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Monday, October 29, 2007


I only hope that the Phils will not waste as much time thinking about the "what ifs" of A-Rod as Beerleaguer surely will (because, hey, that's OUR job), and will concentrate on the PITCHING.

If the METS sign A-Rod that puts more pressure on them and what has A-Rod done with the YANKS that was so special?

Lamar said he left the NATS because of philosophical differences with the front office.

Very much of a wild-card but I wonder if A-Rod is playing SS for the NATS in their new ballpark this year??

Screw pitching. As Gillick said, it's a "dangerous market" when it comes to starters this year. I know some names have been mentioned in possible trades, but that means forfeiting significant parts of the present team.

Let us not forget this time last year we were worried who would protect Ryan Howard. We can not expect Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Aaron Rowand (because he won't be here) to have career years again. It won't happen. They can sit on their hands with this offense. Build it up more so it can mash its way to the playoffs again.

I don't want to buy another Adam Eaton for 8 million a season or more.

On a list of 30 teams, I would put Washington 30 to get A-Rod. Third base is the one position they feel they're set.

JB: 54 home runs, 156 RBIs last season ...

Jason - I stated SS.

Long-shot but if Washington wanted to kick-start some things down there this would do it as they move to a new stadium and it is a major-market.

Even if he does play 3B what kind of demand would there but for Adam Zimmerman in a trade?

Sorry - didn't see that. If you're thinking big signing by Washington, think Torii Hunter or possibly Andruw, not A-Rod.

Sorry - demand would there "be".

JB: What was so special?

He averaged 43 HR, 128 RBI, 22 SB, 154 OPS+, and will have won his 2nd MVP award over that stretch when the award is announced.

The guy is the absolute best offensive player in all of baseball and, apart from last year, he's been a good defensive player at third after being a very good defensive player at short stop before arriving in NY.

Any team will be instantly improved by adding him to their lineup... and improved dramatically.

That said... he won't be a Phillie. Period.

er... by last year, I meant the 2006 season when discussing his defense.

~ Clout from the previous thread: You may be right about Schilling. He's always loved Philly. But we are talking about the Phillies here. If Gillick were smart, he'd have already re-signed Rowand and Romero. But like I said previously we hear nothing about what's going on if anything. I'm just not optimistic that's all.

~J: The chances of signing lowell are none. Zip. Zero. The Phils won't even re-sign their own FA's. They continue to act like a small-market team even after drawing over 3 million. I've said it before, the owners have phans right where they want them, in the seats, but doing nothing to improve the club. It very easily could have been us in the WS.

Nothing ever breaks our way. At least not recently in the trade of FA market. Remember last year Gillick targeted Soriano and we all know what happened. Expect more of the same.

Correction: I would give worse odds to Kansas City, because it's KC and because of Alex Gordon.

CJ - great numbers by a great player, totally agree.

But if A-Rod could not win any rings while playing on the YANKEES and SEATTLE who both had very talented-teams I am a little reluctant to say he is a good investment.

Maybe special was not the proper word, how about "difference-maker".

Like I said, he would fit well on the METS.

Remember last year Gillick targeted Soriano and we all know what happened.

is anyone really that broken up about Soriano not playing in Philadelphia? I am most definitely not.

I think LAA is the prohibitive favorite; there's no way Boston gives NY their #1 draft pick, right?

and I really, really hope Minaya doesn't nab Rodriguez. between him, Reyes, and Wright, I'm sure one of them can play second. or, "worst" case scenario, you stick one of them at first and salary-dump Delgado. that's a pretty damn terrifying lineup.

If you're Boston, why do anything except resign Lowell? They swept the WS and have more talent coming. The only thing I can see is adding another reliever.

Has A-Rod made it public what position he wants to play?

I guess we are all assuming 3B but I thought he still preferred SS.

D. Patrone, such negativity... sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays...

you said yourself that we don't get to hear anything about the negotiations that are going on. all we get is posturing and from unsubstantiated or anonymous sources at that... so we have no idea if Rowand or Romero will be resigned. calm down.

also, i do believe we have a shot at Lowell if he reaches free agency. but the Phils don't have any control over the situation until Lowell chooses FA, so be patient.

and you've got to drop this "nothing ever breaks our way" shtick. i suppose nothing broke our way in overcoming a 7 game deficit with 17 to play... i suppose our FA pickup Jason Werth stealing second and third, on consecutive pitches, without a throw, to tie a must-win game doesn't count. and i suppose that jamie moyer's phenomenal efforts down the stretch are proof that the trade market has abandoned us too...

look, i'm not trying to insist that the Phillies have stacked the front office with geniuses or that Monday is the best day of the week, all i'm saying is that the volume on the negativity needs to be turned down. just becauase Rowand/Romero haven't been resigned (by anyone) and Soriano wears a Cubs uniform (you seriously think we needed him last year?) is no reason to sour on the future. no team is going to come out smelling like roses on all of their dealings, so you better stop expecting that.

Jason (and everyone else):
I know it's extremely dangerous to take quotes from owners, players, and coaches at face value, however in the case of Lowell you just need to look at the facts.
Epstein (and, to a lesser extent, Henry, Lucchino, and Werner) has said from time-to-time that the Sox will definitely try to do whatever possible to re-sign him.
Lowell has said that he loves playing in Philadelphia and grew up a Phillies fan. However, he probably will end up following the largest amount of cash that is thrown this way, this coming from either Boston or New York. He also said last night that he loves being in Boston, and his heart will be with this team forever. I don't put that much stock in those sentiments, however, as Billy Mueller, Kevin Millar, and Johnny Damon said the same stuff after 2004.

my prediction - Lowell stays with the Sox, and the Phils go into next year with Dobbs and another free agent (or maybe just Helms) as a platoon at 3rd.

oh, and did anyone hear what Steinbrenner's son said about A-rod? about how he doesn't "understand the privilege of being a yankee"? and the backpage of the New York Daily News has a big picture of A-rod with a caption underneath "GET LOST"
Just great stuff out of the big apple...

ae- i agree that Rodriguez in a Mets cap kind of scares me. but the more i think about it, the more i'm convincing myself that he opted out because he just doesn't want to be in new york... my evidence:

one, Boras claims that ARod opted out becuase he was unsure of the direction of the franchise with Posada, Mo and Petitte all potential FAs, but the Yanks, like all teams, have a 15 day window beginning today to negotiate exclusively with their FAs. so, why wouldn't he wait for that window to at least open and for talks to at least begin before he concluded the doom and gloom of the Yankees future?

two, rumors have been swirling for days that the Yankees were prepared to make an offer to Rodriguez. speculation also insists they'll announce their new manager today, so if one and one make two, then the Yankees were very close to making that offer public.

three, Cashman and Co. have been very vocal about their refusal to negotiate with ARod if he opts out and they lose that subsidy from Texas.

and four, i believe that offer from the Yankees had a good chance of being more lucrative than any other club's offer because the Yanks could throw their own excessive amount of cash on top of the $30mill from Texas.

adding it all up, his premature decision on the Yankees' doom seems to indicate that he was looking for an excuse to get out of NY. and he opted out before the contract offer from the Yanks was made public so it didn't look bad when/if he had to accept a lesser deal in a new city.

so, how crazy am i?

Who cares about signing A-Rod...just means more money left over for signing Fukudome!

I agree cube, that's pretty much my reading of the situation too. I definitely think the Posada/Rivera thing is a complete CYA move. still, the mere possibility of having to face Rodriguez multiple times over the course of the season is not a pleasant though.


in re: "nothing ever breaks our way"
Hamels was drafted coming off an injury - we got a break and he was as we hoped.

Howard was drafted in the fourth round cause everyone thought he was too large and would never master the art of hitting for power.

Utley was discounted for many who thought he would never be any good at any MLB position.

Despite having a lousy record of drafting, with truly abysmal years except for a few players - those all turned out to be prime choice studs. (Myers, Hamels, Rollins, Howard and Utley). With as few players emerging from the system as the Phillies have had, there is no way they should be as good as they are.

The Phils have gotten breaks. The problem is that management has not also **made** the necessary other breaks to get them over the top.

And Crazy Jon - we are all with you on Fukudome. Who cares if he can play; we get a whole season to mess with that name.

ae - (and others) someone has got to tell me how to do bold on this type pad. It's just no fun having to revert to *asterisks* and CAPITALS all the time.

And hostage - we may agree with you, but that doesn't mean you're not crazy.

thanks Andy.

I agree with JB
I think if A-Rod is offered SS that will sway his decision a lot

but he will go west.

Also will NYY gain a draft pick when A-Rod signs elsewhere? I wondered if him opting out will affect that in any way?

It's crazy that A-Rod opted out just minutes before the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. His timing was flawless! The Bronx is officially burning and now A-Rod just poured gas all over the fire. Check out my thoughts on where he might go next at

Michael: Where should I send the invoice for that ad?

The comment "nothing ever breaks our way" was meant for FA signings or trades. Simply stated, the top guys on the market, while Gillick may want them, aren't coming to Philly. In Soriano's case, I'm glad they didn't get him. That contract is nuts. But that's what it takes to get who you want nowadays.

I'm not speaking of home-grown talent like Hamels etc. I'm speaking in terms of who is going to play 3B. Who cares about A-Rod? I don't. I'd love to have Lowell. But in reality we'll probably wind up with Pedro Feliz. UGH!

When it comes to pitching, we all saw what happened with Borowski and other FA relivers last year. Some guys got a ton of money. More than what the Phils wanted to spend. And the same will hold true this year. It's probably more difficult to re-sign your own players after they file. That's why it's important to get Rowand and Romero done now. If the Phils don't make haste, both those guys are gone. My point is we'll be stuck with what's left. Tell me who would you rather have in CF, Mike Cameron or Rowand? Cameron would be the only FA CF we'd have a chance to sign. I'd put Vic in center before him. That said, there's no pop in RF.

Next year our OF will be Burrell, Vic, Werth/Bourn. That's not better than the current OF. If we don't upgrade 3B, the offense is weaker.

Werth and Dobbs were very nice aquisitons. Players like that are very valuable to a team. But don't tell me anyone was jumping for joy when they were signed. Add Alfonseca, Mesa, and Helms to that mix too.

Trades? We have precious little to part with, so don't expect miracles. We'll all see what happens.

Fitting that Rodriguez (sorry, I refuse to call him "A-Rod") opted out right as the World Series was ending, as that surely sets the tone for a lot of things that will happen in the off-season. He will go where he is paid highest, of course, but also don't discount the factor of looking to play in a homerun-conducive ballpark as he looks to break Bonds' record. For that reason alone, I find it hard to believe he winds up with the Dodgers. And the Mets seem to have their left side of the infield set in stone for the next ten seasons. I think the Red Sox know they don't need him, and I don't think he fits in on that team. So I would say either the Angels or Cubs. But then, who knows, no one expected the Rangers to go out and nab him seven years ago.

Another point -- I'm sure Bowa and Abreu gave Philadelphia warm endorsements as a hospitable setting for star players.

Andy: Bold is simple... just use regular HTML commands, i.e., the carats around a b before the word and the carats around /b after the word.


Never in a million years would the Phillies shell out for Rodriguez. But moreover, they shouldn't. See my arguments concerning allotment of too high a percentage of payroll to one player. Another great homerun hitter whose importance to a team is heavily overstated. The Yankees never made it past the Division Series with him. Another thing is, I seriously doubt Rodriguez wants any part of the East Coast, period.

Yanks offer deal to Girardi, he is expected to accept.

RSB: The only East Coast team he'd sign with is the Red Sox because perhaps he sees them as the answer to a World Series ring.

Wow - talk about upstaging the Red Sox with two huge announcements in less than 24 hours.

Jason: I think it's incredibly bush league what ARod and his agent did. There wasn't any compelling reason to announce their decision to opt out when they did.

... except that it gets Boras and his client's name circulating on baseball's biggest stage. Who wouldn't want Boras as his agent?

What about Corey Koskie?

He missed the entire 2007 season with a concussion but plans to return for the 2008 season. He's a lefty who's obviouly better against righties, but he's not a black hole against lefties. He's a career .275 hitter with a career OPS of .825. You're probably talking about at least 20 HR and 80 RBI, especially in our park.

And his glove is better than Dobbs or Helms by a long shot. It would allow us to move Dobbs into a more comfortable fill-in role at 1B, 3B and corner OF. We could still use Helms for occasionaly starts against tough lefties and off the bench.

Then sign a solid corner OF with some pop. That's two cheaper alternatives that allows us to spend much more on pitching.

Okay, clout, ae, RSB, whoever... shoot me down!

"If you're Boston, why do anything except resign Lowell? They swept the WS and have more talent coming. The only thing I can see is adding another reliever."

Jason, I agree this is a reasonable strategy, but look what Epstein did after '04, letting Pedro, Lowe, Mient&%^!), and Cabrera go.

There may be some concern that the three core offensive players (Manny, Ortiz and Varitek) are on the decline. Manny posted his worst OPS+ this year since his rookie season, Varitek is a 35 year-old catcher who looked done in '05, and Ortiz is held together with duct tape (though he did post his best ever OPS+ last year).

Considering that Drew was miles away from what the projected and neither Ellsbury, Pedroia nor Youkilis are big power guys, I could see why they might want an upgrade in the power department.

It's debatable, but Theo has never had a problem with big trades or breaking up the team.

CJ, we discussed Koskie in the last thread, check it out.

funny, espn just interviewing Wes Helms about Girardi.....the only way he can get an interview on ESPN

kdon, you have a point about a possible lack of power in the future for the Red Sox. it seems to me that Epstein &c are moving toward more of an OBP/defense model in terms of their players. I don't think they necessarily need double 1.000 OPSs from the 3/4 (or 4/5) hitters as long as Ellsbury/Pedroia/Youkilis are setting the table.

however, I think it's too early to declare Ortiz done - he hit ridiculously well while completely hobbled all year and is only 31. plus, he still looks reasonably agile for a guy his size - he was pretty solid at first base the last two games. obviously he's painfully slow, but he seems to be in reasonably good shape aside from the knee injury.

Ramirez, though, who knows...his career arc is fairly unprecedented in baseball. he doesn't quite make the most unique leaderboards on baseball-reference, but he's close. I could see him posting another 1.000 OPS next year, or doing even worse than he did this year; nothing would really surprise me.

It will be very interesting to see Patty G's approach to filling the void of CF, problematic position of 3B, and the pitching staff both relief and starting pitching. We can all sit around and speculate will be done, and say what should be done, but it never quite turns out the way we sit back and enjoy the ride, because come February, I'm sure we'll have a bunch to bitch about.

Peter Gammons just guaranteed that the Rockies will be back in the World Series at least twice in the next 5 years. And said that the old Yankees teams that won the World Series didn't have big home run hitters and that's not what wins championships. Neglecting to mention that the current champion has David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez and that last year's champion had Albert Pujols. But no, having big home run hitters actually hampers your chances of winning a World Series. I think he's lost it.

patrone - what you mean to say is that Phils' management never does the work necessary with the commitment necessary to make its own breaks.

The really scary Rodriguez thought (for baseball except in Boston) would be if Boston signs Lowell and A-Rod to play short. Yikes! That's probably too expensive, though.

CJ Thanks.

ae, Tray - the Sox actually are an OBP team. They just happen to have some power, too. They won all those games against the Rox cause they were alwas on base. How many bases loaded walks did they get?

why would the Red Sox create bad PR by NOT signing Lowell.. My first reaction, when he was named MVP, was "well, There goes Lowell (and maybe Schilling) I figured that PG breathes a sigh of relief... "We don't have to outbid anyone for THEM!"

gotta close those tags!

Is A-Rod not an OBP player? Are the Yankees not an OBP team as presently constituted?

sorry guys. I'm a dinosaur on this computer thing. I'll know to *close the tags* next time.

Tray - the Yanks ARE an OBP team. That's why they do so well.

And Tray, just cause I believe that OBP wins games, doesn't mean Gammons isn't full of stuff.

I think it's better as a both/and. The Phils have power, but also get on base a lot (i.e. not just BA, but BB and HBP). Being on-base makes the power potnential that much scarier.

ae, CJ:
Really thanks I love learning new stuff.

Phillies Rotation in 08


Let's get Schilling! Think of the drama, plus like Moyer taught them how to get to the post season, Schill can teach them how to win IN the post season.

The Star Ledger reported a rumor today that Jorge Posada has told people that he'd be uncomfortable with Joe Girardi as his manager.

No clue on if that's legit or not (someone pointed out that the reporter was the same one who reported that Torre agreed to a new deal with the Yankees), but that would be a huge loss for the Yankees.

So if Posada is available, should the Phillies try to go after him?

*b* bold *b*

Girardi seems like an odd choice. I know he's got that former Yankee, lunchpail attitude thing going on that sportswriters love. but the Yankees franchise doesn't seem to take kindly to freethinkers, and Girardi would seem to fall into that category. not a lot of guys who get fired the same year as they win MotY.

i'm still not comfortable with moyer AND schilling in the rotation next year. we all witnessed what happens to a rotation with two 40-somethings in it this year with the mets. they were done by september... i know moyer held up this year, but what are the chances that happens again?

ae - Girardi has been a manager (even at a WS level). More importantly, however, he is someone acceptable to the fan base cause he was a player on the '96 team; yet, unlike Mattingly, if he does something out-of-line, or is not winning, Girardi is fire-able. (Firing Mattingly would bring an uproar.) I do not expect him to last two years.

I know I'm late to the a-rod party, but I'll chime in anyway. NO THANKS.

Dammit... that's what I get for missing an entire thread!

Okay, re-reading the Koskie thread makes me feel pretty good... I'm with the people who believe, if healthy, that Koskie is a real upgrade over our current 3B situation, and a much better every day option than Dobbs is at this point.

He'll likely be a cheap upgrade. Go after a nice corner OF with some pop, move Vic to center and round out your bench with Bourn, Werth, Dobbs, Helms and sign a utility IF.

Spend all your real money on pitching.

That's my plan. Of course, if Lowell comes for the right price, I still like that as my first option.

I'm okay with that, with CJ's plan.

Prospective lineup:

RF with pop (can someone fill in this hole?)

Ideally, the lineup would give us flexibility to move a couple pieces around, but it should certainly give us plenty of offense and a strong bench for late in games.

Anyway... I've dwelled on this issue for a couple posts in a row, I'll let the rest of you discuss if you wish.

the more I think about it, given the weak market at third base and the general paucity of legit-right handed bats at positions we need, resigning Rowand and signing a guy like Koskie doesn't seem like such a bad move. But 6/$84 mil just isn't worth it, more because of the years than anything. If we could do a four year deal with Rowand we would be able to trade bourn or vic (ideally bourn) and get some decent pitching in return.

That said, I don't really like the idea of resigning Rowand, I just don't see a lot of good options out there. It seems a little far-fetched to think that Gillick will trade for someone that hasn't been discussed yet, but here's hoping he can pull off some kind of miracle and land us a legit 3B for now and the future...I apologize for that last bit of unbridled optimism.

Braves trade Renteria,free$$$ to sign pitcher Glavine? I hope noone offers A-Rod more than 20 mill. I can dream.

a Werth/Wilkerson platoon, with Victorino/Bourn (maybe 80%/20%?) in center, is my favored strategy for the outfield. it is somewhat risky, but it's cheap and has, I think, a pretty good ceiling.

I would really not go after Rowand. I'd rather overpay Romero, and I think I've made my opinion of JC pretty clear....

I've been pretty negative on Crede, but I do think he's worth exploring; I'm just fairly pessimistic as far as what he'd actually bring to the team. (although with NY now in the market for 3B, his price will probably go up considerably.)

ae: I'm with you on the OF. I think with the offensive talent we have elsewhere that we can afford to mix and match in CF and LF. Someone like Wilkerson has 30 HR potential (how bad were the Expos that Wilkerson had 32 HR and only 67 RBI in 2004?). Werth would be available to start in his place against tough lefties.

I think for RF we should go the cheap route, bring in a vet who still has some pop left in his bat on the cheap.

This allows us to do two things

1) Save Cash for the Important Pieces(Relief Pitching). Their may not be any great Starting Pitching out there, but there are some good relievers. This is what we should be spending our money on-period. Enough Relievers signed(plus a healthy madson and geary, and flash), and we can move Myers back to the rotation. That would leave us just having to find a servicable lower rotation pitcher, which should be much easier to accquire via trade.

2) Spell the Vet with Werth 2 games a week, to see if Werth's resurgence is an apparition or not. If Werth looks good to go, problem solved, and not a lot of money sunk into a more expensive player.

3) Go after Koskie or to a lesser and more risky extent, Joe Crede. I seriously think Bourn could get us Crede(a healthy crede). The White Sox desperately need OF's, and they desperately need someone, they can at least groom, into a lead off hitter.

I'm not sure about Koskie or what we use to get him, but obviously, would be a great pickup.

Is Wes Helms essentially worthless at this point?

CJ, the corner outfield market doesn't look too great this year, especially if you are looking for power.

Unless they sign one of the big-ticket CF, I thing the OF is going to be less productive in the power department no matter who they sign.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a veteran, patient bat like Nixon (one-year deal) to platoon with Werth, while having either Bourn or Dobbs available if he falters.

While I love Rowand's power for a CF, I would like to see the team improve in plate discipline. Considering that J-Roll and Vic are already two agressive hitters and we have good pop in LF, SS, 2B, and 1B, I would rather the team look for high OBP guys over power to fill RF.

A cheap platoon parter in RF would free up money to go after relievers, a starter, and 3B.

ae, I almost wrote "Wilkerson" instead of Nixon, but I rechecked his stats for the last two years: OBPs of .306 and .319!

My prefered list of cheap, veteran platoon partners for Werth would be:


Also, in two of the past three years, Wilkerson has hit much better against left-handed pitching, and for his career:

800 OPS vs. RHP
819 OPS vs. LHP

mm: Helms isn't "worthless." We've just, unfortunately, discovered that he's not a good candidate for an everyday third baseman. He had his chance, but failed. His role is now that of a platoon guy or a bench bat. He's too highly paid for that, but salaries are guaranteed.

That Dude: It's amazing how some people continue to pencil in Myers as a starting pitcher despite all evidence to the contrary.

Actually, Helms IS worthless IMO, >last yr I thought the Barajas signing was decent.. Boy was I wrong!. However, I also stated that the Helms signinig was atrocious.. career yr in 2006-- his walk year.. I STILL think the Phils end up w/ Pedro Feliz or now that Koskie is in the mix he may be a better bet (and cheaper)Lowell just "priced himself out" of Gillick's park w/ the MVP trophy. I think Cordero is the option to be explored along w/ Affeldts or Mahay as the LOOGY. Lohse may be a good (if overpriced) sign and I think Myers needs to go back to the rotation. I really don't like Romero's peripherals.. He can go. Let Happ audition for the 7th inn guy... If he doesn't pan out by June.. go sign a castoff or trade for a pen guy..

mm: When did Crede get so good? I don't see it.

Girardi, as a young manager, was good for a very young team with no expectations in Florida. He will be coming into a completely different situation in NY, a veteran team with the highest of expectations. I wonder if this was given an ounce of consideration before they threw Torre out the back door.

Braves just traded Renteria to the Tigers. Who is now their shortstop?

Retneria trade: Yunel Escobar will play SS for the Braves, though Brent Lillibridge is still blocked unless a move to CF is made. Braves had depth at SS. Thought Renteria would get more than 2 prospects, but according to bp, both playera are top 5 Tigers prospects and Jair Jurrjens will probably be the Braves #4 starter next year.

Yunel Escobar is their SS control13

Also the trade frees up money for the Braves to make a run at Torii Hunter.

The Braves could have done better closer to ST, dont ya think Billy Mac?

rob, I thought you would get more for Renteria, but if you consider the money being freed up now for a free agent, it makes sense. This is how the Braves roll. When they have depth, they make trades.

According to Will Carroll, deal began with Schuerholz at trade deadline last year, and new GM Wren completed it. Hard to believe that Renteria is still only 32 since he's been around for so long. They must think that Escobar is ready now.

I can't believe that no one else disgusted by the absolute greed by ARod. I am all about people being compensated for their abilities. ARod is arguably the best player in baseball and he should be paid like it.

Still, it personally disgusts me that $72 million over 3 years is apparently no where near enough for ARod. Apparently his greed knows no bounds. Plus, ARod's paycheck trumps whatever desire he has to win.

The comments by Hank Steinbrenner weren't bombastic at all. They were dead on correct and it was good for him to call out ARod on his BS reasons for opting out of his contract.

Perhaps the only person in baseball that disgusts me more than ARod is Barry Bonds at this point. Regardless of where ARod signs, I hope that he never wins a championship and gets angst from the fans for the rest of his career. I would never wish an injury on anyone, but it would be ironic if ARod got hurt this offseason and wasn't able to play next year.

Renteria has 1900 hits and at 32 a decent shot to get 3,000. Talk about someone putting up numbers quietly.

People accuse me of being a bit too negative at times but we are seriously debating the merits of upgrading 3B with Koskie? That would make for a sad offseason.

MG: No one is suggesting we sign Koskie and then call it a day. That's assinine.

Koskie WOULD upgrade our 3B position. Coupled with a cheap OF signing, we'd have the lineup we needed and all of our money could be spent on pitching... where it's needed.

What are you suggesting?

mg, Did ARod with Boras opting out surprise you ? I think Boras already has a deal lined up.

MG: If you were making more money than you needed, but could make even more money... are you saying you wouldn't go for more money?

It's easy for all of us to call ARod greedy, but I'd guess most of us would do the same.

The Braves have a 23 yr old prospect named Brandon Jones who may be ready to play CF .. If they sign Hunter, Jones has a chance to be a platoon w/ Matt Diaz in left.

Twins officially exercised their option on Joe Nathan. No surprise there. He's making $6 million... $2.5 less than our closer will make next year.

Taking a chance on Koskie is OKay I guess -- just don't be so convinced this is plugging the gaping hole that that has been at 3b since Rolen was traded. I would prefer that we actually pursued a trade to get a legit 3b.

Kdon: I see your point on Boston and pursuing more hitting. Actually, DNL interviewed one of the TV guys up there and he indicates there are many people who think Boston will go hard after ARod for the reasons you mentioned. But nobody thinks ARod wants to play on the east in a market not unlike NY.

CJ - No I wouldn't especially if I had already made over $100 million. You can make a pretty good argument that money trumps with ARod. To me that is pretty sad.

Plus, I think is symbolic of a larger problem in our society today. Increasingly, there seems to be no bounds on the greed and avarice of individuals/companies. If it is not outrightly praised, people just seem numb and aloof to some numbers that are absolutely mindblowing.

Billy Mac: Which "legitimate" third baseman are you talking about?

I would think the Braves would be in more of a win now mode with Teixeira likely to test the FA market after next year, but it's a nice luxury to be able to maintain a competitive team while still stocking up on prospects. at least, I assume it must be nice, since we obviously can't do that.

kdon, Wilkerson has definitely been bad the last two years, but I think he has a higher ceiling than Nixon, as he's younger and has a ridiculous career line at CB (.349/.394/.663 in 95 PA).

Billy Mac - you don't think Renteria is actually 32, do you? come on now...

and I would also like to know what "legit" 3B the Phillies should pursue. short of Lowell, I don't think there's anyone even remotely likely to come to Philly who's more legit than Koskie. Feliz? Lamb? Crede?

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