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Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Woo-hoo. Sorry...had to do it. Gentle ribbing, Jason.

Talk to you sometime this Spring.

Thats a great post and a great picture!


Well the sky has certainly fallen.

Is it too late to tell Pedro Feliz no thanks?

While this signing surely make me run and scream and eventually kill my Mets fan roommate, what does this do for us and Kyle Lohse? I know he's a bottom rung pitcher, but at least he's still on the ladder unlike Adam Eaton.

If this somehow frees up another starting pitcher we could slide into the 5th Spot, I may not have to hang myself.

A Beer at the new Citi Field - $10

Authentic MLB Johan Santana Mets Jersey - $150

Projected Salary for Johan Santana - $23 Million annually

Collective groan coming out of the rest of the NL East - Priceless

Hey J-RollS, got anymore predictions?


Let's not get too apocalyptic. I don't see us winning the division this year but I don't know about "a flood that will submerge the rest of the NL East for six or seven years." Other than Wright and Reyes, that team's pretty old.

I'm expecting a wave of Mets fans to lambast us any minute and I say let them...we deserve lets bend over and bite the cork because we're about to be f*cked.

How the Phillies respond to this will go a long way in showing how much they care about winning. Time to open the wallets.

can somebody explain to me how the .278/.339/.399 minor league line that Mr. Gomez sports qualifies him to headline a package that gets the best pitcher and baseball?

Your mom is pretty old....Hey, Rollins, got anything else to say? F*CK THE PHILLIES, LET'S GO METS!!!

Open up the wallets to do what? Sign second tier Free-Agents? Over pay Lohse?

Is anyone else getting a wave of perverse pleasure from this move, specifically how it really exposes Gillick and even more so Giles and Montgomery for their bullsh*t small splashes strategy. We all knew this was coming and you know what, congrats to the mets b/c they completely outmanuevered us. What's sad is if we were willing to pay Santana, we could have put together a similar package. However, we're not even willing to pay Howard, and he's already here.

I stole JOHAN bitchezzzzzzz.. CHEW ON THAT!


at lease you guys can hang your hats on the fact that you won just as many playoff games as we did last year.

Hamels can match Santana anyday, however it does make the Muts 2-5 rotation better. It will once again come down to has the better pitching, and with the Phils doing little to address their obvious needs with regard to the rotation and the bullpen, the edge goes to the Mets. The Phils will be right there, however they will be their usual step behind. Maybe they can win the wildcard. I am so glad we have a no-hit, decent-field third baseman when we could have spent that money early and often on really upgrading the obvious holes on this staff...

You've got that right Jason. I don't think the Phils really have enough, but Gillick better be calling MacPhail before that Bedard deal becomes official...

I'll say it again. Santana guarantees nothing. Does he make the Mets stronger? Absolutely. Are they the favorites now to win the East? Possibly.

We all knew Santana wasn't coming to Philly. He had to go to abig money team. The Mets, Boston or the Yanks. The Yanks backed off, and Boston has 6 starters. So where did you think he was gonna go?

But to say the Mets are the biggest winners of the season, I don't know about that. If the Phils can get Loshe (to me that's possible now), maybe Myers goes to the'pen. Benson will probably sign a minor league deal and could be insurance for Eaton. Helms should be moved for a reliever. That's not too bad.

One thing to look at. The Phils offensively have the best team in the NL IMO. With a little more added to the pitching staff, we could be right there. Have faith.

SirAlden: Are you heir to the Claire Betz fortune?

Yes, Jason, open up the wallets to do what?

Ugh, to think we counter their Santana with Lohse and Benson, who was topping off at 76mph. Double UGH.

76 mph? Isn't that Moyer's velocity?

the twins hardly did a .500 with Santana, a guy whos only on the field every six days doesn't get a division all by himself

Bed Beard, the guy the Mariners are offering is a sort of lock to be a future All-Star in center, and Angelos still isn't sure if he wants to take the deal. So how in the world would we get in the middle of those negotiations?

Seeing what the cost of Santana was makes me dissapointed we couldn't have figured out a way to get a Snell or someone similar. Also, if Angelos doesn't get rid of Bedard while he can, he's retarded. He has a much better offer on the table.

I'm not an AL fan and don't remember seeing Santana pitch. Is he as good as Barry Zito?

ilg: The Phils edged the Mets by one game last season. Think Santana puts them over the hump?

I'm in a bad mood.

Omar Minaya, in a memo to Pat Gillick:

"I see your Pedro Feliz and raise you a Johan! Check mate, biotch."

Wild Card isn't happening, either. AZ, LA, and SD are all better than us.

I hate this team's ownership.

Twins GM made a terrible deal. 2 months ago he turned down a package deal that included Philip Hughes.

But Jason, who do you want them to spend on? By the way, Rob Neyer did a post on Feliz. He concludes that he'll be a 'touch' better than Helms would have been, all things considered. (ESPN Insider subscription required)

The worst part isn't the Mets getting Santana, but the fact that they didn't even have to give up an excessive amount for him. I mean Hamels and Santana even each other out, but after that I'll take the Mets rotation any day. This is when Kuroda would have looked really nice in our rotation.


If it makes you feel any better, I beleive the Phils also passed on getting Babe Ruth from the Red Sox. Different ownership, same mentality.

Today makes me feel more like a phillies fan than any day I can remember in a long time.

The sky isn't falling. The Mets still have to sign him to a long term deal in the next 72 hours. Santana certainly has the upper hand in negotiations now since the Mets fans would flip out if the deal doesn't go through. Sounds like 8 years at $25 million to me. Even with Santana, the rest of the Mets staff is either average or old and often injured (see Pedro). He can only pitch every fifth day. I still like our chances.

You know... we still have to play the season out, right???

We all need to take a deep breath



i definitely hate mets fans more than phils management.. i hate mets fans more than any fanbase in the history of sports.

trolling scumbags...

anyone got Tanya Harding and Jeff Gilooly's number????

Ideas for beating the mets this year:

Every time Santana throws inside, charge the mound, regardless of the situation (signing Jose Offerman would make this strategy more effective).

Have Myers take Santana out for Boston.

Ugeth Urbina and Julio Mateo...'nuff said.

(a preresponse to anticipated offense...this is all in good fun, so relax)


Sorry, just needed something to make me feel better...

lets hope he fails the physical or can't agree on a long term contract

then the twins have to keep him because he'll veto

I totally just came.

"Your mom is pretty old....Hey, Rollins, got anything else to say? F*CK THE PHILLIES, LET'S GO METS!!!"

This is the typical response I would expect from the knuckle-walking Mets fans. More scumbags and degenerates per capita walking around at a Mets game at Shea than almost any MLB stadium.

JW - For once, I agree with Sir Alden. There really isn't much more worthwhile to spend money at this point although I don't see how signing Lohse to a 2-yr deal with an option would really hurt this team except in their revenue figure.

The only thing that makes me feel even remotely better after hearing the Santana news is:

1. The Flyers are in first place
2. Imagine how it would feel to be a Twins fan right now (if there are any).

I wish I knew why I continued to root for a team with such sh*tty ownership.

MG...remove the almost from the last sentence and youre spot on.

im a met fan and wish that my fellow met fans didn't come here to trash talk and rile up the other fans. I just come here to check the pulse of our rivals. The division isn't gauranteed, but I think this shifts things in the mets direction. see you guys in april

Anybody who doesn't think that the Mets are clear favorites are deluded. The Mets just landed a guy who will be the ace of their staff for the next 3-4 years minimum.

This trade moved the balance of power to NY in a big way and the real kicker is that the Mets really didn't give up all that much (besides the cash they will need to sign Santana an excpetion to).

Wow what does Rollins have to say about this, what does he predict this time; a championship ring? This time the Mets are the team to beat, Wright as MVP, Santana for CY award and Phillies dont even make the playoff. LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!

It crazy but the Phils need Kendrick to come though and duplicate his performance for an entire season. Lot of pressure on the kid.

kells: Excellent point. The Yankees offer was built around Philip Hughes and the Red Sox around Jacoby Ellsbury. Each of those players is better than anyone in the Mets offer. Very odd.

Tray: Not sure I get your point. Are you saying the Phillies couldn't have done more to improve the team this offseason? That it's too late now? Or you're happy with the team as is?

Mets fan here.

This is still the best Phils team in a long time, with a bonafide young ace at the top of the rotation.

That having been said... as much as off-season victories are worth, this is a Mets day. Every fan gets moments like this, on both ends. Trust me, we've pissed and moaned about our fate and ownership many a time over on the Mets boards.

I thought the Phils were clear cut favorites before, and now I still think the Phils will definitely be in it for the division. Santana as a Met just makes it more interesting.

Why are these idiot Mets fans calling out Jimmy and asking him to make a prediction again? It's not like the first one he made didn't pan out... You really want him to predict a championship?

Why all the pessimism? The Mets may have gotten Santana but we got Chad Durbin.

ud HUg plz tell me how the rest of the Mets rotation is bad. Pedro will be good for 160 innings 15 wins 3.33 era maine and perez both had 15 wins and are still improving, el duque will be solid dont even gte me started on Santana.

By the way everyone... On Daily New Live, Bill Conlin is PRAISING Feliz and saying that he makes this lineup complete. He also said he is no longer laughing about Jimmy's 100 win prediction because he believes Feliz can help... MY GOD, CONLIN IS AN IDIOT!!!

Who says that Santana is canceled out by Hamels?

Thats a load of bull and you should know it. Santana is a two time Cy Yonger winner who over the last 6 years has averaged under an ERA of 3 starting more than 30 games every year. Plus in every year as a full time starter he has never failed to win at least 10 games.

Hamels is a good pitcher, yes I get excited everytime he pitches. BUT he's not close to santana.

Conlin is far from an idiot. He is a very knowledge baseball writer but is a nasty, disgruntled individual who publishes more streams of thought than coherent journalism.

"Wild Card isn't happening, either. AZ, LA, and SD are all better than us."
i wouldn't argue that they might be better than us... however, I remember all those years when we were second in the East and at least the 4th best team in the NL... yet because our division was a helluva lot stronger than the other two we missed the playoffs. I could see the same thing happening here-- AZ, LA and SD will beat each other up and only one will go to the playoffs as division champ.

This trade sums up why Phillies fans feel second-rate.

Anything can happen, sure, that's why they play the games. But there is nothing the Phillies can do besides trade for Bedard to counter this move, and they should have been doing that regardless. Bedard's price just shot up anyway with Santana off the market.

As long as the Phillies are unable to compete for the A-Rods and the Santanas of the game, they will always be underdogs.

Underdogs are easier to love, but ask Red Sox fans which is better--to be underdogs or front runners.

Terrible news.

Let's not even talk about Benson or Lohse for a while, please. It only makes it worse.

Maybe Pedro Feliz will own Santana for the next five years. Yeah, right.

you just said 'stuck it right up the Phillies' butts'

For some reason, this announcement doesn't scare me. Not even a little. One pitcher isn't gonna fix all that's wrong with the Mets.

Maybe I'm underreacting.

A lot of posters here, especially Parker, like to pretend that Pedro is washed up but until we see him pitch, that is a false statement.

That makes the Mets rotation: Santana, Pedro, Perez, El Duque, Maine.

If there's a better 1 thru 5 in the NL, please inform me.

The one tiny problem this leaves for the Mets is RF. Gomez was going to be the starter and he's got a lot of upside. Now the starter becomes Ryan Church, who is a below average everyday player.

Of course the Mets could remedy that by doing what many Beerleaguer posters say the Phillies can't possibly do: Acquire more talent before the season begins.

i have to speculate that the twins gm traded santana to the mets despite receiving a considerably worse package than those the red sox or yankees were offering because he wanted santana out of the american league. that's about the only rational explanation i can think of.

Remember you heard it here first...the Johan trade will NOT go thru. This is a pure smokescreen on the Twins to get the Yankees or Sox to cough up soemthing better. Watch as later tonight reports will filter out that there is a "snag".

Mets Fans....obnoxious, just coming on for friendly banter, or otherwise....go away

J Roll will continue to dominate your squad and laugh in your face when you boo him.

hey mets losers: so you have 1 starting pitcher now. wow. great. 2nd place again.

The Mets didn't even offer the best package. Unbelieveable!

exactly, Dan. Jose Reyes couldn't carry J-Roll's jock. Reyes was the lead choker last year.




Hamels is no Santana. Please adjust Santana's era down accordingly as he moves from the deep end into the kiddie pool that is the NL.

Also everyone he touts the Phillies "vaunted" offense, consider this. Last year on the road the Phillies had 442 RS. The Mets had 437. In other words the Mets and Phillies had nearly equivalent offense (as the records bore out) but the Phillies get a massive home park booset which the visiting team shares...

UD Hens

The Mets are obviously gonna sign the guy but come on man

the Mets 5th starter (El Duque) is better then anyone in our rotation outside of Hamels.

plus guys Hamels is not even with Santana yet the guy has a 3.22 career era in the American League and now he has the Mets lineup infront of him.

If Santana was a Met last year we wouldn't have even made the playoffs so yes I am very worried.

ESPN's Peter Gammons just said that none of the mets players 4 players(Gomez,Humber, Guerra or Mulvey would be considered a top 10 prosepct in the Boston or yankee's system.This is beyond depressing.

Congrats to the Mets and their fans who have relevant things to say. 2008 is not even begun, let alone over, but the Mets took a big big step in the right direction.

Screw JOSE X 4, Joo Know What I'm Sayin', and the rest of their kind.

For what it's worth, Metsblog is well worth looking at for checking the pulse of the Mets fans, but please, don't be a dick like some of the Mets fans who post here. Adding to the conversation is great. Bitching and cursing about "your" team is so much more acceptable then going over there (or them coming here) and just talking sh*t.

If Conlin says Feliz is an All-Star it must be so.

I'm not giving up just because the Mets got another SP. The Phils still have a good offense and I don't believe that one player is going to make so much difference.

The Mets are now the team to beat. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to live up to everybody saying that you should win.

Any tightness yet in your throats there Mets fans? You guys BETTER win it! Especially after last year!

rich you're way off on the mets rotation. in stinks. el duque is the 2nd or 3rd starter

How does MLB allow this trade to go through? It is ridiculously lopsided.

I don't know who is being more ridiculous - the Mets' fans posting crap or the Phils' fan almost dismissing the Santana acquisition.

hey phils fans, i would lend you any one of my 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014 world series rings to wipe your tears off with, but i don't want that beautiful metal to get all rusty...

good luck with that Kyle Lohse signing, he's surely a poor-man's santana!

what a great day to be a mets fan

Hey Yoyo, can willie taste the sweetness of that champagne too?????? such an oracle, that randolph

You stay classy, Met fans!

Tom Glavine had 13 wins last year. He's gone. Even if you give Santana 20 wins this year, that's not enough to be talking about "season over before it starts"

Pretty funny trolling. Remember when they used to come here in the middle innings of every game they lost to us last year? Good to see they're still great at counting unhatched chickens.

Just one thing to say......HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a great day, We'll see you guys in the summer time, And i'll see you pissed off philles fans at CBP. And Santana will be pitching that day. Mark my words. By the way get some pitching hahahaha

MG: That's exactly what I'd do, a deal like that for Lohse. Lohse is better than what they've got probably 3-through-5. And opening the wallet doesn't necessarily mean to sign the remaining scraps. It means blowing apart their annual 105 million cap so we don't have to watch the Mets dominate the division into next decade.


Gomez was never slated as the starting RF. It was insinuated that he may Platoon with Church, or that the Mets were looking for a Right Handed compliment to platoon with Church. HOwever, Church has been billed as our starting RF from the get go.

I personally think he will be a surprise if he stays heatly and gets a chance to play everyday.

But really, WHO CARES? Johan F-en Santana is anchoring the mets staff. Wow.

And one wonders why the Red Sox and Yankees passed. How would you rank those three organizations?

Danomite: You are most certainly under-reacting. Santana is the real deal and no single player improves a team more than the ace of the starting staff.

An ace makes every other pitcher better by taking the pressure off and matching up against opposing aces deep into games.

Why do you think the Yankees and Red Sox wanted him so badly?

This is a Moses Malone type of signing for the Mets. Best guy at the most important position.

let me be the first to say it... THE SKY IS NOT FALLING PEOPLE! sure, as a Phils fan, i would have rather seen Santana go to pretty much anybody except the Mets, but i truly do not believe this to be the end of the world. as this godforsaken trade has dragged on and on i've become more and more convinced that whoever acquired Santana is going to get majorly fleeced. why?

1- because the Mets just emptied their farm system, which was almost as barren as the Phils, leaving little cover for the next few seasons to relieve their aging roster

2- because the Mets are going to grossly overpay him in dollars and years. even for new york, his contract should weigh heavily on the franchise's budget thereby impacting free agent signings and long-term contracts (not that they have any worthwhile young blood currently unsigned)

and 3- i truly do not believe that Johan Santana will continue to be the best pitcher in baseball for very much longer. his ERA jumped to 3.33 in 2007, which while still good is a significant jump above his 2.86 average ERA from the previous five seasons. he gave up career highs in Earned Runs and Homeruns last year. he's pitched an average of 228 innings for the last four seasons and there are confirmed reports that he's lost velocity on his fastball. i feel really confident that this 6 or 7 year contract is going to turn into Barry Zito, part deux.

he's a good pitcher, but the Phils can hit good pitching. i dont' think he'll be a great pitcher for very much longer. and i really think this deal will negatively impact the Mets for years to come...


Let me clarify. I agree that Conlin is a very knowledgeable baseball writer, I just meant that the comment about Feliz pushing the Phillies to 100 wins was an idiotic comment.

Obviously, this makes the Mets a prohibitive favorite. And I don't think it's an overstatement to say it makes them so for a long time. But to say that this indicates anything about Gillick is retarded. Giles and ownership, maybe. But Omar Minaya is no genius for his ability to trade 4 shitty prospects for a guy that only 3 teams had the resources to sign.

This is money, money, money. Nothing else at play.

- This is the perfect way to jump start spring training. Watching the Phillies this off season do N-O-T-H-I-N-G to really make a move and maybe vault them to the head of the N.L. was bad enough. As usual, a NY team adds insult to injury by signing a huge FA superstar. Hard to believe Harry.

- As usual, the Mets fans come out of the woodwork, rubbing everyone's proverbial nose's in it. I hate to say this about a player, mainly because I know it is mean spirited and not very sportsman-like, just like the NY fans themselves, but a major arm injury is all we can hope for now involving Santana. Or maybe a sudden case of Steve Blass disease. It would be heartbreaking. It always breaks my heart to see a NY team suffer. It just can't happen enough.

- Maybe JRoll and Chase can do a Donovan McNabb and ask for real pitching help, starting and bullpen, an actually real upgrade at 3B, and another all-star caliber outfielder to replace the former all star CF. Anyone believe in Christmas in July?

- I can't wait to hear the Phillies damage control spin on this move. I am sure that Rube, Stand Pat, Monty and Billy Boy are scrambling to write the perfectly sickening Phillies reply to the obvious questions. Excuse me now while I go vomit.

All right Phillie fans, honest answer... if it were the Phillies today who picked up Santana for the talent that the Mets gave up, how would you be reacting right now?

This move doesn't bury the Phils. It just makes the Mets better than they were yesterday, and as Met fan I'm pretty happy about that. (Rollins still terrifies me.)

All right Phillie fans, honest answer... if it were the Phillies today who picked up Santana for the talent that the Mets gave up, how would you be reacting right now?

This move doesn't bury the Phils. It just makes the Mets better than they were yesterday, and as Met fan I'm pretty happy about that. (Rollins still terrifies me.)

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