remember I was just relaying the whisperings of my inner cynic!) I seem to remember Helms had a pretty good ST last year. So maybe a few good starts and a couple dingers (and creative use of the DH to mask his defensive talents) and he can become trade bait. If the Phils can even get "financial considerations" (i.e. not having to fork over his entire salary) it might prove helpful.


I'm not sure if you can stream the Phils on 1210. I know last regular season you couldn't, but they may not be blacked out for preseason.

Just want to warn anyone who tunes in and gets...Rush Limbaugh!

Andy, you're right about Feliz, no chance him hitting anywhere will be a universally satisfactory solution.

Wayne, Andy- Thanks for the info, i guess there's always a chance of benson too. but i guess the way his contract works i he would be asked to to be relaesed from his contract berfore he would go to the ironpigs?......though his wife would add some excitement to the stands!

Thanks. 1210 will be the answer for me. With already paying for XM, I'm not going to add another subscription with a baby on the way.

Anyone have any insight on which games will be on local TV? I have found the national games for Spring Training, but not anything local (yes, I know about

Kinda liking the lineup (minus 3b), Go Phils!

"Does anybody know which Phils spring training games will be on XM?"


Michael- are you sure? I had XM last season and they only broadcast a few of the spring training games. They do have every regular and postseason game, but I wasn't aware they carried all the spring ones too.

I don't see that anyone else has mentioned this yet, so here is some further evidence of what d-bag Billy Wagner is:

A friendly preseason exhibition between the Mets and Michigan nearly turned nasty Tuesday when Wolverines junior center fielder Kevin Cislo dared to lay down a bunt on Mets' closer Billy Wagner.

Cislo swung at the next pitch, grounding out. But Wagner was not amused. "If he got that bunt down, I would have drilled the next guy," Wagner said.

Courtesy of What an a-hole.

Wagner did have a great line though.

“If he got that bunt down, I would have drilled the next guy,” Wagner said. “Play to win against Villanova.”

That's pretty funny.

carson i stand corrected. here is from XM..

Will I hear all every Spring Training game too?
We carry as many Spring Training games as we can, but do not carry split squad games. It's also important to note that we are able to carry only the broadcasts that are provided by the teams' flagship stations. Many of those stations are only required to carry a few games before the regular season, and often, they decide late. Once we know what games they plan to carry and what satellite coordinates are being used for the broadcasts, we're able to get that game on our schedule.


Rollins ss
Vic cf
Utley 2b
Howard 1b
Burrell lf
Jenkins rf
Feliz 3b
Helms dh
Ruiz c
Moyer p

Freel cf
Hopper lf
Phillips 2b
Encarnacion 3b
Votto 1b
Bruce rf
Keppinger ss
Bako c
Green dh
Affeldt p

I got the phever!!

"If he got that bunt down, I would have drilled the next guy,”

The guy after Cislo is just lucky he wasn't bunting against El Pulpo; he woulda beaned him.

We got Jenkins and Pedro on the loose,
Wish we had us some Edwin and some Bruce..."

I had that Wagner comment all ready to be copy and pasted but you guys beat me to it!

It's a funny comment but it does go to show how much of a d-head Wags can be. And why would he say it publicly? Why not just keep it to locker room chatter? Is he trying to prove something?

I am just getting static on Gameday Audio. I didn't think there would be a pregame show. Can anyone else confirm this?

Also, here's the link for the Billy the Rat comments. The epitome of a small man always looking for a large stage.

Someone should warn Billy's kids not to lay one down in the father-son game.

Anyone know if 1210 will be broadcasting the game online? All I get now is blooper music.

Gameday Audio just came up.

I love Spring Training. It's the only time when a team which does not usually get to use the DH fills the spot with a one-dimensional defensive specialist who has a career OPS of about .5.

But he's got a great first name!

Since Feliz makes more outs per PA than almost anyone else in baseball, it makes sense to get him more PAs right? Duh!

Moyer's on fire!!!! 1 hitter, 1 K. I predict 22 wins from him this year.

clout: Please don't use common sense when discussing Pedro Feliz. It does not apply.

And some nice glove from the new players too.

(OK, so they were probably fairly routine plays. Whatever.)

D'oh.. Rush is on 1210 online.

At the risk of tooting my station's horn, WDEL carries Phillies games in Delaware. You can stream it anywhere at without paying anything, though we do have about a 45-second delay online.

Oops. Should have added that we, too, have an abbreviated spring training broadcast schedule. Today's game is being carried, though.

Oops. Should have added that we, too, have an abbreviated spring training broadcast schedule. Today's game is being carried, though.

Alby -- sounds like talk radio on online.

"Since Feliz makes more outs per PA than almost anyone else in baseball, it makes sense to get him more PAs right?"

This does raise an interesting question: Since it's a spring training game, how should the lineup be set? Since winning in spring training isn't all that relevant, I'd think that the lineup construction should be based more around maximizing plate appearances for players.

Players like Rollins, Utley and Howard will probably be the ones removed first from a spring game. And in that case, you'd have the backup players at high lineup spots.

Should the lineup be set up for spring training games in a way that puts players who are scheduled to be removed towards the bottom of the lineup? Or is there some consideration that needs to be made for keeping players in the same lineup spots where they'd be in the regular season?

You sure about that, I don't think Tammy Bruce plays for the Phils?

..but I did learn Bill Buckley died from your site

Alby, WDEL has an annoying talk person too.

I don't think any stations are allowed to stream games, because it interferes with the monopoly of XM and MLB Audio.

I don't listen to AM radio much other than sports, but is it *all* right wing nut jobs?

"I don't listen to AM radio much other than sports, but is it *all* right wing nut jobs?"

Sure, but that's to make up for the liberal control of the print / television media.

(Kidding, kidding.)

kdon - 1150 AM in Los Angeles is Air America. There's a little more nuance to the world of AM radio out there.

Howard burns a shot over Ryan Freel's head off a lefty. We'll need to keep an eye on splitting his ABs between left and right.

WHACK! RyHo deep sixes one over the CF's head for a double.

Back in business.

Base hit Feliz. I think he already has more base hits than Nunez had all of last year.

I meant for this spring and splitting Howard's ABs. That's my baseball new year's resolution - be more clear on my posts this year. Dammit.

"I think he already has more base hits than Nunez had all of last year."

He still has zero. It's ST.

Baseball's back... You gotta love it... a
Mike Schmidt coaching first...
Ryan Howard hits a big double...
Pedro Feliz with a base hit...

Phils score first run of the season.

That's one way to get rid of this chest cold!!!

Jaime Moyer is a freak of nature -- what a performance.

Meanwhile, it's interesting that Helms got the DH -- clearly they're auditioning him for other teams. Of course, he'll probably flunk. Maybe they'd be better off not showcasing him.

Uh. "Jamie" I mean -- it's spring training for spelling, too.

Howard roping one to centerfield on day one? Good sign.

It's only spring training? Gee, thanks for the update.

I'm willing to bet just made a killing off of Beerleaguer readers who are scrambling for ways to hear the game... They certainly got my $14.95 for the season!

"Since Feliz makes more outs per PA than almost anyone else in baseball, it makes sense to get him more PAs right? Duh!"

That's very funny, clout. Made me laugh out loud on a day I'm home sick with the flu. Thanks.

It's on WPHT-1210 -- although I had to do some investigative reporting to find that out and at 12:30 they didn't even mention it, only saying "Stay tuned for more Rush."
Don't know why radio broadcasts should be on "a need to know basis."

What to do with Wes Helms is the big question to me. Releasing him doesn't make sense finacially, but keeping him on the team doesn't make sense either. I know they'd have to eat a portion of the salary, but Helms to Florida for Scott Nestor is looking good right about now.

What a great day. The Phils on the air again, and Beerleaguer to check in with to hear what all the other crazy people following a windy 52 degree Grapefruit League game have to say.

Three sharp innings by Moyer and a pickoff by Blackley. Other than Lidge being hurt, what's not to like?

I'm listening on 1210. I was under the impression they basically carried all the games and interrupted whatever show was on. We'll see. It gets better and better, Jenkins and Feliz are getting in on the hitfest. Hope springs eternal! CJ must be regretting all his negative thoughts about Feliz a month or so ago.

I wonder if Feliz's locker is filled with quotes from clout.

Me too Gaze. For some reason I didn't think I would get it, but that lasted about a half an hour.

On Feliz, it makes little difference who bats 7th or 8th in terms of OBP.

Over the course of a season, if it's distributed evenly, the 7th hitter should get about 18 more PA than the 8th hitter.

So if Ruiz has a 340 OBP and Feliz a 300 OBP, that is about one extra time on base lost by having Feliz hit 7th...over the course of the season!

OTOH, Feliz has more pop, has been a better RBI man, and Ruiz OBP is better for allowing the pitcher to bunt and getting men on for J-Roll.

All in all, I think it makes a lot of sense...oh good timing!

I didn't really want Pedro Feliz, but now that he's here I'm going to be rooting for him hardcore because like it or not he's most likely our starting 3rd baseman for the next 2-3 seasons.

Break'm up!

I think from here out, it's mostly just the weekend exhibition games that will be on 1210 -- they can't bump baseball for El Rushbo too often (sigh).

There's what may be an accurate broadcast schedule if you click around the Phillies Web site -- that's how I confirmed today's game is on 1210.

Does anyone know the story with XM? -- I'm a subscriber.

I meant bump El Rushbo for baseball..

GM Carson- You mean you're not gonna hope he fails so you can come on here every at-bat he makes an out and tell everyone how bad he is and how you knew it? How mature of you. Clout, will you act the same way?

Is it just me, or does Howard going deep to center his 1st at-bat of the spring just make everything right in the world? There's Phillies baseball being played, and I just got tickets to both Friday and Saturday of Mets series. I'm happy.

Greg Dobbs Home Run. It might have landed in the right field pond. 8-0, Phils.

Hey fellas... let's save some runs for the regular season!

3 run jack for Dobbs! Man I missed baseball!

The "Roy Hobbs" of last spring is back, too.

Attytood, I imagine XM can't broadcast the game unless a radio station does, so you have to check the schedule for the Phils and their opponents.

nice! still bottom 5??? I was wondering why was taking forever to update

Blackley's in line for the win, I believe....

How did we score the 8 runs? I know Feliz drove in Howard, right? And Dobbs has a 3-run shot? Where'd the other 4 runs come from, I can't find an updated box score.

Blackley looking sharp. Its good to be a Phils fan right now, Jack.

Working on potential ticket dates even as I type.

Does Scott Rolen's claim that he would have come back to Philly if they made a serious offer have any bearing on anyone? If Feliz turns out to be a bust, and a healthy Rolen plays like his old self and shows some serious signs of the All Star Rolen, I can't wait to hear the "what if's" an "why didn't we's" getting thrown around BeerLeaguer. Would you rather have Rolen or Feliz anchoring 3B for the Fightins?

Man, it's good to be back in the groove. Hooray for Spring Training games! I love following the games with the BL family. Another round barkeep! I'm a big spender when buying virtual drinks!

Jack - there was a bit of a hit parade, I believe, and some wild pitches by Majewski. Bunch of singles here and there, then Dobbs hit the homer. Majewski was terrible and they teed off.

Mac, the biggest question with Rolen is his health...after the david bell and freddy garcia debacles i think PG and Rube were a little hesitant..and it's not as though he was a free agent...the Jays traded their 3B, and a good one in Troy Glaus, to get him

who do we think the phils would have had to give up? victorino and a prospect?

personally, i would have been happy to have him back...he could be smug at times but i thought overall, he got a bad rap...after all, he just wanted the FO to spend more money to compete...sounds like all of us, no?

Good to see too that Dobbs' home run came off the lefty Coutlangus

Myron Cope, long-time Steelers announcer, dead at age 79.

Who wouldn't want Rolen over Feliz? I don't think there was a package to do it though. Every year you can compete in the NL central with Pujols and STL's best prospect is a CF-er so Vic might not even intriguiging. Plus we'd either have no Lidge, No Vic, or a Kenny Lofton type in CF or in fantasy land Rowand.

Even if Rolen was out for a month we have Dobbs(maybe Helms too) to fill in adequately.

Is there anyway to listen to this game without paying to do so??

coutlangus has a hilarious name

Rolen: smug is probably a good word, and he always struck me as having some pretty sharp edges. But he seems like a pretty tough, determined type player and I wrote some of the personality off as being someone who badly wanted to win.

Of course Krill Condrey comes in and blows the shutout.

Phils Win...

Phils Win...

Phils Win...

okay... back to normal.


Mets are losing so we should be a game up :-)

3 stars:

1. Blackley
2. Moyer
3. Jenkins/Feliez

3 anti-stars

1. Wes Helms: 0-3
2. Clay Condrey
3. That annoying commercial for citizens bank where the woman is doing that fake "let's score some runs" chant for a full 20 seconds.

I suppose if Rolen did come here, the odds of him blowing out his shoulder on his first throw over to first might be pretty good, huh? That would have been somewhat ironic with the state of the Phillies health being what it is these days. I always thought that Rolen and Schilling really just wanted to win as players, and both were shown the door quickly when speaking out about their perception of a lack of caring by the ownership, only to go on elsewhere to win a WS. I have to think that most of us would have done the same thing if given the chance, no?

I suppose that Danny Tartabul was grinning somewhere when Lidge threw his first pitch and blew up his knee. It took him off the hook as the biggest FA bust to start/end a career in a Phillies uniform. With Freddie Garcia a close second of course. I am sure I am not thinking of a few other's, but I am concentrating on health issues more than poor performances.

Did Jenkins do anything in the field? 1-3 is ok but Bruntletts 2-2 and Dobbs had a big HR...i think one of those two should get a star

helms reeks...i really hope condrey doesnt have a spot in the pen....and im not listening on radio but that commercial sounds miserable

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