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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Kyle Kendrick: 3rd and 4th inning

1.) Matsui 1-0 (low curveball), 1-1 (fastball inside), 2-1 (high fastball), Hit (Low fastball) (4 pitches) (2 balls)
2.) Tulowitzki: 1-0 (inside fastball), 1-1 (Curveball, outside corner), 2-1 (Fastball inside), 2-2 (Fastball middle), 3-2 (Fastball outside), 3-2 (Foul, fastball inside), K (curveball, outside corner). (6 pitches) (3 balls)
3.) Holliday: 0-0 (Fastball hammered at Helms, Holliday thrown out at first) (1 pitch) (1 strike)
4.) Helton: 0-1 (Curveball outside), 1-1 (Curveball outside), 2-1 (Fastball inside), 2-2 (curveball outside) *****Lohse begins warming******** 2-2 (Helton flies out to right. Just missed taking it out) (5 pitches) (2 balls) (1 strike)

1.) Atkins: 0-1 (fastball outside), 1-1 (curveball missed outside), 1-1 (Curveball middle) Atkins doubles. (3 pitches)
2.) Hawpe1-0 (Fastball outside), 1-1 (Fastball outside, high), 2-1 (Sinker low), 2-1 (Fastball outside, high) Hawpe flies out to Burrell (Missed HR by 6 feet) (4 pitches)
3.) Spillbourgs: 1-0 (Fastball high), 1-1 (Fastball foul), 1-2 (curveball swinging), 2-2 (curveball low), 2-2 (Fastball high) Spillbourgs pops out to first. (5 pitches)
4.) Torrealba: 0-1 (fastball high looking), 1-1 (Fastball high), 2-1 (Fastball outside) 3-1 (Curveball outside)*****Morales on deck), Intentional walk initiated (After Kendrick goes 3-1 to Torrealba). Dubee visits mound (4 pitches not counting intentional ball)
5.) Smith: 1-0 (Fastball outside), 2-0 (splitter low), 2-1 (fastball foul), 2-1 (Fastball low) Smith safe after swinging bunt to third. (4 pitches)

Contrary to popular belief, Manual did not initiate the BB until Kendrick had gone to 3-1 to Torrealba. Kendrick looks to be visibly wearing down, missing locations. Manual makes the decision to walk Torrealba to force Hurdle's hand to either hit Morales or pinch hit for him (Morales is still on deck when the move is made). Good decision in my mind. Kendrick is not able to get Smith out and the next 3 batters have a 2B, HR, HR against Kendrick. In my opinion this was a good move.

The old man adds to his legend tonight and the Phils pull out a surprising pitchers dual, 2-1.

Look out, Philadelphia! I'm bringing this one home for you.

hey parker, you're a game behind here. what's done is done. let's look ahead to tonight for now.

Bottom line:Howard & Utley need to break out of their funks tonight & lead this team. Rollins has already stepped it up-now it's their turn. There are No mid-afternoon shadows nor a tough LEFTY starter on the mound. Utley has already been paid/Howard wants to be paid-Show us your $.

Parker, your dedication to Manuel is admirable, but I don't think we are going to resolve this. Your own evidence says that the last two hitters that put the ball in play against Kendrick popped out and hit a swinging bunt. Yeah, he was toast.

True Manuel didn't call for the intentional walk until 3-1, but Torrealba sucks, and it's not hard to see him getting out of that jam on his own.

It's like arguing with conspiracy theorists. If I can't convince someone that we landed on the moon, it's okay. I'm satisfied knowing that most people believe it.

Good point kells, no excuses.

If the Phils can't put up 5-7 runs tonight, they have only themselves to blame.

On the lineup, Abe might not be bad player to use because while he couldn't hit a tennis ball out of the infield, he is a patient hitter with a respectable OBP. Jimenez is wild.


Agreed that this won't be resolved. In other news, the Cubs still can't get the "big hit."

Moyer, watch Livan tonight. This is what we need you to do. Pitch like crap, but pitch well when it matters most. Or, you know, pitch *lights out*.

kdon - It's true about Abe's OBP. He's OBP was much better than Wes's was in September, and his SLG only slightly worse.

i'm out of the cube tonight, but i'm back on the blog... i feel good about tonight. with their backs to the wall, the Phils will find a way.

i believe.

But God is that SLG bad. .282!!!!

But hey, against RHP, his OPS jumps all the way to 634, which is almost as good as 1944 MVP winner (and great ae reference) Marty Marion!

So, hey, that must mean something...right? Please?

And at least it looks like we won't be the first team eliminated!

Florida > LSU.

I think Chicago has one more bases loaded, heart breaking double play left in them tonight.

This is the first game that's really felt like a playoff game. Must be the prime-time thing.

let's all hope that tonight isn't the last night we see HONEST ABE NUNEZ in a philly uniform!!

I can't say I'm too optimistic about how Moyer's "pitching to contact" stuff is going to go over in a park where every batted ball seems to be struck with about 10% more velocity than in any other park. Not to mention that Colorado was 20 games over .500 at home this year.

Only good news is that we face another rookie pitcher & this time he's right-handed. He does have a very good opponents batting average &, surprisingly, has been much better at home than on the road. But, as has been mentioned, he's also prone to wildness & his performance in night games, for whatever reason, has been much worse than in day games. I would also note that his minor league numbers were nothing special, which suggests that the law of averages are going to catch up with him. Maybe it can start happening tonight.

If we can somehow pull this game out, we're back in the series.

I am not crazy about Nuni getting the start tonight. I would have opted for Dobbs with the start and Nuni arriving in the 7th or 8th with us having the lead. LETS GO PHILS!

after kaz hit a slam the other night, it's nunez's time to shine. tonight, one night only--nunez one ups kaz and hits for the cycle. book it.

I didn't expect the Cubs to win this series but I didn't think they would be swept.

If Nunez hits a HR, I will admit that Cholly was wrong about Kendrick. But by the same logic, I would have to say that Manual is a genious for hitting Nunez, so it is a wash. Not that either of those would be actually correct.

Parker, I give you a lot of credit for not giving up on the KK ordeal. I can't agree, but I applaud the effort. Now, on to the game tonight. Go, Jamie!! Go, Phils!!
(and I like that Nuni is starting. They can bring Dobbs off the bench if necessary.)

Dick Stockton just said the Cubs fans are great because no one has left the park- in the 8th inning of a 4-1 game. WOW???

Hopefully Moyers pitches will throw off the Rockies. His style is so different that it can mess with young and impatient hitters. The Marlins are a great example. FIsh have a good hitting/young lineup but have never beated Moyer. Individual batters have good numbers against him, but on a whole they are too impatient to solve Moyer (at least enough to beat him). Maybe seeing Moyer is enough to throw them into a funk. Just grasping for straws, but what else can you do at this point.

Parker did you really just misspell "Manual" and "genious" again!

C'mon man!

On the Cubs, I'm sure they will be ripped in the press, but the simple truth is, they just we're not a good team.

Despite playing in a terrible division, *five* NL teams ended up with more wins this year.

I know everyone loves the WC, but it does lead to some pretty mediocre teams in October.

Ok, grammar lessons are over, with my foolish contraction on "we're."

The Rockies will see so many Eephus pitches they won't know what hit them

Thanks again Mrs. Kdon. I always appreciate a good combing through of accidental typing errors. What, am I submitting a writing sample to you?

[On the Cubs, I'm sure they will be ripped in the press, but the simple truth is, they just we're not a good team.]

Amen. Although, on paper, they look pretty good. I'm all for the wildcard, though. I just think there should be 2 divisions in each league and 2 wildcards.

Parker, how is it accidental? You *always* call him "Manual." I suggest going with Cholly.

As sophist pointed out over "genious", it's just annoying to look at.

I'm getting nervous watching the Cubs/D-backs. The game's not over yet, but I'm sure the Cubbies fans had the same hopes and expectations going into tonight's game that we do tonight. "No way they sweep us three straight coming back to Wrigley. We're not that bad and they're not that good."

Kells, I love Chase and Ryan, but I agree with you. Time for them to show why they are MVP caliber players tonight. Utley 3-4 with 2 doubles, 2 runs scored, one HBP, two RBIs. Howard, 2-3 with a three run left center tape measure dinger that shuts the crowd up early, a fence rattling double, a line drive out that tears off someone's glove, and two intentional walks.

Let's start off positive. J-Roll with a lead off single, a totally off the playbook/cw steal of second, and scores on Utley's double or Howard's HR.

We're all going to be happy as pigs in whatever, biting our nails, or livid and depressed in about an hour. Seat belts on....

Sophist, that could work. I'd could see maybe in the NL doing a football style thing with 4 4 team divisions, but eliminating the WC completely.

Problem is you would have to add two more teams to the AL, and that ain't happening.

Of course, I'd really love just one 16-team division (soccer style) where the winner goes to the World Series and the last place team gets sent to play in AAA. Think the Pirates and Devil Rays would spend money then?

Valverde may be the most entertaining player in the MLB. The guy is completely insane. Don't look in his eyes, you will never be the same.

love it Bob... seat belts on is right!!!


LETS GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How was that for timing it right?

Kdon - Believe it or not Chicago are the central champs mate. The wild card this year has delivered a so far very good team in Colorado. We wish the Cubs were wild card winners. Then maybe by now the Phils would have won. BUt in saying that I get your drift.


GO Phillies!

Patience Phillies.

I'm liking the grey.

First pitch is a ball.

2-1 on Rollins

3-1 on Rollins

Full count on Rollins

Swung at ball 4.

Rollins strikes out!

Russ, thanks for the play by play, but could you tone it down.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please accept a broom from Colorado, in the spirit of brotherly love. I can only hope that the Coors Light will still taste ok after you are swept by this year's team of destiny.

You were without question the best team in the NL east, but this is our year. Best of luck in 2008.

Philly area Rockies transplant

Ultley walks.

Set the table Chase. Let's go Phils!

there we go! that should have been two straight walks... i hope the boys in the dugout noticed that...

Allright good job Uts.

burrell was ahead of a 96 mph fastball... portends well.

Not if he can't hit an 85 MPH slider.

Burrell strikes out!

C'mon Ryno, big hit here.

Howard singles Utley to third!

Oh, there's the Burrell we know.

Nice poke RyHo.

Nice hit. Now A-Row needs a big hit here.

atkins diet-

why don't you let them play the game before you start talking smack?

i shudder to think what may have happened to your "team of destiny" had you rightly been made to go the top of the 14th...

holliday was out. you're lucky to be here, so i'd lay off the smack for the moment...

Nice inside swing Ryano!

I dunno why Utley didn't steal during Pat's at bat. It would be 1-0 now

And then what, Russ? What happened next?

[sarcasm. we have play-by-play guys all over the radio, tv, and even on gameday. you could actually provide some commentary, or, you know, just cool it a little.]

good pitch to hit there

Rowand, ouch, ouch. That was the most pathetic swing I have seen all year.

Aww man Rowand. This guy has some nasty stuff.

Drat, poor AB. You have to be patient with this guy.

When Rowand looks bad... he REALLY looks bad.

Brutal swing. Rowand's pitch selection is the one thing about him I won't miss when he's gone.


Horrible strikeout Rowand. Swatting flies. Geez.

At least Jimenez had to work.

After 14 years, this is the first Phillies playoff game I am actually able to watch. GO PHILS!

That's a good sign. Looks like Jamie has his corner.

Moyer's going to be the man tonight. He BETTER be the man. Good start, 2 quick outs.


Our real MVP scored without a tag, and has continued slaughtering all he has faced. I'm sorry fate is not on your side this season.

Kate Smith is warming up, fellas. Enjoy the final few innings of your season...and congrats for making it as far as you did. You all should be proud - I mean that 100% honestly.

The Phils could teach those D'Backs a thing or two about celebrating.

Hey! We're not losing yet!

Gotta love those 7 pitch innings.

7 pitches...Moyer looks pretty good so far....

Jamie Moyer is looking good tonight, calm, relaxed, what more can we ask for.

Atkins, don't you mean "sincerely?" Or did you leave your brain in the Mountains? Maybe its living so many years without much oxygen?

Bats are aggressive tonight. Jimenez looks a little wild, but he's throwing strikes. Moyer with a 7 pitch inning. Fingernails? Already being chewed.

Holliday still hasn't touched the plate in Denver.

Moyer looked good in inning 1!

Beautiful stuff. Moyer will get a good strike zone with this umpire. He looks relaxed too. More so than Jimenez. Keep the patience Phils.

Tarp Karma!!!!!!!

Huh? Blackout?

I'll never understand people going to an opposition blog to talk trash. It's petty and mean-spirited. You want to read it and enjoy other people's misery? Fine. But rubbing it in is pathetic. Who turned out the lights?

I don't know if this is a good sign or not.

The night when the Lights went out in Denver. If you believe in signs, that was one hell of a sign.

Let's home this is quick...A prolonged delay would kill us if both teams had to go to the pen

Wow, looks like Coors field is having the same power problem our hitters are having. Lights out. Somebody flipped the switch to get Jamie out of his groove.

Okay Phils, quick, while the lights are out, go steal the Rockies bullpen.

Bugs in Cleveland, blackout in Denver. What's next?

Alright, Moyer really is lights out tonight.

LOL @ Andy. That joke still has legs.

brother - pretzels in Philly.

Brother: The Phillies come all the way back and make it to the World Series. They are one out away and then......The apocalypse.

Any delay will probably be handled better by the wily vet Moyer as opposed to the rookie Jimenez...I hope!

Yeah baby, pretzels!

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