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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Adam Eaton should NEVER pitch for the Phils again.

New thread - It's all in the hands of cagey veteran Mr. Moyer - win one and the season continues - that should be what we all expected!

If Moyer can't go deep, I'd expect Kendrick to be used in the Lohse role.

I also greatly dislike Mr Eaton. But I wonder: is Mitch Williams right? Is the dope injured?

I would hope so, since he may be here for 2 more years.

Knowing the Phils, they just weren't gonna make it easy on us and getting ahead by a game and now losing one to make it even hurts. Missed Opportunites.

Just look at it this way, we are in a tie. We should be just as excited for this game as we were for the start of this series.

Lets go out and support the Phils tomorrow and enjoy the game. Go Phils!

Jason good post. People don't lose the phaith. We all knew Eaton should not start. The guy was awful, stranding two runners, throwing 500 pitches in the top of the second, but the hitters were awful. Victorino has been a lightning rod, Nunez and Dobbs have done there thing but Charlie had to showcase Helms and start Werth. This Helms guy is a STIFF but all hitters helped chico out swinging at pitches out of the zone. Charlie over-managed to insure that he will not get a vote for manager of the year. But let's tip our hats to Geary and Lohse who both delivered. Hitting solo homeruns are nothing when you strand runners on base. Plus Howard made a million lazy plays. Oh well, forget it, it is over. All that matters is tomorrow and we will win, I'm guaranteeing it.

Go Phils, go phils, go phils!

what's with the Eaton talk. Sure he sucked as usual. But pitching had nothing to do with the loss. Bad fielding and no hitting led to the loss.

Sophist: Not unless elbow and shoulder injuries cause chronic slow starts and losing hitters after burying them in the count.

Does anyone have any information on the game time for a potential tie-breaker on Monday ? I assume it is 7:05.

Jason - no really. He IS injured. Just before he signed his contract with the Phils a tiny meteorite fell and embedded itself in his brain. It's an injury. Really.


To follow up from the last threat, let me clarify what was a vague statement. If the Phillies lose on Monday, because Kendrick has to pitch on 3 days rest or an unrested Lohse has to start, Eaton will have been the reason for MONDAY's loss (not today's).

A caveat is necessary here. I wasn't watching the game when Eaton was pitching today. Evidently there was some shoddy defense, which had something to do with his poor numbers. But the guy gave up 5 hits & 2 walks in barely 2 IP, and the bottom line is that, if he had been pitching effectively, Cholly wouldn't have removed him after 2.1 innings. If Eaton had lasted 5 or 6 innings, we wouldn't have needed to use Lohse & we wouldn't be in the fix that we're in when it comes to Monday's starter.

From prior thread:
From Scott Lauber: "If there's a four-way tie involving the Mets, Phillies, Padres and Rockies with the D-Backs winning the West: the Phillies would host a tie-breaker with the Mets on Monday to settle the NL East. Then, the Rockies' choice comes into play. If they choose one road game, the Phillies and/or Mets would face the Padres, with the winner hosting the Rockies."

In other words, the Rockies get to choose between 2 playoff games at home or a bye and one playoff game on the road. I think I'd take the bye.

Like you said, Clout, these Mets fans sound like Tokyo Rose and Baghdad Bob. They probably fight the same way, too.

BAP: Applying that same logic, couldn't you also attribute Monday's loss to the poor defense by Burrell, Howard and Ruiz which directly led to 3 of the Nats 4 runs? If they field those balls cleanly, Phillies win 2-1 and there is no Monday game.

BAP: No one is disputing that Easton was horrible. However, only two runs scored on his watch.

I meant one run.

Clout: Sorry, I neglected to answer your questions in that last post. I blame Burrell, Howard & Ruiz for TODAY's loss. But I think it's pretty attenuated to say: (1) B, H & R caused Saturday's loss; (2) but for Saturday's loss, there wouldn't have been a Monday game; (3) hence, B H & R also caused Monday's loss (if there is a loss on Monday).

If the starting pitcher goes out on Monday & gets bombed -- as I suspect would happen if Kendrick or Lohse pitched on shortened rest -- it will be a clear & direct result of Eaton not having done his job today. It seems to me that's a pretty uncontroversial observation. I'm surprised you disagree.

Rockies up 2-0. This 4-way tie becomes ever more possible.

BAP: It's a bizarre observation, to say the least.

How is your observation is less attentuated than the Errors observation? Both are ridiculous.

AFish: That's what I said in my post on the last thread: Eaton was NOT the cause of today's loss. I went on to cynically add that the only reason he wasn't the cause of today's loss was because Cholly was prudent enough to get him out of there before he had a chance to totally blow the game. But, be that as it may, Eaton still wasn't the cause of today's loss.

My point is that, if they have to play on Monday & they end up losing because they have to trot out Kendrick or Lohse on little rest, THEN you have to put the blame on Eaton. Whether the Phillies won or lost today, if Eaton had given them 5 innings, they could have started a fully rested Kyle Lohse on Monday.

So what the pitchers do on Monday is Eaton's fault? That is quite a stretch. The vitriol aimed at Eaton (often justified, I admit) clouds people's judgment in this case. I'm not defending him, but this game was not on him. And if he "lowers people's spirit" and affects they way the team play, then they aren't professionals.

Clout: How is it bizarre? What Howard, Burrell & Ruiz did today may have made a Monday game necessary, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what actually happens on Monday. What Eaton did today has MUCH to do with what actually happens on Monday. That is Logic 101.

Mets start 25 minutes before the Phils tomorrow.
Would be extremely helpful if the Fish can jump out in front early.

It has more effect on Monday than Sunday?

JD: You're missing the point also. You argue: what the starter does on Monday has nothing to do with Eaton because today's game wasn't on Eaton.

I never said today's loss was on Eaton. I said, as a result of his failure to pitch even 3 innings, we had to burn through the guy who would have started on Monday. As a result, if there is a Monday game, we will be in the precarious position of having to start a guy on 3 day's rest. How can that NOT be Adam Eaton's fault?

I know alot of people tried to lie and say they thought Eaton would pitch well; no one really felt that. It would defy logic.

But, I do feel Moyer will pitch well tomorrow. He has been in so many big games, the Nats should have their weaker RH lineup in there (like Friday), and he is a leader unlike the bum who went today. He will pitch well, espeically after the offense gets him early run support.

The whole season comes down to tomorrow. Hard to believe.

Would you not also think that this is Moyer's last chance to make the postseason and, therefore, he's really going to step up?

BAP: Except that Monday's game wouldn't exist except for those errors. Thus the scenario within Monday's game wouldn't exist.

Only good news is that the Mets are in just a big a mess as we are when it comes to pitching. Maine pitched today, Perez pitched yesterday, Glavine goes tomorrow & they've used El Duque in relief twice this week. Their options in a Monday game would be: (1) start El Duque anyway; (2) bring Pedro back on 3 day's rest; or (3) use one of their other horrible starters.

Option 2 isn't too viable, considering Pedro just came back after nearly a year on the DL. Given El Duque's history of coming up big in the post-season, I think they'll choose Option 1.

BAP...I suppose then we could also blame Cholly for putting in Lohse at all. That certainly isn't Eaton's fault. Also, if the Phils offense woke up today and they won the game, there's a good chance Monday would not have mattered. My point is that there is a lot of blame to go around, but Eaton is a convenient punching bag. GO, PHILS!

Clout: True. If there's a Monday game, you can blame the guys who brought you today's loss. But you can't blame them for what actually happens in Monday's game. You CAN blame Eaton.

I'm managing to get some comfort out of the idea that Moyer can often manage to fool young hitters. And the Nats are full of young hitters.

All-in-all, it's going to be a few hours of pucker-tastic baseball, to be sure.

Mike H: That is an excellent point. A guy like Moyer has a lot of pride. You could see it when he faced Glavine this year (twice). In a sense he's facing Glavine again tomorrow. Both are holding their team's post-season hopes in their hands. Moyer is 3-1 in post-season play. I think he comes up big tomorrow. He's a pro. Unfortunately, I think Glavine will come up big as well.

Let's go Mets...The Mets may have choked on a huge lead but only for the Phils to come by and choke just a bit harder. Phils will see you on the golf course...

And what happens if they play Monday and Lohse pitches a shutout. Does Eaton get the credit for helping him warm up today?

BAP: This is getting too deep for me. It's like chaos theory.

Clout, I think it's in regard to what you said before. Let's blame Eaton for global warming.

Well - at the very least, Eaton's presence serves as a reminder that much of the rot from Gillick's offseason still lingers even during the happiest times.

Whether it's unprofessional or not, I'm positive the core players who led them to this point were highly aware they were going to war with buck privates in Eaton and Helms. When was the last time Helms was in a game that mattered? He's an outsider.

Eaton pitched like a loser. They were forced to go to the bullpen in the third inning. Have to believe it's tough to keep it crisp watching the game start slipping away that soon.

Interestingly, the crowd got back into it just before the Rowand homer, a second wind, and at that point, the momentum started shifting. But it was too late.

Dobbs should have started this game, too. This right/left business is completely odd. Werth is immune to it yet Iguchi can't get off the bench because of it.

JD: Actually, you're quite right. You could very well blame Cholly for using Lohse today. Personally, I think Cholly did the right thing, since desperate times call for desperate measures. But, as a matter of logic, if the starter gets bombed on Monday, you could certainly argue that it was Cholly's fault for using Lohse on Saturday.

Really, I'm not trying to pile on Eaton. We all know he sucks & there's little more that needs to be said on the subject. But, since so many people were trying to exonerate him for today's loss, I merely wanted to point out that, while he wasn't the "but for" cause of today's loss, there may be some nasty downstream consequences as a result of his failure to pitch past the third inning. And those consequences aren't all that far downstream.

JD: What if Charlie had brought in Ennis instead of Lohse and when the ball was hit to Howard, Ennis gestured hynotically and caused Howard to field the grounder perfectly, thus eliminating the 2 runs that eventually scored.

If I'm not mistaken, the Phils lead the league in come from behind wins. I have faith that they can win in any situation (for example, the last time Eaton pitched).

Clout-I was thinking more along the lines of Freddy Garcia showing up out of nowhere and pitching 6 shutout innings and making that play on first by himself, but I like your scenario

Jason: Dobbs OPS vs. LHP is .500. Helms OPS vs. LHP is .790.

One fact noted during the Fox telecast: The Phillies 3B trio of Helms, Dobbs & Nunez ranks dead last in offesne at that position in the NL. Gotta be near dead last in all of MLB too.

As an aside, I would have rather seen Nuni start at 3rd then Helms, but I'm sure I'm a minority of 1 on that.

Even a medicore thirdbaseman would be better than what we have now. Look for Gillick to do something in the off-season.

JD: You have a solid case: Nunez has an .805 OPS vs. LHP believe it or not.

Someone made a point on the previous thread about hp ump Phil Cuzzi's strike zone. That will be key for Moyer. Also Joe West is behind the plate in Mets game with Glavine tomorrow. In my opinion, West has one of the most inconsistent strike zones and gives the benefit to star players like Glavine. And part of me also thinks West would also love to stick it to the Phils.

Clout: Yeah, but Dobbs is giving them big hits and he's battle tested in these games.

I only saw the replay of the ball down the line at third once. Did you feel Helms had a chance to knock it down? He didn't move.

Yeah, he'll do something in the offseason. Buy a new hawaiian shirt or have shanes dad send him some new ones.

Clout, that is a bit surprising.

Jason: Helms is terrible on defense. That wouldn't have been an easy play and I don't know that Nuni would've got it either but he had a way better shot than Helms.

Billy Mac: Good point. Cowboy Joe will give him 3 inches off the plate on the outside.

All of my Philadelphia sports fan pessimism has returned in just a few short hours. It isn't rational, but there it is.

Tomorrow, and the season, could very likely hinge on whether Moyer is getting the calls on the corners or not. When he does, he can be very effective; when he doesn't, well, watch out for that 82 mph fastball ....

So one of the most important personnel questions of the season: who is tomorrow's home plate umpire and what is his strike zone usually like?

(Reposted from the end of last thread) Afterthoughts: Eaton is crap and everyone knows it. We saw Gillick, twice on Fox show his disgust at Eaton. We saw Cholly's quick hook. He also knows Eaton is garbage.

Fox is garbage. During the first inning, the New Orleans Fox outlet showed the Cubs game. I was able to see the Phillies 2nd and 3rd innings, then for some unknown reason, we were shown the Pads-Brewers game the rest of the afternoon. Why?

The lack of hitting lost this game.

Why does only Lohse pitch relief in his "throwing" day? Does that mean Kendrick would be available tomorrow? Hamels on Monday?

Tomorrow scares me with Moyer. Should've won today

It's a flawed team, always has been. Eaton sucks, Helms sucks, all of the options at 3B suck, corner defense sucks all around, a huge % of the pitching staff sucks, the manager is an idiot, the GM is way past his prime. It's a miracle that they're still here. It must be meant to be.

We're all bummed out but imagine being a D'backs fan. You need 1 win to clinch the division and you're losing 4-0 to Mark Frickin' Redman. Ugh!

Oops, while I was typing that interrupted three times somebody else already brought it up.

curt: Excellent analysis. Couldn't have said it better.

There a lot of things we can't count on, and one of them is the umpire's strike zone. What Moyer may want to try is to throw actual good pitches and shut the Nats down. We can't depend on strike zone, especially since the whole idea of a strike zone is arbitrary anyway.

I'm trying to be optimistic here and I think the stars are aligned for an interesting finish. I'll be there tomorrow in my season seats with my Utley shirt on underneath my Dobbs jersey. Hopefully this creates some tear in the space-time continuum fabric which results in an NL East crown outright.

Curt, agree with some of that, but Nunez defense most certainly doesn't suck, and Cholly may be a bonehead sometimes but he isn't an idiot.

Clout, yeah, but at least the Dbacks have nailed down at least a playoff spot.

And too bad Jason Werth can't play 3rd base. Hell, he can't be worse than Helms.

Fred, Moyer scares me a bit, too.

If anything, the Phillies have provided a playoff-type experience when the season looked lost a little over two weeks ago. The team is flawed in the ways Curt poetically stated, but they've played their butts off for us. They owe it to themselves, not us, to play better than this tomorrow.

Pat Burrell numbers
2006: .258, 24 2Bs, 29 HRs, 95 RBI, .890 OPS
2007: .257, 26 2Bs, 30 HRs, 97 RBI, .904 OPS

Amazing how that works, isn't it?

So Mets start 25 minutes before the Phils tomorrow as per usual. I hope the Phils aren't doing too much scoreboard watching; I wonder if knowing the Mets had won big and they weren't playing to clinch took some of the wind out of their sails before the game even started today.

How about this? We play Iguchi at 3rd. If there is a grounder to 3rd, while Iguchi is scooping it up, Rollins runs over and Tad tosses him the ball real quick and Rollins relays it to Howard

Mr. Weitzel: very well put, and true.

Victorino was a sparkplug the past 2 games-seeing Werth & Helms(especially)in the lineup was a huge dissapointment. win or lose go down w/ your best lineup(NOT WES FN HELMS)
Joe West behind the plate tomorrow is a huge break for the Mets. He's an old school ump who will give a huge plate to Glavine. Of course Moyer got stuck w/ CB Buckner's horrid strikezone in his last start.
I agree w/ JW that Eaton sucked all the energy out of the park today.

Who catches it for Howard?

Or JD: Can't they just play the DP combination, even when there's no one on, and have him throw it to Utley at 2nd?

You know, the ole 5-4-3 for the first out of the inning ...

Chstk, excellent idea.
Curt,I was thinking about that. I guess we just let him go for it and hope for the best

Eaton may have sucked all the energy out of the park today, but Gas Can et. al. managed to keep the score close enough for a while that they should've been able to hit their way back into the game against a schlump like Chico.

I agree Chstk-It's on the offense as well. Howard error was extremelly stressful-so was his postgame comments
""The way this team has battled the entire season, to have it come down to the final day, it's fun," Howard said
We're not down," Howard said. "These games happen"

Look, we can beat around the bush all we want, but we all know that the Phils don't win without Pete LaForest out there.

Truly inexcusable not to use him in the biggest game of the season. Can't understand how Cholly, who is more intimately familiar with Pete's many talents than any man alive, could've not put him in.

(Okay, I may have had a few to drown my frustration today ...)

Eaton radiates so much bad karma its almost visible, like the cloud of dust around Charley Brown. I'll bet when he sits down everyone within 10 feet clears out immediately.

To have it come down to the final day is fun? Glad he sees it that way. Bet Angels fans had a lot more fun having it wrapped up a week and half ago.

These games happen? Yeah, and then not making the playoffs happen. He's talking like they just had an off day in May for chrissake.

Though on the other hand it's better that they not get too tense before tomorrow, of course, but sheesh ...

A few thoughts:

1) As much as I loathe Eaton, can't blame anything on him except wasting the bullpen (again). If you would've told me through 6IP he and our BP would have combined to give up 2 runs I would (tried to) have done a cartwheel.

2) This game rang all too familiar for me from years past. After the Braves game I was skeptical, and if anything that skepticism has grown with an atrocious game in the field and at the plate. I believe (aside of the solo HRs) the entire lineup had about 3 good ABs, and that includes Lohse's 4-pitch walk.

3) The two contributing factors to today's chokeathon, in my opinion: A) Seeing the Mets victory before ever stepping on to the field. The Mets game was over by 215 so they all had a good long while to sit around and think about how this was a must-win. B) Remember Jayson Stark's article? The fellating of this team by Peter Gammons, Olney, Comcast Sportsnet etc.? These guys thought they already had it in the bag for about 12 hours, and then around 230 when the Mets were up 10-0 they froze up and thought "Oh sh!t, we still have to win two games." Cue the choke job.

4) On a side note, the entire NL is just one big Choke-o-rama right now. It's exciting as hell but the lesser teams with nothing to play for are just killing the playoff teams right now. I hate to say it, but it looks like tomorrow it might come down to a matter of who takes a deep breath, calms down and just plays a complete game.

That being said, I took this loss pretty bad and have (internally) resigned myself to the fact that they will blow it tomorrow again. Doesn't mean I don't have faith; I just consider it to be a safety blanket. I'll be here and watching like always, but the product on the field today didn't inspire much confidence. Yes, they choked. It wasn't just one player -- it seemed like a complete team-choke effort to me. But they regrouped after the Braves game, so who knows. I'm hoping and praying for the best.

Also, on an advisory note...a lot of you guys were really going at each other in the last thread. Remember reading Metsblog and seeing those jerkoffs arguing back and forth about who was going to kill themselves faster? Remember laughing your heads off at them? That's what they're doing reading your stuff right now, so the best idea would be to just knock it off. We're all rooting for the same team.

curt: Charlie Brown certainly radiated losing baseball, but it was Pigpen who had the cloud of dirt around him.

right, been a few years now - was just proud that I even remember Charley Brown's name.

Clout - You are right that poor defense and a lack of offense directly lead to today's loss but I can't harp enough on how pathetic Eaton is.

I just can't remember a time a Philly athlete has come up so consistently small when his team needed him in a single season.

Worse, Eaton's total ineptitude forced Cholly to pull out all the stops today in order to win. You can question Cholly's judgment in giving Helms a start today at 3B or maybe bringing in Mesa in a crucial game but I don't blame him trying to win today. If the Mets-Phils do have a playoff game on Monday, I am not optimistic about a Pedro-Lohse matchup.

The absolute worst part is that Eaton is going to be back for another 2 years. If you think he won't be back in the starting rotation next year, then you obviously aren't a Phils fan.

Eaton has possibly become the Phils' player I have most loathed since Gregg Jefferies, the poster-child for the lean and dark years of the mid-to-late 1990s.

Eaton, like Jefferies, is a complete FA bust who has consistently underperformed and never taken any accountability.

Funny, but you haven't really heard any of Eaton's teammates stick up for him this year (or at least I can't remember any offhand).

IceMan, I think your point no. 3 may be exactly what happened.

As for the safety blanket, well, you wouldn't be a Philadelphia sports fan, or at least not a terribly wise or experienced one, if you didn't try to do that.

I'm trying to get myself excited for the Iggles game tomorrow night just in case, as a backup, to distract myself. Not that it's easy to get too excited for: Here we come 2-2!

Prediction: Jamie Moyer will pitch his heart out tomorrow. You may only get 5 or 6 IP out of him, but he will give the offense a chance to win. Just like in the games against Glavine.

MG: There's really nothing in your post I can disagree with, although I'm not as pessimistic about a Lohse-Pedro matchup as your are.

Iceman - I don't think the NL teams have "choked" but just shown their general trait of being inconsistent (due to a lack of a truly superior team). You have seen it all year and it will probably continue through out the playoffs. That is why making the playoffs is so tantalizing because the Phils would have a good a shot as anybody to make the WS.

As for "choking" today, the Phils did things today they have done all season. The lack of energy stuff and playing tight are completely overrated.

Questions to ponder...

Does Nunez get the start at 3B with Moyer pitching?

Does Hanley start at SS for the Fish or is he too injured?

If Moyer gets then to the 6th with a small lead, do we see the final three guys for 12 outs?

Love this time of the year! Let's hope for October baseball!

"Worse, Eaton's total ineptitude forced Cholly to pull out all the stops today in order to win."

No, Eaton was Eaton. His ineptitude is the most consistent thing about this team. Cholly chose to use him knowing that. Eaton didn't give himself the ball.

I think Nunez, Vic, and Ruiz all start tomorrow.

Despite my generally fatalistic nature, I too am feeling unusually optimistic about tomorrow's game. For whatever reason, this team plays their best right at the moment that everyone counts them out. I think Moyer will bring his A game tomorrow & I think Rollins will come out & put a stamp on his MVP season. Bergmann has been tough on the Phillies this year but, all things considered, I'd rather be facing him than Dontrelle Willis.

The Mets game starts 25 minutes before ours. I'm envisioning the Marlins winning 4-3, with the final score flashing up on the scoreboard in about the 8th inning of the Phillies' game. After that, Myers will come in to nail down the 8-4 victory for the Phillies. Rollins will go 3 for 4 with his 20th triple, while Howard & Ruiz will each hit homeruns.

OK. I drank it off.

What was up with all the 6-year-olds at the game today, and why was everyone sitting on their hands all game until the 9th?

I'm tired of feeling like if I root for my team, they will inevitably f*ck it up.

Here's to hoping Dontrelle Willis remembers he's supposed to be the sh*t. Maybe Jimmy can give him a call and remind him of this.

And Adam Eaton sucked the life out of a city today. He's worse than Shawn Bradley, Lance Parrish, or any other Philly fraud.

Thinking positively, at least McCarver solidified his spot as one of the worst announcesr ever by constantly calling Lohse, LO-SEE in the beginning of the game.

Adam effing Eaton.

You know, if nothing else, at least our bitching is consistent. What do I mean? Well, Mets win, and their entire team are heroes, the best, etc. Mets lose, and off with Willie's head, the pitching is garbage, the position players heartless.

You can read the archives here, and our bitches today were our bitches last week and a month ago. The only big change is Burrell, who for whatever reason, has become the anti-Burrell since the All-Star break (though with momentary flashes back). I never really knew what to think of Phillies fans (there often are empty seats) and the idea of being too fair-weather. But, the group here on BL are some great Phillies fans. [Thanks for solidifying my theory, "Ya gotta believe." And, kudos to Mets fans for adopting a unique slogan and managing to, over the course of 162 games, consistently misspell slurs and insults.]

That aside--

I agree with those without confidence for tomorrow. Maine was brilliant for NY, and did something Eaton did not--kept the 'pen out of the game. Tomorrow, Philly is running a pitcher who, sadly, I've lost most confidence in, and a pitcher who likely will need to rely on the 'pen. The Mets, on the other hand, are running an oldie, but have a fresh 'pen. I realize that both are relative and can blow a game. But, every little bit helps.

Additionally, I think the Fish essentially have conceded their season today. The Nats, on the other hand, especially with Acta's world-series-like moves, will give the Phils all they can handle. What you saw during the last game in WAS you will see again. WAS has a lot to play for, however--they're a team that's growing together and, with some solid off-season moves, could be a contender in the NL East. So, much like a college football wanting to finish the season with a W, despite going 4-9, the Nats want to walk away with a W. Florida, on the other hand, appears to be satisfied being a sad sack.

There's much debate about whether Eaton or the defense failed today. Well, both did. But, I have a hard time believing Eaton would have been any more successful had a few errors not occurred. Eaton's control, or lack there of, was utterly atrocious. Either first two pitch balls, or getting a guy in a hole and blowing it with a single, Eaton could not locate well at all. He's not Smoltz--settling down as the game goes on. He's simply a guy who's consistently bad.

JZ:McCarver also screwed up Ruiz name. He is an atrocious announcer.He made Sarge sound like Whitey Ashburn. I also would have prefered the 7:05 start. Night games bring a diffrent energy(maybe because of the drunkness)
Bottom line:I'm having trouble getting over this loss. Bad defense & mental errors + Chico dominating the Phills is very disturbing.Missed opportunity

Anyone watching tomorrow's game somewhere (Sports Deport, Common Ground, home?) in Boston?

Today sucked, but we all had our doubts. Adam Eaton? A week ago, we all had him figured into our playoffs calculus as an L. Turns out we were right. Another thing we HAD to rely on in that calculus? Going in to that game up a game.

We did.

Tomorrow is big, and Moyer's a vet. I think he's gonna put up a good performance, he'll get batted around, but I don't think the bats in Philly will go silent two days in a row.

However, I can't but feel good about tomorrow in New York. They're going up against Willis. He might not be as good as he once was, but his last game was lights out, and he's historically always done damned well against the Metros. On top of that, the Nats secured 4th, and they're merely playing spoilers. The Marlins? After today's scuffle, I expect them to want a win as badly as NY or Philly do.

No need for a Monday game, Phils win tomorrow. Marlins celebrate like it's 1999 in Shea to a chorus of bows.

I missed the postgame interviews. Did Charlie imply Loeshe would start Monday's play in game? I'm still wondering why Romero didn't start the inning. I understand it's Loeshe's throw day-but pitching more than 2 inning's?

Just checked my TV listings for tomorrow in New Orleans. I can watch two AL games, the Rangers game on FSN and the ChiSox on WGN; and one NL game, the meaningless Braves game on TBS. The four major networks have AFC NFL, NFC NFL, Nascar and Golf! The Phillies, Pads, Muts, and Rox games aren't worthy of broadcast here. It's an NFL conspiracy!

Joe asks a good question about Boston.

I shall ask the same about Morristown, NJ or the nearby towns.

Anyone on here from or near Morris County that wants to watch the game somewhere?

I don't want to watch the Mets, alone, not drinking.

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