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Thursday, January 24, 2008


173 strikeouts? He will fit right in with this line-up!

Golson is 22, that's the only good news I read in this post. I have no confidence he'll ever "figure it out" at the plate. I hope he does, because he was a 1st round pick, but I'm not holding my breath because I'd be blue and dead by now.

They need to teach him pitch recognition. If he gets to the point where he can better identify a curveball or a changeup before it's on him, his physical talent should do the rest.

Whether that's best accomplished leading off or hitting 7th, that needs to be the focus of Golson's season. The Phils should take a page from the A's playbook and tell him he won't be promoted until he gets his on-base percentage over .350 or so.

Look at Ed Delahanty's stats for the first 3 years.

One must admit in this case Charlie Manuel has wisdom to take the pressure off the kid.

Golson will be the Phils starting center fielder sooner than later allowing Vic to move back to right and Jenkins to take over for Burrell in left next season.

Just read this about Tori Hunter: "Tori Hunter hit .231 with eight home runs and 56 RBI at Class AA New Britain in 1997, the year he turned 22."

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