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Friday, September 28, 2007


That is amazing...


Jimmy Rollins for MVP. What a season. What a leader.


The Comeback Kids are now the In First Kids!

It's still not set in stone. But I'm so glad that we only have two to go, as opposed to much more.

Say what you will about the Mets meltdown (and I've got plenty to say), the Phils had to step up to get to this point.

Gritty. I love it. No reason to stop now. Let's get 90 wins, then take it from there.

No need for analysis, just enjoying the ride.

Mr. Weitzel, you've outdone yourself. That pic is beautiful (and appropriately, kind of crazy).

JRoll deserves MVP just for that! Cubs win the Central!

Parker: Yes, I was being sarcastic. You were dead on about the D'backs. Most here said it was impossible because of the negative run differential.

Barring an upset, it's Hamels v. Peavy next Wednesday. And no 1 game playoffs.

Jason: Replacement player took the words out of my mouth. Great Job.

Also Jason: you are now the J-Roll for MVP Campaign Manager.

I love the stats just mentioned by the announcers in those two games (Mets and Brewers losses) Those two teams each spent 132 games in first place in their respective divisions, alas no more!

Clout, I think we can agree: We don't want to face the Snakes in the playoffs (God willing).

Bullpen since Sept 12: 7-2 2.51 ERA.

The reason this team has been winning.

great headline JW and thanks for giving us a place to gather for this incredibly fun season and especially month. what a long strange trip its been, come on EATON!!

Boys, big game tomorrow. Let's win it. Forget everything else, let's win it.

Win. Win. Win.

I expect tomorrow's headline to either be "we've attained Gillick's 3 more wins" or his "this team has no chance in 2008" or even better some combination thereof....

This is awesome stuff. More concerned about Eaton poop than a potential Hamels v Peavy.

The best about this epic collapse is all the national media coverage because it is a NY team. Embarrassment front-and-center.

Sure it ain't over but its been a truly amazing season. Especially with J-Rolls "team to beat" quote. Its followed the Phils all year and now they stand tall in 1st place. Incredible. The last few years experience will pull them through the next two days. The scars remain for another 48 hours. Gotta heal 'em PHILS! Almost there.

Who wants posters? I'll create an 8 1/2 by 11 PDF for color printing, and try my best on large-format 11 X 17. Need a happier picture of J-Roll I think, but that was chosen since a) I think it was taken at the original "team to beat" press conference and b) nice round head.

You bet J. That would be awesome. But let's not jump the gun. Maybe wait 2 days.

A big thanks from me too J, for the opportunity to vent our spleens and all the great reading. Good stuff.

I'm very happy, but it's not over yet. Magic number is two. The Phils still have to get those two. GO PHILS!

Even though I have been quite all year. I was always on the stealth reading everyday.

I'll be first in line for that poster. Seems inspired by those Milton Street graphics over at Philly Will Do a few months back, but what the hey. It's awesome. And it's Jimmy Rollins, not Milton Street.

Jason - I was just going to ask! I could use either format. The color laser printer at the office is going to get a workout.

Go Phils!

I don't really have anything important to say; I'm just enjoying the moment. These guys are really something else.

If they can finish this out, Cole Hamels made himself a legend tonight. What a clutch, clutch performance. Also, who else didn't bat an eye when Rollins drove in the first two runs of the game? Didn't surprise me at all. We've got an MVP in our lineup for the second year in a row.

Why does being in first prove J-roll's assertion? We have been in second place for a long time now and hence, the team you had to be better than to be in first.

The standings haven't looked this good for 14 years.

I made the standings my desktop background.

I would like to be in the top 10 for a poster, please.

Thanks for the venue once again. Great stuff. Tonight was the near perfect game to set the mood. Is it the best pitching performance by a Phillie at home since Schilling's Game 5? Rowand's incredible defensive play. Bats just clicking right at the right time.

Speaking of, Seeing Curt Schilling standing on the BoSox dugout spraying champagne into the stands makes me tense up and get antsy. We are right there. Chico must be hit hard and fast.

If Eaton goes six innings giving up 2-3 runs I will be happy. Hopefully we light up Chico early too.

E...A....G........shut up AWH!

Who pitches tomorrow?

I know. Leave it for tomorrow.

Once again, I watched the Mets game tonight because of the whole living in North Jersey thing. They look like they just want it to be January.

This is unreal. All of this.

Love this quote of Manuel's about J-Roll:

"He's done everything a guy can do, I don't know what else he can do except sell tickets and popcorn."


JZ, you're right. It does feel unreal...all of it....almost.

But I keep looking at the standings and there are the Phils all alone in first place. It's not over yet...still two games to go...and they need to win...but they are in first place.

ALMOST unreal...all of it.

Going out on a limb...

Eaton feeds off the crowd vibes with each out and gives us 6+ with the lead. You heard it here first.

BTW - I like our chances with the current NL field (CHC, AZ & SD). Anyone else?

Actually the way the Mets and Brewers have been playing lately, I'd rather have those two be on our path to the Series, but I'll take whatever we can get. 1 seed, 2 seed, 3 seed, or 4!

CBP was rocking tonight-great night to attend. The Phills seemed tight early but the fans were a huge energy boost. Like most of you I often wondered why i was blogging on Beerleauger about the Phills at 2am on a Monday night. Tonight reminded me why & restored my faith in the franchise. For years my budies wondered why i continued to watch the Phills in Sept. w/ the Phills out of contention. My answer has always been "I'm a lifetime fan" Nights like this make the last 14 years worth it. Go phills!

I'll take a poster, but not until after Sunday.


"Nights like this make the last 14 years worth it."

Amen brother.

I'm still a little nervous about tomorrow. If Eaton fails to step it up, he could go down as one of the city's all-time goats.

let's not celebrate until the job is done. oh, and, awesome game at the bank tonight.

If he could lose the playoff spot entirely he could make the all-time goat list, but since the worst he could do is leave us in a tie on the last day, he simply (if all goes wrong manana) would leave that ignominy to someone on Sunday. Here's hoping both Eaton and Chris Seddon (the Marlins starter) are both on tomorrow so we don't have to worry when tomorrow ends....


as a NY based Phils fan, i'm catching my first game this season at the bank tomorrow. and i could not be more excited!!!! can anybody tell me what the BP schedule is before the game? do the Phils bat first or second? what time should i show up if it's a 3:55 game?

much thanks in advance for the help.

this is unbelievable! LET'S GO PHILS!

Just got back. Hamels looked fantastic. Too bad we didn't have five of him.

Go Phils!

If Eaton can't get inspired by the past few days events and pitch well, he never will.

I love this team. I love this team.I love this team. I love this team. I love this team. I love this team. I love this team. I love this team. I love this team. I love this team. I love this team.

It's been a long time coming Philly. I may live in Central PA but I have Philly love all the way. Lets go Phillies! We're going to do it, I know we can. Thank you Jason for keepin us up through all the downs. beerleaguer is the best Philly fan site EVER!!! 1 up with 2 to go, lets drive the nail in the coffin tomorrow Eaton (easier said then done) but I think they can do it!!!

timr:i agree-tomorrrow wories me. I have absolutely no confidence in Eaton.Hamels huge performance tonight helps rest the bullpen. I would pull Eaton at the first sign of failure.I am excited that J-Rolls boy Willis is pitching Sunday. Reading Metsblog & Listening to the FAN is a pleasure tonight.
WIP's Howard Eskin embarased himself today ripping the Phillies & the fanbase. CBP was rocking while the Mets dump "shea" was a cemetary. Give the phillies fans a good product-quoting Earl ray jones in Field of Dreams "Build it & they will come ray"

I was 10 years old in 1993 when I first started to "understand" baseball and nails and dutch led us to the cusp...I thought we would be there every year year...i did not know of von hayes, jeltz, and the like....all i know now is that if the mets go el foldo in the early afternoon, come 3:50 we will be playing for the clinch. lets. go. PHILLIES!

Geary will be available on three days rest... I wouldn't be surprised if Eaton gets a really quick hook and Geary picks up the win. I'd certainly be happy if Eaton gives us a good start but I just don't see it happening.

Obviously the Chase jersey and drinking excessively are good luck. I will continue said routine tomorrow so the Phils can continue with their good phortune.

Just a great day for Phillies fans, but they haven't won anything just yet. They are in first place today.... They must continue to hustle and play as if it's there last game.

Here a special podcast at my site at:

kells - Howard Eskin embarrassed himself today? He's been embarrassing his family since somebody let him on the radio - here's a suggestion - listen to another station, your outlook on life will be much better....

I too am worried about Eaton tomorrow. Everytime we think maybe he will get it done he doesnt. I am thrilled we are in this position, but nothing has been won yet.

If we don't make it now we will be the 64 Phillies all over again.(Only kidding). Its funny as that screaming line drive that Nunez snared on Thursday was six inches to either side things would be different. We have this vibe like the Red Sox a few years ago and we have people from all over the country liking this team....
How can you not...

Still one game at a time.

Peer pressure will propel Adam Eaton...He may have his best game in him....Tomorrow. How weird would that be having EA etched in Philly history....It would be nice to wrap it up tomorrow and have a meaningless game on Sunday so i can actually get some house work done...

Momentum is very much on the Phils side - just keep it going. 2 wins equals 2 days of rest - that's awesome!

Phils have been playing their hearts out and have had a lot of thrilling victories down the stretch and deserve to be where they are without question. However, a huge contributing factor to being in first is the epic collapse of the team we've been chasing. Making up games in the standings can be daunting. Just as an example, over the past 10 games, we've made up only one game on the Padres. The Rockies, despite playing out of their minds, have made up only 2 games on us in the last 10. For another example, as hard as the Yankees have been chasing the Red Sox, they currently sit 3 games behind them in the divisional standings.

So yes, we are thrilled with what our team has done and especially with the heart they have shown in doing it as we should be. But, with this same wonderful performance by the Phils, we could just as easily be having conversations tonight about having fallen just a bit short for yet another year and the recriminations against the team's front office etc etc etc, if it hadn't been for the Mets having fallen off a cliff as they've done. We basically pushed them off by winning 7 of 7 against them so there's no way I'm saying we backed into this thing. I'm just saying that the type of collapse we've seen by the Mets is extremely rare in sports and we wouldn't be in the position we're in if it hadn't happened.

That's the way it is in sports and I'll take it and, for those that believe there's justice in the universe, this as payment in full for 1964 and staying loyal to them ever since.

Vendaforce: i've already switched to Jody mac on 950. He is inteligent + has no agenda vs the Philll's. Unfortunately I was stuck in a friends car today who loves Eskin. Eskin is a complete moron.i'm no fan of phills management or manuel but he always has an agenda.

this is great. i love the phils. i love live. but most of all i love PHILADELPHIA! this is the greatest city in the world.
i was at the game tonight and i have nothing but great things to say about how the team and fans fought all night and all year to make this dream real!!
new york can take this campionship and stick it. also, numbers nerds (who didn't do enough math homework in grade school) can stick it as well. yes this team is flawed, yes this team is broken, and yes this team can tell all the nerd to eat it! we won. no pitching? no problem. no GM? no problem. no faith? no problem. lets win tomorrowm and end this noist.

Kells: Good choice my friend. I hate Eskin with a passion. He need to get his neagtive douche out Philly. I mean, we have beenexposed as a bad fan base but it's because of the passion. We've wanted these guys to win so bad for so long and now we are on the cusp of ATLEAST winning and division title over a rival that has been thumping there chest all season long all to see it come crashing down. It's pure vindication for the Phillies tonight. Jroll may be Nosterdamus just 10 some odd games later. here's to hoping, keep of phighten phightens!!!!

Just got in, but I have been waiting all night to check beerleaguer and metsblog.
I'm young (enough to be getting home now from boozing,) but this has been, without a doubt, the most exciting season of baseball I've ever seen. I caught around 15 games at CBP when I was back in Philly this summer and am unbelievably jealous of those that get to see this thrilling conclusion first-hand. (I went to four bars before I found one that could sit me in front of a huge LCD showing the Extra Innings Game Mix.)
I can't believe we are so close. Go Phils!!! Congratulations everyone!!!

At the game tonight and still in a state of happy shock, I feel so damn good. Scared to say anything. Let's push Eaton to a good start and bring the hammer down

Wow Wow Wow! Ihave beenin Spain the last week with no decent communication to your side of the Atlantic. I had to rely on a Yankee supporting friend to SMS me the results through the week. Not quite as instructive as this site!

Where are all the "The seasons over" posters gone? It was only a couple of weeks ago wasn't it?

And as is often the case Clout was spot on even before then when he predicted the Phils had more chance of winning the division than the WC. I didn't believe him then and still finding it hard to believe now!!

Mets collapse - couldn't happen to a nicer team!

Check this phans. Puts everything into perspective real nice.

link is too long. Here it is again.


NYM 15-9
PHI 11-14


NYM 19-9
PHI 15-13


PHI 15-13
NYM 12-15


PHI 15-10
NYM 13-14


PHI 16-12
NYM 15-13

September (so far)

PHI 16-10
NYM 13-13

Congratulations to the Phils and their fans. I'm a Mets fan, and sure this hurts, but the better team won. Quite a special thing they did, sure it hurts - but it makes your remember why youre a baseball fan. Congratulations and good luck in the post season.

Good sportsmanship lives, even amongst the fanatics. Good on you Grats.

Did I mention that I hate FOX. I hate the fact that when they wrestle (This game was originally scheduled for 7:05) control over a game, certain regions are only able to see one game and the rest are blacked out. Because of this outrageous policy, I cannot watch the Phillies today. I have the MLB Extra Innings package, yet when FOX has the game, they black out the games that are going on at the same time as their game. Because of FOX, I have the choice of keeping up with the Phils score while watching the Cubs v. Reds (BTW, is there a more meaningless game going on tomorrow??), or sitting in my car and listening to Harry and the gang. While I love listening to Harry, I don't like sitting in my car when I don't have anywhere to go. FOX, you will get your due for this travesty in sports viewing.

Also: won't be able to post today during game, so I will say these premptory comments now:

Phillies in general:
Go Phillies!!!!!!

What the heck is Eaton doing? Get with it Eaton. What the Hell??

Howard (Hopefully):

I hope everybody enjoys the game (I'll be loathing the Cubs v. Reds, but observing scores none the less).


I guess this is why he gets paid to write about the Phillies and we beerleaguers do not. It's a great column. Click below to read:>Jayson Stark's Column

Just got word that my tickets for Sunday are at will call. Provide a limo to the right people and you can get tickets to anything. Now that I'm going, half of me wants the game to mean something and the other half not. Anyway, they give away a lot of stuff at the last home game, so we'll scarf up on some of that even if it's all decided by tonight. My first visit to CBP. Everybody says it's first class in every way and a great place to watch a baseball game.

That is a great column. I sent it around to some folks I know who are new to Philly. Seemed like a good orientation to what's going on.

I'm going on Sunday at well (SRO tickets). I hope the game is nothing but a 9 inning celebration of the new NL East champs!

Also, love this from Zolecki's article today:

Jimmy Rollins first called the Phillies "the team to beat" in January and repeated it many times in spring training.

So, how does it feel to actually be the team to beat?

"It feels like spring training," Rollins joked.

Confidence reigns supreme.

Eaton's overdue for a good start - especially when everyone in the media world is saying that he'll stink it up today.

It won't be remembered as an epic collapse unless the Phils take care of business. Momentum goes only as far as the next day's pitcher. Adam Eaton's nightmare of a season can be washed away today. Let's hope it does and we can look forward to more NY Post headlines such as "Paging Dr. Heimlich" and "Ya Gotta Bereave."


today's the day for adam eaton to follow the path of nunez and justify his existence.

Is it too much to ask for this Sunday lineup:

CF Bourn
2B Iguchi
LF Werth
3B Helms
1B Coste
CA LaForest
RF Roberson
SS Nunez
PI Ennis

I mean... am I getting greedy?

Parker, i hear you, I am in the same situation TV wise. Hoping FOX does the right thing today and does not put the meaningless Cincy - Cubs game on to anywhere except those two cities.

CJ: I like it!

All season we've been speculating on how many wins it would take to make the playoffs. Would 88 fall short? Would it take 90? Now we know the answer: 89 wins.

89 wins guarantees at least a 1 game playoff, if the Mets sweep the last 2 (unlikely). It could also win the division if the Padres lose the last 2 (also unlikely) because 89 wins would win the WC in that case.

But with the Brew Crew finished, it's a good bet the Padres end with at least 90 wins. That means the Phils have to win the division.

88 wins does it only if the Mets lose out. Too risky. The Phils MUST win 1 more. It says here, the magic win total is 89.

All I can say is that was one awesome game to be at last night! Hands down the best game and atmosphere I have seen since Schilling's Game 5 World Series masterpiece in '93! The fans were incredible and right now so is the team! We need Eaton to step up BIG TIME! It's so awesome to realize that a Mut loss and a Phils win means we are in! Hopefully it happens today! LETS GO PHILS!!!!

i was reading some of the posts above about not getting the game today and i'm just curious does FOX broadcast these games regionally? I guess I thought it was one game nationally... I'm in Northern Virginia and my TV guide says I'm getting the Phils, so I thought everyone would be getting the Phils but I guess I'm lucky being in the Gnats market

also another note on FOX, the mets early game is blacked out because of FOX... i think this is ridiculous, it's not at the same time what's the problem??

anyways GO PHILS!

Why today could be tough: If Matt Chico avoids a loss today, the Nationals will become the first team in history to not have a 10-game winner or a 10-game loser in a non-strike shortened season.

That'll have the Nats fired up!

If we get Eaton to believe that he is facing the Mets, he'll pitch a gem.

FOX breaks the games down regionally, rmp. I'm in central Michigan and with the Cubs clinching, I hoped to wake up today and see the "To be Announced" change to the Phils, but instead it is telling me I get to see the Padres/Brewers. Oh well, FOX games at least mean Harry Kalas on the radio feed...

Does anybody know how to watch the Mets today? I can get fox29 in Philly, fox43 in Baltimore, and fox45 in harrisburg. Is the game going to be on any one them?

gotcha - thanks doug

squatter - i believe its blacked out because of FOX, at least thats how its showing up on

Best hangover of my life this morning.

Anybody else see on Comcast when a reporter asks Jimmy, "So, you're the team to beat in the East?" He just got this smirk on his face like, "That's right, I told you so."

Yeah, I plan on following the Mets via gameday. Though, since I'm at work, even if the game was on television I'd be on gameday.


Last night I wrote the EXACT same lineup with Durbin pitching. Take care of business and then everyone can have a day off Sunday.

With all the Rolaids moments this year, I hope I can watch that lineup while relaxing and sipping champagne.

In Los Angeles, we have the Cubs and Reds. Who cares!

Mathematical odds of the Mets winning the division are 6-1. For the Phils, it's 5-4. This does not take into consideration that the former team is a basket case and the latter is the team to beat.

The only thing I would change is to give J-Roll the first at-bat in the bottom of the first, then pinch run for him. But I like it too.

Good call, Mike H.

Would it be disrespectful to the fans to sit the entire starting 9 on fan appreciation day? I don't think so. I think it'd be fun to see if they could win it.

Here's hoping Eaton and the Marlins give Charlie a reason to try it on Sunday.

Well, it will be just as fun watching the mets lose on gameday. But I really would like to see it on tv. I'm usually not one to take pleasure in the misfortunes of others, but I am making an exception here. Mostly, I'd like to see the Phils take the next two and earn it on merit, so to speak, but there's a tiny mean streak in me that just wants the Mets to lose the next two.

JR: There is no better way to show appreciation to the fans than to do everything possible to keep winning. Maybe the regulars can start for an inning or two for a tip of the cap, then sit.


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