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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Zolecki posted this on his blog:

Charlie Manuel changed his lineup for Game 2:

1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
2. Chase Utley, 2B
3. Pat Burrell, LF
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Aaron Rowand, CF
6. Jayson Werth, LF
7. Wes Helms, 3B
8. Carlos Ruiz, C
9. Kyle Kendrick, P

Good to see Werth in there, and Pat hitting in front of Howard.

We need offense!

Don't think this is lineup is a surprise to anyone. Based on our performance vs. a lefty yesterday, a change was in order. That meant moving Burrell up and inserting Werth.

This was a no-brainer.

i agree. good lineup. victorino didnt have it yesterday, why not try werth?

i'm heading down to the game now. go phils!

I'm glad Charlie got it right. Looks like a winner to me. Go Phils!

The only lineup that Cholly could go with.

Dobbs and Vic will be back in there in Colorado against the RHP.

As for Morales, he has a tendancy to get wild. Be nice if there was a lot of patience shown early. Make him throw strikes. And, then if he falls behind, tee off.

Looks like a winner to me, too. Move Pat higher and get Vic outta there. Some brutal cuts yesterday.

Chic Vic = Riding Pine.

Gotta win this one Fellas... I haven't read any thing from yesterday's games... I don't know if I can go back and do it.

I didn't have much to say about yesterday's game... you can read it over at my blog...

I think today is going to be different...
I really REALLY like the lineup today...


Everytime i see helms in the lineup it makes me cringe!! I think I dislike him more then any other phillie....I am pulling for him, but i have no faith in helms at all....I know you can't play dobbs at 3b because morales and nunez can't hit a lick, so i guess we are pretty much stuck unless Iguchi could play 3b haha joking, but damn that would be nice!

Peter Tork = Rally Monkee

I'd consider using Coste. Ruiz's numbers against LHP are not good. And hasn't Coste caught Kendrick quite a bit this year? He'd probably offer more patient at-bats as well.

Maybe Wes Helms will justify his existence today. I'm not expecting him to.

I have tickets for NLDS game 5 and the second home game of the NLCS. I'd love to get a refund on Game 5 and be there for the NLCS.

And while I'm dreaming, let's have that NLCS game be the fourth and clinching game against the D-backs.

Why not break out the Kate Smith recording for God Bless America?

I like that idea St. Joe, maybe at the 7th inning stretch. Takes me back to my days as a Flyers fan in the mid-80s.

Can't break out the Kate Smith - the Rally Monkee's singing today.

Feelin' good about today's game. Yeah, we lost yesterday, but for a (good) reason. It is very rare for 1-5 in the lineup to do as bad as they did. Rare, but not impossible. So, it happened, and it probably won't happen again today. In my opinion, better to lose one that way than to lose one because of a chronic problem, like bullpen. Chronic problems, by definition, will return again and again, the lack of offense yesterday was an anomaly, and less of a concern. I am very optimistic and psyched.

Forget the 'Rally Monkee' (nothing like a rendition of "God Bless America" from a Brit) - we have bathtubhippo's Rally Guinea Pig on our side. Charge!

Bad news about the shadows. I don't know what MLB was thinking by sticking these teams with 2 consecutive late-afternoon starts. I know it's all about ratings, but try to be equitable to the teams playing here. One of these 3:00 starts is bad enough, by why two in a row? Someone needs more foresight when planning all this out, and needs to consider that shadows do play a significant part in very significant games. Regardless of whether both teams are subject to the same conditions, the bottom line is that it compromises the quality of play. In the closed-roof Chase Field, for instance, the shadows wouldn't be a factor, so why not give them the afternoon starts? Oh, because the Cubs *have* to get prime time, right. The markets of Devner and Philadelphia are apparently irrelevant next to Chicago. It's just ignorant.

IceMan had a good post in the previous thread. The key to withstanding Morales, or moreover the concept of a young, hard-throwing left-hander, is to not go up there hacking like they were yesterday. Francis totally fed on their aggressiveness and had them eating out of his hand. Can't happen again.

Don't know if its been posted, but its always good to throw in some conspiracy / stir things up :

via rotoworld

TBS cameras caught Rockies closer Manny Corpas pouring a cup of water or soda on the front of his shirt before leaving the bullpen to pitch the ninth inning of Wednesday's game and then rubbing dirt on the area.

A stunning turn of events, if only because TBS actually was back in time for the first pitch of that inning. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Corpas appeared to go to the spot on his jersey before several of his pitches. It'd be illegal for him to intentionally apply a substance to his jersey for a better grip on the ball, though it'd hardly make him unique if he were doing it.

Amazing how uniform jerseys were such a big story from yesterday's game. Today it'll the be the stirrup socks.

An hour to go and my stomach is bunching up in knots. Is that a good sign? I like the front end of the line up. I'd prefer Coste's bat to Ruiz.

RSB = This Rally Monkee's American.
Davy Jones not appearing at the Pit today.

Strangely calm about these games. Lets face it, this group has already overachieved - anything more is gravy.

Anyone have the sopcast link for the game?

Prediction: Phils 7-6 WIN

thats normal, fred..its called nervous can bet all 25 of the guys have it too

im taking my lunch at 3 today so i can catch the first hour in our lobby..but lets be honest, zero work is getting done come 3 this game is big...i am confident though...i was not confident yesterday...and watch out for the street hustler and the bottle cap game...he is deadly

Oh, right, the Monkees weren't British except for Jones. My bad.

I guess it beats Bon Jovi, anyway.

I blame bruceg for yesterday's lost. His proclamation of the game being over was not nearly as strong and irrational as it should have been.

Comments and traffic reflect a major downward spike for this game compared to yesterday. People are getting scared and/or tired.

I hadn't counted for myself, and hadn't heard anyone else mention it until Tim Kurkjian just now on Mike & Mike, but Utley's 4 K's yesterday came on just 13 pitches. Yikes.

Take some today. Ok, Chase?

Tired maybe, but not scared. Baghdad here.

Perhaps bruceg is truly off the bandwagon for this game. We win in a blowout!

Looks like TBS didn't realize overnight what a mistake it is to have Frank Thomas on. He appeared to add nothing of value yesterday.

Lets stomp all over this rook

whaddaya say boys!?

I have nothing worthwile to say . . . its all generic cheering from here on out.

Stay safe, CDR L!

I have class (can't skip) at 3:45pm :-( So I'll be tracking the first 45min from the computer lab, then thinking happy thoughts for the phils from my housing policy class. I like this lineup better - let's hope the ENTIRE offense shows up today so if Pat and Aaron go yard again they bring someone else home too!

I miss the whole "What beer will you be drinking while watching the game?" discussion from yesterday.

I also like when that was the biggest concern before watching the game.

Like the changes to the lineup. I hate to say it but if the Phils don't score in the first 2 innings today, I don't see them putting up a W.

Also, if the Phils are going to get beat today I hope it is not by the likes of Matsui or Yorvit again today. At least make Helton or Holiday beat you instead.

If we don't hit better tonight than last night I could be more of a risk to myself than anyone else. Hoping the bats aren't taking any time off for Ramadan.

I'm calling 6-5 Phillies in 11 innings. They'll fall behind 3-0, just like last night. Kendrick will then settle down & go 5 innings, allowing 4 runs. The Phillies will fight back to tie it up in the middle innings & it will be a see-saw battle into the late innings. To the delight of Davthom, Chris Coste's 11th inning single will drive home Michael Bourn from 2nd to win the game. Jose Mesa will get the win.

I really hope we don't see Mesa until Spring.

Personally I only want to see MEsa in the spring if he's not in a Phils uniform...

Hopefully we don't see Mesa again...ever.

That man REALLY needs to retire soon.

Guys: I have the same hope. I hate Mesa. This is my prediction, not my wish. My wish is that the Phillies with this game 17-0, with Matt Holliday & Garrett Atkins both breaking their legs in an ugly collision.

Hopefully there will be no more excuses that they are talking on pre-game and in the papers... wardrobe malfunctions, shadows, SI cover jinx, Good to hear Ricky Bo was basically saying its time to put up shutup..Lets just get to morales early and pile it on! Go Phils!!!!!

And, lest any of you think that I'm mean-spirited to be wishing injury upon a fellow human being, let me just make clear: I wish both Matt Holliday & Garrett Atkins speedy off-season recoveries.

that was put up or shut up!!

The Phillies hitters need to calm down today and get better at-bats. They looked like they were pressing a little too much yesterday to make something happen. Get Morales pitch count up and get into that bullpen that got used pretty heavily Monday night

We're with you, just trying to spur some conversation since it seems the crowd is pretty timid as we sit down 0-1.

And the beer conversation depresses me more since I won't see a cold one until next July. Non-alcoholic brews here don't do the trick. The Beck's doesn't taste right but NA Lowenbrau actually doesn't taste too bad. Won't touch the Coors.

Jason, I thimk Morales deserves a slightly better picture in that photoshop. You have a real gift for graphic design though.

Commander, they don't allow you beer at all???

Dan - none of the real stuff. Rumor has it we may get 2 at Christmas.

CDR L -what's the rationale behind that? I have friends who have served overseas and I don't recall them ever mentioning a no alcohol rule (or is it just not avalible?)

GAME TIME! No time to worry about my lack of beer, we need to jump on Morales early.

Today's not a beer day, more like Tums, Pepto Bismol, and Rolaids day.

anyone have the sopcast channel for today's game?

regal - I think the fact that we are in a combat zone and carrying weapons at all times covers most of the reasons.

Take, Take, Take pitches against Morales today, he is a rookie, make him make you pitches, don't chase his junk...they were over anxious yesterday

stjoehawk- every time I hear "God Bless America" during the seventh stretch in DC I mutter to myself "That wasn't Kate Smith."

Then again, they also play "Gonna Fly Now" during games and use the theme to "The Magnificent Seven" to introduce their nine player line up. Strange, especially using “Gonna Fly Now” when the Fightin’s are in town.

Cal ripkin & Frank Thomas are terrible in studio. Ernie Johnson asked Cal aboput a certain player. His response "I really can't tell you-I haven't seen him much"
Thomas said he hit pitchers who wore colored long sleeves better-he picked the ball up easier. i know it's old news but why was Cole wearing long sleeves in hot/humid conditions?

CDR L - got it - it does sound like a stupid question now that I think about it.

Go Phillies!

Kendrick has a NASCAR name.
Good think I love NASCAR...

love the lineup!

Good points CDR, good points. Kendrick needs to get through an easy first inning here to make sure the crowd stays crazy. LETS GO PHILS

Oh-oh, are we doomed by Kendrick's sleeves?

oh god is that 3/4 sleeve undershirt kendrick has on!!! .........

So much for a fast start for the Phils...

Another poor start. Great.


Great start.

i wonder if there is a blog like this for Colorado fans and they are saying same take kendrick's pitches, etc

Where's bruceg?



You've got to fucking kidding me.

I don't want to hear jack sh*t about shadows when the Phillies come up to bat.

Well, this has gone well so far. Why do I have the sinking feeling that we're just playing a better team?

Wow, the shadows are killing the hitters so far.


Anyone else want to say how the Rockies were the better matchup???

I'll spare the caps lock, but Christ, let's not get our panties in a bunch, again, before the Phillies even get through their own vaunted lineup.

Wow. Not what we had in mind.

Hope the kid shakes it off. 1 run SHOULD be nothing with our offense!

Er, 2 runs. Typo. Apologies.

So the ROY runner-up and the MVP runner-up homered off our rookie pitcher in the first inning.

We'd need more than 2 runs to win this game anyway.

Time for comeback #49.

that is 2 runs, regal.

The ball was up both times. You tend to forget what a fine line Kendrick walks with the kind of stuff he has.

Well, ig we hold them scoreless next inning, we'll be in a better position today after 2 innings...

Tough start.

Let's get these runs back now.

Kendrick is really leaving his pitches up today. I still have the feeling he will give us 6 IP and 3 runs. Lets hope Morales has some nervousness and our hitters take advantage of it as well.

Sorry, I'm tracking on gamecast/espn so only Holliday's was up - I realized after reading the post above mine that it was worse than I thought.

...and I'd like to reiterate something that's been said a lot already today.


That is all.

RSB: Yeah, he definitly walks a fine line. He's pitched well, but he's our #2 starter in the playoffs. That's trouble.

Rockies or Padres??? Hmmm??? I'll take the team that has two good lefites, and is second in OPS vs. the team that is 15th in OPS and is devoid of a lefty starter. If anyone wants to slap me after this comment, I understand why. I would slap myself if it was originally my thought.

Let's stop jumping off the cliff guys.

I will say this- if we end up losing this series and getting dumped early it will be our lack of pitching that finally caught up with us. Keep in mind Kendrick is still a rookie and Hamels is still wet behind the ears.

It's proof that we have the offense to win but we'll need to make some off-season moves to shore up our pitching staff

J-ROll always has an answer. Nice!!!!!!

Well that definitely helps!

Looking like 14-10 today...

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