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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


There was a bizarre comment on last thread about how Ed Wade wrecked the farm system and the wonderful Pat Gillick was just now rebuilding it. I thought we dispensed with that nonsense when SirAlden left.

Wade made his first move as Astros GM today I'm told. Traded Jason Lane to the Padres.

clout - depends on how many quotation marks you put around words.
He's "rebuilding" the farm system.

Like: He's "rebuilding" the starting rotation.

Like: He's "rebuilding" the bullpen.


I'm scared as well. Time to see if these new Phils are really "new" at all. I need a win tonight.

yup, Wade has made a huge splash already, trading a guy who hit .267 with 26 homers just 2 years ago for, you guessed it, a PTBNL!

Wade still has that knack - way to go eddie

My friend, the Astros fan, doesn't think Ed Wade is so bad, after all, he found Utley and Howard and "all those guys."

I'm not going to get too worked up about the Padres getting Jason Lane, since his numbers over the last 2 years have been hideous. But I thought the waivers trading period ended on August 31. Doesn't really seem fair that, 6 days before the end of the season, a contending team can just go out and grab a player off another team's roster. It almost has the feel of collusion.

Go Phils.

I am nervous as well, but hopeful. The Braves lineup looks tough. Biggest start for Moyer in his brief Phillies career.

CSN is reporting that Adam Eaton will start Saturday against the Nationals. Kendrick will start Thursday against the Braves.

Kyle Lohse pitches tomorrow, and according to Manuel will be available for multiple innings should he be needed on Saturday.

BAP: That Aug. 31st deadline was to get a player on your playoff roster. You can still trade for players... you just can't take them to the postseason.

I'm more nervous right now than when I actually do the playing.

The Braves are being highly underestimated. Look at that lineup compared to the Nats and Cardinals. Night and day difference. Asking the bullpen to get through Ankiel, Taguchi, Miles, Zimmerman, Kearns, Lopez, Logan, etc. is one thing. Try finishing out against Renteria, Chipper, Tex, Francouer, Andruw. McCann at seven. Who bats seven for Washington? Schneider?

I am still amazed that the Braves played so poorly for the most part in late August/early Sept. I thought for sure they would be the team that the Phils would be chasing for the WC and not vice versa.

Here is to hoping that "Old Man" can pull off another decent start and the Phils can start the series off on a good note.

Schnieder bats eight. :-)

But seriously, is this lineup for Atlanta just as potent as the Mets?

Is CBP rockin?

Jason: You go to war with the bullpen you have, no the bullpen you'd hope you have.

There's no sense in getting torn up about how our bullpen may or may not handle the Braves lineup. After all, the Braves haven't scored many more runs than the Mets and our bullpen's done a good job against them.

I'd say that the Braves are our equal and that currently they're playing a little better than we are. Being that we're at home and the pitching matchups aren't too uneven, you have to favor us to win the series, but just by a hair.

Tray: What makes you think they're playing a little better than we are? The Phils have won 12 of their last 16 (.750) while the Braves have won 11 of their last 16 (.688). The Braves have been playing well... but I'm not sure they're playing better than us.

Shout out to all those who quit back in April:

In the words of Bob Seger: "Come back over, Rock and Roll never forgets."

Man.. Matt Diaz is their 8th hitter.

Abe Nunez is ours.

I'm so excited for the last week of the season. I wish I was in or anywhere near Philadelphia right now.

CJ: Yes, I know that you've got to get a guy on your roster by 9-1 in order for him to be on the post-season roster. But I wasn't aware that, after 8-31, you could still trade for guys that you could add to your regular season roster. I'm a little troubled by the idea that teams can still be swapping players during the final week of a playoff chase.

Besides, even though teams can't add September acquisitions to their playoff roster, I believe there's an injury exception to this rule. And, as we've all seen this year, there's absolutely no oversight to prevent teams from fabricating injuries & stashing a lousy player on the DL.

Again, since it's only Jason Lane, I don't really care. But what if it had been some decent FA to be who had already cleared waivers -- let's say, someone like Shannon Stewart or Kenny Lofton? I think the rule needs to be changed.

I just turned on MLB tv to watch the game (I usually just listen to it) and I saw that ad for "The Final Season." I just have one question:

When did Rudy learn to play baseball? I mean between playing for Notre Dame, befriending Sloth and saving Middle Earth from Sauron, I'd have to say that guy has done enough.

Go Phils.

On the radio this sounds like a playoff game. I'm so nervous

This ump is already a joke.

Crap, C.B. Buckner.

Great start.

Awesome start. And now I know why I was nervous

Awesome start.

Where's bruceg, it's time to give up.

How about fielding that ball like a regular CF, stupid.

Okay, anybody watching tv want to explain how he doubles on a soft line drive to center field.

Why can't he find the plate?

Bucknor is really the umpire? Are you kidding?

Where are these f***ing pitches? What the hell Bucknor?

Oh, no it's Buknor in full force.

Um. yeah. Remember how our starting pitching sucks?

Didn't Moyer's last start against the Braves start something like this?

Time to get up Durbin.

JW, I'm not underestimating the Braves at all. Over the weekend, I made a comment that nobody seemed to be talking about this series and that they certainly do not want to finish behind the Phils.

I don't believe anyone responded.

The Phils' season may very well be decided one way or the other by the time the Braves leave town. It should play out in a post season atmosphere or close to that.

Jack -- Moyer does not 'suck' in the traditional sense. But if he can't get calls on the corners (a la Glavine) he might as well be throwing underhand.

squatter... hard liner to center, Rowand dives and it deflects off of his chest.

Ok, deep breath. That's a big out. I'm listening on the radio; has Moyer been off or is the ump screwing us (be objective please)?

Bucknor is an idiot.

Jack -- objectively, anything that isn't right down the middle isn't being called a strike.

Brian: Thanks. gameday said soft liner, couldn't understand how a double, without an error.

Unfuckingbelievable. He was struck out twice.

Yeah I think we're getting screwed on these 2-strike pitches.

That is what happens when Moyer has to throw it right down the middle.

Kill me now. This is exactly what I was scared of happening

I think I'm gonna be sick.

I wish I could say this was unbelievable, but we've seen this before.

This sucks. Seriously, get Durbin up. Moyer doesn't have a chance if he has to keep piping them down the middle.

On the bright side (ahahaha), Moyer won't get rattled. He's done this before and settled in.

But if he's not getting calls, it won't matter if he has the composure of Jesus Himself.

Now to see if the same strike zone show up in the bottom of the inning.

Our bats better show up after taking last week off.

Now we'll get a chance to see just exactly how "clutch" these guys are. This start couldn't have been any worse.

yes, stjoe.. bc for all the complaining we're doing, everyone of those pitches WAS a ball.

This is one of those times where it would be kind of nice if a couple of rednecks stormed the field and attacked the ump. That was some of the worst umpiring I have ever seen. Absolutely embarrassing.

The reason why Bucknor should be out of a job isn't necessarily what we see tonight, it's the inconsistency. Last Phillies game behind home plate - widest strike zone you can imagine.

zone just expanded.

3-0 Nats

So this is where the Phillies of the last 2 years get really tense and press and leave runners on base and generally fail to produce much. Let's see if it's different tonight.




WOW! Now THAT is the MVP.

i would truly be worried if this offense did not lead the league in comebacks. But they do.

Unbelievable! J-Roll rules!

U think J-Roll doesn't have an answer??

Do it again J-Roll!

Woohoo! A tight zone will benefit the Phils more than the braves.

This year is different

J-Roll deciding that such a petty issue as a foul pole could be neutralized. Woop!

Wow J-Roll

Any questions on who is the MVP?

Mike: They do, but that still doesn't stop me from being truly worried. But that was a nice start.

If at first you don't succeed ...

At least the Nats got the memo: 4-0 T1

4-0 Nats.

Just got this from a friend.
Check it out during a pitching change.

Truly motivational.

Good to see that Jimmy came to play tonight. We need to not let any more damage in the next couple of innings. Stop the bleeding and get back to the top of the lineup

and once again, Gameday takes a giant dump...

Moyer's done this before... let's hope he settles down again.

Francouer demonstrating how to catch a line drive to right field. Apparently the key is to make sure the ball goes into the glove. Roberson should be taking notes.

Mike H., kinda the way I feel about C.B. Bucknor.

reyes just led off with a HR ala JRoll... 4-1 nats

if bud selig cared about anything other than performance enhancing drugs, we might actually have umpires who can tell their assholes from their elbows. not to compliment a player on the team the phils need to beat, but chipper jones' comments after the last phils/braves series should be taken very seriously by a league seemingly obsessed with nothing other than portraying a drug-free persona

Mike: Gameday sucks this year. Next year, I'll take the plunge and buy the tv package. In the meantime, FoxSports usually keeps pace with the game when Gameday craps out. But its platform is not nearly as nice as Gameday's.

I wish I knew J-Roll's totals in half-innings after the other team scores. It seems like he takes it personally and responds with a HR or a SB every time. His is one of the greatest seasons I can remember.

mark, since when is Selig "really" concerned about performance enhancing drugs? Umpires? Anything of real concern?

Getting a short inning here is big for Moyer. Just get past the pitcher. I feel a little bit better now, still scared sh*tless, but a little bit better.

mick o - you're absolutely right... especially when we get jumped on in the top of the first it seems

Big inning from Moyer. Needed to keep the pitch count down and just to settle in after that BS top of the 1st.

I wonder if Glavine had the same issues (tight strike zone) as Moyer in the 1st...they seemed to be channeling each other.

parker: good point. he doesn't actually care...

That's better, get everything settled down.

J-Roll had a look on his face like he was about to run through five brick walls when he hit that first one foul. He kind of trotted off, came back and proceded to jack the next one out to left center. That was truly Nails-esque.

I look at this Braves lineup, plus the 3 strong pitchers in their rotation, & I can't believe they're not 5 games up in the NL East. With Renteria back & the addition of Teixeira, this lineup is scary good. Even the Yankees don't have a starting 8 that is this strong.

Rowand swung at some junk there.

Rowand swung at 3 balls there, and frankly, not even tempting looking ones.

I think the Braves trade to get Teixeira at the deadline is what's kept them in the race given their bad pitching. A good GM goes out and gets what he can at the deadline even if it means giving up a good prospect. You never know if you'll be this close again. You have to make your move. That's why I'm so happy that at the deadline the Phillies went out and, who was that we got?

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