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Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is unfortunate:

Free agent Corey Koskie isn't yet sure whether he'll be ready to play in 2008.

Koskie had something of a setback in his attempted return from postconcussion syndrome last month, but he hasn't given up. "In the last couple of weeks, I've started to feel well," Koskie said. "I haven't worked out since Christmas because I was having some problems while trying to work out then. But now, I've got a program in place and I'm going to see what I can do. If I can get through it without feeling badly, then maybe I can try to play again."

Good piece in the Boston Globe today:

Too bad for the Phillies, but at least it looks like Koskie is returning to normal. Not to make light of his situation, but I think even with the post-concussion effects, he would still be more productive than Dobbs/Helms or Feliz.

And good luck tonight Jason. Sartare is one of the better 610 guys. Again, a few minutes of Beerleaguer is worth more than a month of the Daily News/Inky Phils coverage.

Wow, clout...thinking alike. A little scary ;-)

I also feel I must echo the general Beerleaguer sentiment in that Jason has far far exceeding the journalistic value of Zolecki, Conlin, and the like this offseason. I can't think of one poignant article on any of the major issues of the offseason in the philly papers. As someone mentioned in one the previous threads, Zolecki's article on Geoff Jenkins fantasy football league was a prime example. It would be nice to see the philly writers call the phillies on their lack of creativity particularly in adressing the 3B and pitching situations. I know guys like Conlin love to write negatively about the phillies, but I just don't see it at all this offseason. It's like they've all turned into Ken Mandel. Keep up the good work Jason and thanks for giving us something to whine and argue about until the season starts and beyond. Who needs newspapers anyway?

Per MLBTR, Erik Bedard is going to Seattle in a swap for Adam Jones (and more?). Glad to see him stay in the American League--takes one of the two remaining truly frightening options away from the Mets at least.


Nice blog you have going. I just set up my own and I was wondering if you could add me to your links.


Here's something I just saw on the Truth and Rumors section from Sports Illustrated. The Minnesota press is reporting that what's holding up Santana's trade isn't any of the prospect packages, it's his salary. Santana has been vetoing every trade (he has a no trade clause) unless he gets a 6 year, 150 million dollar extension, which the clubs have balked at. He wants A-Rod money. Thing is, would he even get this contract if he hits the free agent market next year, and if not, then isn't he sticking it to the Twins by doing this?

Seems kind of selfish if that is the case, because it shows he doesn't care at all about Minnesota's future.

Interesting article in the LA Times about the Phillies man in Venezuela, Jesus Mendez.,0,4239489.story

So that Kruk episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force was on tonight and it was pretty excellent. Lots of Kruk... some Phillies references... Adult Swim calling him one of the best hitters ever. Twas spine tingling, quite honestly.

WOW! The LA Times has an article about the Phillies' efforts in Venezuela?

The local papers....

Hey JW: Good job on WIP last night! I have to say that since I have found this website, I am truly getting some enjoyment out of the offseason.

I asked the other day but I will ask again. Does anyone know where the Phillies rank in terms of farm systems?

it looks like the 2008 Baseball America rankings have the Phillies 22nd (of 30).

Just wanted to comment on something discussed on a previous thread. The worst trade in Phillies history was the trading of Grover Cleveland Alexander to Chicago for Mike Prendergast, "Pickles" Dillhoefer and $60,000. Personally I think that deal ranks as one of the worst in sports history. It took the Fightins over 30 years to recover from that fiasco.

Godfather wrote, " shows he [Santana] doesn't care at all about Minnesota's future."

Why should he?


Great stuff. Appreciat you coming on. Keep up the good work and we'll talk again soon.



How did you fantasy football team do this year? LOL,nevermind. thanks for the

Rich, you're right!

Pickeles Dillhoefer's OPS+ in his only year in Philly:


Philly Baseball News interview with Cholly on Eaton:

"How is Adam Eaton doing?... "I've heard he's got a trainer and a physical fitness guy and he's been working out real hard and that he's been really trying to make sure that he's healthy and that his arm is healthy and he'll be able to be the pitcher that we thought he was going to be when we signed him."

My guess is that Cholly doesn't know or is spouting the company line until they sign Benson or Lohse. If the Mariners get Bedard (Angelos hasn't approved the deal) and the Mets get Santana (looks likely), then I think the remaining pitchers will sign quickly. My guess is Benson is the fallback if we can't get Lohse at -3 years at $15-25 million.

*2-3 years at 15-$25 million

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