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Thursday, October 04, 2007


I'm way too nervous about today to think.

The first 2 or 3 innings will determine the outcome of this series.

If the Phils can get some early base runners, maybe swipe a few bags and get a couple of early runs, they'll loosen up and the flood gates will open for the rest of the series.

If not, and the Rox score early, the pressure only mounts and this team is as good as done.

Of course you mean 3 runs on 7 hits. And considering he gave up a three run jack to, perhaps, the league MVP... then I suppose Kendrick's worst outing wasn't so bad.

In my opinion this is a must win game, and things don't look good based on Morales being a lefty that has shut us down for 5 innings in his only appearance against us in the past surrendering a measly 3 hits. I'm scared. I'm trying to stay positive, but this young kid scares me. We need offense!

I'm amused by the must-win proclamations considering the season we've had. I think it was just a couple weeks ago when we had a "must-win" against Chuck James because we were facing both Hudson and Smoltz.

If we lose today, we face a true "must-win" in Colorado Saturday night.

Willard: Agreed. They need to get men on base to win this game. Over the last week to 10 days, their hit totals have been consistently paltry. They've won by getting timely homeruns but that is an unsustainable formula -- especially when your main homerun hitter can't hit left-handed pitching & the other team has 2 lefties at the top of their rotation.

In case any Phillies might be reading Beerleaguer a few hours before the game, I'll give the following suggestion:


If you keep swinging and missing at the first pitch like you did yesterday, don't even bother flying out to Colorado. This guy can be broken, he's 21 for crying out loud. He's started 8 games in the majors! Work the count and if the walk is there, take it.

ESPN just reported Burrell will hit from the 3-hole. Thank God. I was impressed by his patient ABs yesterday and he proved that after all his time in Philly, he was more than ready to step it up in the playoffs. Didn't think I'd be saying that at the beginning of the year, but I'm happy to admit I'm wrong.

I still say I'll be okay with losing this series, but if the offense is as deflating as it was yesterday, I will no longer be as excited for playoff baseball down the stretch in the future as I have been in years past. The playoffs are a lot more nerve-racking than I remember...

I agree with you CJ: this isn't a must-win. But if the offense sputters for a second straight game, I think we can all agree on what's in the cards for us when they get to Colorado.

Iceman, Thanks for the early lineup scoop. I assume that means Werth will play & bat 6th.

I agree with you about the need for patience at the plate, and Werth is a much more patient hitter than Victorino.

These lefty pitchers are why I would have preferred not to see the Rockies. But we got em, so let's hope Morales makes some rookie mistakes today. And Kendrick needs to keep the lesser hitters off base for when he faces holliday thru hawpe. Not crazy about that matchup with those two lefites in there and an MVP candidate, but the kid has surprised me before.
Was at the game yesterday and am going again today. Someone mentioned earlier that the crowd was a result of the team's play. That's all there is to it. Everyone was going nuts after the back to back homers, but it's hard to stay excited when everyone good on your team is striking out.

Today would've been much easier on us all if the durn Phillies had won yesterday. Today will cause brown hairs to start growing gray and gray hairs to start falling out as Phillies fans throughout the Beerleaguer Kingdom fret and fidget throughout the anxiety of today's game.

And I was really annoyed with Victorino getting the start over Werth and not using the Burrell in the 3-hole lineup. It's what we did all September and what got us to the playoffs, why the change? It especially didn't make sense because I'm not sure when the last time Vic swung the bat righty was.

I think we're having a difference in semantics when it comes to whether today qualifies as a "must win." Metaphysically speaking, no, it is not a "must win," since they could still theoretically win the series if they lose today. But, in the real world, the odds of that happening are astronomical. Viewed realistically, today's game IS a must win.

Thanks for sharing the picutre of the rally guinea pig, bathtubhippo!

Yo ... anyone have any experience with traffic yesterday that they can report on today? I'm pinned in the cubicle, and need to figure out when to leave the Devon area? Thoughts, suggestions?

If that report is true, it's good news. I want Burrell in the 3 hole, Werth in the game and Vic on the bench.

One thing we find out today is whether there is such a thing as the SI curse.

lol... I wasn't trying to call you out there GM... it was more a general comment about the "must-win" sentiment.

As I suggested yesterday... gotta expect this lineup today:


What is impressive about the Rockies is not just their hitters but the young pitchers they are developing. They are a team that is built to contend for a long time. Morales is great; Jimenez has an even higher ceiling. It is the type of pitching staff that Gillick wishes the Phillies had: young starters and an experienced bullpen.

I still don;t understand why Cholly did not have a leftie throwing batting practice to Utley and Howard till they could hit a curve ball. I believe its way too late now.
Also I would of loved to see Moyer pitch this game since his curve would of been 100% better with the shadows.
As it was stated earlier that this is not a must game - I totally disagree. Can not see us winning 2 games in Colorado.

oh c'mon, Utley had one of the best averages in the league against left handed pitchers. Howard has not hit them well all season - it isn't going to start today.

I bet Utley has more strikeouts from Leftys than from Rightys and most Pitchers are right handed. If Uley makes contact he gets his hits, but hes got to make contact, same with Howard.

[If Uley makes contact he gets his hits, but hes got to make contact, same with Howard.]

Same with every baseball player ever.

Go Phils! Cmon Kyle!



192 AB, 61 Hits, 20 2B, 5 HR, 46 SO


338 AB, 115 Hits, 28 2B, 17 HR, 43 SO

God, more back to back homers! Arggh!! Where's Kenrick's ground ball pitches?

Sophist checkout the Ko's thats what I was saying

Jimmy has to get somethign goign here

I'm not ashamed to say I got love for Jimmy Rollins at this point.

His stats in the half-inning after the opposition scores must be ridiculous.

What are you guys doing? I miss the first half inning and you let us get behind?

Keep on Phightin' Baby!

I don't think Phils have any leftys to ptich batting practice and its paying off for the other team

you have to play the rockies like the yankees. score lots of runs...then score more runs...thats how you beat them. like to see the phillies win but thats the key.

Why are they taking Morales out of the game? He only pitched 3 innings. Why start using up your pen? Hurdle must be dumber than Cholly!

So Seth gets a single and Cholly sends Kendricks to the showers!? It's only 3-2. Who will we bring in? 12 Fingers? Joe Table?

Great move Cholly!!! Kendrick could have done no worse!!! Grand slam. Argghh!!

I agree- the last AB was a lucky cue shot, Kendrick might have been able to go another inning, and could have gotten us out of it. But this game is going like I thought the first would, so WAKE UP THE BATS!!! Utley and Howard have to get some wood on the ball!

Just another example of "THE FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD DOWN". Charlie panicked once more when he jerked out K.K. prematurely. Why don't they get a manager who understands what a pitcher is? Joe Girardi would be my choice.

Could Holliday, Tulowitzki, Atkins, Hawpe etc. be on steriod cocktails & HGH? Matt H. has that Barry Bonds bald & bulky look.

Is a Phillies fans really complaining about another team using steriods. Look at you starting outfield today. Pat Burrell mysteriously goes from the worst outfielder in baseball to one of the best in the 2nd half, Aaron Rowand cannot even sit down because of all the needle holes in his ass, and Jayson Werth mysteriously becomes a guy with pop again????

okay. sorry to hop in here, but i am a long time fan and absolutely love this site. probably watched most of about 158 games this season. i just, very fortunately, finished watching both playoff games in person at the bank. i have come to a conclusion... the uneducated fans must go. it is sad to say and i know people won't like to hear this, but the majority of the fans of the recent success are miserable. i just watched a philly newscast where the reporter (don tollefson) said that charlie shouldn't have brought in lohse. i think there are reasons for and against this move, but his reason essentially was because he gave up a grand slam. it has gotten to the point where i can't stand my fellow phillies fans. i have my theories and think it is primarily the "die hard eagles fans" (god bless them), but whatever it is, it has to stop. i like the birds, but i love the phils and always will. if people are going to comment on baseball and go to the playoffs, they need to get an understanding of the basics of the game and not just criticize after the fact. the same people that are burying charlie would have been praising him had lohse not left a ball up in the zone. as noah did with the arc, it is time to flood the nahsayers and leave the true believers. phils win in 5...

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