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Monday, December 03, 2007


Jason, great sum up ending sentence to this post header: "There’s literally no telling which direction the Phillies will go."

Amen, brother. No truer words were ever written on this site!

Order of preference for a RF:

Rosenthal reported that a "mystery team" has offered Rowand the 5-year deal he's looking for.

The Giants are a team worth watching this winter. They're in the rare position to trade away pitching for bats. Kosuke Fukudome would be an awesome fit for a team trying to remake their identity after Bonds, and they look like a real darkhorse for Cabrera. I'm willing to bet they have more attractive chips than LAA.

They just seem to have the right combination of money and players to make things very interesting in the West, which is still up for grabs.

John D, to respond to a couple of your points...

Ramirez is certainly worth looking into, but I suspect he would be prohibitively expensive and probably not ready to seriously contribute to a major league team in 2008.

Shannon Stewart is just not a good outfielder. also, he's a righty - although his platoon split is pretty much nonexistent. Jenkins would be a much better platoon option.

as far as the rookies, Savery & Drabek have not pitched above single-A ball and aren't close to the majors (esp. Drabek). Carrasco struggled at AA last year and is only 20; he doesn't need to be rushed. Outman is perhaps slightly more likely, but he was also merely mediocre at AA last year. if Carrasco or Outman flip the switch and become dominant, then maybe you bring them up, but you have to be careful with a move like that. Colorado got lucky on a flamethrower in Jimenez and a tricky lefty in Morales (like we got lucky w/Kendrick), but it's hardly a guarantee that you'll catch lightning in a bottle when you bring up a ~20 year old.

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kdon: Here's my order of preference for an outfielder:

1. Fukodome
2. A. Jones
3. Rowand
4. Koskie (with Dobbs moving to LF)
5. L. Gonzalez
6. S. Green
7. Lofton
8. Jenkins
9. Nobody
10. Wilkerson

The way I see Fukudome is that I don't really know him, so he could be to be better than the crap I do know stinks.

So I'd value Jones, Rowand, Fukodome, Koskie, and pretty much agree with you the rest of the way on down. In fact, I really have no interest in any one else on that list honestly.

And for the record: I'd rather take a risk on Jones than Rowand.

Jenkins is going to probably get 2 years for 7+ million, meaning out of the Phils budget. Luis Gonzalez is going to be tough to pry away from the West Coast, but I'd like to have him added for one season, the man is in his 40's afterall and would probably be more productive if platooned.

I'd still love to give Koskie a shot if he can be had cheap.

Pitching is a crap shoot. Relief is still needed and the mystery extra starter still remains out there.

mm: Fukodome's numbers show that he hits for average, hits for power, draws walks, & has good speed. Plus, he apparently plays Gold Glove caliber defense. The success of guys like Ichiro, Hideki Matsui, & Johjima gives little reason to doubt that Fukodome's success will also translate to the major leagues. There will likely be some drop-off, but he'll still be a very good player.

I agree with you that the list isn't too scintillating. Once you get past Koskie, there's really no one on the list I'd be excited about signing.

I know this idea is crazy, but what about Byung-Hyun Kim as a starter, and if need be he can pitch in the bullpen too. Of course he hasn't even really been decent is a few years.

Relief: Armando Benetize and Jorge Julio- have closing experience too. Not great, but better than most of the crap we had last season.

For outfield, go all (Fukudome) or nothing (Gonzalez, Stewart). Jenkins isn't worth the $7MM, and Rowand - as Jason so eloquently hid it in there - isn't worth even four years. Three, yeah, definitely, but not four.

Rowand's "mystery team" may very well be the Yankees. Also, this was from Rosenthal:

"Emboldened by his acquisition of Milledge, Nationals general manager Jim Bowden is trying to pull off a similar coup in trade talks involving closer Chad Cordero. Bowden repeatedly has asked Milwaukee for second baseman Rickie Weeks, figuring that the Brewers might relent due to their need for a closer. No chance."

What about Vic for Cordero? The Nats need a CF; we can turn Madson around for OF help if we can't sign Rowand. I know it won't happen - "Lidge is our closer" - but hey, that would finish the bullpen off for sure.

Economics aside (and that's a BIG clarifier there), I prefer Rowand to Andruw Jones. But that's just quibbling.

Yes, Carson, it's a little better than last season's crap, but at a far higher price. Pass.

Parker, the reason I ripped your post is that you charged Herb Whoever with 3 false reports -- but two of them were simply opinions. When he said WV would beat Pitt by 50 points, did you take that as factual reporting? Or when he said Missouri shouldn't go for a 2-point conversion -- opinion, pure and simple. WTF? If he's a dumb-ass, he's hardly alone in that on the sports beat.

As for the Miles to Michigan story, it had nothing to do with Herby. The story ran on the web site at the same time. He's a talking head, not a producer. I just think you're taking this awfully seriously considering it's sports. Lake Fred, if people in Louisiana are that upset about who their football coach is, they need lives.

mentioning Benitez inspired me to go dig up the old thread debating trading Burrell for Benitez. good times...too bad we missed that opportunity.

also, Benitez is still terrible. but it could be worth taking a flyer on Julio.

The Nationals already traded for their Center Fielder(Milledge). I know Vic is better but I be hesistant to trade him like that.

The Nats have always had an eye on Madson. Why not him, and prospects, for Cordero?

Again, I'd rather trade the farm(if some team is willing to take it), then what we have on our 40 Man.

Then again, its probably not enough to get him either way.

Malcolm, we don't need a closer, we need a setup man. I think Gillick should be approaching this season with the idea that anything from Gordon -- anything at all -- is gravy. He is one curveball away from a season-ending injury, IMO, and should not be counted on to pitch a single inning.

Victorino is better than Milledge? um, right.

The last thing the Phils need is a left-handed hitter added into the lineup to replace Rowand. We already have issues with left-handed pitching. I'd rather have werth than any of those left-handers.

mm, do you really trust Madson to fill any sort of pressure role? I don't. Throughout his career he has spit the bit in pressure situations, starting with his emergency start for Bowa (.1 inning, 6 ER) though his crappy performances early last year -- he was as responsible as anyone for the poor start to last season.

Elliott: We need a platoon partner for Werth, who struggles against good right-handers. Do you see anyone in-house?

elliott, you need a lefty because Werth can't hit RHP. it's a platoon job, not a full-time job.

Fukudome would be the exception to that, but his ceiling is much higher than any of the other guys (Abreu a couple years ago) so you'd make an exception in that case.

In Defense of Madson: His issues are largely the Phillies fault, mostly his riding the fence between Starting and Relieving for far too long. He tried to develop other pitches, and it seems like a case of too many cooks in the kitchen, giving him advice on what pitches he should try to develop(He tried to develop a curve for a year or two when they wanted him to start, then they wanted him to relieve so he tried to switch to a slider instead.)

It's really shame, cus when he he is on, he has great stuff. Then again, so did Padilla, so i guess it doesn't matter. I think the Phillies and other teams, still believe he can be an effective pitcher, and i think 2008 will be it. He had alot of time to mentally prepare for this season, and time to pick a third pitch and work on it.

I really have been surprised at the general lack of activity so far in the FA market. With a few exceptions, there really hasn't been much movement so far.

I wonder if a big trade will enact a "tipping point" in the FA market where a bunch of the mid-tier guys start to sign quickly too. Should be an interesting week.

"Malcolm, we don't need a closer, we need a setup man. I think Gillick should be approaching this season with the idea that anything from Gordon -- anything at all -- is gravy. He is one curveball away from a season-ending injury, IMO, and should not be counted on to pitch a single inning."

And Lidge would make a damn fine setup man.

Milledge can play left or right for Washington. In fact, so could Vic.

Madson + prospects (Cardenas and Marson maybe?) could be intriguing. But that may not be quite enough.

Also, we know Fuk is a lefty, but would you rather have him or Jenkins out there? I mean, come on, the market for outfielders is heavily skewed to lefties. Why not go for the best?

I'd be real careful with Cordero, especially considering Bowden's track record of demanding--and getting--the moon in trades. he's an extreme FB pitcher who's prone to the longball, and he's been trending in the wrong direction last couple years.

Alby, I did not make any statement that the predictions he made had anything to do with facts, nor did I say that he had a responsibility with regard to them. Of course he is free to make any bogus prediction he wants. I did not say anything about them except to say that "He had a hell of a day." I only meant to suggest that he was/is an idiot with regards to the opinions.

The Les Miles (LSU/Michigan) thing was totally different. ESPN stated that "Kirk Herbstreit reports that Les Miles will be announced as the new footbal coach at Michigan." This clearly indicates that their announcemnt was the product of Herbstreits investigation into the matter. So it was not as if Herbstreit just happened to report something for ESPN. On the contrary, it was his reporting for ESPN. He was clearly responsible for the accuracy of his reporting, and he made numerous retractions throughout the day, further indicating his responsibility for reporting the matter.

ae, I think Victorino's all round game is a bit better than Milledge's right now if you consider base stealing, defense, and the ability to hit both right and left handed pitching. I won't even get into attitude and preparation issues. Obviously Milledge has a much higher ceiling.

John D. says Bedard is not someone we should overpay to get. Well, he was quite possibly the best pitcher in baseball until he got injured. He had about a 12-13 K/9 going at the time he ended his season. If you are not willing to overpay for the best pitcher in baseball, what pitcher would you overpay? Which other pithcers would be better? IMO, I would rather have Bedard than Santana. This being said, the trade will never happen, especially since ESPN reported the story. Bedard probably has recently re-signed with the Orioles. Then again, Stark does seem to be something of a professional journalist. If Herbstreit had reported it, I would be saying it is a sure farce.

ae, thanks for the link back to the old days!

It's kind of sad that my statement back then is still true 13 months later:

"Considering Burrell is the only legitimate everyday corner outfielder on the entire 40 man roster, we should hesitate before trading him."

Exclusive video of Gillick and the Phillies caravan departing for the Winter Meetings:

"It's kind of sad that my statement back then is still true 13 months later:

'Considering Burrell is the only legitimate everyday corner outfielder on the entire 40 man roster, we should hesitate before trading him.' "

Well it's not such a bad thing. I mean, there are only two corner outfield spots. Werth isn't quite an everyday player, but he might be as close as it gets. Still, they either need an everyday 3B or RF.

Parker: I stand corrected, then; I didn't realize Herbie was credited as the reporter (I don't watch ESPN). But really, is it that big a deal, a coach going one place or the other? Considering how much taxpayer money football coaches suck down, I would consider the school that doesn't pay him the winner.

As for Bedard vs. Santana, have you been drinking? Don't the words "until he was hurt" worry you at all? Doesn't Santana's record -- five years of higher ERA+ than Bedard's 2007 season -- impress you at all? Santana's four season of 200+ innings vs. Bedard's zero such seasons? Santana's career WHIP of 1.09, vs. Bedard's one season of 1.08 (career: 1.34)? I could go on, but you get the idea. What makes you think Bedard is better?

"John D. says Bedard is not someone we should overpay to get. Well, he was quite possibly the best pitcher in baseball until he got injured."

Parker, this entire message board is worried about the durability of our pitching staff (Hamels/Moyer/Eaton) and you want to go after somebody who was effective "before he got injured?" If thats the case, then Bedard isn't the first Oriole I would even go after (Roberts/Tejada/Benson). I would rather go after somebody like Livan Hernandez or Carols Silva than Bedard and pay the money rather than trade the farm.

Just my opinion though!

More Bedard fodder courtesy of

"Heyman reports that the Mets offered Gomez/Humber/Heilman for Erik Bedard, though as you may recall Roger Rubin said it was Lastings Milledge and not Gomez. Whatever it was, the Orioles weren't impressed with the offer."

Not impressed???

The White Sox just got Quentin from AZ, probably to play LF for them. That could mean Fields will play 3B and Crede could be traded. Who would we have to give up for him? Hopefully not too much. I know he has low OBP, but health issues aside, he would look good batting 7th for us. Also it might mean we could flip Helms for Farnsworth.

Malcom, true, you only need two corner OF, but I was talking then (and now) about organizational depth.

The Phillies don't have anyone in their system who even remotely projects as a good everyday corner OF.

If the Phillies don't resign Burrell, they are going to have a major void at two key power positions.

Joe F:
PG will not make any offer, but will wait in hopes that the Chisox will non-tender Crede and then make him an offer directly.

If KW is actually planning to non-tender him (which seems possible but not likely to me), then why not trade some long-shot prospect, along the lines of Michael Dubee, or "cash considerations?" The ChiSox get something and the Phils then don't have to potentially enter a bidding war.

Why would the Yankees still be interested in Helms? Didn't they just take care of the hole they had at third base with the signing (almost) of A-Rod? What role would Helms hold on that team?

Helms would backup first in NY, cause Girardi already know's he can't play 3rd.

I think a bidding war for Crede is extremely unlikely. there just aren't many teams looking for a thirdbaseman this season.

and contra Joe F, I would say it's at least an even shot that Crede gets nontendered.

Don't they have Shelley Duncan to back up Giambi? If they aren't happy with him wouldn't Mientkiwicz fill the same role with better defense?

The Helms/Farnsworth trade has been discussed before, although it was just speculation I believe (not an actual rumor). The reasoning is that the Yankees want to be rid of Farnsworth's contract. I also seem to remember reading that Helms and Girardi have a good relationship. Helms can be useful as a CI backup/PH, which is how NYY would use him. PG is just expecting too much in thinking he's a viable everyday 3B.

the high cielling on milledge just came back down when he left new york. he was just the latest in a long line of met super prospects that are conjured up by thier pr and the ny media. he's another greg jefferies, bill pulsipher, paul wilson, ryan thompson...

mike nutter - you mean unlike all of us on Beerleaguer, who are always so judicious in our assessments of Phillies minor league talent. right?

Joe F
Didn't we already trade Dubee?

It was a DPatrone rumor-from his "friend". Doesn't sound unlikely, just questionable.

...for Iguchi; remember?

He meant a "Dubee type of prospect".

On the Helms for Farnsworth. It sounds perfectly reasonable. Yanks are not happy at all with Farnsworth's work last year. They are looking to off-load him. Helms had a good year when he played for Girardi. (GIGO - a marriage made in heave!)

(I meant to leave the "n" off.)

I didn't say Dubee, I said someone along the lines of Dubee. Meaning someone as equally unlikely to be a useful big leaguer as Dubee.

Okay. I can live with a "type prospect." But who? Someone is bound to get upset when you mention actual names. Cause either it's too much to pay (i.e. Cardenas) or utterly laughable (i.e. Burnham), or both (i.e. Golson). So... a pitcher from A? One of our dwindling supply of position prospects? (Quintin Berry? Jason Donald?)

So, Mike Nutter, you think professional scouts are taken in by the Mets' PR? Surely you jest.

Joe F.
Incidently, sorry for misinterpreting, jumping to conclusions and seeming snitty.
My bad.

He's not jesting.

And don't call him "Shirley."

Alby, fair enough, but Bedard is not a guy with a long history of injury problems. Additionally, I'm not concerened with Bedard's career WHIP. His career WHIP takes into account his entire career prior to his developing a wicked changeup and harnessing his control. Unless he suddenly is unable to throw the change or loses all control like Rick Ankiel, I would place little value in a career 1.34 WHIP. He has made substantial changes in his pitching style that have made him a very good pitcher. Bedard dominated games against some of the best lineups in baseball last season. Its not like he pitched most of his games against the NL Central. This guy had to go up against the Yankee's, Red Sox and Blue Jays regularly. His stats should also be considered in light of the DH.
Assuming health (Probably equally shaky with either Santana or Bedard), I think Bedard is the equal of Santana. I would rather have Bedard. Either way, the Phillies are not getting either one of them. I just hope the Mets don't get Bedard. He would murder our lefty lineup.

It does seem as if most teams are playing it very tentatively this off-season, but there's probably a single deal or signing (or George Mitchell announcement) which will get the ball rolling and set off a wave of transactions before Christmas. As for the Phillies, their options are extremely limited as usual. If they want to go the free-agent route, they will have to blow everyone out of the water to get either of the Japanese prizes - and frankly, even though no one has ever seen Fukudome or Kuroda play, they most likely exist as the very best available options for the Phillies outside of bringing Rowand back. (I fail to see how Andruw Jones is preferable in any way to Rowand.) Any worthwhile trade they could conceivably make would mean dealing roughly half of their worthwhile prospects. I just don't know what the Phillies have in mind when they insist on repeating that they're out to get pitching. It's a little like listening to a homeless person tell you all about the trip to the Bahamas he's going on next week.

Rangers are shopping Blalock. Any chance we can send back Eaton(and some prospects) for him?

I know no professional Baseball Team is interested in Adam Eaton, but it helps my psyche to pretend they might be.

I don't see how you can have Bedard and Hamels on the same team, and I'd argue that Hamels is better.

It will be Mark Prior/Kerry wood for the Phils. One goes on the DL, two weeks later, so does the other one.

Eaton is one of the least desirable pitchers in baseball. The only way the Rangers would take him is for Padilla, who's probably at the very bottom.

None of the guys you mention are appropriate. They've all made progress in the minors (aside from Burnham who is organizational filler). I'm not sure why you want a name, but the low minors has plenty of names we've never heard of and whom the Phils have no plans for them to ever make it to the bigs.

The Helms-Farnsworth rumor/speculation has been going around for awhile. On the surface, it sounds like it makes sense. But, when you really think it through, it makes no sense.

Farnsworth will cost $5.5M in 2008. He's got good stuff but hasn't been particularly effective during the last 2 seasons. If you're willing to pay $5.5M to a reliever who hasn't been effective since 2005, why wouldn't you just take that same $5.5 and sign a FA reliever like Riske or Mahay who HAS been effective in recent years?

It's true that dumping Helms' $2.5M salary would partially offset the $5.5M we'd have to pay Farnsworth. But then we'd have to turn around & find a right-handed platoon player to replace Helms -- and that would likely cost around the same amount of money that we were paying to Helms.

The only way Helms-Farnsworth begins to make sense is if the Phillies also add a full-time third baseman. But that costs big bucks. Do you seriously think the Phillies are going to pay the big bucks it would cost to add a full-time third baseman AND turn around and pay $5.5M to add a middle reliever? That's about as likely as Cholly winning the 2008 Nobel Prize in nuclear physics.

bap - nice analysis; so maybe that one's not gonna happen.

Joe F. I wanted a name when I thought you were actually naming someone. The ones I named are deliberatiely not appropriate as examples of why there's always a problem.
Still - Maloney fell into that category and his name still comes up as someone we shouldn't have used for trade fodder.

The larger issue, when considering what the Phils will actually do is that they will see the possibility of Crede being non-tendered and will wait rather than give away someone they didn't have to.

(i.e. they're cheap that way.)

If the Yankees Pick up another bakcup third basmen, why not take Betemit of their hands, and give him a shot?

That is, if we can't find anyone else to play everyday

The only reason I brought up Helms/Farnsworth was if the Phils somehow landed Crede. He would play full time and Bruntlett would be the backup. As I said before, the Phils have to be careful about the health Crede (or any other 3B, Blalock etc.) before they did anything else. But assuming they did find someone, it would offset the need for Helms. Remember we also have Dobbs who appears to be a backup for both 3B and OF now, as well as a good PH option.

RE: Farnsworth's contract... It may be a lot of money but as you said it would be partially offset by losing Helms's contract. More importantly though, Riske et al are unlikely to accept 1-yr deals, so the fact that Farnsworth would be only 1 year makes it more favorable.

MM - I think you are truely underestimating Bedard. I don't think we have any prayer of coming anywhere close to dealing for him so it's not worth the argument, but he doesn't really hvae an extensive injury history and the only reason he didnt come back last year was because there was simply no reason to with the O's season in the tank.

I'd love Betamit. Doesn't make sense that they would take in Helms and move Betamit. Should've gone after him last year.

The anti-Bedard stuff is just silly and I'm hoping it's just "we can't get him so I'm not going to get my hopes up, in fact I'll go one step further and say he would not be a good fit here" type of talk.

Bedard would be great to get and worth taking a chance with the top level prospects to do so. I understand not wanting to get the hopes up, but some of the other stuff about Bedard not fitting or not being worth it I don't get. He doesn't have the Santana consistency yet, but last season he was at where we want Hamels to be in the future.

I agree Maloney was a bigger prospect and we may regret that trade. On the other hand, Lohse had more value at the time than Crede does now, so the asking price was different I'm sure.

Ricky-I probably am underestimating him. My bad

The thing about the Japanese pitchers is they all have about the same shot at working out. So far success has been totally random for the Japanese imports. Saito was an unheralded pitcher. Okajima was totally unheralded. Dice-K was heavily hyped, but not great.

Kobayashi, the closer, signed for two years, $6.25 million, and he was reportedly the best reliever out there. Yabuta signed with KC for slightly less.

To me, these are worthwhile gambles and there are still other free agents available: forkballer Kazumi Saito, Chunichi Dragons ace Kenshin Kawakami and lefty closer Hitoki Iwase among them. I would like to see the Phillies dig into their pockets for the whole $2 million or so it would take to give one of these arms a try.

What could we offer to the nats for albaldjelo?

Only once had a whip above 1.3, hasn't had a HR9 over 1. Gives up hits but, probably grounders.

Madson and something?

Jason, I agree on the Japan front, especially considering how comparatively cheap Kobayashi went for.

From MLB Traderumors: Hiroki Kuroda isn't dead set on the West Coast - he's keeping an open mind in terms of location.

Anyone Think the Phils have made an agreesive offer to him?

Other than giving a little meaningless lip service to the idea of going after Kuroda, the Phillies have never shown even the slightest inclination to mine the Japanese leagues for talent. There's really no rational explanation for their failure to look for relief help in Japan. And, given Rowand's departure, Burrell's contract year, & their apparent willingness to throw big bucks at Mike Lowell, there's also no rational explanation why they wouldn't make a significant effort to try to sign Fukodome.

BAP, sure there is a rational explanation. They either haven't scouted the Japanses players adequatedly (that's just lazy and cheap, not irrational), or they don't think they represent good value at the dollars the players will command, or lastly - the Phils brain trust just doesn't think they're MLB material.

Not irrational, but it wouldn't be the first time the scouting department got it wrong [see: Adam Eaton, Wes Helms, Abe Nunez, Andy Ashby, C.J. Henry, Nelson Figueroa, Bud Smith, etc., etc., etc.].

tmichalski, IMO Kuroda is just trying to drive the price up. I'll bet dollars to Jon Lieber's favorite food that he winds up West of Denverf.

Interesting Story I just rememberd:

When I was five years old I went to Clearwater for a week with My Mom, My Aunt and My cousin. My Aunt shared a condo with Richie Ashburn. Not like the same complex, they shared the condo together, because Richie was only down there for Spring Training and such and didn't want to buy a place. So they just split the cost and he would stay there while the phils were in spring training.

I was five, so while i knew who he was, it didn't mean quite as much to me then, as it does now in retrospect.

He was pretty busy with the phils and all so he'd only really be there in the mornings, and then at night, and usually was just relaxing and reading. He was an avid reader and him and my mom would sit in the living room, talk baseball, and read.

One night, before he left for the training complex, he made us dinner. I remember it was really really good, though i can't remember exactly what it was. I also remember that night my aunt and mom were taking my cousin and I to play mini-golf and I was upset that Richie couldn't come with us, because he was really good with kids. He was really friendly and grandfatherly.

I wish i could have been older so i would have appreciated it more- my opportunity to spend a week with a Phillies legend. But its still a time i will never forget.

Elijah Dukes to the Nats!

DC crime rate just increased...

AWH: You're right. Irrational really isn't the right word. How about unacceptable?

Speaking of Lieber, I am suprised the Red Sox never picked him up, as they could have saved themselves some cash by paying part of his salary in Dunkin Donuts.

looks like Dukes to the Nats has happened. Nothing official on who they got, but one of the pieces may have been Rauch, as apparently Baseball cube is now listing him as a Ray.

I apologize: there is no validity to rauch. It is a Player to be named situation.

So, seems like Dukes to the Nats has happened, which begs this question:

The nats now have a surplus of Outfielders...would it be wise to try and go after Austin Kearns, pending we dont resign Rowand?

I liked the idea of getting Kearns. A Madson and Werth for Kearns deal might not be horrible, but in his defense, Werth did put up better numbers than Kearns last season.

Again if we are dealing with the nats i would like to get there one pitcher, abeldejo(SP?) as i think his numbers are good. I'm not sure if they use him as a starter or reliever, but it think he would be better as a reliever.

Madson, Werth Prospect for Kearns and Abeldejo. vic in center, Kearns in right, buy a FA Corner OF next season to Replace Burrell, spend the rest of this offseason focusing on 3B and high risk, high reward, coming of injury SP, Go with the starters we have + Project Sp , and focus on Replacing Moyer/Eaton or Both, next season?

I like Kearns, but I doubt he'll be available for a reasonable price.

Washington doesn't really have a surplus. I bet they rotate Pena/Milledge/Dukes for two spots (none of those three are really 162-game players at the moment) and start Kearns in the third. Logan is strictly PR/defense and Langerhans is junk.

according to mlbtraderumors the mets are meeting with the o's to talk about bedard again

Nice story about Richie Ashburn. I love these stories that contradict the boozing and womanizing stories. He was one of my heros growing up and I want to remember only the positive things.

heroes...sorry Whitey.

If the Mets get Bedard, they are the favorites in the division. That is the kind of move that puts a team over the top. Their pitching staff is suspect, but if they get a prime LH to go along with schizophrenic Perez, they could shaft the Phillies in 3-4 game series. It at least gives them a damn good shot at a split in the two games started by the LH. The same holds true of the Phillies, but they inevitably won't get Bedard.

I have a sick feeling in my stomach that Bedard is a Met soon, and that he absoluely dominates next year. That is probably the worst possible situation. I would be apathetic if the Yanks or Red Sox got him because that is expected, but the Muts, ugh.

Yahoo sports reports Gillick was all over Livan's agent at the winter meetings.

parker - I really don't see the orioles trading within their division to make the rich richer. damn ur right bedard, martinez, maine, and perez would scare the crap outta me

The very first person to arrive at Livan Hernandez's agent's door -- literally at Greg Genske's office door in Newport Beach, Calif. -- at the onset of the free-agent period was Philadelphia Phillies general manager Pat Gillick.

Conceivably, Hernandez would fit into the Phillies' rotation after Cole Hamels and Brett Myers and ahead of Jamie Moyer and Kyle Kendrick, which still leaves the issue of what to do with Adam Eaton. Gillick's acquisition of Brad Lidge, which moved Myers back into the rotation, certainly lessened the Phillies' urgency for a starter. (via)

I know some people here like Livan, but he scares the hell out of me. extremely hittable, mediocre control, no strikeouts, Miltonesque gopherballer. I could easily see him doing worse @ CBP than 2007 Eaton.

From Yahoo! Sports:
The very first person to arrive at Livan Hernandez's agent's door -- literally at Greg Genske's office door in Newport Beach, Calif. -- at the onset of the free-agent period was Philadelphia Phillies general manager Pat Gillick.
Though that doesn't get me excited...however, he is an innings eater and not a bad 5th guy in the rotation.

Hibachi, yeah it is funny how much Bedard bashing there is on here. He is not good enough for the Phillies to attempt to acquire because of his injury history (BTW, what a load of BS).

I wonder how much of that bashing would quickly turn to loathing and misery if the Mets were stupid enough to pick up the oft injured bum, Bedard? My guess is there would be an endless amount of moaning and groaning that the Mets always do more than the Phillies to be competitive, and that the Phillies should have gone after a top starter. But when Bedard is mentioned initially, all you hear is how many problems he has.

Here is a list of problems that I would love to have:
1.) LH Pitcher
2.) 221 k, in 182 IP
3.) 28 years old
4.) 1.09 WHIP
5.) .212 BAA
6.) 3.16 ERA
7.) 1.29 ERA, 2 W, 21 IP, 21 K, 11 H, 3 ER, .153 BAA (vs. NYY)
8.) 3.29 ERA, 1 W, 13 IP, 13 K, 6 H, 5 ER, .133 BAA (vs. Boston)
9.) 0.00 ERA, 2 W, 14 IP, 14 K, 10 H, O ER, 4 BB, .200 BAA (vs. Philadelphia)

Unfortunately, these stats belong to Eric Bedard, currently employed by the Baltimore Orioles, and hopefully never employed in the state of NY (Particularly for the NY Mets).

Hey ae...that was about a "tie" post. Anyway, don't be so scared. I like the fact that he can give you many innings, but I can't get real excited about him.

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