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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


against the phils in his career, James has pitched 32 2/3 innings while giving up 12 runs, for an ERA of 3.31.
however, in his last two starts against the phils, he has appeared very ordinary, going 11 total innings pitched and conceding 7 runs.

in a related story, i think this may be the night that we welcome Pat the Bat, Part II to our lineup. he has been incredible the second half of the season, but he has seemingly cooled down a ton over the past couple weeks. he's 6/15 career off of james, and the fact that he will enjoy a day off as much as anyone coupled with his return back to the friendly confines of Citizens Bank Park adds up to, i believe, a resurgence of sorts for PtB over the last week of the season.

Got to include that rain delay / grounds crew near-debacle in Denver on July 8th as one of this season's highlights.

Record before 7/8/07 - 43-44
Record from 7/8/07 - 42-27

Good karma.

One item that I wanted to note. For the past few years and even under the Bowa regime it seemed like the phillies players, especially Rollins, were consistent underachievers. This is the first year that I can honestly say they are over achieving. I dont agree with a lot of Manuals moves but I do think that it is a strong testimate to the environment he has helped to create, along with Gillicks assemblage of leaders in the locker room.

The Rockies rain delay game has not only helped the Phillies in the karma department, but it's debateable it helped make the Phillies the new most beloved team in baseball.

Random question - but since the thought is in my mind of trying to go down for Saturday's game (I'm already going Friday) there any chance of that getting moved to an afternoon game? Would FOX pick it up if it means something? SD is already playing in the afternoon on FOX, as is the Cubs-Cincy game. I wonder when they'd make that decision?

@ Bentz... The game has already been moved to Saturday @ 3:30.

sat's game has been moved to 3:55 already.

are there even tix left?

T.J. Bohn! What a loser pickup. He must have goat pictures of Gillick to get one of the coveted 40-man roster spots.

I agree with Bill about the karma pickup by working the tarps in Colorado during that torrential rainstorm. Maybe, that's why we're still in the WC race despite the Gillick built rag tag bullpen. I believe in karma. Maybe we can do it!

I'm totally agreed that tonight's game is the crucial one, regardless of the matchups for the rest of the series.

To lose tonight would be same old, same old. Phillies get somewhere, garnering a tie for the wild card, and to lose it and possibly cough up that tie would be extremely disheartening. Possibly crippling.

We had a day off to regroup, and we need to put the Braves out of our misery, let the other "contenders" know that we're different and keep the pressure on.

That's my two cents.

I'm in with the Karma concept.
If I remember correctly the first few games after the tarp incident/A-S break saw a huge offensive outpowering - the Phils crushed some people.

Thanks - I figured that it would be. FOX wouldn't want to miss out on that.

gotta smush'em tonight.

If we beat the Braves tonight and tomorrow, they are officially eliminated, right? Because they would be 5 back with 4 to play. So is there a chance that if we win the first 2 they scratch Smoltz from his start?

There are two moments in my lifetime where I believed, 100 percent, in this team. One was in 1980. I was 5.

The next was in 1993. I was 18.

I'm 32 now. I've watched with frustration the last few years, like all of you, when it's come down to this, and the team has fallen short.

But too many times this team has responded when all was lost this year, right? I can stay positive, right? Bench guys will contribute, right? The big guys will show up, right?

Six games left and all I want to do is wear my daggum Chase Utley t-shirt in a Morristown, NJ bar during the p-word.

(No, fellas. Not *that* p word. The other one we can't mention for superstitious-type reasons).

I want to believe. I really, really do.

@Jason: some feedback on the NCAA football ad. Think they could show less of the football plays and more of the cheerleaders. Thanks in advance.

Cox is such a miserable jack*ss, even if the braves were eliminated from contention, he'd probably still pitch Smoltz on short rest on thursday so they could put a damper on the phillies post-season hopes

Right or wrong?

If SD implodes (likely) and the Phillies somehow pick up the two games on the Mets (unlikely, given the Mets' creampuff schedule) and thus tie, with a better record than Padres or Rockies, then...

The Phillies are crowned N: East champ because
a) There's no playoff to determine division winner v. wild card, and
b) Phils won the season series v. Mets


Then we'd get to play Cubs instead of Ariz. I'd want that.

if we are tied with the mets and both of have better records than any of the other wild card contenders, you are correct - we will be crowned NL East champs, and therefore play Chicago in the 1st round instead of Arizona

JZ wants to wear a Chase Utley T-shirt while pissing at a Morristown, NJ bar?!

Actually, wearing any Chase Utley apparel is perfectly fine except for weddings, funerals, and Sunday church services. If your boss objects to such clothing at work, get another job!

What if the Padres, Phils and Rockies all end up tied for the wild card. I know Team A plays Team B with the winner playing Team C, but how are those teams determined?

One more thing for's my blog post on my nominee for 2007 Phillies MVP:

Milton Bradley:

Hope Moyer has a pitcher's ump tonight.

Moyer has been great vs the NL's hoping for 2 more good efforts.

Need the bats to carry this tough stretch, though.

...and hope James gets a hitter's ump in his halves

Anyone in Boston want to head down to the Sports Depot in Allston tonight? I'll be there w/the misses (physical therapy across the street)

Back after nearly 3 weeks in Indonesia (where, fortunately, I was mostly able to keep up with Phillie-related events). No doubt tonight's game is the critical one. The Padres' loss last night really changed the dynamics of the WC race. Before, I was thinking that nothing short of a 5-1 finish would get them into the playoffs. Now it's more than possible that a 4-2 finish could get it done. But just to be safe, I'd prefer 5-1. The Phillies absolutely cannot afford to let themselves fall behind the Padres again.

The whole situation reminds me just a bit too much of last year. So far, the Phillies' 2007 season has been almost an exact carbon copy of the 2006 season. Many among the fans & media have been lauding the Phillies "new-found heart," while proclaiming that this year's Phillies are somehow seizing the moment in ways that their predecessors never did. But there's nothing "new-found" or different about the Phillies playing great ball in mid-September. At this exact point last year, the Phillies had won 8 of their last 10 games & were tied with the Dodgers for the WC lead. It's how the Phillies play over these next 6 games which will determine if this team is any different from past ones.

@Lake Fred: "Actually, wearing any Chase Utley apparel is perfectly fine except for weddings, funerals, and Sunday church services. If your boss objects to such clothing at work, get another job!"

What if you're working at a funeral on Sunday?

(Follow-up: how appropriate is it to wear it under a robe?)

Junior Amaro did not get the Pirates GM job. Suffice to say he'll be the GM here in 2009.

Welcome back, BAP.

Well, since I got off the bandwagon in early September, I find it's hard to get back on. I still have no faith in their pitching staff. It's a shame, their lineup is too good to stay home next week.

Thanks, Mike. And I'm in much better Phillies spirits than when I left. I believe, when I left, they were 3 down in the WC race and had just gotten done squandering their 4-game sweep of the Mets, by losing 2 of 3 to the dreadful Marlins. That series still sticks in my craw & will be the one I remember if they end up missing the playoffs by 1 game.

But enough negativity. I'm going to try to stay positive from here on out. Unless they lose tonight, that is.

If there is a 3-way tie for the Wild Card - a distinct possibility given the Rockies are red hot and playing teams that don't care anymore (Dodgers and then the D'backs, who will be worried about setting up their playoff rotation), here's what would happen:

Rockies have the best head to head record against the Pads and Phils so they could choose to host a game or, more likely, let the Pads and Phils play in Philly (because the Phils have the better head to head record against the other two than the Padres) and then the Rockies would play the winner of that game at the winner's ballpark. If I were the Rockies, I'd hope the Phils would win and the Rockies could play at The Bank. Man, those Rockies can smash the ball.

Let's keep our collective fingers crossed tonight that Moyer hits the corners - and that the home plate umpire isn't squeezing him all night. If that happens, Moyer may be gone by the 3rd inning (ugh!). Can you tell that I'm nervous???

Should we take a poll on which list members will leave the bandwagon should we lose tonight?

Maybe I'm in a weird state, but I can really see this team blowing tonight's game and then pulling out wins against both Hudson and Smoltz... just seems to be the way it goes this year...

Let's not discount catching the Mets, either... If we go 5-1, it's not unreasonable to see the Mets going 3-3. The Nats roughed them up again last night. There's something not right about that team.

@ Mike H.

You beat me to the punch. I agree the new GM is already here. Status quo. Now, Gillick's tenure save Moyer, Dobbs, and Werth would have to be graded as poor IMO. Nothing will change. Gillick is a lame-duck GM. Maybe this explains why Manuel hasn't been brought back. I am not an advocate of that, but you have to give Manuel a great deal of credit for keeping the team together if nothing else. The players love him.

On another note, let's hope the Phils go 5-1 to put this thing away. If they do I'll have to eat a little crow. No way did I think they'd make it. But with 6 to play, in a falt-out tie, all I can say is GO PHILS!

If I've done the math correctly, on the games where there is a road game, then an off day, then a home game, the Phils are 6-1 this year in the home game. And they rake, too. The only loss was BAP's above referenced Marlins series, when they got beat by Byung Hung Kim, of all people.

Sorry, Patrone. The iPhone was invented for weeks like this. I'm furiously searching whenever and wherever I can...

You would have to believe that is Amaro isnt the next GM, Gillick will not sign anyone to long term contracts in the offseason, including free agents, because he wont want to saddle the new GM with a potential albatross like he got with Leiberthal, thome, and to a lesser extent burrell.

The one possible thing that might redeem Gillick is that maybe some of his mid-round draft picks unexpectedly pan out - #s 7, 8, 9 from this year bear watching (Chapman, Brummett, Kissock, all kinda tall RHPs). They might just end up as organizational filler, but if one or two of them do a Kendrick on us, we'll all say something like:
"Ahhh, Patty; where d'ya go? We loved ya, man."

No we won't.

This really is just like the last two years actually. in 2005, the Phils lost 2 of 3 to the Mets at home in the 2nd to last series of the year, which is really what killed them. The Mets were out of it at the time. 2006 has been detailed here ad infinitum. Let's hope somehow this year is different.

Interesting food for thought:

Concievably, the Phillies could end up with the best record in the NL and only end up winning the Wild Card/Division by one game or a tie. This would require a meltdown of the D-Backs and the Mets, but it is still possible. On the flip side, the Phils could end up one game worse than the best record in the NL and totally miss the playoffs.

This is the most balanced (Bad, depending on perspective) NL in years.

"If SD implodes (likely) and the Phillies somehow pick up the two games on the Mets (unlikely, given the Mets' creampuff schedule) and thus tie, with a better record than Padres or Rockies, then...

The Phillies are crowned N: East champ because
a) There's no playoff to determine division winner v. wild card, and
b) Phils won the season series v. Mets


Then we'd get to play Cubs instead of Ariz. I'd want that"

Yes, if Philly and NY end up tied, Philly wins the East.

Don't sell the Mets short on crumbling down the stretch. They have to pitch a true rookie, making his first big league start tomorrow, and have to pitch Pelfrey again on Saturday. Plus, the rest of their starters (besides Glavine) are all shaky. And, there are serious grumblings going on about the relationship between Manager and GM. Not a lot of happy folks in NY right now. They have played poorly at home and, with their pitching problems right now, no game is a lock. I still expect them to eek their way into the playoffs and win the division.

The Cubs are the one team the Phils should not want to face in the playoffs. Howard has done nothing in his career at Wrigley and the Cubs will have the best pitching of any team that makes the playoffs.

But, at this point, you just make it and play whoever they put in front of you.

TJ Bohn???

Why? Check his stats and Gary Burnham's stats and tell me what this fool brings to the table? Petey LeForest's 1 hit since he joined the team has really helped them too.

I guess if Gillick ever drafted you, they will eventually end up in Philly, no matter how good or bad they are.


Sorry, I'm in Boston but I have bad memories of the Sports Depot: last time I went was for Easgles-Saints.

denny b:
Agreed. Give Burnham the call-up on the basis of being a good soldier in the Phillies farm. Even if he never gets in a game.

Well Joe Morgan has picked us to be the wild card so we must be going to the playoffs. He said that "the Rockies have done a great job of getting back in it but I don't see them getting back in it." Insightful analysis!

Clout, agreed, this team probably needs to take 5 out of 6 for an outright WC, 4 for a playoff game.

Last Monday, I said they needed to go 10-3 for a tie, 11-2 for an outright win. So far...5-2.

Posters here are saying what Gillick will/won't do with players as a result of his lame duck status. I think this means Cholly will get a one year contract, or a new contract and stay at least one year. Cholly has been signalling he will take a one year gig (yesterdays inky, I think). Gillick won't pull the trigger on him because he doesn't want to pick a new guy that he won't be around for. The only exception might be if a stellar talent became available. But even then, they might stand pat- they passed on Leyland, remember.

Gillick seems to believe in a system of crony general managing, where you only bring in guys you know from your previous teams or drafted. Makes sense to a point, but not when the guys stink (Ryan Franklin, eTc.)

But hey, as ARow says, the glass is half full. 6 to go and we control our own fate. Time to man up.

You know, Wheels and Sarge aren't exactly Harry, but then again, they're not exactly Keith.

Sorry, I'm in Boston but I have bad memories of the Sports Depot: last time I went was for Easgles-Saints.

You know, if I were to stop going to places where I witnessed bad Philly losses, I'd be watching games at Chuckie Cheese.

Don't want to start another Coste flame war, but did anyone else see this in today's Inky?

"We got an e-mail Sunday from Lancaster resident Matt Parido, 34, who said: "I need to know this! Why does Chris Coste appear to sniff his bat after a foul ball? Please don't tell me that I'm the only one that noticed this!"

It was certainly the first question this reporter has received about a player's bat-sniffing habits. So, perhaps against our better judgment, we wandered over to Coste on Sunday at RFK Stadium and politely asked, "Dude, do you really sniff your bats?"

Coste didn't bat an eye.

"I grew up in Minnesota and I went to the lake a lot," Coste said. "And one of my favorite smells is burning wood or burnt leaves. You rake up all the leaves and you burn them at the lake. That's what you do. So I've just always loved that smell. It reminded me of days when I was a kid.

"But there was one time when I first got into pro ball - I don't know if I was catching or hitting - but either myself or the batter barely nicked the ball on an unfinished bat. And you can smell it, without even putting your nose up to the bat. You could smell that same smell. So the next time I was hitting, I fouled off the ball and I smelled my bat.

"I don't know if it's the wood or the leather of the ball. Maybe it's the combination of both. But I think when I first did it, I might have hit a home run in that at-bat. So it's maybe 50 percent superstition, 50 percent because I just like the smell."

Ribbies: Thats kinda weird, ya know?

Anybody know if Ruiz is sniffin the mitt?

Great Coste story. Who doesn't like that smell?

Well, besides Nunez.

I'll sniff some bats if it helps us win.

@squatter: Uh, ya think?

These two guys on 950 middays - the "700 Level Phanatics" - sound like 2 guys that post on Beerleaguer.

Got to say, I am kind of scared of the Braves in this series.

Crazy Jon - agreed on the Fanatics. I listen to them streaming 12-3.

Little known fact: Batters often rub powdered rosin on their bat handles. Sometimes the rosin is crushed with crack cocaine, which has superior drying power, to improve the grip.

Here's to hoping the home plate ump gives Moyer the corners. I'll be in 203 for tomorrow night's game. GO PHILS!!!

The one guy is so much of a homer it's nauseating.

Phils lineup for 2008,same as 2007 except for Rowand.Hopefully Mesa and Alfie will be gone.Garcia,Eaton, and maybe even Lieber to return. Comments?

Wait, you mean to tell my TJ Bohn may actually appear in a game for the Phillies this season...yuck!

I had this to say at the same point in the season last year- At times like this you need a beer and some good music to calm the nerves and ease the tension. The Phillies only have 6 games left, and each game will probably be a heart stopper. So grab a six-pack of your favorite brew and pop in some tunes for your pre-game warm-up, because this is going to be one helluva end to the season! *Those words still ring true. Let's go Phils...we want playoffs!!!

One positive about facing Hudson....last time he started against us, we pounded him all over the yard...then the pen & defensive replacements imploded in the awful 9-8 loss. maybe he just had an off day, but I'd like to think we can hit him pretty hard.

I hear Eaton is definitely pitching on Thursday against Smoltz? That would be really, really stupid.

I agree with GM-Carson. This might be a good week to get drunk and stay there.

On Saturday night, I bought a six of Brooklyn Pennant Ales at the local liquor store in celebration of the playoff hunt, and lo and behold, it was a win. Sunday, thanks to the Eagles, I skipped the six and they lost. I'm not a superstitious guy, but as Carson said, drinking during these games will be worthwhile anyway. I'm riding these Pennant Ales to the postseason.

So, if you're one of the Phils, do you grit your teeth and bear down on every pitch, offense and defense, like it is the last out of the World Series with the game tied? Or do you go through your normal routines, try to stay as relaxed as possible, and just go out and play ball the way you normally do, knowing you've prepared as much as you can and done all you can?

In the 78 Red Sox one game playoff between the Yanks and Red Sox (Bucky Dent's home run won it for the Yanks) the Red Sox and their fans seemed tense, nervous, almost scared. Even the great Yaz admitted to serious nerves. As I understand, some of the Yankees went out for a few pops and they were pretty calm and felt they were going to win. They had crawled back into the race and felt it was pretty much theirs to take. (Of course they knew Ron Guidry was going to pitch the next day for them)

I think the other teams will play hard - the Braves will be no picnic - but it's on the table for the Phils to take. I don't think there is a single team out there saying, Geez, I hope we draw the Phils in the playoffs and get to throw to J-Roll, Utley, Pat, Howard, and Rowand, one after the other.

Go out there cocky and tough, guys, and take what you've fought for. No one - no one - has overcome more than you have to be where you are. Go Phils!

Brooklyn Pilsner, Lager and Brown are much better than Pennant Ale IMHO, though I haven't tried this year's. But hey, whatever gets us to the post-season, I'll drink to that!

Anyone here know of good Philadelphia sports bars in the D.C. area that will be showing the games this week? There's plenty of Eagles bars but I wasn't sure if they also translate to the other philly sports.

Love that Coste story. The guy is like a Buddhist monk--patiently waiting his turn in the majors for so long, and still appreciating every tiny detail of the game.

TK- where did you hear that Eaton was a definite for Thursday? Paul Hagen seems to think Kendrick for Thursday. Anyway, is there any chance Manuel would have the balls to just skip Eaton altogether and pitch Moyer (today), Lohse (Weds), Kendrick (Thr), Hamels (Fri), Moyer (Sat) & Lohse to finish up. I'd have to think they'd be better options than Eaton, he's a gimme at this point and our only shot at a win is an offensive display against their ace.

Well, you all convinced me. I'll be loading up the barley pop this week. If nothing else, it'll help me sleep after a loss.

I'm with loctastic. I got off the bus after the 9-8 Braves loss. It's tough to jump back on, though it is tempting. This is 2005 and 2006 all over again. It's like that batter that come up late in the game after going 4 for 4 and we're told "he's hot" or the hitter that's 0 for 4 and we're told "he's due." Frankly, I think the Phillies are "due".

The Pads have been in for two straight years, so they're less hungry. Let them stay home. The Rocks have never had any success, they'll be "hungry". I never liked the Rockies. @%&$ them!

Essentially, the Phillies have to hit enough tonight to support Moyer to a victory.

Manuel was on WPHT this morning and said that he and Dubee have not decided yet who will pitch on Thursday.

Doc - Phils site has Eaton posted.

Official Press Notes have Smoltz vs. TBA.

I'm gonna be down at the sports depot Saturday afternoon for the phils game. Can't make it tonight or anytime really before then because I'm taking the LSAT's saturday morning, but let me know if you want to go to watch the games on saturday or sunday.
I've never been there but I've heard it's a good time. It would be great to watch some phillies games with a group of phans, so I'm looking forward to it.

Weitzel did a great summary but thanks to the Padres fumbling this weekend & yesterday, the season almost starts anew. 6-game stretch to determine who is worthy of making the playoffs and getting a shot at the World Series (since the NL is even more wide open this year than last year when the Mets were the clear favorites).

For once, it would be nice to see the Phils come out on top (especially a team that is very easy to root for and full of some great personalities).

MG - The Padres got tackled before they fumbled. Some of them, anyway...

Diggity: good luck on the lsat. Stop me if you've heard this one: Five girls are sitting around a table. Alice won't sit next to Debbie. Barbara will only sit across from Connie. Elizabeth is two seats away from Debbie.....

diggity - What's up? I'm taking the LSATs on Saturday too. I feel like my life only consists of LSAT preptests and Phillies games these days. My girlfriend's patience is astonishing come to think of it. I'm between jobs til October. In the mornings I get up early to go to the local library to take a full test. I come home, eat lunch, chill out, and wait til 6 usually for the game to start (I'm in the CST). Anyway, good luck on Saturday.

The Doctor: I can't think of a better way to guarantee the Phillies WON'T make the playoffs than to start their pitchers on 3 days rest for the remainder of the season.

diggity_dave -- we'll be moving out to Acton this weekend, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it down on either day. Saturday's game is at 4pm, so perhaps we'll head into the city for dinner that night or something. Either way, good luck with the LSAT's!

The news that Gillick is coming back for the 2008 season is actually bad news. Not because he has been a horrendous GM although he hasn't been great either. The biggest problem is that it puts this the direction of this franchise in limbo for at least the next 18 months or so.

Nothing worse for a company or organization to have a manager/CEO who has lame-duck status. At best, it produces a general sense of apathy. At the worst, it causes motivated, talented employees to start looking to hedge their options.

Sadly, I think Gillick was brought in primarily as a marketing ploy. He had a "winner's reputation" and the Phils desperately needed that PR boost after Ed Wade/declining attendance at CBP in 2005.

At the same time, Gillick was an "old-school" guy who wasn't going to be here for the long-term or fundamentally try to change the organization. The words "risk-averse" categorize the Montgomery ownership to a T. Gillick really didn't change much about this franchise and the same personnel are in charge with a few exceptions.

The few times that Gillick did speak out with a different viewpoint than Montgomery, he was quickly challenged and backtracked. Guess Gillick didn't think it was worth the anguish and he just picked up his nice paycheck.

Made the argument before but there really hasn't been that much of a difference between Gillick's tenure as a GM and Wade's tenure. I look for a return to the status quo at the end of 2008 when the Phils' name an internal crony . . . er .. candidate as the next GM.

Nothing worse for a company than when lawyers starting running things. People scoff at MBAs and a ton of management theory is bunk but I know a company is in trouble when the lawyers starting running thing/making decisions.

When I read about Gillick this morning the first thing I thought is that Manuel will be renewed with a one-year contact and then its for the next gm to figure out.

MG: Kinda pessimistic. I think we have to take PG at his word. He didn't think the 2006 team could make the playoffs and probably not the 2007 team either. He came in to do a quick rebuild with the payoff coming in 2008. Obviously, the team surprised him so he rushed the timetable, shelling out for Garcia, Eaton, Helms and hoping for payoff this year. Those signings were a disaster, but the irony is, he might get that payoff anyway.

Sadly, I think you are right on the money MG. I guess Gillick was getting ready to fade into the sunset, and so that's why he was willing to work for these people under their constraints of preserving the status quo. Doesn't exactly fill you with optimism for the future. Let's hope this current bunch can overcome the front office apathy/ineptitude, against the odds, and make the playoffs.

Here's my solution for Thursday: Tell both Ennis and Durbin that they will start on Thursday. Have both warm up and whichever guy looks sharpest starts with the understanding he's yanked after 4 IP. Then the other guy goes in for 4. Tell them it's a competition to see which of them should get a playoff start.

@squatter: i've had nightmares of those friggin' problems, please don't make me relive those games anymore haha

@sophist: yea, it blows man. i'm in school so juggling 5 classes with the LSAT's has been awesome, i guess. yea, the test has totally taken over my life man. it sucks, but whatever, it'll be over in 5 days, so just keep pumpin out those practice tests and we'll be done soon!

@joe: thanks, and definitely let me know if you're gonna head back downtown for any of the phillies games because i'd love to get a group together for the games. have an easy move, and good luck in your new house!

and how about that, I never thought the LSAT's would spur this much discussion!

o and some bad news. my professor changed my class that meets tomorrow afternoon to tonight from 7-9:30. jesus christ, and I can't skip it either... what the hell am i gonna do...

Wow, lots of people taking the LSAT on Saturday. Throwing my hat in the ring and best of luck to everyone. This stretch of games is hurting my concentration but worth it.

in terms of third basemen for next year, what are the options between feliz and lowell, with lowell being prohibitavely expensive and feliz being nunez's equivalent with the bat? Is there anyone we could get that plays good defense and doesn't negatively affect the lineup?

MG wrote:"Nothing worse for a company than when lawyers starting running things. People scoff at MBAs and a ton of management theory is bunk but I know a company is in trouble when the lawyers starting running thing/making decisions."

How true! When I got my MBA, I took an entry level job with a Fortune 500 company and soon realized I should have gone to law school. The new fresh out of school corporate lawyers made much more money, had nicer offices, etc., but had no concept of the real world. Because they are so well paid and treated, they actually believed that they were also all-knowledgeable. We used to send them contracts to review and approve as to form. They would want us to change commercial terms, or on the other extreme, they would get all particular about the format of the notary page or other such nonsense. Does junior have a law degree?

Ruben JR doesn't have a law degree, I don't think. He graduated from Stanford in '87 and played for the Phils until 1998. If he has one, he got it in the last few years. Don't know when he would have done that.

Good luck to everyone on the LSAT. A bunch of my friends are taking it too and I can't imagine trying to keep up with the Phils while doing that. That's why I scheduled by GMAT for late November.

My GMAT obviously.

As an aside, Ed Wade sucks. His first official act as Astros GM is to help the reeling Pads, therebye sticking it to the Phils? I wish he was still hanging up in that tree.

Pretty educated/smart bunch here. I wonder how the GED group over at metsblog is coming along.

TK: i don't know of any, but if you find one let me know.

the wed. game is espn, so any sports bar (certainly espn zone) will have it.

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