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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


it's on. Weitzel Photoshop = good karma.

Looking at that picture of Cole makes me wonder: Whats the OLD record for Ks in a playoff game!

Go Phils!

Matt Holliday still hasn't touched home plate.

No matter what happens, I love this team and have nothing but love for this forum.

I kind of like this having positive thoughts crap.

Go Phils!

Whoa, that graphic is hot.

Would be really great, psychologically, if the Phils could go big early.

Nice job, Jason.


Teaching till 3, then gotta find a bar because of my cable-less status. Wish I could watch it with you all, but I'll be here in spirit. Go Phils!!!

Bob Gibson, 1968. 17 K, 9 IP, 0 R vs Detroit.

I live in San Francisco. Between my house and the bus stop (2 blocks) I bumped into two people wearing shiny new (or just not oft-used) Phils caps, and greeted each of them with a "go Phillies!" Both were very excited. I'm right there with them.

Bought myself a slingbox yesterday, so I'm all set to watch the game at the office. (...and you thought the start times sucked living on the /east/ coast. They're at noon here.)

Go Phillies!

I wont be at the game but my brother will be...

I'll be listening on the radio. It would have been nice if they had given the Phils a primetime slot for at least ONE of the first two games.

Anyone know a place where we can hear the game online? Doesn't look like I can get out of the office til closer to 5. Thanks.

Back to the previous thread and the beer discussion (mostly because I'm trying to figure out what to drink now), Coors may be the worst mainstream beer out there. At least Miller has some smoothness to it. Bud just tastes like seltzer water to me.

I may be biased to Yuengling since it's local, but a fresh lager on tap at CBP...nothing better than that. Their light beer even has some bite to it. I'm also partial to Rolling Rock, for reasons unknown.

As far as Blue Moon goes, I don't drink it in public -- but it's the best brew Coors makes. Not that it's saying much.

Wes Helms = Dusty Rhoads.

TJ, 1210 radio has an online link to the broadcast.

Thanks Gramps. I know its not the same but I need to be apart of this. First playoff appearance since I was in 4th grade! Shocking.

lets get it out of the way...

my $.02: Newcastle.

Iceman, I had some guests visit me from Germany this year and they both said Yuengling Lager is a really good beer. Also got them to their first ever baseball game, when they got home they bought the MLB package. They are Phillies phans now.

Phils in 4, Cole is on today.

the only good thing about the 3pm start time?? We don't have to wait until 8pm or 11pm to watch the game...

Love the subliminal messaging in this one- Cole on a higher plane, with a full-body picture 3x as large and sporting a facial expression containing just a trace of a smirk. Meanwhile, Francis is cradled up into a fetal-like position, flipping us the bird. Beautiful work as always, Weitzel.

@Ice Man -- I'm a blue moon fan...

From Kurkjian:

Team w/ Home Field Adv in LDS since 1998: 16-20
Team w/ Home Field Adv in LCS since 1996:10-12
Team w/ Home Field in WS since 1985: 17-4, 4 losses -1992 and 1999 Braves, 2003 Yankees, 2006 Tigers

If SD had won the other night, my brother and I would have roadtripped down from LA Saturday night to see game 3. I guess I'll have to wait until we face the Angels in the World Series.

Crazy Jon is Wes does anything close to Dusty back in 1954, he may earn his paycheck this year.

"is is "if" sorry I'm getting excited already.

Gramps - I had a friend from Oklahoma (where they don't have Yuengling, which was the first time I realized it wasn't a national beer) tell me the same thing when he came up here. It may not be as good as Brooklyn Lager, but it's damn close.

Mike - I like it too. I just don't like ordering it in public and getting that damn orange on my glass, then having my friends stare at me like I'm an alien. It is a good beer, though.

It really surprises me how there are Phils' fans from all over on this blog. Bay Area and Boston area seem well represented but there are a ton of people from all over.

Actually got a "Let's go Phils" cheer from an old grandma at the grocery store in Palo Alto yesterday while wearing my 1979 Phils retro cap.

@Iceman... nice... I just tried their Pumpkin Ale the other day... wasn't bad.

I don't mind the orange... I need the Vitamin C...

Mike, I bought that the other day when I got a hand-picked six pack at a place by my apartment. I liked it a lot. Also got Sam Adams Octoberfest which was *really* good, and also Paulener. If you like Blue Moon, I think you'd be pretty sold on Paulener.

ae: newcastle brown ale = nectar of the gods

@MG -- it's funny... as a person who actually LIVES and WORKS and GREW UP in the city of philadelphia, I feel like an outsider sometimes with all the Philly Ex-Pats on this board.

best pumpkin ale by far, in my estimation, is the dogfish head. That's one hell of a beer, especially if you can find it on tap

@Iceman: I was going to recommend Paulaner and Oktoberfest too - you beat me to it. IMO Paulaner is the best beer you can get.
When I was in Munich last year, I went to the hofbrau house in munich and tried paulaner there - being there was like being in heaven, no doubt.

The lineup discussions today come down to three choices:

Victorino (S) or Werth (R)
Nunez (R) or Helms (R)
Coste (R) or Barajas (R)

Victorino vs. Werth

2007 vs. L (avg, obp, ops)
Victorino .291, .364, .857
Werth .375, .476, 1.058

Career vs. Francis
Victorino 3 AB, .333, .333, 1.000
Werth 10 AB, .300, .364, .964

Nunez vs. Helms

2007 vs. L (avg, obp, ops)
Nunez .284, .354, .705
Helms .282, .346, .791

Career vs. Francis
Nunez No ABs
Helms 9 AB, .667, .700, 2.144

Coste vs. Barajas

2007 vs. L (avg, obp, ops)
Coste .405, .405, .865
Barajas .226, .400, .916

Career vs. Francis
Coste 3 AB, .333, .333, .666
Barajas No ABs

guys i talked to darren dalton this morning and he said that he just got back from next monday and the phils win this series.

mike - hahaha that's great.
which dimension is Dutch in today??

and CJ-
I would start Werth today against Francis. It really comes down to the flexibility that having Victorino on the bench would provide. Having a switch-hitter on the bench available to face guys like Fuentes and Herges late in a game is huge, plus he along with Bourn can provide great speed on the basepaths. I guess you can't really go wrong, but having a bench of dobbs, victorino, bourn, and iguchi is incredible

I'm drinking a Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale right now and it is delicious. (Though it doesn't quite feel right when it is still over 80 degrees outside where I write.)

This is the day's order: starting with the Pumpkinhead. Finishing random Boulder Beer Copper and Ambers, some Bridgeport IPAs collecting dust in my fridge. Miller lite will get me to game time. Then, 6er of Hazed and Confused, to be followed by a Left Hand Sawtooth Ale bomber and a Rogue Dead Guy bomber. A win means post game at the bar. A loss means more baseball on my couch with a bottle of Sailor Jerry.

I heard a rumor that Ruiz was starting today...

"If that's true, how come it took the Mighty Rocks 13 innings and a blown umpire call to beat them?"

Just saw this from the last thread clout.

I think the answer is pretty obvious, aside from the fact that anything can happen in one game: SD had the Cy Young award winner on the mound while COL pitched a mid-level stiff.

I already mentioned this during the game, and I'm not sure why you can't acknowledge this fairly obvious point.

FWIW, I think the Phils do win this series in 5.

Are you predicting sweep?

diggitydave: I agree that Werth's the better choice today with Vic ready off the bench. I think it would likely be Coste, but Barajas has a chance at getting the nod. I'm on the record saying Helms is the choice at third.

Dogfish Head makes a damn fine IPA. In fact, they make 3 damn fine IPAs.

Though my favorite is the Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA, out of Easton, PA.

Finally, for a website named Beerleaguer, we don't talk about beer nearly enough.

I gotta say I'm partial to the lager (that's Yuengling). I also wished I liked Yards better (the largest operating brewery inside Philadelphia) but I just don't like anything I've tasted. For those of you in or near Philadelphia I also have to recommend the Nodding Head Brewery on Sansom street. They have a brew called the 700 level, in memory of the Vet.

One last story. When I was in Denver this past summer with my wife we went out to dinner and she asked our waiter if they had any local beers. The waiter replied, "Yeah, we have Coors." We both laughed, but he didn't see what was so funny.

No matter what happens in the next few weeks, the 2007 Phillies will leave a legacy: a new generation of Phillies phans. The rare Phillies playoff runs always turn a new generation of kids into the diehards who will one day, God willing, populate Beerleaguer. The kids currently aged 5-12 will remember this year as the year they got hooked on baseball, much as I remember 1993. It seems every poster here grew up during a playoff run, from the '64 survivors to the dynasty era fans to the college age guys like myself. Here's to the new phans, welcome to the phold.

game one lineup

SS Jimmy Rollins
RF Shane Victorino
2B Chase Utley
1B Ryan Howard
CF Aaron Rowand
LF Pat Burrell
3B Wes Helms
C Carlos Ruiz
P Cole Hamels

No matter what happens in the next few weeks, the 2007 Phillies will leave a legacy: a new generation of Phillies phans. The rare Phillies playoff runs always turn a new generation of kids into the diehards who will one day, God willing, populate Beerleaguer. The kids currently aged 5-12 will remember this year as the year they got hooked on baseball, much as I remember 1993. It seems every poster here grew up during a playoff run, from the '64 survivors to the dynasty era fans to the college age guys like myself. Here's to the new phans, welcome to the phold.


Whoops sorry for the double post.

Re: Werth vs. Vic

One problem with using Vic against COL is that it means Utley and Howard hit back to back. We've been fortunate recently to play teams that don't have a dominant LOOGY, but Fuentes is nasty.

I would hope Cholly would drop Vic to 6th for this reason.

Speaking of Philly beers, Manayunk Brewery is awesome.

Yards is decent... but they don't have a brewpub, which irks me.

...and just I mention that, the lineups are posted...with Utley and Howard 3/4 and Burrell hitting 6th against a lefty.

I really don't like this lineup.

I'd kill for a Lager. Yuengling would make a mint if they rolled it out across the country. There is nothing remotely close in the AR/OK/MO area.

All this beer talk reminds me that the only Oktoberfest we really want is the one that's going to happen on the field.

Hmmm... time to bitch about Manuel.

Against a lefty, I also prefer to break up Utley and Howard with Burrell.

I also think Werth is a better choice vs. Francis and that Victorino offers much more off the bench.

However, if things go the way they should, those choices shouldn't make the difference.

Not because I like Helms (I'm always happier to see Dobbs, regardless of pitcher), but since its brought good karma for the last few weeks of the season:

"I love the no-Nunez lineup!"

FYI: The Manuel bitching is tongue in cheek. It's not a bad lineup... just not the one I would have picked.

I am really upset at Cheesesteak for getting to this before me. But, since it's an hour later, it's worth the update:

Matt Holliday has still (STILL) not touched home plate.

I guess Ruiz is fine then.

Well put CJ, I think the Phils win this one in spite of the lineup.

The Mesa/Alfonseca decision followed by this lineup does have me concerned though.

After today, when the starters even out, these little things will come into play.

This is kind of off-topic, but I love seeing that Wilco ad on the right there...

DD -- Paulaner in Munich? Wow. I would be afraid if I went to Germany or Belgium I'd never leave. Franziskaner is also a great beer, but if you've been to Munich I imagine you've tried it.

I actually stumbled upon Paulaner at PF Chang's; I didn't recognize any Asian brew so I went with the European-sounding import. I couldn't believe I'd never heard of it before. It's probably in my Top-3, although if I went to Europe it would probably go to the top of the list.

Ribbies -- are you serious? Another reason to hate Denver. Coors is serious, seriously horrible. And I've tried the 700 level about a year ago when I came down for a was surprisingly good. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's tried it.

This beer talk is actually calming me down a bit. I've been way too jacked for the past 24 hours.

Whoa whoa, Burrell buried 6th?

I'm no longer calm.

I love the lineup. Good job by the uncle once again! Utley hits lefties like its his job way would I want him batting second in the playoffs. Helms has great #'s against Frances. Pat Burrell is a perfect 6 hitter on a great offensive team...that is really where he belongs.

How am I supposed to work the next 4 hours?!

ever notice how much wes helms looks like rube from major league 2?

Iceman - I couldn't make that up.

kdon: I'm not nearly in awe of the Rockies as you are. But then I wasn't nearly in awe of the Phillies bullpen last spring either.

Willard, you're right about that. It's like In n' Out in CA: why not go mainstream? Both companies would rake in billions in profit.

I'm working from home today so I can watch the game on TBS. Just picked up a sixer of Yuengling. Gotta keep it real Philly style, even though I'm in DC.

I gotta say, though, my favorite beer is Pacifico. Probably has to do with the fact I used to live in San Diego and drank it practically every day. Oh, and I don't take my Mexican beer with a lime. Fruit and beer don't mix, IMHO.

And finally, LET'S GO PHILS!!!

i just looked it up, there are four phils with WS rings... el pulpo, barajas (d-backs), gooch, and rowand. i wonder if everybody's gathered around them staring at their rings in the clubhouse... speaking of phils fans from all over, i grew up in philly, left when i was 12, and am now in the heart of cowboy country in austin, tx. i haven't even seen another phils hat besides mine in the whole city. but screw them, i'm wearing mine proudly!

I'll be drinking keystone light. had to cut costs in order to buy tickets for tomorrow. well worth it.

Anyone know of an FM station in Phildelphia carrrying the game? My only option is the FM radio in my MP3 player for this afternoon., a prominent sports betting sites, gives the phillies the best odds of representing the nl in the world series (+200)

And Matt Holliday will not touch home plate today, either.

From what I can tell, the best Colorado Rockies' equivalent to Beerleaguer is called Purple Row. Although calling it an equivalent is an insult to Beerleaguer. They did hit 580 comments on the night of the one-game playoff.

On Jason's subliminals -
also like that Francis's arms and leg with the border form a zero. Coupled with the 1 directly above it it gives the impression of saying: "1 - 0."

Don't know if you intended that, but it's good.

Ok my job blocks all streaming media through the net. Anyone have any ideas to catch the game?

given that this is game 1, i thought this would be appropriate:

kim batiste = abraham nunez.

you heard it here.

CJ - so we got a hundred more posts on Beerleaguer for their playoff game than they did?

I think I'd rather see PtBB's bat 3rd in the lineup today. At home and with the higher chance that Francis will have some control problems, I wouldn't mind more baserunners for Howard.

From the Rockies blog "Purple Row" comes this comment:

"Mark Redman is apparently making it in, too. He is an interesting addition in a series against a club that destroys LHP's, but I might trust him more than Julio at this point anyway."

Do we destroy LHP's?

Kim Bat! I keep looking for a chance to bring him up.

Maybe we should bat Cole 8th...okay bad joke.

If Purple Row says we do who am I to argue, and I hope they are right.

Just read a little bit of Purple Row and I'm already pissed. They have a link alleging that their chances are better because of a collection of stats based on the past 30 days claims we've had the worst offense in the league for a month, and they've had the best. I guess 13-4 over the last 17 games doesn't count for much, either. Morons.


I'm with you on that. I liked Burrell 3rd.

IceMan the link shows we had the lowest batting average in the league over the last 30 days (.250). However, we were also 4th in runs scored over the last 30 days.

Batting Average can be a misleading metric.

Too bad Jorge Julio didn't make the roster. He's always fun to smack around for several batters.

The Rox and Phils 'pens are almost equal (although ommitting Julio may actually 'upgrade' Colorado a smidge). Check out the stats.

MG & other Bay Areans: If the Phillies make the World Series, we should have some sort of Beerleaguer get-together at one of the local sports bars.

But I'm getting way ahead of myself . . .

Nice. Phils' press conference is on ESPNNews right now, and they're currently interviewing "Kyle Hendrick". Good work, ESPN.

The Rockies have been hitting a lot better of late. Hopefully a trend that doesn't continue. Unfortunately I have to miss the first hour of the game for Philosophy of Law class.

CJ, Iceman, it may be altitude sickness. Our job today is to give them a Rocky Mountain Low.

You folks are killing me with the beer talk. Signing on from Baghdad where I won't see a beer for the next 10 months. As the guys dropped me off at my hooch after dinner I said "I've got a TV and my Beerleaguer family, just wish I had a six-pack of Yuengling and tonight would be perfect."

Thanks for all the kind words after Jason posted the email I sent him. The support means a lot, but we'll be channeling all the positive vibes towards CBP today.

Talked to my Dad this morning and by now he's probably picked my brother up at the airport and headed straight to CBP. be there instead of here.

Cholly at his pregame news conference said he wanted speed at the top and a chance to steal bases and get on the board early. He said chooch was fine catching the ball and swinging this morning.

they also called us a one dimenisonal team that sits around and waits for a home run.
That really couldn't be further from the truth. How many steals do the Rockies have this year?

CJ - I did see that. Based on BA, Howard is a middle of the road player this year. I should have mentioned how I thought the claim they were making was bogus.

On batting PTB 3rd, I was actually expecting it as Manuel seemed to be doing that towards the end of the season. But I'm (gulp) trusting him based on his moves in the last few games (most of which impressed me).

i propose a ban on the word "metric" unless the expose are reinstated.

mike: I was happy I was able to use it for the first time. I think it's a hilarious word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do support a ban, though.

"kdon: I'm not nearly in awe of the Rockies as you are."

Seriously clout, your ability to misinterpret and misunderstand other people is downright Olympian. What I'm really in awe of is either your complete devotion to some fictional persona you've created called "clout" or the fact that a real person could be so wholly without basic reading comprehension skills and still operate a computer.

Let me say it slowly (let each word sink in):

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