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Monday, February 11, 2008


If anyone is interest in joing a highly competitive fantasy baseball league, I'm running one for my blog again this season through Yahoo! If interested, go here for details:

It's hard to believe Livan Hernandez is still a free agent. I know he's nothing spectacular at this stage in his career, but the dude really is an innings eater, which means a lot to a staff.

Wickman, there is a guy I would take chance on.

Two notes on your list:

ahem...Which Jose Garcia? The young oft-injured right handed SP from the A's, Marlins or Cardinals? If you mean the guy from the Cardinals; which one?

-You might as well Russ Ortiz off. He recently underwent Tommy John surgery and won't pitch in 2008.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if the Phils stockpiled has beens and former top prospects in Allentown. Pitching is just so ridiculously unpredictable, and it works both ways. You see comebacks and collapses every year.

I like Chacon and Benson, but wouldn't mind half the guys on that list, as long as the Phils don't start the 2008 season depending on any of them.

many rumors I've seen said that Hernandez really wants to return to DC to rejoin the Nats. plus, he supposedly wants 3 years.

Baxter. The one from Oakland. They non-tendered him

I think that Akinori Otsuka is out for the year after surgery.

However, now that I'm looking for a source, all I'm seeing is that Otsuka said on his blog that he was having elbow surgery, but I can't find a definite source saying that he's out for 2008.

I thought they said during the Caribbean World Series that Colon signed with the Astros - minor-league deal?
The announcers mentioned that he would be going to their camp a number of times during the broadcasts.

I like Villone as well. I don't remember if Trachsel is getting over an injury. If not, he may not be done yet.

I like Villone as well. I don't remember if Trachsel is getting over an injury. If not, he may not be done yet.

I'm pretty sure THAT Jose Garcia got back together with Oakland after agreeing to a friends with benefits minor league deal. says the A's may not be looking for MLB ready talent for Blanton. Granted, there are other teams in the hunt with a better farm system, but that scenario may work for the Phillies, since none of their "talent" is MLB ready.

I'm a Met's fan, but I'm not here to bash the Phillies. What scares me about the Phils is that for the first time, the Phils figured out how to win last season. They played hard when they needed too and won the games they needed to win. That sort of confidence and chemistry doesn't go away quickly.

The Phils will be a force in the division and I think both Mets and Phils are playoff teams.

Baxter: You may be right. I can't say I know much about J. Garcia, and by that I mean, I don't know squat about J. Garcia.

Please sign Armando Benitez

Wickman was picky about going certain places and thats why he ended up in ATL from CLE. He did go to AZ but I don't know why specifically. Also he was very bad for the Braves last year. So I don't think he would come cheap and he doesn't seem worth a whole lot though. He may still be an upgrade which is sad.

I think we could empty the farm and come up with Blanton. I just don't know that he'd put up better than a 4.25 pitching in our ballpark. I do like him though but it would probably take every bit of our farm or perhaps Victorino+.

A few thoughts on the relievers, then on to the starters.

The relief pitching looks like it's old (Wickman) or hurt (Otsuka). I remember a few months ago the Phillies took a look at Otsuka and were scared off when they saw his medical reports. Frankly, I wouldn't count on a single signing from that list. All the talent looks marginal, and may be no better than what they already have available.

As for starters, you have to wonder if anybody on that list, other than Benson and Lohse, would be an upgrade over Eaton. I don't think any of them really are. That group is also marginal. With the lack of talent there you have to ask yourself are the Phillies better off signing one of these guys to a 2 year deal, or saving their money for the next offseasons when the quality of pitching available will be much better?

You guys know I'm on record as favoring Benson over Lohse as a signing, mainly because Benson would take a 1 year deal, Lohse would need 2 or more at Adam Eaton money. I agree with the Beerleaguer master, he is a good sleeper, probably better than Colon at this point. If Benson comes back healthy, that's a great pickup, because the man is a 4.4-4.5 ERA starter in the NL, and that's a pretty good guy to have at the back end.

The Phils would be wise to sign both Benson and Loshe. I've said this before. You can never have enough pitching. They need to stop being penny-wise and dollar-follish with potential deals. The market is what it is.

My hunch is Eaton opens up the season on the 60-day DL. If it takes a 2-year deal to get Loshe then get him. As for Benson, if he is in Philly today to hammer out a deal, don't let him leave without one.

Now take care of the big fella at 1B and let's get on with things, like repeating as NL East champs and going further in the playoffs.

Patrone's got it right. Sign them both, allow Benson to take his time, and you're ensured against an injury and/or the likely severe dropoff from Moyer or Kendrick.

Unfortunately, however, they'll probably just figure that since they paid so much for Eaton, they'd damn well better get something out of him. The Phillies simply don't recognize the concept of "sunk costs"--as the David Bell debacle made painfully clear.

GM, what's the prize?

thrill, I'd rather deal key farm components for Harden.

Update on Benson~

Word is that positive negotiations took place over the weekend and that he's in Philly to today to take his physical. A 1-year deal + incentives is what's on tap. The Phils want him in Fla. for the start of ST.

Things with are still very up in the air. Apparantly he's not drawing interest from any team but the Phils. Boras will probably try to make the Phils think otherwise. The Phils are waiting him out.

DPatrone, did he even throw for the other teams?

It would be good to get them both.

Villone or Chacon would be worth a minor league invite. I am willing to bet a guy like Chacon though wants at least a minor league contract/with a guaranteed escalated salary if he appears on the MLB roster.


That I do not know. I did'nt hear anything in that regard. I've been looking for info. on that as well. I can't even verify that he's in Philly. Not even the Phils are saying anyhing. Nothing new is posted on their site.

He doesn't excite me too much, but Josh Fogg is certainly a viable major league starter, whose home-away splits from the last 2 years suggest that he would probably put up better numbers away from Coors Field. Fogg doesn't really have any significant upside, but he's a reasonably durable starter who would keep them in games. He'd be better than Eaton & he might well be just as good as Lohse.

MG~ I agree.

Any ideas what $$$$ Hernandez wants? If its is less than Lohse, he might be a good stop gap measure.

He certainly won't set the world on fire, but an a rotation that includes Hamels, Kendrick, Moyer and Eaton there is a lot to be said for a guy that goes out there and throws a guaranteed 200 innings a year.

Unlike Lohse, we could probably sign him for 2-3 years and still have money leftover to cover our mistake should be go bad.

Pitchers and Catchers on Thursday! At least Mo Cheeks' gout won't be the headline of the day.

If Benson does sign, I'd love for Anna to join Sarge, Harry and Wheels for one big ninth-inning broadcast trainwreck.

It'd be Hollywood Insider meets Hall of Fame meets, um, Wheels and Sarge... right, then.

I wouldn't count Anna as being a "hollywood insider", but more likely she's had more of Hollywood inside of her.

Sarge is still doing broadcasting for the Phillies? I thought he got fired.

Mainstream media outlets, especially ditzy ones in Southern California, have had fun ridiculing Bartolo Colon this off-season, but I'm not sure I agree with them. I'm not the only one- Bill James predicts that Colon's 2008 will be 4.24, and Josh Kalk at Hardball Times likes him:

I don't care if Colon looks like a cow; the Phils could use a cow with a low 90s sinker.

Since he's now willing to settle for a short term deal worth much less than he originally requested, Bartolo Colon could pay off big for any club willing to take a chance on him. With his hard sinker, Colon's a good fit for an NL team with a small ballpark and solid infield defense...

Naysayers don't panic: the Phils have denied all interest in him.

Colon's stamina is a major concern, but I'm not so worried about his diminished velocity. As noted in that article, Colon's average fastball clocked in at 94.75mph last year. Reports from winterball say he's working in the 88-91 range, which really is fine for a sinkerballer. Kris Benson hasn't sniffed Colon's current velocity in years.

Besides his accolades and dominant past, the thing that intrigues me about Bartolo Colon is his sinker. According to pitch f/x data, the lateral movement on his low 90s sinker is over an inch more than the league average.

So why was he so bad last year? I partially blame the Angels' terrible defense. All Sinkerballers rely heavily on their team's infield defense, and the Angels had one of the worst fielding infields in baseball. Colon's BABIP last year was .364, well over both the league average and his career average.

As noted in the article, Colon's FIP(fielding independent ERA)was 1.5 runs lower than his ERA. So maybe the Angel's poor defense really made the difference. Colon actually averaged more strike outs per 9 innings last year than during his Cy Young year, perhaps because of his team's shaky infield.

Colon's on an increasingly short list of healthy, available starting pitchers willing to sign a short term deal, who can step in and win games immediately. I think Colon would probably settle for a one year deal worth around 5 million. He'd probably would end up being our #3 starter for about 3/4 of a season. So why bother? Unlike any of those other available FA pitchers, Colon could be dominant in 2008.

Don't get me wrong, I like Benson too; I'm just not sure how much he can contribute next year and think Colon's undervalued. Colon will pitch for someone in 2008, and he won't be terrible.

The Phils should pursue Alan Embree for their second left-handed option out of the pen. Check out this little blurb from MLB Rumors:

Alan Embree on the move?: The A's seem more likely to move Alan Embree than Joe Blanton at this point. Embree went 1-2 last season with a 3.91 ERA and 17 SV.

if Colon could be had cheaply, I think I'd be all for it. but his losing several miles off his pitch speed gives me serious concerns about both his effectiveness and his health status (admittedly, I'm just going off instinct here; I'm not a scout or a pitching coach).


You make a strong case for Colon. Is he coming off injury?

I don't understand the fascination with Anna Benson. She is a loud-mouthed, annoying, whiny, no-talent woman who would be amusing to talk to for about 90 seconds at a party. May not even that.

on minor league invites, that really looks like a way a smart (and budget-conscious; so we're at least 1 out of 2) team could secure some depth this year. there's still an awful lot of fringey starters and relievers who may not be worth a ML contract but could plausibly perform well this season. will be interesting to see if the Phillies are able to take advantage of the improved facilities and close location (for easier call-up) of the new Allentown ballpark to snag some of those guys.

Trachsel just signed a MiLB deal with the O's (courtesy ESPNEWS).

Morty, Baxter, yes he's coming off an injury. Actually a series of them. He's never been healthy since he won his Cy Young 3 seasons ago. He's pitched half a year in 2007, a quarter year in 2006, and he was abysmal both times. Granted, before that he was a horse, but now he's going to turn 35 this season. Looks like his best years are behind him.

MG-i'm completely with you on Anna Benson. She was hot for about a minute before she became an obnoxious, attention whore. I wouldn't hold the Phillies back from signing him, but I ALMOST think the distraction that she is, taints him.

Boy, according to BedBeard and MG, Anna Benson is a

" obnoxious, loud-mouthed, annoying, whiny, no-talent ass-clown attention whore, who would be "amusing" to talk to for a brief period at a party.

Hmmmmm. If that's the case, I wonder why Kris married her?

Baxter - Agreed about Colon. He certainly could be an effective 4 or 5 in the NL. The question is though how many innings can he realistically give the Phils. Maybe 100 or 120 innings max with at least one stint on the DL.

Because he wasn't smart enough to realize you don't marry the first baseball groupie you meet?

Pardon my language - but Kris was thinking with his dick and that usually winds up costing a guy 50% of his assets in the near future.

I don't think they are married anymore.

Stripper and baseball groupie. A very flammable combo!

Sorry, I checked and they are still married. On March 30, 2006, Benson served her husband with papers for a divorce. The petition for divorce claimed the marriage was "irretrievably broken." On April 4th, she withdrew the petition to reconcile her marriage with Kris Benson. This is her second marriage, the first was at age 17 for one year to a dentist.

Actually, you're right about the loud-mouth part. A little classless too.

When the Benson hoopla started here, I decided to do a websearch for info about her and ran across an article where she was quoted (assuming it's legit) as describing the kinds of sexual acts he could perform on her if he ever won a CY Young award.

Maybe he gets a kick out of it, but I tought it was waaaaaaaaaay over the top.

I also read somewhere that he blames her for his getting traded out of NY.

One wonders if she'll tone it down in Philly long enough for him to succeed, or if she thinks she should be the star.

Re: Wickman.

The Phillies will insist that you cannot rely on aging overpriced relievers whose stats fluctuate wildly year to year.

Unless that reliever is Tom Gordon.

Guys - found this little nugget out in Toronto Blue Jay land. Talk about drinking the coolaid. Read about Rolen's "Attitude" and how that is going to help the team. This writer obviously did no research whatsoever.


After flipping third basemen Troy Glaus and Scott Rolen, the Cardinals and Jays magnanimously agreed both teams won. That's not true. Glaus's guarded shyness seemed to rub off on the younger Jays. Look to the brash Rolen to make Toronto's clubhouse a louder, sunnier place. In terms of on-the-field spin, whoever gets the healthier player will be the winner here. After three years of shoulder problems and three surgeries, Rolen says he's feeling better than he has since 2004, a year in which he hit .314 with 34 HRs and 124 RBIs. If he can come anywhere close to those numbers, the Jays will have stolen themselves an all-star.

Are we talking about a minor league deal for Benson? I read somewhere that his velocity was only in the upper 70's when he threw for a handful of scouts in December.

"The Phillies will insist that you cannot rely on aging overpriced relievers whose stats fluctuate wildly year to year.

Unless that reliever is Tom Gordon."
Or Jose Mesa. Or Alfonseca... *shudder*

I would love the healthy Rich Harden myself. Problem is we don't have half of what it would cost to get him. He hasn't gone 75 IP combined the past 2 years. Beane would never sell that low and if he did it would be Garcia Pt II.

Honestly Cardenas+Carrasco+ centered deal for Blanton I would do in a heartbeat. I don't see Carrasco having a higher ceiling and it would help our team win now with our core. Obviously that's a weak package that can be bettered by 20 teams in the league so I think we're a long shot but would make a great move if it was possible.

Colon I think would be better than Lohse, given the $ and years. Though Bart does want 2 yrs I believe. Colon had very good numbers for the first portion of last year. I agree he is probably the only name that has any reasonable chance at exceeding expectations.

I agree that Alan Embree would be a good option to pursue. Ron Villone on a Minor League Deal also looks good.

UD Hens

Apparantly he was only at 70 percent back then and only showing scouts arm positioning and delivery. He is now throwing harder and at 90 percent.

Jose Mesa!! I can't believe they sold us that last year.

What will they come up with in-season this year? Any guesses for the early line on the Value Village?

I wouldn't really hesitate to trade Carrasco & Cardenas for an impact pitcher, but I'm not sure Blanton is the guy. I think it was bap (correct me if I'm wrong) who first pointed out how bad the guy's H/A splits are--they're really not pretty.

in his defense he had a really terrible BABIP away--fluke or no? anybody know a place that calculates FIP ERA splits?

Morty, my prediction:

Because of injuries the Phils will attempt to sign any number of retreads who cannot currently get a job.

And they will miss on a few as other teams will make competitive offers.

To wit, Percival would have looked real good in red pinstripes late last season, but they wouldn't make a "Corleone" type offer, even if it was for just half a season.

That, speaks more to me about their committment to winning than taking Howard to arb.

Offer the guy more than you think he's worth. If you make the playoffs it'll come back to you. If they had the highest offer on the table they still should have upped it just to get the guy if they thought he could help the team. It wasn't as if it was a multi-year deal like Gordon's that could potentially hamstring the team.

They desperately needed pitching last year and brought in Jose Mesa. They got lucky when Boston released Romero and no one else wanted him - lucky - that's all. It wasn't great maneuvering on their part.

Thrillhouse, there's no way Beane's giving us Blanton for the deal you proposed. Billy knows he can get more from another team. He'll auction Blanton to the highest bidder, whose prospects we aren't able to match. You can thank Ed Wade for that.

As for Mesa, Alfonseca, and Gordon, Gordon pitched well for us...until he got hurt. Actually, I think you guys should at least give him SOME credit for pitching well down the stretch (16 innings, 3.93 ERA, WHIP 1.13). I know, he's a house of cards, and old. Definitely not worth the 18 mil we've given him, but we'll see how he is this year. Alfonseca was horrible, no denying that. He gave us 1 good month when Myers went down then stunk up the joint worse than a skunk in heat. And Mesa was awful as well, but at least he gave us 2 good months before the league figured him out and started smacking him around.

Chacon seems like the best bet of the list above, he's younger and has good numbers as a setup man last year, but that's one year and he's been absolutely awful everywhere else a different points. VERY inconsistent.

Brad Salmon (CIN) age 29, is an interesting case. He was a reliever they brought up from AAA then released. Stats are decent but it's only 1 year's worth (4.13 ERA, 24IP, 1.33WHIP, 244BAA). According to ESPN he's been non-tendered. Thoughts?

There's also this guy not on the list above, Yukinaga Maeda, from Japan, age 37. Had to Google him to find out anything about him. He's played the last few years for the Yomiuri Giants and he's been absolutely awful the last 2 years but was good before then. Stats are also over 28 and 10IP the last 2 years, guy was probably hurt. So here's another guy who's old, hurt, AND he's coming from Japan.

Its time to stop pussyfooting around with the pitching situation. If any of these guys really had anything significant to offer they would be signed by now. Even Lohse is a lower end guy. Benson can't even pitch the first half of the season and his wife is getting more talk on the board than he is. Time to unload the farm system for Blanton. We have a young nucleaus in place at the ML level for the next several years so that gives us time to rebuild and overhaul the farm system. Blanton gives us 200 innings as the #3 starter and a really good 1-3 in the rotation. Blanton's innings (3 complete games last year) will also help the bullpen stay rested instead of having to go to the pen in the 6th inning everytime Hamels and possibly Myers isn't pitching. Either we make a serious move or just suffer through the scrap heap again and fall just short of the playoffs or advancing in the playoffs.

Len39 - Agree that the Phils should have been more active this offseason and potentially have morgtaged the future for a player like Bedard. Hell, I think I saw the Phils have 6 picks in the top 110 this year in the draft. They could easily reload their farm system if they actually choose to dole out some signing money.

Problem is I don't think they had that premier prospect to interest teams. Probably is true for even a guy like Blanton.

I would take a look at Embree but there is no chance in hell the Phils take on a $3 M contract for Embree. Sad because I am willing to bet the A's would move a guy like Embree just to save the cash this year.

Embree would be a good sign and they should at least give Chacon a shot. All of this talk of trading for this and that is mute because the Phils lack the upper echelon prospects to get it done.

I love the imagination on the board as of late looking for the final couple of pieces, but I think the front office is contemplating two moves and then that is the end of the story.

A. Sign Benson on our terms if they liked what they saw in the last workout.


B. Sign Lohse if he literally falls in their lap as the market for him completely disappears.

We would have a better chance adding Ricky Vaughn out of the California Penal League than some of the other ideas on the board right now.

Just aint gonna happen with Rueben Gillbuckle calling the shots.

Ahh, but JMARR, remember, Ricky Vaughn was one helluva closer.

Mets sign Tony Armas Jr. to a minor league deal.....this is a non-factor thing right?

Lobster - It just means that the Mets don't mind spending money on fliers to give themselves pitching depth.

As far as the Phils FO is concerned you're right, it "is a non-factor thing"


Andy - That is the most frustrating part about the Phils. It is not when they refuse to pay Lohse $8-$9 M a year (as much as I would like them to sign him).

It is crap like last year when sign a guy like Mesa instead of Percival just because he saves them 200-300k max. That is where there frugality really shines.

You can even be a cynic that the main reason the Phils spent some a couple of extra dollars at the trading deadline because they knew if they made the playoffs money they could increase ticket prices up really high (which they did) and having an easier time selling season tickets/advertising for '08 (which they have).

MG - you? A cynic?

That would be like calling Anna Benson a loud-mouthed, obnoxious, attention-grabb...


dajafi, that was a great point you made earlier, regarding "sunk costs".

It seems to be a concept that the Phillies struggle with.

OTOH, other teams have no problem "getting off the pot".

The Tigers released Mesa last year and ate his money. The Red Sox released Romero last year also.

And...the all time great example of a player getting released and the team 'eaton' the money........

Russ Ortiz!

It's a shame the Phillies won't look at something like that as a viable option.

BTW, a year after they ate Otiz's money and got him out of their rotation, the Dbacks made the playoffs.


Regarding Bartolo Colon, the White Sox, Indians, Astros and Pirates have all backed off after watching him pitch.

He may be throwing 89-91 mph, but when the fastball is your best pitch, that's not gonna cut the mustard, even when it's a sinking 2-seamer. When he was a stud, he threw a 96-98 mph rising fastball (4-seamer)to go with the sinker and a half-assed curve and changeup. Dial that back to 89-91, even with the sinker, and what you get is a 6.34 ERA. Hitters just lay off the sinker and, knowing he has poor command of his secondary pitches, wait for the 89 mph 4-seamer. There's a reason he hasn't signed yet.

Regarding Livan Hernandez, imagine Adam Eaton as being able to go 7 IP per start and throw 220 IP, with the similar stats to last season, and you've got Livan.

Pitching in CBP, Livan would eat innings like crazy, give up 45 HRs, and go 13-13 with a 5.90 ERA.

There's something to be said for that, I suppose, especially given how bad the bullpen is.

I'm with dajafi, DPatrone and the others who say let's sign both Benson & Lohse.

Regarding the free agent Jose Garcia, he is indeed the guy from Oakland. Decent prospect who missed all of last year due to Tommy John surgery and probably won't be ready until mid-season this year. I'm guessing he'll accept a minor league contract somewhere while he rehabs. If the Phils could get him, it would be worth the chance.

Am I the only person out there who believes the Phillies absolutely must address the bullpen by signing one more lefty to put in the 'pen as a LOOGY??
As of now, your only lefty "known" commodity coming out of the pen for next year is JC Romero. Now I loved JC just as much as the next guy last year, but bear in mind this is the same guy who had an awful '06 and was waived by the Red Sox in '07 because of his atrocious 1.95 WHIP thanks to 15 walks in 20 innings of work. My point is that I have a certain amount of faith in Romero after his incredible end of last season, but beyond him you have who??
Zagurski? Fabio Castro? Either of these two pitchers could potentially become serviceable relievers in the future, but I'm not hinging my faith in the bullpen next season on these two LOOGY's.
Personally, I would sign Ron Villone, Odalis Perez, or try and swing a trade for a lefty like Damaso Marte (just an example, I don't know if he's actually available...). I'm just so sick of last year seeing a righty have to come in from the pen and face Delgado, Bonds, etc. because it's too early in the game and we can't use our only lefty in the pen yet.

Any thoughts??

Well, diggitydave, I don't think we'll have to worry about Bonds anymore. He's been blackballed for being a "cheater." And by the way, what is Congress doing investigating Clemens? First of all, he's filed a libel lawsuit. Let the judge, or jury, who's hearing the case sort out all the evidence and testimony. Second, this isn't a public health issue or an issue of any public concern whatsoever. We're talking about a small club of multimillionaires doing drugs. This isn't something that's affecting the population at large; maybe steroid use is a public health problem but baseball players' steroid use isn't causing ordinary people to use steroids. It's not as if they're going on TV telling kids to shoot up; to the contrary, they did it in secret and Congress is airing the facts of their use out on TV. That said, at least when they were just conducting general hearings on steroid use in the sport there was some kind of defense you could make for Congress's involvement. Now, they're going on some kind of fact-finding expedition in regards to the use of a single player. The McCarthy hearings were less pointless than this.

diggity - Agreed. It is going to be like the start of last season when Smith was overmatched as the LOOGY if the Phils go with either Zagurski or Castro out of spring training.

Really not fair to either player since both of them need more time in the minors to see if they can develop enough control to be effective.

Forget about Youman. He probably has the inside track to the LOOGY spot but he is yet another Phils reliever who can't throw strikes and doesn't throw hard. These guys are a dime a dozen.

Ihave a feeling Lohse is a Phillie by this weekend for 1 yr 8.5 mil.

From reigning MVP Jimmy Rollins-
"I'd like to score more runs, steal third more, hit for a better average, and make about three or four fewer errors," he said. "Other than that, I don't know if there's anything more I can do. But scoring those six to eight more runs will take me stealing probably 10 or 15 more bags. So, yeah, I think I can do better."

*That's what I like to hear!

Tray, you obviously don't read enough.

The entire reason Congress is pursuing the issue of PEDs is that use of them has become fairly widespread among teenagers.


Russ Ortiz is interesting. Yeah, he essentially blows, but after watching him pitch in the Carribean Series, he actually looked like he had some pop on his fastball and he was pounding the inside corner.

He should get fit for an Iron Pig hat.

Bed's Beard - I don't laugh often at this site, but that Benson comment had my rolling.

Well Played.

sorry...not Russ Ortiz. I meant that dude who pitched for the Nats & Twins recently. Ramon

GM Carson~

Re: Loshe, Just your gut feeling or you heard good news (I hope). DN article this A.M. said the chances of the Phils signing him are "remote".

I was told yesterday that Benson could sign anytime, but I read today where they are "no closer to signing him". The team needs to get them both and now.

Phils actually have a LH RP coming to ST with these career numbers against LHB:

BA .243 OBP .314 SLG .392 OPS .706

Anyone care to guess?

(Hint: At least Jamie Moyer is older than he is.)

Reed: Ramon Ortiz hasn't been any good since 2004. He has modest value as a swingman, but frankly I think Chad Durbin is better.

DPatrone: I'm sorry to see you use that quote from an unnamed Phillies official in today's DN. You're about to blow my cover.

Ramon Ortiz won my vote for worst starting pitcher the Phillies faced two years ago when he was with the Nats. Pedro Astacio was another bad one, and does anyone remember how lousy Jeff Weaver was against the Phils?

Andy: And you should add that LOOGY held lefties to a .595 OPS in his last major league season. Of course, that was awhile ago.

Agreed on Ortiz, but if he was an Iron Pig, it provides depth. Agreed that I would lick my chops when he faced us, but I was actually impressed with his Carribean Series outing that I watched. Albeit, I didn't watch his whole outing, but his fastball looked like it had some extra on it.

Andy, is it your boy Vic D?

Kiss Hernandez goodbye. He's the new Johan Santana on the Minnesota Twins. Not quite, but he's off the market.

Y'all are just too good.

wow, Livan's going to get slaughtered in the AL Central.

I actually think the Phillies are doing the right thing with Lohse: WAIT. Nobody is rushing out to sign him at his price and i'm not really hearing much interest in him at another price. Phillies can't wait TOO long, but they might be just bidding against themselves.

Clout~ Sorry!

Bed's Beard~ It surely appears that way. No doubt Boras is trying to trump up interest by other clubs in Loshe but Gillick will have none of it. But it is time to get Boras to the table and get it done. Same thing with Benson's agent.

considering that Hernandez only got a $5-6M, 1-year deal, it really does seem plausible that Lohse could be had cheaply.

Maybe Boras is advising Lohse that his best option is to sit out a year. I think he's done that before...

hard to sit out a year when you can make 8 million or more on a 1 year deal.

I couldn't do it

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