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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Good stuff. Can't wait for the game. Have fun mate. CBP will be rocking like never before. Go Phillies!

Can't sleep either, JW. Ready to rock the Bank today.

Have to put in a few hours this morning at my newspaper, but aim to be at park by 1 o'clock.

I've been quiet since the clincher for the most part, but I'm ready for all comers. It's no fun for me to microanalyze every little matchup and get into the arguments about this or that or VORPs or LOOGYs, etc.

It boils down to this, from my perspective: I think these Phillies can mash with the best and if the pitching rises to the occasion--as it has down the stretch--there's no reason the boys can't go all the way.

Let's go Phillies!

I'm up too, have been for over an hour. In Central Time.

I am taking off work at 2 to go to the bar with the big TV. I hope there might be at least one other Phillies fan in this town!

Have a great time at the game, guys!

Go Phillies!

Can I have some scrapple instead of a hot dog at this early hour? Could we possibly be more excited?
If in March, someone told me that I'd be watching Cole Hamels pitch an October game at CBP, I'm not sure I would have been able to picture it.

Got a half day at work, then I'm buzzing down to the game. Section 431 I'm in...I still can't believe this is happening.

TL: You're too late. Mick Billmeyer and Rod Barajas killed off the last of the scrapple.

Finally had a chance to sit down last night and go over this Rockies team, and also catch up on comments, including MG's superb series preview in one of the earlier threads.

The Rockies have Francis, but the rest of their starters are very inexperienced. Their bullpen looks slightly better than ours, but not by much. I think the pitching edge overall has to go to the Phils. Even if you call the lineups equal, the Phils have a much better bench.

I see a Phillies win this series. They need to get it started by winning the game with their ace on the mound. Francis has been hit hard by the Phils and hasn't pitched especially well in Sept.

I'll go Phillies in four.

Jimenez looked like vintage Valenzuela in his last start, but other than those 2 we should be fine - I'll go with Phils in a tough 5 - any other way for this franchise is probably wishful thinking - just win Phillies!

Mainly because I can't have beer at my office, and also because I don't have any hot dogs, my breakfast is a sausage, egg and cheese and an iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts.

Trying to get out of work by 2:30. Hoping I can. This is a day I've waited for a long time.

Oh, and I second that, Jason. I like the Phils to take games one and two, then the clincher, number four, on Sunday night.

I had a dream last night that Utley was getting thrown at. I woke up and realized that it was no dream (Granted he helps the cause significantly).

I think Alfonseca is on the roster for the sole purpose of scaring the bejesus out of Todd Helton (See Alfo's near facially impregnating throw at Helton's dome in the last Rockies series). By the way, the Rockies were hitting a good many Phillies batters in that series, and I think some retaliation was warranted, but I don't think Alfonseca was the best choice to pull it off. He was probably aiming at Helton's ribs and lost the fastball.

I'm not sharing in the discounting of Ubaldo Jiminez or Franklin Morales. I've seen those two guys pitch several times in the past couple of weeks, and I think they are legitimate. They both have ridiculous pitches, and throw hard. Of course the Phillies can adjust, but I hope they adjust early and often. If not, those games could be tough ones.

As much as we all love the scenario of Hamels dominating the Rocks today and leading us to a game one win at home, etc, that's not the way this season has gone. The script for this season seems to have been written differently. They led the majors with something like 50 come from behind wins. They overcame a 4-11 start. They've had a lot of unlikely heroes along the way. Having said all of that, I'd be very happy for it all to play out differently in the post season. Getting out to an early lead, dominating starting pitching and the bullpen nailing it down at the end would be more my cup of tea. Unfortunately, these guys have not had many games this year that played out that way.

if the rockies are a buzzsaw, then the phillies are a big ass boudler thats gonna f*** up that buzzsaw in a sea of heat and luminous sparks.

Buzz saw will lay broken on the ground, its teeth all twisted and broken off, only the smell of burnt steel remains.

I still can't believe we're in the playoffs and they begin in about 7 hours. It really is a shame we have to play the rockies in the first round, not because they are good, but because we're are really two of the best storied going into the playoffs. I do think that the winner of this series goes on to fight the AL.

I'm going to the game tomorrow, so I'm going to try to keep quiet and watch the game on from my desk today. I'll be able to muffle my cheers with my rally towel.

Off at 2:30 today to make it home just in time to catch the game on TBS-HD. Absolutely can't wait – it's been a loooonnngg 14 years. Last time the Phils were in this position I was watching on a tiny 13" TV in a dorm room – now I'll be watching on a 46" hi-def set, married with two kids. Yep, it's been quite a while.

I'm halfway considering flying to Denver to see the Phils this weekend, which officially makes me insane. We'll see.

Go Phillies!

On ESPNews Eric Young just picked the Phillies to win the Series based on our pitching - take that Charles Manuel - stop whining about your pitching and just manage! Speaking of pitching how about tonight's Webb vs. Zambrano match-up - yikes!

Count me in as another fan who is too excited to sleep. This has been a long wait, 14 years, but the last day has really dragged on. A world series appearance is really possible!

Anybody have any idea on the rally towels? Are they going to hand those out again? I need to know if I should take mine down off the wall in my office and take it to the game or not.

I wasn't planning on getting much sleep last night, and didn't. Wide awake around 4 AM.

Still haven't quite gathered my thoughts from Sunday yet; I was 9 the last time the Phils played a postseason game. Having a really hard time fathoming this happening.

Regarding a discussion on the last thread: I am completely satisfied this year with just winning the division. I'm extremely excited/nervous for a potential playoff run, but in reality this is all I wanted. This year, that moment was enough for me. That won't take away from the excitement this next few weeks may create, but it will take away from the disappointment if it doesn't happen.

My Con Law 1 professor is well aware of the number of people on campus who will be ditching class to watch the Phillies the next two days and has been very accomodating, allowing us to e-mail our assignments in. Unfortunately he's a Cubs fan and says if the Phils take them out in the NLCS, he's going to write a retraction to every rec. letter he's sent to law schools for those who don't show up to class (which includes me). It was a tough choice, but I'm still ditching.


Matt Holliday still hasn't touched homeplate.

Ugh this 3PM start time is killing me! I've got a Tax Accounting test at six so I won't be able to watch the end of the game and I'll probably waste my study time beforehand watching Cole Hamels and the Phils take it to the Rockies. Thank god for Tivo though!

I will have to settle for MLB TV at the old office.


HERE HERE! Here's to cutting class for the Phils game!

Going down to s. philly at 11am. First the Philadium, then to the stadium. Yay. Thank God I had taken this day off a long time ago (thought I'd be down the shore, not going to the game).

This schedule does blow though. 10pm on a Sunday night? Phils better sweep, that's past my bedtime.

Great picture. I've been gone from the Philly area so long, I didn't know they had Phillies Franks. Great packaging, complete with the red pinstripes!

I'm so pissed I have to work. Our work load is so great I can't take these afternoons off. I've set the timer on the DVD recorder on SLP (6 hrs.), so I'll have these games for posterity. Go King Cole! Go Phillies!

Great picture. I've been gone from the Philly area so long, I didn't know they had Phillies Franks. Great packaging, complete with the red pinstripes!

I'm so pissed I have to work. Our work load is so great I can't take these afternoons off. I've set the timer on the DVD recorder on SLP (6 hrs.), so I'll have these games for posterity. Go King Cole! Go Phillies!

Sorry for the double post. It didn't appear to post the first time. I tried again, and, whoosh....double post. Sorry.

for those who hope to watch the game on mlbtv . . . there is none, just the audio for the playoffs.

Although I'm sure those more internet savy than me already have figured out how to get those illegal streams ive heard about . . .

No video for MLB TV?! Crap!

Does anyone know how to get a stream from TBS? Any help would be appreciated.

Yeah, great packaging, sans that non-descript player on the package. Why couldn't they get a photo of J-Roll throwing someone out in there?

Andy: Good point. RSB, kdon, tray and the others who think we should be quaking in our boots at the sight of the Mighty Rockies were the same posters who said the Padres were pushovers missing 2 of their best hitters. If that's true, how come it took the Mighty Rocks 13 innings and a blown umpire call to beat them?

Anyone know who's doing the radio broadcast today? Since Harry's not on TV, I'm hoping he gets more than one inning on the radio... I don't know if I can sit through 8 innings of playoff baseball listening to Scott Franzke.

Listen to Franzke's call of the Phillies winning the pennant, then listen to Harry's. It's hard to believe they're even describing the same thing. Even if Harry's slipped a little, he's light years ahead of these radio guys.

For all the guys who were arguing Bible stuff a few weeks ago (Sophist, others) thought I'd remind y'all of this prophetic piece from the Exodus:

"Then Moses lifted up his hand and struck the rock twice with his staff; water came out abundantly..."

In our case maybe it's Whiffthra instead of Moses, and Rockies instead of rock and the water is definitely the tears of Colorado fans.

Jason: What makes you think that guy on the Phillies franks isn't Eude Brito?

laramie: Kalas will announce all of the Phillies playoff games on radio. They move around the dial, however, depending on which game. 1210 is not carrying all of them.

Answers to two questions above:

1. The Phillies have announced that Franzke, Kalas, Anderson and Wheeler will be in the booth for the radio broadcasts. What this means exactly I don't know, sounds crowded. Jim Jackson and Sarge will be doing the pre and post game.

2. They will be handing out rally towels today. The schedule down at the Bank today is that noon - 3 there is an "octoberphest" outside the ballpark, this is free "postseason party" and you don't need tickets to get in. Ashburn Alley opens at 12:30 and the rest of the gates open at 1.

Getting done work at 2:45 and having to race home. Hopefully I will make it home in time to see the Cole Train cruise through a good 7 innings.

it's going to be MLB audio all afternoon for me, then hop on the subway and hope I make it home in time to see Condrey to get the last out of our 15-0 win (I can dream, can't I?).

but tomorrow I'm in section 205, so the sacrifice today is worth it.

In our case maybe it's Whiffthra instead of Moses, and Rockies instead of rock and the water is definitely the tears of Colorado fans.

Colorado doesn't have real fans. The Rockies have been a team for 5 minutes. They don't deserve to win a playoff game.

BTW, did anyone see the cover of the NY Post on Monday morning? With the crying Mets fan? I think I'm framing that.

Yeah, he's probably about 7. I still find it hysterical though.

This Phillies division title is double sweet. The first sweetness is we're so happy to be in the playoffs. The second sweetness is the continued aguish of the Mets sitting at home. I think more words are being written in the media about the Mets losing than about the Phillies winning. What's really sweet is the writers, while writing about the Mets, are praising the Phillies. Here are some examples:

Todd Behrendt of FoxSports is writing about great collapses in sports. He's writing about Greg Norman's collapse at the 1996 Masters and he quotes winner Nick Faldo then adds a Mets-Phillies comment. Here it is:

"I felt for him," Faldo said. "I said, 'I don't know what to say. I just want to give you a hug.' "

Maybe that's what Willie Randolph needs today. A big bear hug from Ryan Howard."

Mark Kriegel of FoxSports in a column about the Mets writes:

"OK, so $116 million doesn't go far these days. The Mets have Reyes, Wright and Carlos Beltran, and no one remotely like the Phillies' Jimmy Rollins."

To that I write: Sweeeeeet!!!!!

This is the NY Post cover I was talking about:

I know the MVP vote is suppose to be about the regular season, but I can't help but feel that whoever has the bigger series between Jroll and Holiday will be the eventual winner.
I kept telling myself for years if the phils could just play important September games I would be happy. Then it was if they could just make the playoffs I would be happy. Well I am very happy, but when you look at the competition in the NL there is no reason to settle for just the playoffs. The Phils are as good as any team in the NL playoffs.
Human nature I suppose to want more.
Jason, I want to thank you for this blog. I know it means a lot to many. GO PHILS!

Any good Rockies blogs I should check out? The only one I've been able to find that seems reasonable is Purple Row. The other top-ranked blog according to Google is Rockies Locker, which doesn't even have a post about the NLDS.

Phil Sheridan echoes all of our complaints about the lousy game schedule for the series for those of you who haven't seen it. Won't make you feel any better, but go ahead and read it.

Don - J-Roll will not be the MVP because the Phils win this series. The Phils will win this series because J-Roll is the real MVP.

also because mvp votes were due last night, this series wont be able to have any bearing

I'm with Civil on trying to figure out how to keep track of the game at work. Someone help

Can not wait for this afternoon. I couldn't sleep last night. Today will be a great day. Go Phills!

I'm a Philly transplant stuck living in Boston (F! the Pats). Anyone else here from Boston and are Philly fans gathering anywhere for the game?

Andy I hope your right! District I did not know that, thanks for the info. See District its not that hard to admit your wrong.

Marcus Hayes picked the Rockies in 5. He's the only Daily News writer to do so. Add that to the list of why he's a "weird dude".

Getting out of work at 2:30pm to watch at home. I've got too much nervous energy, can't work anyway. Anybody know when we'll see a lineup?

Don, I don't recall but was I unable to admit I was wrong to you in the past? I'm usually pretty good at sticking my foot in my mouth . . .

George -- I'm out in Acton (~ 25 miles NW of Boston).. was planning on heading into Allston for the games, but since they're on at 3, I'll probably just find a place in Maynard to watch the first two... not sure about Saturday's game, maybe Sports Depot or Common Ground in Allston? kdon / king myno maybe have ideas.

JW, is there something written on the hot dog in mustard? Sure looks like it to me.

District, I am still hung up on the fatigue does not lead to injury thing. My fault, I should never have brought it up, especially on what feels like a holiday for Phils fans. All those petty arguments we have on here don't amount to nothing today.

Ben, it supposed to read "Beerleaguer". Duh!

Oh right, it says Beerleaguer. Got it.

*** To break up the predictions and worries, I went back to when I had a blog, and went through my old post about the opening day roster. Some thoughts: ***

(My new comments bracketed by ***)

The Phillies are bringing 24 men to the table for tomorrow's opener with the Braves. A good 20 of them we knew they were bringing around February 1. This team is pretty predictable - actually, this front office is pretty predictable. The few guys we signed on and added late toe the line. They're safe guys, second-chance guys, guys who once had a okay season. Even Freddy Garcia isn't a bonafide definite for 16 wins anymore - his recent injuries reveal a potential dropoff. Regardless, on paper, it may be the best collection of talent in the National League, with the Mets, Dodgers and Brewers right alongside.

*** Wow. And at the end of the season, practically the same roster remains, sans some pitchers. Shows how consistent our offense has been. Also, I was a shade off with Garcia and was a shade right with the talent quote. ***

C: Rod Barajas
He'll begin the season, but Carlos Ruiz will probably get more looks as we unfold. I don’t care what his offensive contribution is; if he can keep Hamels growing while working well with everyone else, that's all that matters.

*** Well, he didn't really help anything. Ruiz did get more looks and was a little bit of an upgrade. ***

1B: Ryan Howard
I expect a slight drop from his MVP, monster 2006 season. I still expect close to 50 homeruns, 120 runs batted in and an average of about .285. If he brings those numbers and his defense is middle-of-the-road, it's an improvement from last year.

*** Pretty spot on, right? Didn't mention anything about breaking the single-season K record, though. ***

2B: Chase Utley
Most of us admit he's the best player on the club. If he keeps up his numbers, he's an MVP candidate. If he keeps it up for a few years, he may be the best offensive 2B since Honus Wagner.

*** He did keep up his numbers until some douche plunked him. But hey, he remains the best second baseman in baseball. ***

3B: Wes Helms
A wild card. A preseason upgrade from David Bell/Abraham Nunez, so as long as he remains an upgrade at the 7 hole, I'll be satisfied. His defense is also middle-of-the-road, but he does give effort.

***Didn't really remain an upgrade. And his defense isn't middle-of-the-road, it's Dorn-tastic. So the wild card turned out to be a flaming Joker. ***

SS: Jimmy Rollins
For some reason I fear the injury bug for him this year. If he does stay healthy, you know what he'll give you: .280/20 HR/80 RBI/25 SB/superb defense/staunch leadership.

*** Wow. He's the one guy who didn't get injured, and I was actually low on my healthy projections. What a season. ***

LF: Pat Burrell
Let the shadows fall. For all the talk about his protection skills, he's a potential 30 HR/100 RBI/.260 guy, which most teams like to get from their 5-hole hitter. I just want him to show effort.

*** And he put up pretty much those numbers again. Moreover, he showed the effort! ***

CF: Aaron Rowand
I'm not as high on him as other loyalists. Yeah he banged the wall and won my heart, but when that smoke cleared, I saw a free swinger who hit about .260 with a load of strikeouts. If the 4 and 5 guys are gonna K 250 times, the 6 guy can't get it to 300.

*** Turns out he's better than I thought, though he still struck out quite a bit, ***

RF: Shane Victorino
I just hope he develops into a speedy singles hitter with a knack for finding holes - like an upgraded and streamlined Marlon Anderson, who in 2001, was the best 2-hole hitter the Phils had in years.

*** Pretty much was a speedy singles hitter with a knack for finding holes, but he couldn't stay healthy. Hopefully he continues developing next year. ***

Bench: Carlos Ruiz (C), Chris Coste (C/IF) (DL), Abraham Nunez (IF), Greg Dobbs (IF/OF), Jayson Werth (OF), Michael Bourn (OF)
Starting off with 4 bench guys is okay - I'd rather keep the pitchers fresh early on. But there's loads of inexperience and shakiness here. We all know Nunez will bring defense and not much else. Dobbs could be a great story, but I fear he'll show to be one-dimensional. Bourn could be a stalwart as a pinch runner/defensive replacement. The key, though, is Werth. He needs to come in and deliver big-time pinch hits if the Phils are going to have any chance at keeping in the close games.

*** This is the same bench we have today, but with Tadahito Iguchi as well. Nunez brought defense and not much else. Check. Dobbs was more than one-dimensional. Check plus. Bourn was a stalwart when healthy. Check. And was I right with "the key?" You bet I was. He delivered huge pinch hits and came up roses as a starter. A big key to our success. ***

SP: Brett Myers
The ace, who I think became an ace last year (despite his small record). He's poised for a huge year, and really, I can't see him getting anything less than 17 wins with an ERA below 3.50.

*** So nobody knew we'd quickly pull Myers to the closer role. Can't really grade that. ***

SP: Cole Hamels
As long as the phenom lefty doesn't tire out - it's important to keep him fresh - he'll post good numbers. I really, really hope Charlie takes him out of some games early in the year. A Hamels complete game would be nice, but it's too early to burn him out.

*** He was fresh most of the year and put up great numbers. Charlie played him perfectly. ***

SP: Freddy Garcia (DL)
I fear his injury potential, but aside from that, he should give us double-digit numbers and a low ERA. If anything, though, I just want him to come out to The Rock's entrance music.

*** My fears came true. And he couldn't even come out to The Rock's music. Thanks a bunch, Freddy. ***

SP: Adam Eaton
He's a better fourth option than Gavin Floyd. I'm actually optimistic about him. If he can go 6 innings most outings and keep the Phils in it, we’ll be better off.

*** Optimistic? Ha! What a crock. ***

SP: Jamie Moyer
Everybody is blowing by Moyer, thinking he'll be solid as a rock. I'm not so optimistic here. It won't take long for guys to figure him out again, and it won't take long for guys to catch up with his 83-mph heater.

*** Luckily Moyer performed better than the guy I predicted here (but not much). His clinching win made up for some of the poorer starts he had this year. ***

Bullpen: Jon Lieber (DL), Clay Condrey, Zach Segovia, Matt Smith, Geoff Geary, Antonio Alfonseca, Ryan Madson, Tom Gordon
Okay. They're not the worst bullpen we've fielded recently. But there are question marks.

*** Maybe that was an understatement. ***

Condrey is a nice long-innings eater, but I wouldn't put him into too many pressure situations.

*** Correct. ***

Segovia, who knows. I'm being optimistic.

*** Incomplete, really. ***

Smith showed his weaknesses in camp, so a couple thirds here and there seems fitting for now.

*** A couple thirds may have been too much, as well. ***

Geary won't be a top-10 7th inning guy again, probably.

*** Correct. ***

Charlie needs to keep Alfonseca's appearances to a minimum, if only to avoid Rhodesitus (that guy probably cost us a good 5 games last year).

*** Sans his good work as substitute closer, correct. ***

Madson I’m excited about. He was wrong in the starter role. But now he has a role, should fill it well, still throws heat.

*** And he was doing great in his new role before the injury ended his season. ***

Gordon, well not so much. Gillick needs to grab some sort of closer hybrid before June. Seriously.

*** Man was I right. "Closer hybrid" became Myers, and Gordon luckily fell into the 8th inning, where he has since excelled. JC Romero, of course, has been a fine addition. ***

Think about it this way: We don't have Floyd and Madson in the rotation. Cory Lidle's spot in the order isn't cause for relief that we may win (rest in peace, buddy).

*** Yeah, but instead, we have Eaton. Of course, you can substitute Lidle for Lohse ... or the awesome Kyle Kendrick. Having three-four competent starters is a huge reason this team won it. ***

We don't have the wrong Santanas or Lirianos in our pen anymore.

*** No, but we have Jose Mesa again. ***

We have a backup catcher who should contribute offensively. We seem to be better on paper than the last two teams we've fielded. And they both came close, but faded off.

*** I'd say that's all true. ***

So my predictions weren't too bad at all. The ones I was wrong about really attributed to injury or surprise. So yeah, this team is pretty predictable. Except for that whole winning the NL East thing.

Yeah I see it now. I was thrown off because the first letter looks like an S.

I'm in macon, GA but I have a class from 3-4:15 and I can't miss anymore of it as I already have missed once or twice. AHHHHH so I will jump into the game what 3 innings in?

don - agreed. I would imagine that there will be no pitch count for cole today!

Amen to that District! Enjoy the game! Go Phils!

what is anyone's best guess as to how to score playoff tickets.....anywhere the Phillies are playing....anytime in October? Preferably in Philly.

Malcolm - Didn't Honus Wagner play SS?

bigmyc - this might be more of a committment than you were planning on, but my wife and i got a 13-game season ticket plan for next year, and with that came the opportunity to buy NLCS and WS tickets.

This is one of those days where I thank my lucky stars that I work at home.

Several bars in my area are not serving any Coor's products since it's made in Colorado. They even removed the tap handles and turned off the Coor's neon lights. Simply awesome.

So no Coor's Light/Original/Extra Gold, Killians Red, and Keystone Light!!!

Damn you BAP! Sorry, I'm just jealous. As an office bound bearleaguer I will be leaning heavily on those of you in front of a television to offer color and details that just don't come through on MLB gameday.

You can feel free to ask me if you want to know the exact break on a pitch.

Anyone know if those of us in South Jersey are getting TBS-HD? I know it wasn't available for the Pads - Rox game the other night and I forgot to check this morning before I went to work.

If there is one thing that I think I know about some of the guys on this team is that they love the spotlight. Some of the players (J-Roll, Howard, Utley, Hamels, Rowand, Dobbs, even Burrell at times) have shown up big when everything centers on them. That is what I love about Hamels and J-Roll. Both of those guys seem to be at their very best when the most cameras are on them. They never shrink when the occassion is large, they become larger than the occassion, while still maintaining a strong sense of team unity. If there is one quote that I think sums up the performances of those two guys this year better than anything else it is this:

"I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me." Jack Nicholson in "The Departed."

I looks like the games might be available on sopcast - Not really sure though.

Two Phils moments on Sportscenter's Top 10 of the Regular Season:
9: Tarp Action
2: Mets dejected, Myers tosses glove skyward.

Bonus: two analysts pick Phils to appear in WS. One picks them to beat the Yankees. I know it doesn't mean anything, but damned if it's not nice to hear that about your team.

Have to go into work today but I will definitely be listening to today's game over the Internet radio. At least I was able to shift two meetings.

Phils make the playoffs every blue moon and these meetings can easily be pushed back a week. Man has to have priorities.

Wagner was, indeed, a 6.
I'm sure he was thinking of Rogers Hornsby.

I am hoping like hell that Hamels comes out today and mows them down. Even if the Phils don't wind up putting up a W today, I will not lose much faith. Two would be great but the Phils just need to make sure they leave CBP with at least one in their pockets before heading west

On a side note - still pissed the Padres didn't make it because I had great tickets for Game 3 & 4 this weekend. I was shocked that it was so easy to get tickets but doesn't surprise me either. SoCal sports fans are so fair weather and generally passe (with the exception of Angels' fan in Anaheim for some reason).

Jason - the closer to lunch it gets, the better that hotdog looks.

radio only for me today, stuck at work. can't really go home or out to watch it since i have to blow off work to go to the game tomorrow.

as for the series: i am feeling a sweep!! (hopefully for the guys in red!)

Anyone hear Montgomery on WIP? Take it for what its worth, but he said the Phils want to keep the team in tact and will aggressively go after Rowand...will be interesting.

Yeah, Hornsby. I always get those two mixed up, for some reason. They're really not at all similar.

Are we doing lineup predictions? I'll start...

SS Rollins
2B Utley
LF Burrell
1B Howard
CF Rowand
RF Werth
3B Helms
CA Barajas
PI Hamels

There it is. Yep, I picked Barajas with Coste as a bat off the bench. I'm sure if davthom sees this he'll be steaming...

If Werth and Helms start today, there is no reason Barajas should be in the lineup.

they can have god on their side. we have cole hamels.

MG: I would differ with you. With their ace on the hill, I think today is almost a must-win. A win today would also go a long way toward stopping the Rockies' momentum, which has really been carrying them through this late-season stretch.

On the other hand, it would be just like the 2007 Phillies to go out & lose today's game, then turn around & win the series in 5 dramatic games.

line up (hopefully)

King Cole

Rollins and Vic actually have better averages batting RH. They will be crucial in this series so long as the Rockies keep parading out lefties.

Tony- about your earlier post about not drinking Coors because its made in Colorado. I can't disagree more. Don't mess with beer. Not ever. It's like the Second Amendment and the NRA, can't regulate it even a tiny bit. No matter where it's from. Momentary rivalries pale in comparison to the timeless value of the national beverage. Beer is good.

I think the one thing we can count on is that the Phils won't make it easy. Phils in 5!

Coors is a crappy beer. Even among cheap, nationally-available beers, it ranks low.

beer is fantastic, but, seriously, who really likes coors products anyway?

I'd rather drink Diet Grape soda than Coors

People like Blue Moon. College girls do anyway. The rest is junk.

I'd rather drink crab juice.

Coors is crap. I think I could handle drinking something else if we were playing either the Brewers (Miller) or Cardinals (Bud), too. To be safe, just go with Heineken.

It only makes sense to boycott Coors. Coors, the company, has a vested interest (financially) in the Rox beating the Phils, so why shouldn't we fight back?

i prefer the term "swill"

My company called an offsite meeting today that starts in Horsham at 3:30. I think it runs until 5:30 - 6:00. It's been on the schedule for a while, but, aaaarghhhhhhh!

I love swilling some Victory. If only I had some Victory to swill when the Phils are victorious today.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Outfielder Seth Smith, a September call-up who had a key hit in Colorado's tiebreaker win over San Diego, is part of the Rockies' 25-man roster for the start of the playoffs.
Smith, who went 5-for-8 as a pinch-hitter after being called up, was included over minor league power prospects Joe Koshansky and Ian Stewart.
Smith tripled in the sixth and scored on Kaz Matsui's shallow sacrifice fly for a 6-5 lead Monday against the Padres. The Rockies won 9-8 in 13 innings for the NL wild card spot.
The Rockies, who went 14-1 down the stretch, open Wednesday at Philadelphia in their first postseason series since 1995.
Left off the roster for the divisional series against the Phillies was right-hander Jorge Julio, who surrendered a two-run homer to Scott Hairston in the top of the 13th before the Rockies rallied for three runs.

CRAP! I was banking on Julio for a late inning homer rally

If we're boycotting Coors, remember that we must boycott Keystone too. It's made by the same company. When I was in college, Keystone came out with some sort of specially lined can that was supposed to make the beer taste like tap beer. "Keg taste in a can," was the motto. What a bunch of BS.

ESPN just showed the top-10 baseball plays of the year... amid 600 career home runs for Sosa, 500 for Thome and Alex Rodriguez, 300 wins for Glavine, we had the Phillies at #10 for helping the Rockies ground crew, and at #2 (just behind Bonds) for taking the East. Woot!

Grape Soda with a Crab juice chaser

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