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Monday, January 07, 2008


Like JW said, this is exactly what they should have done last year. Even in a worst case scenario of Ruiz getting hurt, Coste suddenly regressing, and Jamarillo not being a major league hitter, someone the "caliber" of a Barajas or Fasano will be available for a handful of beans in a trade.

Jeltzie: Good point about picking up a veteran later.

I couldn't find Angel Negron on

Anyway- I am predicting an All-Star worthy season from Chooch. Last offseason I stated that I thought he was a future all-star, and that time is now in my opinion. You must remember the NL is generally weak at the catching position.

He goes by Miguel Negron.

I wasn't sure. He's an outfielder, too. Doesn't appear to be a prospect. Probably AA depth.

Just looked at Angel/Miguel and he's lucky to be Double A fodder. But hey, someone needs to fill out the roster.

Baseball America not on top of situation. Angel is his middle name and he played 120 games in the OF last year and 1 at 1B and they list him as 1B. He will be playing at Reading.

Just read that the Pirates inked pitchers Elmer Dessens and Adam Bernero to minor league contracts. Bernero now has the opportunity of becoming a member of the prestigious *Phucco Phamily. Phucco = Phillie/Bucco.

All said, it would be surprising if the Phillies do not add another veteran catcher just to protect themselves. A minor league assignment in brand-new Lehigh Valley, backing up Ruiz and Coste, isn't a bad gig for any one of the following:

Paul Bako
Kelly Stinnett
Sandy Alomar Jr.
Josh Paul
Doug Mirabelli
Kevin Cash

Might as well sign Mirabelli & just wait for the Red Sox to need him again.

For shiggles, I'd love to see Sandy Alomar Jr. signed to backup Jaramillo at Allentown and mentor the Triple A staff.

Is Pete La Bunch-of-trees a good defensive catcher? He can't seem to hit except occasional dingers.

Won't the Phillies be counting on Pete LaForest as that second catcher for the Iron Pigs?

Wow - I completely forgot about LaForest. I just consider him a bench bat. I know nothing about his defense.

Yes, Pierre-Luc will be 2nd fiddle donning the tools of ignorance in Triple A, but signing Alomar Jr. would still rock!

Still think a grizzled veteran like Bako would make sense down in the minors.

I noticed Mike Lieberthal is available. The Dodgers barely played him last year even when it looked like Russell Martin was completely out of steam at the end of the year. Should he be added to the old guy, backup catcher, list? Or does he still command enough for another club to offer him a big league back-up role?

There's no need to sign another veteran backstop. Coste and Jaramillo should be enough to backup Ruiz, even if he misses significant time.

The real story will be how long Coste can hold off Jaramillo. The Phillies need to see Jaramillo ahead of Lou Marson to determine for sure which one is the catcher of the future.

I agree that Ruiz has an outside shot at becoming an all-star, but Russell Martin and Brian McCann are the favorites.

I think it would be foolish for the Phils to break camp without Coste and it would totally contradict their philosophy just one year ago.

Coste is proven MLB player who can play a few different positions, caught during the last two playoff runs, and is a decent pinch-hitter who has come through in the clutch.

It would appear to be pretty risky relying on an unproven rookie to guide the ship for an extended period of time while having to look in the sofa cushion for coins to pick-up a veteran catcher along the way if Ruiz got hurt.

Jaramillo is not going anywhere and Coste really regresses then make the move.

Hey Weitzel did you listen to the Rivers Cuomo demo collection CD yet? If you're a Weezer fan you'll like it. They also announced albut 6 is on its way.

The good thing about Coste being able to play 1B and 3B in a pinch (OK, we know he'll never get a shot at 3rd) is that if a Howard/Helms/Dobbs goes on the DL for a couple weeks, you could call up Jamarillo for a look instead of the typical Generic AAAA Infielder the Phils usually drag around. I wouldn't be totally shocked if there's an injury to some position player in the spring if all 3 broke camp and Coste was utilized primarily as a pinch hitter.

Carson: I have it, but haven't listened to it all the way through.

Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but the Phillies have Jaramillo, Bisenius, and Happ taking part in some MLB rookie orientation program (which I believe is basically advice on finances, groupies, drugs, booze, etc.). This might be the Phillies tipping their cards a bit, or perhaps they just get a certain number of slots per season for the course.

Dear God:

I have been an avid Red Sox fan for the last 30+ years and have grown to love this Phillies team for the past 7 years.

Each team has what the other really needs and I am asking you to please make it happen even though some here might consider it blasphemy and ask you to do mean and terrible things to me...please ignore them.

Here is my New Year prayer ... please inspire the Phillies to seek a trade for Mike Lowell and K. Youkilis in exchange for Ryan Howard.

I am sure the Red Sox will want a few more pieces but it couldn't hurt to ask.

What do you think????

Agree with other posters. With Coste, Jaramillo, and LaForest, the Phils are fine backing up Ruiz. I don't see a need for another veteran minor leaguer -- other than perhaps tutoring Marson at Reading.

Lowell and Youk for Howard? Nein!

Did I hear a "nein"er in there... were you calling from a Valkie Talkie?

Anyway, as big of a Coste fan as I am, the adaptability of a bench with Jaramillo on it is pretty interesting. I would love to hear any more in depth commentary posters have to offer on his defense.

Werth agrees to terms: 1 year, 1.7 million.

1.7 may turn out to be a nice bargain for werth.

As to the Bargain Depot pitcher Gillick will sign, my guess is Mark Hendrickson. Now Mark can say he was a swingman on TWO Philly Teams.. If he doesn't crack the 25, PG can always trade him to the Sixers for "financial considerations"

Mets sign ex-Phillie Anderson "Mas Macho" Machado to minor league contract.

After watching a lot of werth last year, 1.7 mil is a great deal for the phils for him. I think he has some real potential to be a good player down the road, so I'd really like to see Charlie give him some serious playing time.

Hey JW,

Saw Mos Definite and Common are on the Dec playlist, was wondering if you had listened to Lupe's new album?

Nothing said of Marson in your article here. Marson along with LaForest make the catching position 5 deep. Granted Marson is at least a year away at the earliest unless 4 injuries occur but he could find his way to AAA this year and be knocking on the majors shortly. LaForest is actually a very interesting prospect as one who could a decent lefthanded hitter with some pop. I don't know if there will ever be any room for him on the Phils but he could provide some insurance and depth at the position.

Another thought to consider, if Marson and Jaramillo increase thier value this year the Phils will have a position they could trade from without hindering thier team.

The Phils have consistently raised good catchers as we have seen the likes of Lieberthal, Estrada, Barrett, and Estalella just as some who come to mind off the top of my head.

Next year at this time there maybe a log jam at catcher for the Phils and that could be a good thing especially if Gillicks successor can turn that into a quality trade.

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