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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Not exactly a list that inspires much enthusiasm. Unlike the last two seasons, I don't think the Phils can count on anyone from their farm system substantially helping this team in '08.

Brian Mazone and the Samsung Lions. The Samsung Lions have an English website, so I learned Brian went 7-11 with a 4.18 era, being paid a salary of $234,000USD. Not a bad salary, plus other living perks. Looks like an good addition for the Ironpigs.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Tuffy Gosewisch plays less in the major leagues than Moonlight Graham.

Instead of Clearwater, they should call it Gradoville. How many years has Gradoville been around now? His career highlight came in a spring training game with a game-winning hit. Anyone remember it? Happened two-three years ago.

Last year's list FYI:

Andrew Beattie, Joe Bisenius, Ron Calloway, Ryan Cameron, Jim Crowell, Kane Davis, Kyle Drabek, John Ennis, Jeff Farnsworth, Greg Golson, Tim Gradoville, J.A. Happ, Jason Hill, Jason Jaramillo, Brennan King, Lou Marson, Brian Mazone, Randall Simon, Dusty Wathan.

Interesting to note that 4 of those invitees from last year played for the big league team. None performed well.

I'm not very enthusiastic about the Phillies' minor league system, but a sleeper on that list might be Jason Donald. He was seen as an underachiever in college and, before last year, was viewed as a future utillity player in the majors. But he put up high averages & OBPs at 2 different levels of Single A last year. Evidently, there's now some discussion about trying to move him from SS to third base. If he can again put up good numbers at AA this year, I could see him replacing Bruntlett before season's end. I could also seem him as a viable third base option by 2009.

according to metsblog, the Mets have signed RHP Matt Wise to a 1 year deal....i know a bunch of Beerleaguers wanted him..he is solid and everyone was looking for bullpen help but im not broken up about it...

Former Seattle Mariners reliever Julio Mateo pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of beating his wife in a Manhattan hotel.

The 30-year-old player pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and disorderly conduct, admitting he hit Santa Martina Sanchez on May 5, 2007. In exchange for the plea, Mateo was spared jail and sentenced to a domestic abuse program.

BAP: Donald was 22 in single-A last year. That's old. He also struck out 109 times in 490 ABs between low and high A. Not good. I'll be quite shocked if he turns into anything more than a utility guy.

CBS Sportsline lists SS Casey Smith as another invite. He is from the Angels' system.

Wise probably signed for $2.5M. Iguchi signed for $4M. The Phils allegedly have $10M to spend on free agents. They could've signed those 2 for say, $7.5 and still had $2.5 for another bullpen guy.

Why oh why do ALL of our hitter "prospects" bat .270 to .280 with 15 hrs in the minors?? I know AVG isn't seen as all that relevant, but doesn't it seem like all the great prospects and pros on other teams came up hitting .330/.450/.600 in the minors?

Bleah. No wonder we can't trade for a Haren or Bedard.

Clout - how could we have signed Iguchi? He wanted to play 2B and took a better (for him) deal.

I agree with the RP signing - if Wise signed for $2.5 I would have liked to have had him.

How did the Phillies get Mazone back? He is probably better than Adam Eaton at these stages of their careers. He could learn a lot pitching along with Jamie Moyer.

How did the Phillies get Mazone back? He is probably better than Adam Eaton at these stages of their careers. He could learn a lot pitching along with Jamie Moyer.

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