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Friday, January 25, 2008


I know to stat geeks Shane isn't phenomenal by any means, but I love him and think he's a great player for this team.

the behind in the count #'s were interesting. great questions (and answers).
great job!

BTW- looks like Livan Hernandez is going to Mets...via MLBTR.

It is so hard not to like this guy. He may not be the OBP/high average hitter that Whitey was, but his defense and "go-for-it" mentality certainly indicate that he has been cast from a similar mold.

Victorino's offensive contributions are undersold by OPS alone. Given that his arm is double-plus and his range translates from RF to CF, center is going to be a strong suit for the Phils, Rowand or no Rowand.

Should read : and if his range translates

Jeff Fiorentino, 25 years old and a former prospect with the Orioles, was DFA'ed by Cincinnati today. He might be worth a look in our minor league system. He's a corner outfielder with some pop.

In news about former Phillies, Brandon Duckworth was DFA'ed by Kansas City.

Carson, I don't want to speak for all "stat geeks," but I think everyone loves Victorino. He's flat-out fun to watch, and it's not like he's Nunez with the stick.

And FWIW, his on-base percentage has been better with the Phils in the big leagues than in his minor-league career. At 27 he's not a kid, but given his late start with high-level ball (not many great HS players in Hawaii) I think the best is yet to come. It wouldn't shock me if Shane turns into a sort of poor man's Brian Giles, from his Pirates days.

Oh, and I like the Fiorentino idea--thought he'd be a good fit for the Phils when the O's cut him after the Roberson deal.

Dajafia- I consider myself to be a "stat geek" most of the time, but I can stop outside that confinement to realize the worth of Victorino much like you can. I apologize for my blanket statement, it was mostly directed at Clout.

The Phils should look into both Fiorentino and Aardsma, even if both were nothing more than insurance at Allentown. I do think Aardsma would have a chance at cracking the bullpen though.

Vic is flat-out awesome.

Victorino is flat-out awesome, his range is flat-out awesome, his arm is flat-out awesome, his speed is flat-out awesome, and his attitude is flat-out awesome.

We are damn lucky to have him.

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