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Friday, January 25, 2008


That's bad news on Happ. Tender elbows can improve without surgery, but more likely he's looking at an operation at some point.

JW: What did you find out about JC? Inquiring minds want to know!

Good stuff JW. Guess Mathieson is being counted on now to booster the bullpen toward June or July. Makes sense.

I guess Happ will be given a shot to win the 5th starter spot but I bet it goes to C. Durbin coming out of camp.

i have said for a long time that the 'i'm not hurt' culture in baseball is idiotic. it is anti productive and costs these guys personally through longterm health and hurts the team when they try to play.

it doesn't make them tough it makes them stupid.

I'd like Mathieson to be groomed as a setup man/closer.

Injuries suck, but it's good to know Happ and Segovia were hindered in their efforts last season and can hopefully recover and regain some "prospect" promise.

If we have to rely on any of these three guys to play any kind of role with the big club this year, then we're in trouble.

two things, why is it our pitching prospects are the ones who are always blowing out their arms? and arbuckle used "mathieson" and "overpowering" in the same sentence. ha!

"why is it our pitching prospects are the ones who are always blowing out their arms?"

Because the hitting prospects don't put as much strain on their arms, of course.

TIM - I agree with what you are saying somewhat, but the difficult part for the young pitchers is to know the difference between soreness and injury.

EVERY pitcher gets sore throughout the course of the season --- and when they are trying to climb the organizational ladder, it's tough for them to come to the trainer and tell him he is hurting when they think it may just be the usual soreness ....

It's a tough situation, throwing a baseball is a very unnatural movement, arm problems have been around as long as the game itself.

Just as a bit of filler... So far today Lidge and Vic have spent a little time on 610. Lidge expressed that he thinks he is ahead of schedule on his knee, and can get most of the necessary leg strength back working on a bike and lifting before the season. As a sort of funny aside, Angelo commented that Mitch Williams thought Lidge's best pitch was his splitter, to which Lidge's reply was "I don't throw a splitter." Should be interesting to see if he can get that dive back into his slider thise year though.

Vic didn't have all that much to say other than a few endorsements of Manuel, his comfort level hin CF, and some commentary on guys like Jenkins filling Rowand's role in the clubhouse.

The Phils are good on spin. Segovia, Happ, Mathieson all great prospects woo hoo. I do think Mathieson could be an upgrade of Condrey. Mesa, etc. if he is healthy. As for Happ and Segovia maybe they bounce back in the minors so we can package them to someone for a major leaguer. Mets supposed to be close to Livian Hernandez which means one less suitor for Kyle Lohse. Still think there is a chance for Benson but I'd prefer Lohse for 2-3 years at Eaton/Lieber type money. I think he could when 12-14 games with this line-up and if the bullpen doesn't implode terribly.

I think all the arm injuries are due to the players having to constantly put their hands in their pockets to get change for the parking meters at the facilities.

This constant strain on their shoulder and elbow could be eliminated if the greedy owners would eliminate them having to pay to park.

thanks a good point jamarr, but the culture extends to the everyday players too. like david bell playing third when he can't bend over. burrell trying to his when he only has one foot he can put pressure on. even howard last year before the dl stint.

it doesn't help the team.

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