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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Glendon Rusch would be a quintessential Phillies pick-up. Out of action for more than a year & horrible beyond words even in his best days. This is exactly the type of stuff I was ranting about in this morning's thread. Anyone who is ever a halfway decent player is always out of the Phillies' price range. But if you made a list of the 10 most nondescript players on the FA market, it's a pretty good bet that the Phillies will be right in the running for 7 of them.

Can't say I'm too surprised we pulled out of the Kuroda race. 44 over 4 is way too much for a pitcher who hasn't proved anything in the majors. They'd be better off spending there money on a couple of players then blow it all on Kuroda.

Anyone care to guess which innings Will Ohman could have filled for the Phillies?

It doesnt even stop at Rusch and no Kuroda however... Gillick says Rowand is a "long shot" and to trade for a pitcher along the lines of Bedard or Haren we would have to "clean out the farm"...i guess thats just what we get for being in one of the smallest markets in baseball, oh wait....

The farm is kind of dirty and needs cleaning out. If the Phillies then need to raise money to pay for these better players that we trade for, instead of using the cute ballgirls in a dunk tank, they should use the jackass scouts who can't find decent talent in the draft. I think people would be way more motivated, and I think they should get rid of that protective screen in front of the people sitting in the dunk tank as I think it would also be more effective.

meh, I'm not too worried about the Ohman pickup. nothing wrong with it, but it's just not a high-impact pickup. and Cubs fans seemed to utterly hate him, for whatever it's worth.

Utley is 2/4 with 3 walks & a double vs Ohman; Howard is 2/7 with 4 Ks; Rollins is 1/6.

And I shouldnt single out the US amatuer scouting staff. The foriegn scouting staff (whoever is supposed to be finding us 16 year olds in the domincan that are good) sucks as well. And those that evaluate minor leaguers to trade for and to sign suck. And those who evaulate major league talent to sign to free agent deals and trade for suck.

I remember a Cubs series - it may have been a four-game series - where Ohman had Howard baffled for a couple games then he finally doubled off him. Maybe I'm imagining it.

This is disgusting. It gets more disgusting every day. I'm appalled by the idea of Livan Hernandez in pinstripes, but would prefer him a hundred thousand times more than JUlian Tavarez, hom I'd prefer roughly sixty quadrillion times to Glendon Rusch. For Christ's sake. Hey, Pat, I hear Matt Beech is recovering well from his bat-induced injury. Oh, and did you get the hot tip on Jimmy Anderson? He's been lighting up the guns in the Icelandic League.

ae, look at Ohman's splits at home and away, and you'll know why the Braves picked him up.

B-Mac, I agree that 4/44 is a lot to pay for a pitcher who hasn't thrown an MLB pitch, but you could have said the same thing about Dice-K last year. And quite frankly - no Dice-K, no AL East, no WS Championship. The RSox did what they had to (took risk) to put themselves over the top.

The show goes on...the "no risk" Phillies.

B-Mac - good point.

I think with all the media and internet blogs reporting during the Winter Meetings the sellers were anticipating a higher return than the market will provide due to rumor and hype.

With Mitchell's report due soon and the Winter Meetings to end I'll bet towards the end of December and beginning of January things will be very active at that point.

Expectations were high the past week but everyone needs to be patient and realistic for things to calm down and sort themselves out a bit.

must've been another '07 Ohman pitched in 3 games versus the Phils for 2 1/3 innings; overall he gave up 7 hits and 5 runs. one appearance was 2/3 IP - 2 H - 2 R; one was 2/3 IP - 1 H (by Howard) - 0 R; one was 1 IP - 4 H - 3 R.

bap, I disagree. The Phillies would be in the running for ALL 10 of those nondescript players.

AWH, it's true that Ohman has a 6.63 ERA at home. unfortunately, he also has a 6.75 ERA at Shea and a 6.23 ERA and 2.20 WHIP at CBP.

again, it's not a bad pickup. but I would venture that it's not going to make much difference at all in deciding the NL East in 2008.

Jason, I remember that. It was in '06. Howard was totally lost against Ohman (which, to be honest, is hardly unique for him against any lefty reliever). The Braves have been very conscious of having more than one lefty in the bullpen, which makes a lot of sense. Isn't Mahay a free agent?

Based on the list at, I count 49 starting pitchers on this year's FA market. If I listed them all in the order in which I'd like the Phillies to pursue them, I can honestly say that Glendon Rusch would be No. 49 -- after guys like Freddy Garcia, Steve Trachsel, Kip Wells, and Sidney Ponson. In fact, I'd rather have Adam Eaton as my 5th starter in 2008 than Glendon Rusch. Hell, I'd rather have J.D. Durbin.

And just to nip the argument in the bud before someone makes it, yes, I DO see harm in giving Glendon Rusch a spring training invite. The harm is that, if they give him a ST invite, it means he's the presumptive fifth starter & the Phillies will call off their search for someone else. Besides, ST invites are for young guys like Youmans and Snelling who might have some upside. We don't need a ST invite to see what Glendon Rusch can do. He has an ample track record which speaks for itself.

2000 = Utley = Good
2001 = Floyd = oops. taken ahead of Teixiera, Bonderman, Wright
2002 = Hamels = Good
2003 = no pick because I'm sure we signed some great free agent....I'm also pretty sure we would have picked before #24 where Chad Billingsly went. Then when we finally did pick we take Moss...later go Papelbon and Kemp
2004 = Golson = Phil Hughes went 2 spots after Golson....that one didnt go wrong at all. I'm sure we can build a trade around Golson to get Santana. Huston Street and Yovanni Gallardo really wouldnt have fit in in Philly either. Dustin Pedrioa, Hunter Pence, Wade Davis,
2005 = No pick, in one of the deepest drafts in recent history...
2006 = Drabek = It's not that I dont think he's good, its just that I live in NY and have to watch Joba Chamberlain...oh and we also had a 2nd pick before Joba was taken.
2007 = Savery = Nothing against Savery, but we Porcello will make us look back and wonder what if in a couple years.

I think this was why we have no farm system.

ricky, welcome to the "It's the Scouting, Strupid" club!

What took you so long?

ae, point taken, but those are small sample sizes, so we'll see.

I just couldn't fathom how our farm system was so decimated yet not remembering trading prospects for big names. This helped to clear things up.

mm -
think we need to send Patty G some Hawaiian shirts? Maybe he doesn't do anything cause he doesn't have one. I got some old ones hangin in my closet. (I got'em used from Some Dude).

ricky - it is the truth. Even in the years you label as good, not much was drafted in the other rounds.

Yeah, I guess I was happy that they got at least 1 stud out of the draft. But with a 25 man roster you essentially need to get at least 2 legit major league players out of each years draft to keep a competitive team on the field, and 4 per year if you want to be cheap and not have to pay huge amounts of money to keep all of your free agents.

No team comes close to getting 4 major leaguers per year in a draft on a regular basis. I think Beane said in Moneyball that two is considered lucky.

IMO, the reason the Phils fall behind isn't because of drafting but of their horrible record in trades.

From MLBTR:'s Jim Molony names four teams interested in Mark Prior: Reds, Padres, Phillies, and Rangers. The Phils are the new one on that list; I remember they had interest a few years back in a Prior for Bobby Abreu swap.

Maybe it's just slipping my mind, but what was the trade where we got rid of all the talent that should be on our AA and AAA teams?

Can anyone answer why Gillick bothered to come out and admit a) that we were suddenly back in the Iguchi running and b) that we were "considering trading good prospects" when it's fairly clear that neither will happen? I have to imagine that he, like we now do, realizes how limited he can be in free agency, and he's trying to throw us a bone and say "Look, we're at least trying." No matter what he's done as the Phillies GM, he's clearly not a stupid man, and it's unfortunate that this is the best he can do. He's handicapped by years of bad drafting and even more years of tight-fisted owners who can't get with the times. I expect nothing good to happen throughout the rest of this offseason, and I do not expect to be surprised.

Thats not true. We'll prolly trade Carrasco to the Cubs for Prior who then will hurt something and not be able to pitch for the season at which point we'll lose him as a free agent effectively giving away Carrasco for free.

I was referring more to getting little to no return for their major leaguers : Tejada, Abreu, Polanco, etc.

At this point, taking a flier on Prior would make my head explode out of excitement. At least he's not Glendon "Rush Hour 3".

I actually agree, I would be damn happy to take a risk on someone with that kind of huge upside. I am however assuming the price tag for Prior is lower than that.

Ricky, at least a couple of the players you list whom the Phillies bypassed were bypassed because of their bonus demands. That was the case with Porcello, as well as Teixera, maybe a couple of the others as well. It's no accident that the Yankees and Bosox have deep farm systems -- for a few years now they have been drafting college-bound players in lower rounds and buying them out of their scholarships with lucrative bonuses. They're pissing off the commish that way, but they don't care because they have to compete with each other. Any other team could do the same; I would guess that 25 teams would take that leap before the Phillies do.

To recap, it's not the scouting -- it's the cheapskate philosophy.

I still can't believe the tigers got Cabrera and Willis for prospects.

Can't believe it.

Alby - bingo.

All day long we're talking "Bedard and Kuroda." All day long Pat Gillick is thinking "Rush."

I can actually hear him thinking, like Homer Simpson after a donut "Mmmmm....Ruuuush."

From the previous thread:

Bed's Beard~ Yes I trust my source. But I'm a Philadelphian and he's not. I (we, all us phans)know how this team operates. My source doesn't.

GMan~ Thanks for the compliment. I really don't want to be miserable when it comes to this team. But what has Gillick really done to make anyof us happy?

Fljerry~ No my source is not in Tenn. w/PG nor is he home watching tv. He just keeps getting useless info (as it turns out) and passes it along. I'm just passing it further.

Listen phans, we all know what this team needs and we all know what's going to be done about it . Not much. We knew PG wasn't going to re-sign Rowand or bring in a goos starter. All they give us is window dressing and value village crap.

I do believe that Gillick is trying but alas we're talking about the Phillies here. Their braintrust (or lack thereof) should have just stayed home. While I am a die-hard phan for over 40 years. I have already made the choice not to go home and watch them in person for '08. That's 2 years in a row for me. I'd never thought I'd that. But they've made that decision an easy one. With all due respect to every one of you, NOBODY wants this team to win more than me. But I guess as long as we have this ownership group in place we'll always come out on the short end of the stick.

well if we sign Prior and Iguchi, the both won't be available until Mid-May assuring us of a 10-14 start.

By the way, it must be a misprint but the Cubs are thinking of trading Rich Hill for Brian Roberts. Can't we go out and sign a second baseman. I'm thinking Rich Hill has got to be worth more than that.

"IMO, the reason the Phils fall behind isn't because of drafting but of their horrible record in trades."

Dave X, it still boils down to scouting the talent you're trading for.

Welcome to the ITSSC!

It is also in signing our draft picks. We could have had Wrkman in our system but we wouldn't offer enough to sign him.

AWH: I would think that scouting really isn't as important when you're dealing with established major league players. Such players are known entities, so not a great deal of scouting is needed. We have a bad recent track record in trades & free agency, & the fault rests not with our scouts but with our last 2 GMS.

I also agree with Alby's point: our scouting dept. has actually done a better job than it is generally credited for. We've had a few high pick busts, as has every other team. But we have 3 superstars on our team -- 4 if you count Cole -- and they all came through our minor league system. We also have another 5 or 6 solid players (i.e., Ruiz, Myers, Kendrick, Burrell, Madson) who came up through our system. That's really not a bad record at all. However, the reason we never have prospects to trade away is because, while we've had good quality at the top, we always seem to lack organizational depth. I don't think this is because of scouting; I think it's because, after the first few rounds, we draft guys more for signability than for talent. It's ultimately a short-sighted philosophy because, if we spent a few million extra bucks to break slot on our draft picks, we'd be able to fill more major league roster spots with cheap labor from our farm system.

bay_area_phan: exactly, well put!

Has anyone noticed that we're always the "new team added into the mix" for EVERYBODY, that is, except for Glendon "pitched great on MLB 2005 team" Rusch, in which we're the only team looking at him, except the Padres, who apparantly plan on filling out their entire 40-man roster with pitching?

The guy is 34 games under .500 in his career, and he's all of a sudden a worthwhile risk? Christ, he makes Eaton look like Cy Young. Whats Nelson Figuerora up to?

I don't know if this was posted here, but for the record, here you go:

3-way deal a "total fabrication"

OK before it goes any further, let us kill a rumor that went from gestation at somebody’s computer to rampant chatter in the hallways at the Winter Meetings.
The rumor was a three-way trade with many participants, but that essentially came down to Dan Haren going to Minnesota, Jose Reyes going to Oakland, and Johan Santana going to the Mets.
Omar Minaya reiterated that Reyes is not being traded, which instantly doomed the idea. So did the fact that Minaya and Oakland GM Billy Beane have exchanged phone messages and e-mails, but have not talked at these meetings as of early tonight.
But for the final word, we offer this gem from Beane: “I rarely comment on trades publicly, but let me comment on this one: It is an absolute, total fabrication.”

Ken Mandel's most recent article on the Phils site talks about Charlie Manuel wanting the team to strengthen pitching. Yeah, Charlie, us and you both.

Mandel did, however, drop some names as to who the Phils were interested in. Kuroda was there, as was Benson and a new one: John Grabow.

The 29-year-old lefty went 3-2 with a 4.53 ERA (96 ERA+) and 42 Ks in 51.7 IP with the Buccos last year. He also has a career 1.5 WHIP because he gives up a hit per. LOOGY, anyone? Looks like Romero might make his $3MM pitching seventh innings.

THe team needs:

• Pitcher
--Starter: a good one (Bedard, Haren, etc.)
--3B: Crede, Encarnacion, (Maybe Feliz/Inge on the fringes)
--Reliever: Setup man (Maybe we have that guy?)
--CF/RF: Jenkins, Baldelli, etc. (I like the multiple position players in the OF. (See Baldelli: young, talented, cheap, versatile).

We will not get any of this. It is kinda bogus. I'm going to be chapped if the Mets get some of these guys, unless they trade off eveything and get shafted, which would be winter meetings gold.

Granted the Phils have flubbed some picks. So does every team. Besides some drafting problems, the real problem has been Gillick's trades. Besides depleting the Phils' minor league system by trading the likes of Gonzalez, Maloney, Constanzo, Bourn, Gillick has somehow managed to not have a single substantial prospect in this system right now from any of his trades.

How do you trade Thome, Abreu, Padilla, Lidle, Cormier, Michaels, and other the past 3 years and basically have almost nothing to show for it?

Said it last year and I will say it again now, this team mainly won the pennant in spite of Gillick and not because of him. Same in 2006 when this team made a playoff run despite Gillick having his fire sale at the trading deadline.

For a guy who was supposed to be an improvement over Wade, I would challenge anyone to find how he has been much of an improvement in any real capacity.

I have to believe Gillick has a great sense of humor and just likes to f--k with us. I mean, think about it. "Hey, Beerleaguers, we dropped out of the running for Kuroda, but we're pretty close to getting Glendon Rusch!"

I mean, does the man know a punch line or what?

Rusch? Just when I thought the bar couldn't get any lower, it just did.

MG: Excellent post. In fact, as things stand, no one on the 2008 Opening Day roster will be left from the trades of Thome, Abreu, Padilla, Lidle, Cormier or Michaels. That's a fair amount ot talent to get zero in return. Unless, of course, you're a bad judge of talent.

Clout - Must be. Gillick should just state the Phils are only considering starting pitchers who did not pitch at all last year at the major league level due to injury problems or being stuck at T-AAA.

i hate the off season. it is a daily reminder that the phills are a cheap and horribly run organization. i can't wait until the season starts and they get playing again and we can put all of this ugliness behind us and get on with baseball.

If Rusch is where things stand, at what point do you just say "Ok, Josh Outman. Give it a shot."

Hey guys, with tomorrow being the one year anniversary of trading for Freddy Garcia, seemingly out of nowhere, I wouldn't put it past the phillies to make some deals tomorrow at the end of the meetings. While we probably won't see the likes of Santana coming our way, I would not be surprised to see some action. Plus, you have to appreciate the fact that the phils aren't panicking and making any moves that could really end up hurting the team down the road. Because do we really want some crappy pitcher signed for five years? Let's just try to stay calm guys, and realize that it's a long off season.

B-Mac: Tooooo Long

J: Agree wholeheartedly -- although I imagine Happ is probably at the front of the line for the next shot at the majors.

What do you guys think of Lee from Cleveland who struggled in 2007 but had a couple good years.

JW and BAP - If the Phils are so desperate they are looking at Rusch, it is probably a total crapshoot who wins a starter job. Outman? Happ? Mathieson? "Real Deal"?

I just don't see them pushing Carrasco that hard.

I wonder what the Phils offer to Kuroda was. Probably something like 3 yrs/$25-$27 million. Might have cut it last offseason but not this year.

What exactly are the phils saying about Eaton's injury status right now?

I think what they're saying is they don't want Eaton in the rotation to start next season. He may be injured, he may not. I can't blame them for that much.

I'd much rather have Eaton in the rotation than Rusch. You can't decide he's cooked just on the basis of one season and then go around trying to sign guys who have been nearly as bad over the course of their whole careers.

B-Mac: The sound of silence.

Two words: So Taguchi

Tray: It really hasn't just been one bad season for Eaton. It was one HORRIBLE season, but his whole career has been bad. That said, I'd rather have Adam Eaton in our starting rotation than Glendon Rusch.

It's being reported that the Dodgers have signed Andruw Jones to 2 years, $36M. That's about 3 years fewer than Jones/Boras wanted. Besides eliminating one of Aaron Rowand's potential suitors, I would think this deal might force Rowand to lower his demands.

Rowand is gone. Just a matter of where he ends up. I just hope that Phils are more serious about upgrading some additional deficiences with something more than the likes of Feliz or Rusch (maybe a spring training invite but that should be it)

John D & Parker-
what does adding guys like Baldelli or So Taguchi (both righthanded hitters) do to help the outfield depth?
If the Phils want to sign another outfielder, it has to be a lefthanded hitter in order to platoon with Jayson Werth (or ideally, play the majority of the time and have Werth give him a spell or two throughout each week).

I like Jenkins as a rightfield platoon with Werth, but I don't think he's worth more than say maybe 10 mil overall for two years.

I haven't entirely given up on Rowand yet. I have the sense that, if all else were equal, Rowand would prefer to come back. I also have the sense that Rowand is finding no takers for his demand of a 5-year contract. From what I've read, the Dodgers were the front-runner to land Rowand, & they certainly had the deep pockets to do it. Now that they're off the board, I think the odds of a Rowand return have increased significantly.

More for us to disect and bemoan ...

Crasnick on ESPN: "The third-base market is likely to get a little more crowded next week if the Padres non-tender Morgan Ensberg. Look for the Phillies, Twins and Giants to call on Ensberg, who hit 36 homers for Houston in 2005 but has slipped to 23 and 12 in the two years since."

Let's see Royals have signed an outfielder but were rumored after Jones. Rangers still looking but don't want to go past 3 years, Sox have said won't go more than three years but after Detroits moves are rumored to have offered 45-55 million for 4-5 years. My guess is Chicago will panic and overpay for Rowand.


I can think of no concieveable reason to sign So Taguchi except that it may open the door for Iguchi to come back. Also, he seems playoff primed, and is notoriously clutch when it comes to hitting.

I would take Taguchi of Jenkins: More of a bargain, and offers different intangibles.

I didn't say, bap, that it was just a bad season, and I'm not sure I agree that he's been bad his whole career; he was a decent enough pitcher for the Padres. As for Andruw, I'm not sure it's a win for us; yeah, it's just two years, but 36 million? We can all do math, that averages out to 18 million a year. Granted, Rowand's not an (ex) superstar like Jones, but he didn't hit .226 last year either.

From the Riske signing:

"Riske will get $13 million over three years, with a $4.75 million option for 2011. With the incentives package and option, the deal could net as much as $20 million."

This is the type of signing that could have gone a long-way to solidying the bullpen next season. Basically get 65-70 innings of quality relief and a very legit setup option for when Gordon inevitably lands on the DL.

Plus, the Phils could have moved Riske into the setup role in '09 when Gordon either retires/leaves via free agency.

Instead the Phils are bringing in the likes of Youman. Yeah.

Riske signing for 3 yrs/$13 M is a much better deal than Linebrink at 4 yrs/$19 M. Hell, I would rather have Riske at 3 yrs/$13 M than Romero at 3 yrs/$12 M.

Rowand won't go to a team like Texas. I would imagine there are only a small handful of teams who a) need a CF, b) who are in a position to contend, and c) who can afford Rowand. St. Louis was cited early on as having an interest in Rowand. That team has been awfully quiet the past few off-seasons, which is a little puzzling considering how they've declined. I would think San Diego remains a possibility as well. But with L.A. out of the running, the Phillies would appear to have gained a better shot at retaining him.

Looking at Werth's splits, it's been said but he should not be starting against righties. His slugging vs. righties was under .400. Also his home/road splits are alarming. Werth at home vs a lefty is one of the better hitters in the game whereas Werth vs. a righy on the road is a glorified Ricky Otero.

I keep hearing that the phillies want 1 starter and 1 reliever. Right now our bullpen has Lidge, Gordon, Madson, and Romero. That means we need 3 more relievers. I assume one spot goes to Condrey, which is okay. I just don't think one reliever from outside the organization is enough, especially since we released Mateo who, while scary and disgusting, could have been useful in the bullpen.

Glendon Rusch? Why do the Phils tease us by considering every piece of washed-up garbage on the market? They need to roll the dice and part with at least 1 of their "valued" prospects. After all, how many have actually panned out?

Ken Mendel of is reporting the Marlins have asked the Phils about getting Wes Helms back. Helms sucks defensively and was a bust with the bat. I'd trade him in a heartbeat and ask for one of the Marlins thousands of relief pitchers hoping the player acquired could fill one of the bullpen voids.

Gooch signing looking less and less likely.

Marte, Grabow, and McLouth getting looked at from the Phils from the Buccos.

Diggitydave: Whoa, wait a minute, I never said anything about So Taguchi. I said Jenkins or Baldelli. My assumption with Baldelli is that he would move to center with Rowand's departure and Vic would move to right. Or Baldelli could play RF. BTW, Baldelli is not someone you need to platoon in the OF. When a guy is legitimately good, RH or LH, you play him. The reason that the Phillies are attempting to get a bat to platoon in right is that they do not know whether Werth can consistently hit RH pitching. Baldelli does not have this problem. I'm not saying Baldelli is a superstar, but he is no platoon player. Taguchi on the other hand, is.

BTW, I would much rather have McLouth than Taguchi.

I'll have to check this, but I think McLouth finished last season on one Hell of a tear. I have to check the stats.

I think whether we like it or not, we have to hope that Adam Eaton can put something together this year. It is stupid to pay money for guys like Glendon Rusch. Hopefully Eaton can string something together early on. And if not...then it looks like the not quite ready for MLB pitcher DuJour. Maybe we get a kendrick like performance, maybe we don't. I dunno, gotta play what we have. It seems like accquring a third basemen will be much easier than a starting pitcher this off-season.

Now...Hopefully the Phillies have finally learned something and maybe some of that money not spent on Shi**y pitchers, can be spent on overpaying for Talent in the draft.

Wake up Boys its 2007. Good picks don't get a 10,000 dollar signing bonus any longer. Get with it, you cheapskates.

Indeed, Mclouth's September numbers:

.315 BA, 1.031 OPS, .574 SLG, .457 OBP, 3 HR, 3 2B, 1 3B, 6 SB.

Not exacltly eye popping, but good numbers nonetheless. For a guy that is 26 and would be a platoon player or bench guy, not so bad. He may not be consistently putting up those numbers but at least he is capable of doing it. I'd say he has room for improvement at that age.

Oh, and So Taguchi is 39 years old.

You know, honestly, I had never taken the time to check out Adam Eatons Career Stats. Now that I have, i want to kill myself.

With the Jones signing at two years, that tempers the Torii deal somewhat. Maybe Aaron now looks at something in 3 years and an option year. Make it happen and then package Vic for an arm.

Also: I had always taken most people word that our farm system was not so good. I think "Not So Good" doesn't even begin to qualify what we have down on the farm. Holy Hell. I've never seen worse players. The average age of our triple A players is 30! WHAT!!!!

Rowand may find himself with few options and end up taking 3 years w/ a 4th option from the Phils. But knowing Gillick, he'll screw it up.

mm, that average age is outrageous...however the Phils signed several career minor leaguers just to make the teams more competitive.

As mch as some BeerLeaguers love Rowand, if Mike Cameron is less expensive, that's who the Phillies will sign.

BTW, Wolf's deal with San Diego, despite the base salary being lower than the Phils' offers, could reach $9MM if he reaches all his incentives. One, I'll bet the total value of the incentives is higher with the SD deal, and two, if you were Wolf where do you think you would have a better chance of reaching those incentives - Petco or the Zen?

Wolfie is pitching next year for a multi-year deal, assuming he stays healthy. It might be his last shot to score big money. Would you pitch in a park where you might get kbocked out of a game by a ball that gets caught in the wind, or pitch at Petco where long fly balls go to die? Smart move by the player.

mm: Eaton's career record is 64-55 with a 4.70 ERA. In other words, a typical #4 or #5 pitcher. Did you think he was an ace?

Parker: Baldelli is a high strikeout, low-walk guy with no enough power to play corner OF. Plus he's a righty. His OPS+ vs. RHP is 94, so he'd be solidly below average as an everyday RFer. I'd rather have McLouth.

And Barry Bonds says he wants to play in 2008. Why can't he 'get it' and just go away?

The Dodgers signing Andruw is very confusing to me. Yes, he's a giant upgrade over Pierre BUT Pierre is untradeable and now is the starting LFer,which puts Kemp and/or Ethier on the bench, which is crazy. Pierre in LF would be the worst offense at that position in the NL.

Clout, I think they now use Kemp and/or Either as a trading piece. They almost have to just to break up the log jam and keep sanity in the club house.

clout, it's not confusing if you view the Dodgers as being desperate to upgrade their offense, and are able to do it on only a 2 year deal.

Juan Pierre will be the most expensive bench player in MLB history before the end of his contract.

From Jayson Stark's interview with Tigers (ex-Marlins) GM Dave Dombrowski:

"I know there's a thought process in today's game -- and I agree to an extent -- that you can't give up prospects," Dombrowski said. "But I don't necessarily agree with that. If you don't give players up, you aren't going to get players. I don't know where this thing started, where you're going to get players who are good players and not give anything up. It doesn't happen. You might get criticized. But that's the way it goes. I think it's more important what you get. ... If you're happy with what you get, then you've got to make moves like that."

But don't worry, folks, we have Ruben Jr. ready to step in. Who needs a proven GM?

Kemp and/or Either are being dangled for an elite starting pitcher (i.e. Bedard, Santana, or Haren).

Juan Pierre is lousy...nothing more than a singles hitter who can swipe a bag. Kemp looks like he's on the brink of stardome and Ethier is pretty decent too. Would rather allow those 2 to play in LA if I were the GM then sign Andruw to an outrageous 2 year deal and be stuck with Pierra in LF.

Seriously, you have to read this column. It will make you sick to your stomach when you get to the part where Mike Illitch calls Dombrowski and says he read that Cabrera was available, and Dombrowski says yeah, but we've hit our payroll ceiling, and Illitch says...oh, I won't ruin it for you. But be warned, you might want to tattoo yourself with Tiger stripes after reading it. "Sorry, Roger, you Tiger now."

From Zolecki: "Mike Cameron's agent spoke with the Phillies about a possible match, but Cameron is seeking a multiyear contract and the Phillies aren't interested."

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