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Friday, January 25, 2008


Romero: "Early in my career, I was too explosive and let my temper get the best of me. Now, I’m more mature."

OK, let me see if I have this straight. The reason he was terrible with the Angels in 2006 and cut last year by the Bosox was that he'd lose his temper and hadn't really matured yet. But, at age 31, he suddenly matured with the Phillies.

And that explains why the best season of his career came with the Twins in 2002 at age 26.

Say what?

Well, it's possible that at age 26, he had the 'stuff' to get by with mistakes. But as he got older, a few MPH dropped off the pitches or maybe the breaking weren't moving as much anymore.

So after getting cut by the Res Sox, he's accepted that. He's realized that he can't get fired up & rely on pure talent to get by anymore. He has to be smarter & calmer out there.

I'm not saying that I buy it either, but if thinking it is what caused his performance in Philly last year, I'm all for it.

Gotta love Romero! I was amazed at how few hits he gave up during the season. I hardly remember batters hitting the ball hard against him. Too bad his luck apparently ran out in the playoffs with Colorado. I expect him to be our set up man this season and even get a save or two if the last batter of the game is LH. Gordon may be done and we're lucky to have a player like him fall into our lap like he did.

Hope he keeps it up! Go PHILS!!!

Yeah, I don't buy this at all. It'd be great if it were true though.

I think we'll be lucky to get 2 good years out of this guy. I'll guess probably one, and we'll be booing him the other 2. I hope I'm wrong, and I'm glad at least they didn't spend a huge fortune on him.

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