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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Don't ya think the Phils should change their nickname to "Carp?" That way it would be natural for them to suck up pond scum. They could even refer to their followers as "suckers."

This morning's Inky says Hamels might be back in 12 to 13 days, if everything continues to go well.

It looks increasingly likely that we won't see him until spring '08.

"It looks increasingly likely that we won't see him until spring '08."

If you understood "Philliespeak" you knew he was done for the year a week ago. You won't hear in plain English until the last homestand (tickets to sell, you know).

I've posted this before, after having reviewed the team's record in games Hamels pitches vs. games he doesn't pitch:

No Hamels = No Playoffs.

Any guess as to why the team is not being honest about his injury?

Must have been the "designated liar", Amaro, Jr. who made the announcement.

Oh, and curt, you're right about their motivation to lie: ticket sales.

BTW, I still have no taker for the free extra ticket I have for todays game, and I'm not asking for money.

Free ticket - no takers = Phillies!

From the previous thread:

"I think both these statements are true, but they beg 2 more questions: What's the excuse for the team not having quality pitching prospects BEFORE they lost those 1st rounders? And what's the excuse for the team having no quality position player prospects except for Bourn and Adrian Cardenas?"

clout, once again, you are asking tough, logical questions which the media in this town (this means beat writers and the talking heads on radio) are afraid to ask this ownership/mgmt. group.

alby, your comment-

"The problem I see is that Arbuckle, since being hired away from Atlanta, hasn't raised the Phillies above mediocrity in player drafting and development."

- is only half right.

They've actually done a pretty good job with position players (Utley, Rollins, Howard, etc.), but their track record with pitching, as manifested at the major league level(overall performance of the MLB staff), is far below average.

This has been the case for 20 years.

Kind of ties into clout's questions above, doesn't it?

AWH: I kinda disagree on the position players thing. If you look at the number of Phils position player picks in the last, say, 15 years who even made the Majors, it's not too impressive. They have not even done well there drafting and developing.

I'm not saying they have a great shot at the playoffs - But 3 games out with 21 to play I think is close enough that I wouldn't totally give up either.

Today's game is an absolute must win though. Willis has an amazing one win in his last 18 starts.

You should feel right at home with the Carp's mascot, Slyly (he's the one on the right):

clout: You know I agree with you on the Gillick front. What I don't know is how much has been dictated to him by the front office, to wit: We both agree it made no sense to dispose of Abreu as a salary dump, that if he couldn't fetch more than that at the trade deadline he should have been held until teh offseason. What we don't know is if that was truly Gillick's choice or if was forced upon him by someone upstairs. We both agree that Vincente Padilla could have brought something better in trade, but let's be serious -- he wasn't worth much. The mistake was in taking in exchange a pitcher that had virtually no chance to contribute anything. And when I say he had "nothing to trade," I mean the system was bereft of even the Anderson Machado-type trade bait that Wade disposed of. So bottom line: He's no miracle worker, and he was put into a situation in which he was asked to perform miracles.

AWH, your flaunting of your inability to rid yourself of a free Phillies ticket is somewhat absurd. Is the eligible group of takers limited to your circle of friends? Are you broadcasting in the streets: "Free Phillies Tickets," and no one will take them? I mean, what are you trying to suggest, that none of your friends want to go to a Phillies game? If so, thats unfortunate. If not, I'm wondering what your point is?

Andy: The Carp actually ahve a nice baseball academy in the Dominican Republic, on the outskirts of San Pedro de Macoris. If the Phillies had spent that kind of money on the island throughout the Giles interregnum, we might have a minor league system today.

alby, you're missing the point. When Gillick was hired he was advertised as a miracle worker - the guy who could get the over the top. So far, the pitching staffs that he has built the last two years have not performed as well as the one he inherited. BTW, they had injuries to th epitching staff in the years before he got here.

parker, exactly my point. No one is excited enough about the Phillies to take me up on the offer.

Well, off to the game. Hopefully I'll get to see a win.

Well this is it. It's Eagles opening day, and the Phils are 3 back of the card.

How usual is that?

If the Phils don't win today, I'm going to write this season officially done. It could be interesting. Could. But then again, isn't it always?

Clearly I'm rambling. Eagles are on in 53.

45 minutes to Eagles....Message to Phils Management: If you ever want to learn how to become the top dog in this city again then look across the street at Lurie's Model to franchise success. WHile they haven't won a super bowl i think most of us would consider the past 7 years to be highly entertaining and always exciting. b

gooch and 2nd base today, utley at first nunez at 3rd (because moyer is playing) worth in rf.....

Howard gets the day off against Willis...maybe he is scared of breaking the k record


Sounds good — when you're at 20 games left and 3 back of a playoff spot, it's a good idea to sit your most productive player.

It seems like a bad move. Howard is 4/11 of Willis with a home run. (OPS over 1.000)

Actually, the best Phil against him is (drum roll please) Nunez, who is 6/13.

But that's descriptive, right? (Not predictive.)

Oh, and Barajas has hit 5/9 off Willis, with two doubles and two HRs. THATS'S a kicker.

Howard with the day off??? I watched yesterday's game on Fox and don't remember him getting hurt.

Iron Pigs Blog is overusing the term "inexplicably" in describing Manuel's decisions.

When Greg Lewis muffed that punt in the Eagles game, the first words that came to mind were "Value Village."

Yeah, when Lewis muffed it, I too thought, "that's the kind of thing I'd expect out of the Phillies. But not the Eagles."

GB 10, Eagles 0. Phillies!, Phillies!, Phillies!

Great play by Rowand. He is hitting harder than the Eagles.

A-Row -- whay a catch!

Wow, I expected to mostly watch the Eagles today but here I am -- thanks to Greg Lewis, McNab, Reid and co. This is the only Philadelphia team that seems to have a chance at winning today.

Wonder if any Eagles fans who made the pilgrimage to Lambeau will start chanting "P-H-I-L-L-I-E-S"?

Big spot already here for Rowand. It would be great to at least get one run on the board.

I'm having a hard time understanding why Utley's hitting cleanup against Willis.

Rowand might knock in more runs than the Eagles score.


3-0 already! How much do we need to get up by so that Gordon doesn't come out for the 8th?

Over under:

Phils: 10 runs
Eagles: 10 points

Werth has gotten a ton of big 2-out hits this year. What's up, Dontrelle?

5-0 Phillies, care of Carrrrrlos RRRRuiz.

Uh-oh, a 5-0 lead...

Packers 10, Phillies 5, Eagles 3, Marlins 0.

The Phillies are the team to Philadelphia!

Ruiz, wow, it is great to do this against Willis. Of course Nunez swings and hits a gorund ball on the first pitch.

Attywood, Rollins comment was just misunterstood. Lol.

Moyer looks new. Is he pitching on extra rest?

No, it's the Marlins.

YEah, but he looks like he is throwing better (Locating) than the past few games.

I think Moyer might be good even next year in the classic 1950s-era old pitcher role of pitching every Sunday only.

Da Bat Man!!!!!!

7-0 Phillies!!!

Something I think that Gillick SHOULD get credit for, is not trading Pat Burrell.

Sign Pat to a long-term deal, NO TRADE CLAUSE!

Great line by the Marlins announcers (seriously for once): (Alfredo Amezega/Miguel Cabrera) They have the "Alice Cooper" eyeblack on.

Burrell has finally gotten up off the mat. He's been locked in for over two months. Frankly, he now looks more like the Burrell he was projected to be than at any time other than '02 and the first half of '05. Is it the foot? Is it his head? I don't know if the split in the first half and second half of this season could have been any more stunning. There was a time when I didn't want to see him come up with men on base. Now I'd much rather see him in big situations than Howard.

RSB, I know this probably had nothing to do with it, but it seemed like it all started after that first HR off Wagner. Ever since then he has been on fire.

Honestly, has there ever been a Philadelphia athlete who's been able to make such a 180?

Burrell now has 98 BB, 97 K. That is amazing. Probably the most amazing stat he has put up.

Actually, to think about it, I'd say the biggest reason for Burrell's success is that he's projecting a real plan of what he wants to do in his at-bats. He seems to have a real clue now, something that's been lacking in the past. he's learned over the past few years how to take pitches and work counts, but only *now* is he beginning to really take advantage of being ahead in the count and locking into pitches in his hitting zone.

This offense continues to be really impressive. If management had made more of an effort to address the obvious pitching problems this would easily be a playoff team.

Even as it is they have a shot of course.

If you had told me that Burrell would walk more times than he struck out in mid september, I would have said that he must have gone on the DL in week one. In my opinion, the fact that he is under 100 K's at this point is impressive.

That stat does say an awful lot. If a guy, a power hitter no less, amasses more walks than strikeouts in a season, you know a light has finally gone on. Burrell is looking, in fact, more and more (and don't tell him this) like Mike Schmidt in the later part of his career.

25 HR and walk more than you strike out. That is impressive. He is going to probably finish with over 30 HR as well, in probably fewer at bats than last year.

He still could get to 100 RBI despite only being allowed to play 3/4 of the game.

Noonan hits! Wohoo! Who knew that nunez was 7-15 against the D-Train?

Man, they called it a hit. Ended no-hit bid.

Hermida breaks up the no-hitter. But Gameday has Moyer hitting a game-high 84 mph twice in that at-bat.

Can you have a retroactive no-hitter? If they rule later on that a play was an error. Does that count?

That should have been an error on Utley. He was out if Utley catches the ball.

Wow, Burrell did not hit that pitch once last year, or early this year. I don't know that I have ever seen him do it.

By the way 8-0 on the Burell RBI.

The official scorer is allowed to change the call during the game. Not sure about after the game.

Just re-read Jason's post. Seriously, the "A-Bomb Dome"?

A-Rod hit his 52nd homer, 8th of the month, in just his 8th game of the month. He definitely has a shot at 60.

And there goes your retroactive no-hitter, parker. By the way, Clint Hurdle's not doing us any favors batting Jamey Caroll leadoff against Chris "it's just a matter of time before they shut him down" Young.

I just love when the score goes to 8-2.

If we lose this one, I'll walk back to Pittsburgh.

Starting to look a little like last Sunday?

Thankfully, with Chris Young and his oblique, you can score runs on the Padres even with Jamey Carrol batting leadoff. 1-0 Rockies.

Anyone have stats on the last time a team blew an 8-0 lead?

Make that 3-0 Rockies.

I guess the Phils saw the Pads-Rockies score, realized that they could make up a game in the WC race, and immediately reverted to choke mode.

alfy gonna blow it?

I'll tell ya, it is tough to beat the Phils as far as consistency: no one else loses big leads so easily.

Many managers would pull a Cro-Magnon starter who just yielded a double, two homers and another base hit. Not Charlie. With all the wisdom he soaked up in the boondocks of Appalachia when he was a little Cholly, he stuck to his man.

Back when it was 7-0 and Rollins was on first with Burrell up, I was wondering why he wasn't going. I realize that there's baseball etiquette about running with a large lead; but for the Phils 7-0 is a close game.

Or, he had more faith in him than the bullpen. In that, he would be correct.

Why isn't Rollins running here?

An 8-5 lead. Christ, that means things are close enough to see Gordon on no rest in the 8th.

Kane Davis??? It gets better and better. Kane Davis plays today and Ryan Howard does not.

Ah, Citizen Kane here to restore order.

San Diego boosts their offense by re-inserting Marcus "I can't catch up to an 87 MPH fastball" Giles. They were better off without him. Ruiz was trying to do him a favor.

Maybe we could, I don't know, pinch-hit for Nunez here. Novel idea, I know.

Apparently we are saving Howard for the ninth inning? Not sure how Howard isn't the best option right here.

Maybe Howard's on strike. He won't play until there's a bullpen.

Somehow Romero is now the set-up man. Imagine that. Has Manuel been reading I doubt it, but he has come to some realization.

Jacobs is Romero's last batter. No matter what happens. (It's a Chollie thing.)

First smart thing Charlie did since he moved Burrell out of the six hole. Well almost.

Was that Chris Roberson catching the punt for the Eagles?

J.C. walks on water yet again!

Ruffin, somebody's got to tell you just how obnoxious the constant plugs for your blog are, and it might as well be me.

Are Ruiz and Olivo trying to one-up each other with these snap pickoff throws?

It would be nice if Chase showed up here.
oooppps he did

Not as obnoxious as my horrible lack of control in the late 1980s.

I think Ruiz could claim trademark infringement on that. Or on first pitch swinging.

Ruffin - pitching or bladder? :-)

From now on I am only taking criticism from anyone who has posted a 2.12 ERA over a whole season at Coors Field.

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