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Monday, October 01, 2007


Didn't players complain about the shadows during Saturday's 3:55 start? I guess that will be a factor in games 1 and 2???

Nice Bunting Jason

I just don't see the Padres winning this game. Once Young went south I didn't think they would get this far. Their lineup just looks puny.

The shadows looked pretty harsh for a little while, but I was surprised how quickly the pitching mound to home plate was engulfed in shadow once the sun started setting. That was my take.

I really want to play the Padres, but I agree with you Ribbies, I don't see the Rockies losing this one either.

Very upset with the 3:00 starts. Not only is it tough because of my class schedule (I'm driving from Susquehanna U to Philly Wednesday afternoon), but I want to see that park host a playoff game at night.

Boo Josh Fogg.

These TBS announcers are not great.

Oh for that matter boo this entire Division Series on Cable thing. I'm the only *other* person in the universe who still watches broacast TV and damnit these things should be available to everyone, not only those who are willing / able to pay for cable. What in God's name happened to "the national pastime" and the days when the one thing you could count on was turning on the TV and being able to see your team if they were playing all summer.

I grew up with that (admittedly it was New England and the Sox), but it just seems fundamentally wrong, like MNF on ESPN but far far worse.

No, they're not. And I have already seen too many commercials for Frank TV (which, I'm guessing, will be heavily promoted throughout the playoffs).

Peavy is pulling "a Glavine".

Does Holliday really only have 6 more HRs than Jimmy?

hey anything is better than the padres home announcers.
and what game is Tim Mclellan (home plate ump) watching??

For the first time in 24 hours, I am not happy. Nay, I am PISSED about the TV scheduling. I am completely f*ed with this schedule, being a West Coast Phan. Thanks a ton, MLB and TBS.

Regarding the 25th man on the roster, I am so fed up with Joe Table. There is no defending his 32 runs allowed in 39 innings as a Phillie. In September, he allowed 6 runs in 9.2 innings, and his 13.50 ERA in August had me traumatized. No mas Mesa, por favor! No mas!

And for you viewing dsipleasure, Mesa's stats against SD and COL this year:

vs SD: 1.1 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 1 HR, 1K
vs COL: 3.1 IP, 5 H, 4 ER, 1 HR, 2BB, 3K

Ed K - Were the divisional series on broadcast TV last year? I don't remember, but I thought it was on ESPN.

Craig Sager's wardrobe is in playoff form.

well, that's the ballgame. the padres are so pathetic offensively, they probably can't even get a run playing in colorado

Yeah, Peavy looks like crap. Hopefully he can hold them to only a run or two.

i think the Rox are going to smoke 'em tonight. And we'd better pray they fly thru the Twilight Zone on the way to Philly and lose their bats in mid air. I am just as nervous about those young arms ... flame throwers, they are. Jimenez can hit 100.

Wow, these games with the Rockies are going to be a shootout.

This games far from over. The Padres are in Colorado, not Petco. Outside Petco, their offense is average. Peavy will probably settle.

That could have been a lot worse.

Hawk, not all of them. Yes some, and I believe the day games mostly, but a lot of it was on Fox.

At very least you'd think they'd do the MNF thing where if you're in the local market for one of the teams its simulcast on a broadcast partner.


If Peavy gets out of this by giving up only two - just happened - look out.

Bases juiced, no outs...and they got 2.

I, like Mr. Weitzel, would rather see the Fathers with Peavy only going once. The Rox can rake with the best of 'em.

I didn't read everything earlier, but is there anyone who would rather play the rockies? Especially with Peavy only going once, I thought it was pretty clear.

These timeslots are g*ddamn inexcusable. Is there a way to complain to MLB about this? The Phillies? Bueller?

Seriously, it is a slap in our face. F*ck you MLB, TBS, etc.

Fogg is dealing right now...and that crowd seems pretty into it (even with all the empty seats). He seems to be feeding off of it.

any idea what ump crew we get?

I hope the Padres win for all the reasons stated and one more: I heard the Pads are incapable of throwing out runners stealing bases. I'd love to see Jimmy and Shane turn the basepaths into a track meet on Josh Bard.

Seems to be a near unanimous consensus on this board that we'd rather face the Padres than the Rockies.

Take a good look at Josh Fogg. He's a FA this year & he's just the kind of middling starter I could see ending up with the Phillies in 2008. They'll be so smitten with his strong September numbers that they'll ignore the rest of his career.

BAP: I got a sense that it was about 60-40 earlier in favor of drawing the Padres. Clout wanted the Rockies. That would offset two or three marginal posters who wanted San Diego.

Yeah, this isn't Zimmerman, Young, Kearns here.

Are these fans loud? I don't know. Can't tell.

Also, yeah Jason, they aren't the Nationals. Not even close. But hey, if any team can beat them back to size, it's our Phils.

Conventional wisdom (CW) amongst Phillies fans is that we would rather play the Padres. CW also says that teams don't come from 7 behind with 17 to play. Yeah, I'm tempted to pull for the Padres tonight also but I've decided I don't care. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the show.

Does Peavy have any previous playoff experience?


2005 vs STL, 4.1 IP, 8 H, 8 ER, 3 BB, 3 SO, 2 HR, L
2006 vs STL, 5.1 IP, 11 H, 5 ER, 1 BB, 2 SO, 1 HR, L

Clout will be delighted to know that his vote counts the same as 2 or 3 "marginal posters." Who are these marginal posters, by the way? We want you to name names. I hope I'm not one of them.

ae, thanks! They look like Eaton numbers.

Here's SD's chance.

that said, he wasn't nearly as on last season as he is this year, and 2005 was his first time in the postseason. I like him to settle down here, and even the Padres can make up three runs on Josh Fogg.

Wow. Well that would never have happened with Steve Smith.

There you go Adrian GOnzalez

Guess we've got a game now, huh?

seriously, Fogg is a joke. I can't believe all the Rockies' hopes are hanging on him.

wow ! That was unexpected.

wow ! That was unexpected.

Salami for Pads. Wow!


Grand Slam.

4-3 SD.

Interesting turn of events.

I say it doesn't matter... The Phillies haven't lost a postseason series to a NL team since 1981. Padres, Rockies, whatever...

Does Peavy have any previous playoff experience?

I believe he has never won a game in the postseason, but I think he played vs the Cards last season in the NLDS.

Well then. I guess they can hit. Sometimes.

Nice of Peavy to start the hitting off to compensate for the runs they allowed.

After what the Phillies did this week (and the Mets) is anyone really surprised by baseball happenings anymore?

You're never out of it at Coors Field.

That may have been the most horrific, uninspired announcing of all time! Absolutely pathetic!

Fogg may not make it out of this inning.

I previously posted this on the last blog

Reading all this stuff about post season roster of 25 men and I was under the impression that as of Sept 1st all 25 men for playoffs have to be in at this time. So my question is who was not on that can now be added?

Hmmm...Maybe I should buy tickets to the SD games after all.

I know he's been hit around a little bit the last few outings but does anyone really feel comfortable facing Greg Maddux? We don't have Dave Hollins to scare the hell out of him anymore and frankly he's made a hell of a career screwing the Phils. I guess I would feel more comfortable if the last West Coast swing wasn't so dismal.

Fogg looks too old to be rocking the soul patch.

Fogg looks shellshocked. The look on his face after Gonzalez's HR was one of pain.

Maddux was a great pitcher...but I don't see any reason we couldn't hit him. especially if he's starting at CBP. his last four starts this season look very mortal: 3.1 IP / 6 R (@LAD), 5 IP / 3 R (PIT), 3.2 IP / 8 R (COL), 5 IP / 3 R (@MIL).

I don't think there is any pitcher The Phils can't hit (except for maybe Matt Chico)

baseball should be on broadcast not cable!!! mlb should not be afraid to play 2 games at once. the sunday game will not end till 1 am!! that is insane. play the games at a reasonable time. you cannot stagger 4 games over the course of a day.

I feel like the Phillies are better than both of these teams. As long as the Bullpen Big 3 continue their solid play and the starting pitching is there, I think we can beat either of these teams.

The stats say that Coors Field has gotten more pitcher friendly since they put the humidor in, but there still seem to be quite a few nights where the humidor is ineffectual & balls fly around like in a pinball machine. Playing 2 games in this park would be murder on our bullpen.

Watching the TBS broadcast is just one more reason to try to get tickets to see the games live. This feels oddly like Sunday school.

Check out the latest post on

It's a clip of Conan OBrien and Mr. Met trying to commit suicide. LOL.

I guess having watched him dominate the Phils for the better part of my teens and early twenties he's still living off that reputation. It's a hell of reputation though.

fljerry - It's kinda unclear, from what I'm reading. For example, in 2002, K-Rod was in the minors until September 17th, but he was on the postseason roster.

Here's a page from a Tigers blog about the rules, but I have no clue on how accurate it is.

With that AB, Holliday just fell behind Chipper Jones in the NL batting race. He's also one RBI behind Howard in the NL RBI race.

It's actually nice to watch baseball without having to chew on Rolaids like when I watch the Phils.

Rox ... Pads ... The Phils can take either. I'd just rather face the Pads without Peavy.

By the way, I think I was just called a marginal poster.

Todd Helton has the gayest homerun trot ever.

Jeez, I know CBP is sometimes referred to as Coors Field East, but it just does not compare to the original.

Are these TBS guys the same guys that do the Braves games (which I never watch).

Boy, listening to them is brutal.

Yeah, this crowd stinks compared to the Phils crowd. And "Vengabus?" Geez.

BAP- True, but it would sure be fun for the offense.

BAP- True, but it would sure be fun for the offense.

Peavy looks incredibly pedestrian tonight, maybe he really does tighten up in the playoffs.

Some kids LIKE Sunday School.

I'm just grateful Comcast managed to get TBS's HD channel up in time. would've been right pissed if I was watching this on "normal" TBS.

and man, Peavy's just got terrible luck in the postseason. really strange, for a guy who's been so consistently dominant during the regular seasons.

i would like the pads but you can never get too hung up on this. let them go 23 innings and beat eachother up.

Sorry about the double posting. Don't know why that's happening.

Yeah, I'm really hoping that the TBS guys doing the game tonight are the "D" or "E" crew, and maybe they just don't want the good guys to have to go all the way out to Colorado and then off to another city. I mean, as bad as these guys are, they can't possibly be the best TBS has. Can they?

nutter: I'd setle for 18. Maybe a bench clearing brawl resulting in suspensions.

ae - If you were in South Jersey (which I'm assuming that you're not), you'd be watching in glorious standard definition.

Of course, the upside of TBS having rather than, say, ESPN, is that I don't have to listen to Joe Morgan. These guys are bad, but they're not Morgan-bad.

b_a_p, Howard is the RBI king this year.

It's a joke that they count these playoff game stats in the regular season ones.

Suppose there had been a five-way tie, and one team had to play three extra games to win the wild card? Those stats would count. Suppose Howard went on one of his patented tears, homered in all three games, and passed Fielder?

Wouldn't be right.

If I recall right, the Phils pounded Peavy earlier in the year at San Diego. I don't think he made it past the fifth. I'll have to check on that. Just one more reason that I'm pulling for the Padres. Maddux and Young don't worry me that much. San Diego's offense is horrible. Yeah they have 5 runs tonight, but it is against Josh Fogg at Colorado.

You want both starers chased early to lead to a long night for the BP.

Joe Morgan isn't great, but I enjoy ESPNs coverage, and Joe Morgan is entertaining. These guys are just saps. They fawn over everything.

Just another reason to root for the Pods - Brian "My Brother is a Wimp" Giles swinging at the first pitch.Looking

DaveX - except I'd still want the starter to throw a lot of pitches.

What about Jerry "I woke up this morning and didn't like my" Hairston?

Considering the 3 pm start times given to this series, these guys are DEFINITELY the TBS "D" crew.

But I'm still releived it's in HD.

Wow. Love that sign: "Fast Forward: Bring on the Cubs!"

HAHAHAHAHA, oh you Rockies.

Think the Pods would trade us Kouzmanoff for Eaton?

We could throw in Helms??

I'm jumping in late, and this may have been covered, but when does our roster get posted?

heh. guess Denver fans are going for the Phoenix, Arizona Memorial We Don't Know How This Game of "Base Ball" Is Played Award.

Helms power in SD, lol.

can we declare an official moratorium on posting that damn Kernan column already?

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